Top 10 IT Infrastructure Services in USA, India & UAE [2023 Reviews & Comparisons]

IT Infra Reviews

Nowadays, IT infrastructure services are increasing and achieving a good market share. The enterprise services should compute and take cloud storage. The online services are higher and offer high-level APIs for underlying network infrastructure.

In the recent report, the IT infrastructure services market share valued at $38.94 billion in 2019. Of course, it will reach nearly $201.83 billion in the upcoming years by 2027. In standard statistics, IT infrastructure services have a growing CAGR of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027.

As the services are policy-driven, it helps top IT Infrastructure Services should implement advanced levels of automation for tasks. It avoids the high costs and complexity associated with managing and purchasing physical services. You can choose the top IT infrastructure service that suits your budget.

The World’s 10 Best IT Infrastructure Service Providers in USA

1. Softtek

Softtek is a small IT services company in Mexico. Of course, the company offers a wide range of IT services at a reasonable price. In August 2007, Softtek acquired capabilities to handle the Asian market it infrastructure support. Nearly fortune clients are tie-up with Softtek in handing various IT services.

We deliver nearly 12 global delivery centers with hard work in the IT infrastructure field. Softtek uses its trademark and approach to work with clients for their needs. Softtek is a worldwide provider of IT and business process solutions with 15,000 associates.

Highlights of Softtek
  1. Shift left strategy: Of course, Softtek provides a change left to process for developing and working with IT infrastructure services for your needs.
  2. Code approach: The Company includes a code-based method for working on IT infrastructure on various needs.
  3. Center of Excellence network: Softtek offers an excellent web and creates a good solution for your IT services.
  4. FRIDA-powered is nothing, but we deliver foundational elements underpinning the offers.
  5. Process orientation: It seems the best possible solution to tackle well and approach infrastructure services.

Softtek is behind the success of many IT companies to fulfill the needs completely. The company offers many processes to manage the IT infrastructure services that satisfy their requirements. You will find out some offering depends on the shift to left strategies embedded in the services.

What are the Services Offered?
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services: Softtek offers cloud infrastructure services that suit your IT-based needs completely.
  • Datacenter to hybrid cloud transformation: Our Softtek works even on the data center to forever tackle the hybrid cloud transformation.
  • User infrastructure services: It ensures highly productive employees train well for satisfying the client’s happiness.
  • Digital workplace and collaboration: The service brings you a next-generation digital workplace to take advantage to unleash the partnership for IT services.
  • Edge and IoT managed services: We ensure an edge infrastructure and networks with a practical goal with monitoring and support command center service.
US, Europe & Canada 10001+
Founded: 1982 125 4692832506
What is Cost?

At Softtek, the price range for IT infrastructure services ranges from $125 per user to $175 per month. You can get only affordable packages that suit well your IT services. So, get the price details and engage well with your IT business.

2. PC Solutions

PC Solutions is a top-notch IT service that serves clients with their IT infrastructure services. The company is recognized by ISO 9001, ISO 2000, and CMMi3 certified operations. The professionals will handle various IT services with responsive and flexible proven solutions.

An it infrastructure management services from PC Solutions are span across the infrastructure, including data center, networking, and end-user computing. PC Solutions understand the business needs and make design-made tailor services.

At minimized costs, it will enhance business productivity for global clients. The resources are minimized and take the enterprise in optimizing the business process.

Highlights of PC Solutions 
  1. Holistic approach: Of course, the team of PC Solutions gives a holistic method and process for IT services.
  2. Meet technical expertise: PC Solutions will have the technical knowledge to help solve IT problems and work with intelligence.
  3. Provide innovative strategies: We use creative strategies to manage the IT and other services to fulfill the needs. 
  4. Implement reliable solutions: PC Solutions gives reliable solutions with primary goals to understand for every industry. 

PC Solutions are right here to give you a complete solution to manage the business and IT services well. With their technical team, they will fulfill the requirements soon as possible. The company delivers state of the art of technology solutions to enterprises and companies. With global leading partners, they will handle the IT services professionally. 

What are the Services Offered?
  • Datacenter services: Of course, PC Solutions offers resources, processes, and tools to manage the higher value of business operations.
  • DBMS: PC solutions involved in managing the database solutions with prior knowledge. The team will give a mission to handle critical apps.
  • Disaster management: We help the team strategize the recovery IT infrastructure. It gives scope to handle management solutions.
  • Enterprise mobility management: PC solutions offer employees to access business data with personal information.
  • Mail Messaging services: It provides end-to-end mail messaging with proper reception and information.
  • Managed security services: It offers controlled security levels and completely caters to compliance needs. 
What is Cost?

At PC Solutions, the packages are more reasonable than others. The professionals will charge $54 for desired services and fulfill them quickly. Of course, clients are happy by seeing only good and no hidden charges from us. 


Clover Infotech is a network and IT management service that fulfill the IT support service. The company will manage and support processes for LAN and WAN for better operations. Our advanced it infrastructure outsourcing have a good scope and are more consultative in providers.

Clover Infotech services are improved efficiency and uptime process. It will cost close to optimize the investment and increase resource effectiveness. The company would achieve the ultimate goal of adding with systems. It adds ultimate goals for adding the minimum equipment for operations more efficiently. 

Highlights of Clover Infotech  
  1. Deployment and implementation: The expertise will implement well and notice well to manage performance and engineer to work well.
  2. Cost-benefit analysis: Clover Infotech offers possible solutions for you to explore deployment effectively.
  3. Datacenter management services: It creates solutions by focusing on management services by assessing current data centers. 
  4. Virtualization or redesigns: We create seamless uptime and support for customers’ business-critical work environments. 
  5. Reliable and security features: The performance will organize demands for OS services for windows and open source-based service environments. 

Clover Infotech is the best platform for IT infrastructure to choose cost-effective and highly reliable services. The expertise will manage by focusing on implementation and solutions to explore more functionality. We include cost-benefit analysis to take the best possible forever. 

What are the Services Offered?
  • IT Server Management: Clover Infotech provides IT service management that provides a risk-free experience.
  • Network management: Network management focuses on high-quality solutions to explore more benefits for your desires.
  • Database management: As your dedicated technology, it will pledge complete database management systems for your motive.
  • Virtualization solutions: We include tool based DR plan that gives proven and bankable solutions. It conducts regular reviews and updates with plan crisis ready.
  • IT security management includes an IT security management system to operate well on showing well on the back and switching over drills. 
  • Tool-based DR plan: Clover Infotech gives proven and bankable solutions to IT services. It performs updates and conducts regular reviews. 
What is Cost?

Clover Infotech is a boon for developing well-balanced IT solutions for your company. It will explore the reasonable packages that fulfill the desires completely. The average IT service package is $76 per service.


ECS Office is a leading IT infrastructure design and support firm that suits well for your business operations. They are partner with various sectors to explore their IT services. ECS has an objective to serve, manage, and monitor multiple sectors’ computers and network systems.

ECS Office has a professional infrastructure development company to manage and ensure maximum efficiency. It is an affordable and monthly fee to tackle an in-house IT department at a fraction of the costs of hiring one. Its mission is to manage and maintain IT systems with care and affordable solutions. 

Highlights of ECS Office
  1. Meet the company goals: Of course, the team of professionals will team your company goals quickly.
  2. 100% risk-free evaluation: It will establish a complete assessment of procedures and technology solutions within your organization.
  3. Best practices analysis: The current technology will discover implementations and procedures to handle works well and adjust.
  4. Involve strategic planning: The team offers skilled consultants to handle and build technology for your business.
  5. Process implementation: ECS works to perform a risk-free performance with new solutions or changes in your IT sectors. 

ECS firm delivers high-quality solutions to explore it infrastructure for a company on various IT services in the industries. It will quickly expand the business, validated by the ECS office. The team provides a 100% secure solution to mitigate the process well.

What are the Services Offered?
  • Managed IT services: ECS Office includes managed IT services that suit well your business operations. 
  • Cloud solutions: Our team gives 100% cloud solutions for various sectors and handles them professionally.
  • Business continuity: You can take part in discovering business continuity by focusing on high-end solutions forever.
  • Security and compliance: We give 100% secure and compliance solutions that fulfill the requirements well. 
  • IT infrastructure design: ECS offers IT infrastructure design with a complete solution to take a pledge on network services. 
  • Virtual CIO services: It takes pledges on working with virtual mail verification with a unique method for exploring unique functionalities.
  • Data backup and recovery: The team will handle backup and recovery options with complete-fledged solutions. 
  • Email protection: It delivers a beautiful solution that gives a satisfactory experience on Email needs and is entirely risk-free forever. 
What is Cost?

ECS Office gives the best possible IT solutions and services to various industries. The packages are affordable and consider only $82 per month, and choose another box from the ECS office team.


Dataprise is a leading team giving complete solutions to handle IT infrastructure services. Of course, the company provides it infrastructure consulting services that need to deliver seamless solutions. The group offers strategic development in IT sectors at an affordable price.

Likewise, Dataprise gives the right solutions and affordable price range for various IT services. We cover internal and external stakeholder experiences. The company is providing full-pledged solutions to multiple sectors. Dataprise is suitable for holding a continuing resolution to discover seamless operations. 

Highlights of Dataprise 
  1. Scalable and agility: Our Dataprise IT services are scalable to discover a new approach for your desires. 
  2. Infrastructure and application migrations: The professionals will consider the best quality apps for migration purposes.
  3. Monitoring and alerting services: Dataprise has full-fledged monitoring and alerting services to the IT and other industries.
  4. Business continuity and recovery: The process might take an essential role in exploring challenges in various industries.
  5. Predictable IT costs: The team evaluates as per the changes and focus on monthly IT costs on an average basis.
  6. Software-defined strategy: It includes full involvement in showing business approaches and recovering them quickly without hassles. 
  7. Cloud platform management: The process involves essential things to explore the success rates with IT solutions. 

Dataprise solutions provide high-quality IT services for various industries. It will strive to give you complete solutions for handling the business outcomes. The professionals should undergo the services well on average solutions for cloud-based options. 

What are the Services Offered?
  • Server management: A team of Dataprise delivers server management and maintenance regularly. It works well for maximizing employee productivity.
  • Store management: The Dataprise will store data management and includes backup and continuity problems. It will keep data accessible with cloud solutions and local clients.
  • Network solutions: Digital transformation is taking a pledge on showing storage resources and blends with numerous solutions for an automation process. 
What is Cost?

The price range of Dataprise IT infrastructure ranges from $75% to $180 per month. The price range will differ according to the requirements. It will consider high-end solutions and improve business efficiencies by choosing affordable price ranges. 

6. INFINITY group

Infinity Group is giving cloud-based services for your needs with IT infrastructure services. Of course, Infinity Group serves people with enterprise it infrastructure and a range of IT outsourcing services. The team has 2000 clients till now by providing quality IT services.

We will audit your organization’s current IT infrastructure setup and provide strategic IT consulting. It is ultimately a new solution and overhauls the existing services in various sectors. Based on business needs, Infinity Group gives consultations for IT-based services forever.

Highlights of Infinity Group 
  1. Use emerging technology: Of course, Infinity Group delivers high-quality solution and explore services and resources thoroughly. 
  2. On-premise approaches: Infinity Group will understand the emerging needs with solid support for business applications.
  3. Enhanced infrastructure setup: A specialist will help you provide your company’s current and future needs. 
  4. Increase business efficiency: Having Infinity Group will increase your business efficiency for your desires. 
  5. Reduced costs from Infinity Group for IT infrastructure deliver a good scope for your business considerations. 
  6. Improved customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the main thing to explore the benefits. It gives security threats to enhance customer satisfaction. 
  7. Protect unauthorized access: A team delivers a high-quality solution to give complete protection with authorized access. 

Infinity Group achieves it infrastructure organizational structure with further optimization. It gives superior solutions to explore lots of benefits on achieving customer satisfaction. The team provides security functionalities to explore various industries’ success as well. 

What are the Services Offered?

  • Outsourced IT support: Infinity Group delivers outsourced IT support to fulfill business needs.
  • Managed IT Solution: We include managed IT solutions that explore success for the organizations.
  • IT security and GDPR: IT security and GDPR delivers a fantastic solution to experience unique functionality.
  • Network support services: A network support must be initializing on various needs for your business outcomes.
  • Backup and disaster recovery: Backup and disaster services take a pledge to have risk-free solutions for your business and objectives.
  • Switching IT support: IT support from Infinity Group provides high-end solutions and explores unique solutions for your business. 
What is Cost?

The price range of Infinity Group ranges from $65 to $290 per month, depending on the requirements. The price must be affordable and hence get the latest solutions for your desires. It will consider the best quality solutions for business efficiencies. 

7. Tarika

Tarika Technologies gives you a complete solution to determine the aspirations in IT managed services. We make sustainable growth in IT and other industries. The team will develop new strategies for developing IT infrastructure services reasonably.

Choosing Tarika Technologies is a boon to explore high-end infrastructure services and an intelligent digital enterprise. Of course, it infrastructure organizational structure ensures the business transition is complete and gets merged into regular options. It will also address the client’s key to focus on suitable business improvement.

Highlights of Tarika Technologies
  1. Insightful consulting: A team of Tarika Technologies assures us to get the high-end solution and insightful approaches forever.
  2. Hands-on solutions: Tarika Technologies provides hands-on solutions to experience pressing problems.
  3. Expert management advice: A team will handle the expert management service that fulfills the desires completely. It works effectively by noticing changes in the IT infrastructure services.
  4. Operational efficiency: Tarika Technologies are exploring new solutions and meeting their goals quickly. 
  5. Give measurable results: Of course, it delivers measurable results with advisory services and IT services.

Handling IT infrastructure services by Tarika Technologies are affordable and ensure hands-on solutions. The operational efficiency must take note and prepare them with marketing items. You can Hire the Best Infrastructure Developer with a better performance.    

What are the Services Offered?

  1. Advisory services: Tarika Technologies delivers top-line growth and opportunities through high-quality advisory services. 
  2. Enterprise architecture: It served as technology changes with process and strategies on technology solutions.
  3. Cloud solutions: Cloud offers agility, speed, and cost-efficiency. It includes standard IT services on model delivery approaches. 
  4. Software and analytics: A professional team will give you software and analytics approaches with salient needs.
  5. Management consulting: It will transform the business and realize the latest trends in your business operations.
  6. Digital media: We serve digital media experience, which will tackle a new solution for best solutions with efficiencies. 
What is Cost?

The price range of Tarika Technologies ranges from $80 to $127 per month. A team of professionals will undergo the services well and take business efficiencies without hassles. The price range is something reasonable under your budget. 

8. Fingent

Fingent is a top-notch and leading team delivering high-quality IT infrastructure services for various industries. The professional team will handle everything depending on the user requirements. Fingent nearly operates 2000 clients as delivery centers. 

Fingent it infra support services take a pledge to initiate new strategies by their hard work and success. We are working for various sectors and handle the IT services well. We partnered with many global leaders within four years. The team is talented in managing multiple projects. 

Highlights of Fingent Company
  • 100% guarantee: A team at Fingent provides guaranteed IT services for various industries. It takes a pledge to work with more clients within four years of experience.
  • Reliable and trusted analytics: The process takes reliability and worth to maintain the same quality for every project. It will handle well and make it worth your IT needs. 
  • Expert management team: A Fingent company provides quick solutions and takes a pledge to work on IT infrastructure needs ultimately.
  • Secure IT solution: Fingent provides a secured solution and explores something better for your business needs.
  • Give measurable results: Fingent provides an aesthetic approach to good results for your industries. 

Fingent Company provides high quality cloud infrastructure services that fulfill the needs completely. It will work with more outcomes and ensure large solutions for various industries. They are essential in making multiple; IT needs from the Fingent industries. 

What are the Services Offered?
  • IT Server Management: The IT server plays an essential role in your business. It gives high-end solutions and explores new features forever. 
  • Network management: Fingent offers network management services to tackle a new solution for your business. It gives superior solutions and provides extensible solutions. 
  • Database management: DBMS is, of course, a vital one for handling IT solutions. You can collect data as much as possible in the safety method. 
  • Virtualization solutions: Fingent offers virtual networks depending on the average solutions. It will handle well and maintain practical approaches. 
  • IT security management: The management solutions must work well by setting proper outcomes. It will develop a satisfactory experience with the latest security features. 
  • Tool-based DR plan: It will discover a new strategy and obtain clear-cut solutions. It will change well by focusing on tools used for IT industries. 
What is Cost?

Fingent IT services have only reasonable packages to handle the IT services in various industries. It will give you a complete solution to explore major or minor business operations. The price must be $98 per month for your budget. So, plan and choose the services. 

9. Worksighted

Worksighted is a top-notch team that is responsible for handling IT services professionals. The it infra services have vast experience serving clients with a 100% guarantee of IT supports and services. Your business is built around and hence starts to explore Worksighted squad forever. 

Worksighted Company IT services are a boon for you if you want to explore the business. The company works long for global clients and consistently achieves success. It will always explore numerous solutions and schedules within a short time with strengthened support. 

Highlights of Work sighted 
  • Tailored IT solutions: Your IT services must be tailored-made solutions. It will address efficiently with overall business operations. 
  • Insightful strategies: Customers must get only insightful processes for developing the business well. 
  • Next-generation technology: To make your business effective, you must optimize next-generation technology on the process.
  • Streamlined framework: Worksighted team offers plenty of solutions and a simplified framework. It will represent changes in modern workflows.
  • Customized reports: The information collected by the firm must be customized enough to serve as IT upgrades. 

The Worksighted team offers plenty of IT infrastructure support to focus on business needs. It is ultimately a risk-free one and guarantees tailored solutions forever. So, you will get only customized reports to serve with IT upgrades within a year. 

What are the Services Offered?
  • Firewall and Endpoints: We guarantee to work with firewalls and endpoints with unique functionalities. 
  • Operating system upgrades: The platform allows you to choose based on the access points and wireless connection.
  • Server and virtualization: Our company provides server and virtualization for better support.
  • Collaboration software: We include the latest collaboration software to discover a new method. It will tackle the situations for IT services. 
  • Storage and switching: The clients must get proper support for storage options. It will access wireless points and access with system upgrades. 
What is Cost?

Worksighted plans and pricing must differ depending on the IT services chosen. There are no hidden costs when you grab their services. The price range of IT infrastructure services must be $89 to $170 per service or depend on the packages you choose. 

10. Vigilant

Vigilant Inc is small IT administration and services to operate in large sectors. The organization offers a broad scope of IT administrations at a sensible cost. Vigilant Inc procured abilities to deal managed infrastructure services provider on a massive scale. Almost all fortune clients are restricted with the vigilant solutions by giving different IT administrations.

We are conveying almost 12 worldwide conveyance communities with difficult work in the IT framework field. Vigilant utilizes its brand name and way of working with clients for their requirements. Today, Vigilant is a worldwide supplier in IT and business process arrangements with 15,000 partners.

Features of Vigilant Inc
  • Shift left methodology: obviously, Vigilant Inc shifts the system to creating and working with IT framework administrations for your necessities.
  • Code approach: The Company incorporates a code put together methodology for working concerning IT framework on different necessities.
  • Focal point of Excellence organization: Vigilant Inc offers greatness and a decent answer for your IT administrations.
  • FRIDA fueled It is only; we convey primary components supporting the proposals with FRIDA-controlled.
  • Process direction: It appears to be the ideal answer for tackling well and approaching foundation administrations.

Vigilant is behind the achievement of numerous IT organizations to satisfy the requirements. The company it infrastructure offers bunches to deal with the IT foundation benefits that meet their necessities. You will discover some contribution relies upon the shift to left techniques implanted in the administrations.

What are the Services Advertised?
  • Cloud Infrastructure administrations: Vigilant offers cloud foundation benefits that suit well your IT-based needs.
  • Server-based cloud storage: Our Vigilant works even on server farms to handle the crossbreed cloud change for eternity.
  • Client foundation administrations: It guarantees beneficial workers to prepare well for fulfilling the clients cheerfully.
  • Computerized work environment and cooperation: The help carries you cutting edge advanced working environment to exploit to release the joint effort for IT administrations.
  • Edge and IoT oversaw administrations: We guarantee an edge foundation and organizations with a clear objective with checking and supporting war room administration.
What is Cost?

At Vigilant, the cost range for IT framework administrations ranges from $125 per client to $175 each month. You can get just reasonable bundles that suit well your IT administrations. Along these lines, get the cost subtleties and connect well with your IT business.


From the above discussion, it will be apparent that choosing the best it infrastructure technology solutions is effortless these days. You can check everything regarding the top IT infrastructure service providers in this post forever. Hurry up and choose your favorite company for your successful business. 

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