Top 10 Augmented Reality Development Companies | Hire Best AR & VR Developers in UK, USA & India

List of Best AR & VR Mobile (iOS, iPhone & Android App Development Companies | Hire Augmented & Virtual Reality Developers in India, USA & UK – 2020
Top augmented Reality Developers
In general, the augmented reality development companies are conveying the top notch outcome for the entrepreneurs for advancing brands and services. With the Top 10 Augmented Reality Companies, the business errand can be completed rapidly and along these lines, it is characterized as the most recognizable companies for everybody requirements. Truth be told, the individual is getting relatively proficient augmented reality companies that give a wonderful outcome for each entrepreneur. Thus, it is essential for entrepreneurs to catch eye in considering the top 10 augmented reality development companies whenever. Below you can find the top augmented reality companies in India & USA-2019.

Augmented Reality Benefits
  • Manufacturing – The manufactured product will go for huge sales.
  • Shopping – Shopping will become interesting with the AR techniques
  • Tourism – One can feel the glimpse of the spot before visiting there via augmented reality
  • Education – Students can understand their subjects very easily
Needed Things for Top Augmented Reality Companies(AR)
  • Strong Client Relationships
  • Past experience
  • Support & maintenance
  • Certified professionals

List of Top 10 Augmented (AR) & Virtual (VR) Reality Companies & Developers in India, UK & USA

1. Dxminds

AR, VR & MR Solutions Provider

We are a Global Digital Transformation & Mobile App Development Company based in Silicon Valley of USA, India, UAE & Latin America. We Partner with Customers to transform their Business with DX Frameworks and the State Of Art Technologies like AI chatbot, IOT, Cloud services, Mobile app development and Blockchain. We constantly engage and consult them to transform businesses through our deep domain experience and the state of the art Creativity.

Dxminds Valuable Clients
RedMart, Ebates Rakuten, Australian Food Delivery, 8 Fit Workout & Meal Partner, SiXT, Oculus
Founder Name:- Bhabani Sankar Jena

Services Provided by Dxminds
Mobile App (Android & iOS), AR VR App, AI App, Blockchain, Chatbot, Python Software, Web App, Cloud Services & iOT App Development.

North & South America & UAE 11-50
Founded: 2017 $25/hr 7483546629

2. Talespin

A Leader in Creating AR Applications

The Talespin is a top augmented reality solution providers who are bringing selective applications for your wants. At the point when the human creative ability goes past the limit and along these lines connected for unlimited purposes for various fields. Truth be told, they are developing the applications for entrepreneurs with the goal that they could do the best one. It should vivid overly captivating devices for preparing your representatives and designers. Additionally, the augmented reality firm is completing elite undertakings either little or huge scale ventures. This is taking perpetual for purposes for doing distinctive fields.

Services Provided by Juego Studio
Extended Reality, UI/UX Design, Enterprise API & SDks Integration, AR Game, Software, Development, Computer Vision, Artificial & Enterprise System Integration.

USA & New Zealand 10-49
Founded: 2015 N/A 31302717548

3. Augment

Custom Augmented Reality Application Solution in USA

From the main pioneers, Augment, augmented reality companies in india is helping each business that is simple and access to changes. Along these lines, this should start with company outcome and later develop augmented reality applications for developing innovations. This is thinking about as big business portability and each size, type, and scale for use endeavor versatility for advanced change. With the assistance of augmented reality, it should start with catch and PC form innovation for augmented reality applications. Besides, the advanced transmission has been developed with the Augment helps each business of each size. Along these lines, the expert group is here and gives appropriate direction for the business development process.

Services Provided by Augment
Augment platforms, eCommerce sales, AR Field Sales, 2D/3D Game Apps & Hire Dedicated AR Team.

Paris, France 11-50
Founded: 2011 N/A 33176360964

4. Focuzar

Best Augmented Reality Application Firm

The augmented reality hardware companies are currently developing the honor winning vivid undertakings and experience for training, amusement, and publicizing. Obviously, the expert group is considered as portability and endeavor alternative for getting the best driving Augmented Reality Company. Actually, this should start with augmented reality frameworks that have been thinking about for the cutting edge stage. With the noteworthy augmented reality, the group is knowledgeable about expanded qualities and wins benefits. Also, this is vital for getting to with change and hence individuals could communicate with augmented reality Agency.

Services Provided by Focuzar
Mobile AR software/SDK Development, Custom AR Solution, Hire AR Developer, Education, Print Media, Restaurant, Real Estate, Auto Mobile & Entertainment AR Services.

Chennai, India 51-20 N/A
Founded: 2017 N/A N/A

5. Smacar

Customized Augmented Reality Solutions Provider

The Smacar is one of the best companies using augmented reality is working with its notoriety on making with magnificent specially augmented reality ventures. Another look and another URL has uncovered to consider with Smacar. Also, the group is most perceiving associations on the planet and creatures to do remote AR and Work interface. It is working precisely dependent on the trusted and support for HP and develops the innovation for carrying it precisely with route with Smacar in now HP uncover. They are working with devices and made to streamline and fortify in service work. It is actually bringing resources and portable applications. Obviously, the top evaluated augmented reality companies create extremely compelling directions and it rushes to convey business contemplation’s.

Services Provided by Smacar
AR app development,3D modeling, augmented 2D/3D effects, Augmented reality interfaces, UI/UX Design, Cross-platform development & support, AR Integration & Custom AR & SDK.

India, USA 10-49
Founded: 2016 N/A 8565283020

6. Xenium

Top-notch AR Apps & Marketing Agency

As a feature of rebranding with expert augmented, the applications are actually the method for users to uncover with HP. In addition, the group is giving a broad or direct dimension of capability and proficient. It is existing Auras and in this manner resources with working with innovation and energizing AR venture. This ought to experience with unmatched experienced and start to consider augmented reality generation house in presence. This augmented reality app development company is anticipating carrying you with the new innovation with further updates as proceeding on AR venture. They are conveying proficient services and powerful directions have been completed with brilliant uniquely augmented reality ventures.

Services Provided by Xenium
AR Strategy, Hire Dedicated Developer, UI/UX Design & Augmented Technology, Virtual Reality App Development Agency.

India 50-249
Founded: 2007 $149/hr 8850080585

7. Blippar

Leading AR & VR Computer Vision Company

The Blippar is an expert group who is capable of developing AR applications for differed business outcomes. This ought to assess in considering the augmented reality development services that are fundamental for doing for business advancements. This ought to relate to the expert group and in this manner, it swung to convey by the top 10 augmented reality development company for entrepreneurs. It is striking towards augmented reality and involvement with a new plan. The group is ideal here to give selective applications that plan as indicated by the necessities. It ought to reform in client experienced by imaginatively modifying with customers connect with customers.

Services Provided by Blippar
Hire AR Developer, Team, AR Digital Placement, 3D objects, AR Game Development, AR app, Software, SDK & APIs.

India, USA & Singapore 51-200
Founded: 2011 N/A N/A

8. Zed Interactive

Top Virtual Reality Company India

The Zed Interactive is the augmented reality company names having superior 3D Experience Specialists. Zed Interactive helps the companies in showcasing products in a much more visually interactive manner. Zed Interactive have enabled the harnessed power in complete real-time 3D that would absolutely create the best Product Visualization, Training experiences and also learning in the more efficient way. Zed Interactive have worked on top brands that include the Automotive, Interior Design 3D Visualization, Experiential Marketing, Real Estate and many more. Creativity works on the platform such as Mobile App such as Android, Windows, IOS and many other platforms.

Services Provided by Zed Interactive
Virtual Reality Games, Augmented Reality Apps, interactive pdf, magic mirror, holobox, holography, interactive customizer 3d, unity 3d developer.

India 10-49
Founded: 1996 $149/hr 6145233974

9. Quytech

Leading Augmented Reality (AR) company in India

With more independent gadgets and cell phones offering committed help for augmented reality the market for AR applications is set to develop significantly. Aside from augmented reality-based portable application development utilizing the most recent stages, they additionally use AR innovation to construct endeavor level outcomes that take care of industry-explicit issues. Being one of the top company of augmented reality solutions india in the business, Quytech gives AR application structure and development outcomes for intelligent applications in an assortment of areas in a top-notch manner.

Services Provided by Quytech
Built AR mobile apps, AR Solution, ARKit, ARCore, VR Core, Retail, Events, Online & Offline Sale AR iOS/Android Apps.

India & UK 50-249
Founded: 1999 $25/hr 7042295974

10. Eon Reality

Leading Augmented Reality (AR) company in India

Augmented Reality puts an enormous blend of information and information in the hands of specialists while they are with regards to playing out their errands. Learning through Virtual and Augmented Reality reliably beats earlier techniques. Mixing the virtual and physical universes take into account logical efficiencies, not at all like anything they have seen previously. By improving the learning knowledge with multi-tangible and spatial substance, they increment appreciation, convey content in a way that is progressively lined up with how the mind holds data, and quickly advance aptitude development. The augmented reality field fools are opening immense gains in efficiency over the client’s utilization cases.

Services Provided by Eon Reality
AR Training & Education, Aerospace, Education, Energy, Manufacturing, Security, Health & Medical AR iOS & Android Mobile Applications.

USA, UAE, Europe & Australia 250-999
Founded: 1999 $149/hr 8203180180551

Why Augmented Reality Companies?

There are numerous augmented reality development companies in this world, so you can pick the best one by utilizing the above rundown. The best possible choice causes you to get the best scope of augmented reality development services. It is constantly useful to consider the accompanying viewpoints previously picking any augmented reality development company.

Effective Dependability
It is the most noteworthy thought, so you can check it cautiously in light of the fact that the wrong determination will prompt different issues. The solid group has a better specialized skill to convey the venture on time. Cost assumes the vital job in picking any augmented reality service providers, so you can search for the group that offers quality services at moderate rates. You have to take a gander at what the Java developers do in light of the fact that it causes you to get the best outcomes.

Transparency and Experience
You can guarantee that the picked company has straightforward and liquid correspondence and additionally consistent incorporation into the work style. It is another crucial angle which helps you in getting sensational services from result-arranged experts.

Additional Augmented Reality (AR) Developers Recommended by Others

11. Juego Studio

Enterpraise AR & VR Products & UI/UX Designs

The Juego Studio, augmented reality technology companies are presently developing top-notch augmented reality applications that are vital for getting diverse virtual visits and showcasing and in this way advancement for business targets. Along these lines, the expert is here and ready to relate to appropriate augmented reality applications reasonable for everybody wants. This is basic for bringing nearly marking activities that have particular outcomes and give an astounding sensation. With the assistance of augmented reality developers, it is vital for picking an expert method for getting to with applications. In addition, the brand ought to be enhanced proficient with the assistance of expert AR developers for eternity. This ought to be experienced with right decision and ready to compete with new systems for assessing the business contemplations.

Services Provided by Juego Studio

Develop Location AR Apps, AR App UI/UX Design, ARCore & ARKit Platforms, Vuforia, Game Developers, Mobile AR iOS & Android Apps & Hire AR App Developers and Team.

India, USA, UK & Dubai, UAE 50-249
Founded: 2011 $49/hr 71503533555

12. Scnsoft

No 1 Augmented Reality App Development Company

ScienceSoft is a software development company with 30 years of presence on the IT market. They’ve been keeping up with the evolution of AR technologies since 2006 and are now offering development of AR solutions that are capable of high-quality environmental understanding, image recognition, light estimation, and motion tracking. AR software developed by ScienceSoft is used in retail, healthcare, logistics, education, banking, and other industries.

Services Provided by Scnsoft
AR Geolocation, 3D and 2D AR models, AR metadata design, AR content management, scene and object recognition training, integration with business software (ERP, PIM, WMS, LMS, etc.)

USA & Europe 501-1000
Founded: 1989 $50/hr 2143066837

13. Scully Labs

Hire Dedicated AR & VR Developer

An Augmented Reality startup in India is hoping to pull in individuals with augmented reality technology and change the manner in which they cooperate with Print Brochure or Media. Processes learned through client testing are reported and connected to the last outcome. The startup has considered Scully labs, an augmented reality application with a point of changing papers for eternity. The group coordinates the individual, procedures, and information your business needs to take your Augmented Reality encounter from the theoretical model to the completely practical item. Survey a paper through the application in a flash brings. The application has been made for Java and Android Platform has been utilized. Each development run, service ticket, and execution metric is accounted for to help drive your vital development.

Services Provided by Scully Labs

AR, Android, HoloLens, iOS, ARKit, UI/UX Designs & Develops, AR Consulting Services, Augmented Reality Experience.

NY, USA 2-9
Founded: 2016 N/A 3479274887

14. Yeppar

Top AR, VR & MR Solutions Agency

This augmented reality service providers enable your business to see how to adequately convey augmented reality through revelation, work-shopping and use case development. Feature a property Project, shock clients to encounter their fantasy home by cutting edge see with Yeppar. They’ll guarantee that your procedure uses the best advances accessible to drive return on investment. Yeppar offers multivariate advantages to the vehicle club with the utilization of cutting edge advancements and methods. They should assemble it quickly. Fast prototyping permits your group test Augmented Reality rapidly and cost viably before focusing on a full scale sending. With the utilization of application, the clients can make an advanced showroom displaying an extensive variety of models, chopping down the expense of physical space.

Services Provided by Yeppar

Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality Readymade Product & Service, Real Estate, Print Media, Restaurants, Brands, Education & Automobiles.

India 51-100
Founded: 2016 N/A 9116116253


Best Augmented Reality iOS & Android App Builder

Headquarters: (India, USA & UAE)
iMOBDEV create augmented reality apps Android and iOS platforms. Its array of AR solutions include Custom and business AR app development, advanced programming and code writing, UI/UX design for user interaction, 2D and 3D game development, cross platform app development.

Services Provided by iMOBDEV

Ar & Vr app reality development, Mobile app development, UI & UX designer, Video production company, CMS & eCommerce website development.

India, Canada, UAE & USA 50-249
Founded: 2009 $25/hr 9083016001

16. Credquarters

The Leading AR & VR Developer

Credencys is one of the leading augmented reality technology companies and has been helping businesses that are striving to gain a cutting edge over their competitors. With the best work ethics and design driver approach, the professionals are helping enterprises in accelerating their digital transformation. They have been adopting the latest and emerging technologies such as AR, VR mobile apps and much more. With the unique blend of experience and skills, Credencys has been providing innovative solutions to businesses involved in gaming, education and entertainments.

Services Provided by Credquarters

Augmented & Virtual Reality Development Company, 3d Game Development, Broadcast AR, Mobile AR & VR & Large screen Augmented Reality System.

Singapore, India & USA 51–200
Founded: 2008 $50/hr 3102949973

17. WePOP

Augmented Reality Technology Companies & Agencies

WePoP is one of the top ar development companies dedicated to offering the most outstanding AR solutions to your business. The reliable company comes with a team of AR experts who understand your digital marketing needs and meet them accordingly. The AR professionals use the advanced techniques and efficient tools to develop interactive augmented reality solutions for both advertising and marketing objectives. Moreover, they offer the best range of solutions for AD and product campaigns with an enhanced augmented reality experience.

Services Provided by WePOP

Augmented Reality solutions, AR for real estate, Interactive Ads, Visualize App Products.

India 10-49
Founded: 2014 $25/hr 7558149867

18. Pixelbug

Award Winning Augmented Reality Agency

If you want to create the most compelling AR experiences, you can hire Pixelbug. It is the best place where you can get the most outstanding AR solutions for your business. They have the capability to add better value to this world and also to unleash the creative power by dissolving the edges between reality and imagination. You can use the AR services offered by best ar companies to drive better sales. You can integrate the AR technology solutions with your marketing and sales efforts to achieve success soon.

Services Provided by Pixelbug

Enterprise augmented reality coloring apps, game development, mobile applications, virtual reality.

UAE, Dubai, Canada 11-50
Founded: 2012 $25/hr N/A

19. Upskill

Top Augmented Reality Companies in USA

Augmented Reality is an imaginative innovation and it is developed with the assistance of this Upskill, mixed reality companies group. With the last endorsement, the group really takes augmented reality developers that are dependably up to the customer’s needs. With the advanced world, it empowers the gadgets can PCs and incorporates utilize their cameras for a character with AR markers. It server around 500 undertakings and convey to private venture zones. At the point when a marker is perceived with the gadget and 3D picture and on the gadget screen with consolidating with real applications. This ought to assess and include with new developing innovative applications for little or substantial scale business.

Services Provided by Upskill

Readymade AR iOS & Android Application, Mobile AR Platforms, Broadcast AR, Hero Mirror, Live Avatar, Mobile AR & Broadcast Bar Interactive & Salesforce consulting agency.

USA 51-200
Founded: 2010 N/A 7034369283

20. SevenMedia

Custom AR Application Development Solutions

Headquarters: Canada
The AR professionals at SevenMedia aim to ensure that the business clients understand the AR technologies. They also help you to find out the best opportunities offered by AR technology. The proper understanding aids you in running your business successfully in this quickly evolving mobile landscape. The expert team of Augmented Reality experts is committed to offering the finest AR experiences to their clients through creative engagement techniques and technical innovation.

Services Provided by SevenMedia

Custom AR app development, Hire AR app developer

Canada 2-9
Founded: 2010 $25/hr 6477295892

21. Elinext

Enterprise AR iOS & Android Solutions

Headquarters: Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, Germany & USA
If you look for the best way to maximize your business performance, you can hire the best ar android app development. Elinext comes with the finest and exceptional AR solutions that aid you in generating better value through the implementation of innovative and advanced technologies. The experts use the best AR technologies to create you the contextually rich, engaging and innovative applications. The specially developed solutions help you to boost your business performance and achieve matchless results without waiting more time.

Services Provided by Elinext

AR iOS & Android development agency & Augmented reality consultants & Hire AR Developers.

Ireland,Singapore,France,Germany 50-249
Founded: 1997 $25/hr 5163935818
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