Top 10 Most Popular Live Streaming Software Platforms & Mobile Apps -2021 review

Due to COVID -19, most of the people and students look forward to using live streaming solutions to learn and upgrade their skills according to the current technology. Live streaming is booming in major places such the sale, communication and marketing, and much more place. It is a live videos hosting platform that supports broadcasting in real-time and the platform is well equipped with the new arrival of professional broadcasting tools and built with special features such as the cloud transcending, white-label video player, and much more tools. live streaming platforms often make use of broadcast events such the webinars, conferences, and other common sporting events.

It allows everyone to present a love video hosted over the internet and it becomes one of the designated platforms. it enables the company, people to entertain and brand to live audiences so it increases the more traffic to the get service and promotes the business to the next level. When the company looks forward to spreading brand awareness that assists to find that many influencers become like live streaming. It has a different option for potential outlet and it hosts up to more than 1000 of the various streamers and it has another option which let to the streamer to the push their live feed to the social media site.

It has become a highly welcome and dedicated solution when compared with other social media tools so most business people look forward to going with the right platform to promote their service and business to the next level without spending much more. Over the internet, there are a number of the free live streaming service out but you must go with a strong professional-grade streaming solution instead and this live videos streaming are valuable for the purpose and they never provide more function at the time of the hosting the content of the video. The free videos streaming option is out with serious privacy as well as security concerns so it gives limited or nonexistent security features. From the below article we are going to discuss the top 10 live streaming solutions with these features and benefits.

Comparison of the Top 10+ Live Video Streaming Platforms or Software: What You Need to Know [2020 Update]

1. Telestream

Lightspeed Live Stream & Capture Provider

Even it is small scale or large scale production and need to stream videos from a home office or important tag. Then wirecast is the right live streaming platform that lets to share your passion with the world live. The interface is well designed to find intimidating when you are less famous with the new live-streaming tool. It is built with the user-friendly that allows everyone to live cost with no trouble of it.

Though it is built with great features which let to use it in an easy and intuitive to travel in the right path like setting up an end number of streams else you make use of the preview pane to queue up a source before the switch. Before going to install over the mobile, then you are suggested to ensure which platform is suitable to run. It is applicable to play over the windows and Mac OS so you need to worried about the device to run this tool on your existing device.

Wirecast boosted with the high-end features which are listed below. It provides great access control and finds out audio mixed which let to make use comfortably. This live streaming solution has session recording and also find out customizable branding so it gives more comfortable for the customer to enjoy live stream videos with additional comfort. Apart from that, it has multiviewer and streaming production that let use and promotes the videos in a winning way. On using the video monetization tool let to provide the best comfort to promote the videos in a risk-free manner.

Services Provided by Telestream

Transcoding, streaming & automation solution, facebook live, education, sports & mobile live video streaming, Cloud encoding and transcoding, File-based QC and correction software

USA 500+
Founded:1998 $49 8772576245

2. Brightcove

A Leading Live Streaming Platform

Video is an important source to the audience and their overall viewing experience will reflect directly to you. It is one of the effective platforms to take care of and easy to make the experience uniquely with real comfort. Therefore you feel free to try with this company and get endless life steaming videos with no risk at all time. This company has 15 years of experience in the part of innovation and vision.

It is one of the top leading providers with help of a powerful cloud solution for delivering and monetizing videos over the linked devices. This firm provides a suite of products and another service which help to minimize the complexity and increase the profitability of publishing and much comfort at all time. It has more than 5500 customers in more than 70 countries. Therefore you hire such company and promote to the next level without spending much money over it.

This live video streaming software has cloud-hosted deployment and it supports Windows, Mac, Linux, web-based, android, MAC, and much more. It is boosted with the proper access control and support multiviewer that provides additional comfort for the customer to promote their videos in a trouble-free manner. It has session recording and also streaming production which promotes special comfort at all times. This company provides full support via mobile to fix all your error. Even if you are not well experienced in the videos expert, no worries, here this company software let to work with additional comfort at all times.

Services Provided by Brightcove
Video cloud, live audio streaming, HLS player, Zencoder video encoding, virtual events experience, media & broadcasters, marketers, publishers, retail & ecommerce

USA, Canada & Singapore 1000+
Founded:2004 8888821880

3. Livebox

End-to-end Live Streaming Server Software

Live box is the right company that assures to deliver content at high speed to the major destination. With help of the new live streaming technology which is engineered for 7 years and this company filled 30 years of experience in video broadcasting so it has become the right destination to promote the business to the next level. The technology highly scalable with easy to fit for all streaming needs for all sort of size

By using this software, the customer can get 24×7 live TV channels and also an IPTV tool kit that allows the customer to use and telecast without meeting any trouble of it. It features with live payout and mixer that allows to stream in a winning way. Apart from that the social media videos distributor so you can watch videos to the various channel. Even it has video conferencing and you can operate via the mobile app that meets comfort and also let to have all control in your hand itself.

This software boosted with the videos archives that let to conduct the chair concerts and lecture events in a risk-free manner. It allows creating an IPTV mobile app for the different congregations so you can share the videos from archives and video files in an easy manner. Therefore you will reach out to this company and get endless features and additional service with no risk and trouble of it. The live streaming apps are boosted with the new features that allow users with more comfort and they can promote live videos and derive more traffic to the website.

Services Provided by Livebox
Live video streaming server software, video conferencing api & sdk, churches streaming solution, Hospitals video calling software, eLearning, corporates, events, MSO & TV streaming platorm,

India 50+
Founded:2000 9789978981

4. Oxagile

Top-notch Live Streaming Software Development

If you come to streaming the live event which is more challenging but you can simply come out from this problem on going with help of the Oxagile Company. This company support number of the customer to provide live videos streaming with no risk and trouble of it. Our company has experienced staff who always ready to build completed and integrated solutions to let the broadcast with high-quality live streaming. You have to get a one-shot to do live and how to do it in the right manner.

We can find out a lot of the options to provide the top quality videos experience and protect the content and engage the audience across the different devices. This company makes use of the webrtc broadcasting ideas to design performant broadcasting app for social media and this new technology let to stream in almost in a modern and browser with no trouble. It provides a high-security risk of installing extra too and third-party plugins.

This company handles the complete cycle of live content broadcasting with fresh ideas and technology and it has developed for devices and format. It can find out top-notch players that boosted with the multi-bitrate and other recording offer the audience with TV quality. It has the fly streaming process which is completely based on the AI-based tool which helps to meet a large amount of the incoming data. Ongoing with this live video streaming platform, you can simply meet a lot of the benefits of living streaming videos about their service and product.

Services Provided by Oxagile
OTT development, video solution, real time communication, Custom Healthcare & telehealth Software, elearning consulting, custom fintech api, media & entertainment software,

USA, Germany & Australia 500+
Founded:2005 8554669244

5. Contentflow

The All-in-One Live Streaming Platform

The content flow team has many years of experience in working with live videos and it is more comfortable for the customer to get service and promote with no risk of it. It will choose a tool that is suited to their live streaming needs. With the support of the experienced team up development which helps to get the right solution at all time.

By using this software, you can simply promote live videos in the best and effective manner. It is equipped with 3D editing support which allows editing and adding the videos in a risk-free manner. It is built with the digital effect and also has an audio tool to cut and paste as per the wants. This tool features speed adjustment and videos titling so it becomes easier the performing different videos.

Even you can make use of the media library and there is frame accuracy that allows everyone to edit and submit the video file simply and effectively. Even if you want to go animation, here this tool support a lot and provide the best support at all time and get the best ideas at all time. It has a media library and another template so you can pick the best option and start working with more comfort at all times. The aim goal of the live streaming company is to offer the completed live stream solution that provides the best solution at all times. It has additional features such as text overlay, social sharing, and collaboration tools.

Services Provided by Contentflow
Saas Live streaming Moderated chats, livestreaming, streamig, video, and video production

USA, Germany & Australia 50+
Founded:2005 6468338992

6. Chetu

Custom Live Video Streaming Software Solution

Are you searching for the right live streaming video company? If yes, then you have to go with the Chetu Company. we are experts in the developing the live streaming software which enables the broadcasting of youTube videos and radio broadcast from the customer tool platform and other application development. This company develops the live video streaming solution that gives hand to get your message out in real-time to a broader audience.

With help of the experienced team of developers build ultimate live streaming software for all audio production and design and customer modules for all production. We are committed to developing software solutions for media such as radio, mobile, and VOD, and OTT. With help of the live videos streaming app, you can simply promote the live stream simply and effectively. On using the application the product professional with high definition that equipped with editing tools and led to post-production transition.

Though, we design the right software that lets to play quality videos faster with no buffering interruption. They leverage the live adaptive bitrate videos tool with the custom software development. This company has the incorporate function that will regulate the gamma and brightness contrast and also saturation level. This tool is equipped with automatically a fit video resolution in a fine manner. Our team assures us to create thumbnails on each video by the right frame from uploaded videos. These videos automatically grabbing the video’s middle frame.

Services Provided by Chetu
Broadcaster software solutions, live video streaming app development, media player app development, real estate, sports, media, fitness live streaming app

USA, England & India 5000+
Founded:2000 9543425676

7. Livewebinar

Real-time Live Streaming Solution Provider

Streaming online videos is always helps to maximize the impact on the current world. To promote your videos, you are suggested to go with the right and professional live streaming platform to make a unique experience for the audience. You can make your event available for all devices and live streaming technology. It helps to invite any attendees to join in the room at any time. With help of the experts, you can connect the camera and rest the video device and finely make room. Now it can share with online users without meeting any trouble of it.

The live webinar provides a customized solution when you need to add function and need to hire out a company that is active day and night to provide service. If you don’t have a sort of pre ideas, then you must go with the official site and collect the user manual which helps to get more comfortable. Ongoing with the live streaming company, you must suggest moving forward and get ideas about the tool and another service at all times.

If you want to know the common reason that why people hire such a tool is due to the communication, better UX and lead, magnet, and much lower costs. Hence it will be more comfortable for the customer to provide the best support at all times.

Services Provided by Livewebinar
WebRtc video conferencing, IT, Digital communication APIs, filmmakers,

USA & Poland 50+
Founded:2016 9543425676

8. Castr

Best Video Broadcasting Platform

Are you searching for the right company to deliver video content anywhere? Then you have to go with the embed videos and stream to the website and provide the right platform by using the castr embedded player. Our company is trusted by more than 20000+ streamers and it is very easy to use with a lot of the platform available to choose from great support and it has supported very support responsive when any risk has. This company provides live streaming and video-on-demand solution for streamers and other business which need over the online broadcasting solution. The live broadcast software works much better at all time and provide live streaming and get any trouble of it.

It is the right company that needs to stream and who needs to host the videos for the business-related and much more additional features. This company provides a various subscription plan which helps top stream videos in a risk-free manner. Each plans out with the end number of the tiers based on the usage and provides the right ideas at all times. It has a multistream subscription which is filled with concurrent streams, chat overlay, and much more additional features. Hence it gives more comfortable for the customer with no risk of it.

Ongoing with the company, you assure to get live streaming videos with top quality at all times. Therefore you have to reach out and get service at all times. We check out each video and then let them live stream videos over the online, it brings out the number of the customer to access the videos and easy to promote to the next level. On the other hand, they are boosted with the new technology ideas that allow everyone to make the live broadcast software much faster without buffering.

Services Provided by Castr
Video broadcasting platform, Embedded HTML5 player, video broadcasting, OTT streaming & Transcoding, OTT IP camera streaming, churcuh, sports, game, education live streaming solution

Canada 50+
Founded:2018 8775484297

9. Wowza

Best Live Streaming Solution

Ongoing with the Wowza Company, you assure to get live videos streaming solution which reviews the cloud based. Hence it is more secure to promote the videos regarding this platform. This company was founded in the year 2005 and it is a bootstrap start–up with the life and finely demand live streaming capabilities. It offers two common products which are used in the industry for self-hosted streaming and its cloud offering. It includes a variety of features aimed at offering low latency content access to global audiences finely. It has performance monitoring and robust security and video looping finely. It has robust security support which gives the best ideas at all times.

It has live streaming and on-demand video hosting without meeting any trouble. It has white-label streaming and mobile compatible videos player and finely provides customer support. It has live stream recording and AP1s are available and a cloud management portal.

It has a minimum dimension of 240P and a maximum dimension of 4k video support. This software is developed with 250 GB and it provides the best option at all time. And it has a host your streaming server product and has white-label streaming with more comfortable. It has various types of videos format such the MP$, FLV, SMIL, AMLST, and NGRP. Therefore you have to go with a live streaming service provider who is always committed to providing the best solution at all times.

Services Provided by Wowza
Cloud streaming service, Streaming server software, Live encoding solution, CDN, Live streaming expertise, Live Video Monitoring & Surveillance, Live Broadcast & OTT Streaming, Interactive Live Streaming, Low Latency Streaming Video on Demand

USA & Germany 200+
Founded:2005 7202224744

10. Muvi

Top-notch Live Streaming App, Mobile TV & Web

MUVI is the only OTTP platform and it launched by your own branded videos and audio streaming service. this company includes everything from the cloud hosting and payment gateway and mobile and TV app. we have an expert team to have control the CMS and functioning so the content library must subscription and monetization and policies and watermarking and much. This company expert in offering live streaming features and it gives more comfort to promote the product with no risk of it.

It has customizable branding and also provides streaming production which gives great support at all times. Besides, it has web capture and it has session recording and more comfort at all times. On the other hand, video monetization tools that let to provide the best solution with no risk of it. This software support android OS and web-based and iPhone and iPod. It is a well-developed cloud-hosted it has a monthly payment model with no risk and trouble of it.

We use new technology that allows creating a live stream with no risk and trouble of it and it provides the best support at all time. on using these live stream videos, you must get high-end support with no risk. This company’s staffs are well skilled and let everyone get quality streaming service at all times. Therefore you have to read reviews and service at all times without meeting any risk of it.

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Services Provided by Muvi
Build audio or video streaming platfrom like netflix, CDN, CMS, Player, and Analytics, live on-demand content and stream, marketers, entertainment, religion, education, health & fitness, sports & live events, youtubers, podcast live streaming apis

USA, UK & India 500+
Founded:2013 8609730083

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