Top 10 Launchpad Development Companies Worldwide [India, UK & USA]

Crypto projects have created a buzz in the tech market. Lots of businesses require adequate funding from investors. Finding such people is a daunting task. Launchpads have bridged the gap between businesses and investors. 

For blockchain projects, launchpads are the platforms where fundraising takes place. Their popularity is increasing as various entrepreneurs have received quick capital for their projects without hassle. These platforms provide token sales to the chosen set of investors and give them access to the project at slashed prices before launching. 

If you are striving hard to find the best launchpad development companies, don’t worry! Here we have come up with a list of the top 20 launchpad development companies that will solve your problem.

This list is created on the basis of the following standards;

  • Project Delivery
  • Years Of Experience
  • Skills
  • Clients Review
  • Tech-Prowess In Multiple Domains

Hire the best ones in the industry!!

Top 10 Best Launchpad Development Companies [UAE, UK, USA & India]

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc

Suffescom is the leading launchpad development company in USA, with an overall experience of 13+ years in the IT industry and 6+ years in blockchain technology. Their blockchain developers are masters at their job and have developed amazing platforms taking their client’s businesses to another level.


  • Recognized by the national media as the emerging web3 and blockchain company.
  • Completed 50+ blockchain projects till now and have 750+ employees working worldwide.
  • Provides core blockchain development, white-label launchpad development services, IDO development services, and more.
  • Adopts new technologies
  • Reasonable prices
  • Only one free consultation service

Hourly Rates

This company charges $25 – $49 / hr for a project, but the prices may change depending on the client’s requirements.

2. RisingMax Inc.

RisingMax is another great launchpad development company. The company is based in NYC, USA, and along with development, they also offer top-notch consultation services to their clients. Founded in 2011, they have successfully built strong relationships with big brands by implementing advanced technologies.


  • IGO Launchpad development
  • Have Served 500+ happy clients
  • 250+ apps delivered
  • 24*7 technical assistance
  • Post-launch maintenance services
  • Limited members in the project management team
Hourly Rates

This company charges $50 – $99 / hr for a project, but the prices are subject to change.

3. Accubits

Accubits is an impeccable development company in Virginia, USA that was incorporated in 2012. The company has helped several startups and medium/large firms to skyrocket their business to new heights. They are the pioneers in offering AI blockchain,web3, DAO consulting, etc.

  • Have offices in Switzerland, India, Australia, Canada, UAE, Norway, and Hong Kong.
  • Recognized as the most promising consumer blockchain solution development Company by Frost and Sullivan.
  • 4.4 and 4.9 ratings on Clutch and Goodfirms.
  • Uses cutting-edge technologies
  • Uses data-driven solutions across diverse platforms
  • Closed on Saturday
Hourly Rates

This company charges $25 – $49/hr for a project, but the prices may vary.

4. Infinite Block Tech

Infinite Block Tech, another great launchpad development company, has recently started working on a crypto project. Within a short span of time, they have improved their skillset and made a strong impact in the blockchain realm. Their other services include crypto development & marketing, blockchain, NFT development, DeFi, and more.


  • Overall, 450+ successful projects
  • 7+ years of blockchain and web3 experience
  • 170+ blockchain experts
  • Adopts agile methodology
  • Team of experts
  • Expensive costs
Hourly Rates

This company demands $50-99 for a project, but these prices may differ according to the project’s needs

5. DevelopCoins

DevelopCoins is a prominent launchpad development company that provides end-to-end crypto development services to its client base. The company was founded in 2014 and has helped clients with everything from simple native token creation to advanced blockchain integration services.


  • 100% hassle-free development strategy
  • Offers services like custom blockchain development, ICO, STO, Smart contract development, and cryptocurrency consulting services.
  • Have created unique, reliable decentralized crypto coins
  • Quality and security
  • Flexibility
  • Hidden costs

Hourly Rates

This company charges < $25 / hr for a single project; the range will differ in case of any customization.

6. Blockchain App Factory

Founded in 2016, this company is known for providing fantastic business solutions to its clientele. Their expertise is in providing personalized blockchain services to different industry sectors. The company has designed ICO, IEO, and STO tokens for decentralized applications.


  • Offices in India and Japan
  • Utilizes agile methodologies
  • Has 200+ industry experts
  • Affordable prices
  • Project transparent
  • Issues In Quality Assurance
Hourly Rates

This company charges $25 – $49/hr; it will change from project to project.


INORU is a reputed IDO token launchpad development company that has aided clients in accelerating their funding process. This firm was established in 2006 and, in the beginning, had started its journey as an on-demand app development company. 


  • 160+ total projects
  • 100+ team of professionals
  • 80+ crowdfunding solutions successfully delivered
  • Seamless project management
  • Generates high ROI
  • Sometimes gets late in the project delivery
Hourly Rates

This company charges < $25 / hr, and the cost changes according to the project.

8. Maticz

Maticz is an experienced software development company that has worked on several blockchain, metaverse, and web3 projects. The company is a recognized brand name in the industry that specializes in futuristic technologies like AI, big data, cloud computing, etc. 


  • Recognized by goodfirms as the top blockchain development companies
  • Has 200+ happy clients
  • Has 75+ employees
  • Top-notch testing methods
  • Provides fabulous features
  • Quality could be better
Hourly Rates

The company charges $25 – $49/hr but varies with every type of project.

9. TurnkeyTown

This company is a well-known clone app development company that has developed several apps and websites. After gaining huge success in the on-demand market, they have shifted toward the blockchain industry. Within a short period of time, they have become the no 1 choice for startups to kick-start their business. 

  • Uses robust front-end frameworks
  • Delivers high-quality products
  • develops attractive app prototype
  • Capable of Handling small, medium, and large-scale projects
  • Provides excellent support services to the client’s
  • Costly services
Hourly Rates

They charge $50 – $99 / hr; the cost varies in case of any customization.

10. AppDupe

AppDupe is a major launchpad development company that provides innovative services in developing crypto exchanges, launchpads, decentralized apps, etc. Along with this, they provide awesome crypto marketing services for the better upliftment of your project.


  • Partnership with Microbuddies,, EOS, Polygon
  • 250+ web3 crypto projects
  • 300+ team of crypto developers

Hourly Rates

Their charges range between $50 – $99 /hr but may fluctuate with the project’s necessity.

11. Coin Developer India

This cryptocurrency software development company helps businesses develop their own cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. They are a team of specialists that develops platforms with advanced security and robust solutions.

  • A committed team of 50+ employees
  • 1250+ completed projects
  • 500+ happy clients
  • Top quality assurance
  • Round-the-clock services
  • Lack of transparency in the pricing model
Hourly Rates

Their hourly rates are between $25 – $49 / hr and can change with the project requirements.

12. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

This IDO launchpad development company offers stupendous white-label launchpad platforms to their clients. They adopt cost-effective prices for deploying any new smart contract. The company offers fantastic assistance during every phase of IDO development.

  • Enhances user onboarding across diverse chains
  • Mints tokens in a quick manner
  • Safe investment place for investors
  • Credible and affordable
  • Best project management style
  • Off on weekends
Hourly Rates

This company charges $25 – $49 / hr; if there are certain personalizations, then the rates will vary.

13. SHAMLA Tech Solutions

This enterprise cryptocurrency development company offers top-notch solutions to clientele to boost their business. They impart convenient trading among several cryptocurrencies. Additionally, they are extremely concerned about providing security and maintaining privacy.


  • More than 7 years of industry experience
  • Partnership with 120+ global brands
  • Has got an excellent rating of 5 stars on Clutch
  • Has worked with big brands
  • Responsible team management
  • Delay in project completion
Hourly Rates

This company charges < $25/hr; the cost changes with the modifications in the platform.

14. Mobiloitte 

This company is a capable software development company that provides world-class IoT, blockchain, AI, and crypto services without compromising on security and performance. They have grabbed the attention of the global audience through immense excellence, exuberance, and experience.

  • Their key clients are KFC, SanDisk, Shopzilla, BizRate, etc.
  • 75% repeat business.
  • 1750+ apps developed.
  • Offices in India, US, UK, Norway, and Singapore.
  • Expertise in different industries.
  • Management Issues
Hourly Rates

This company charges < $25/hr, but the prices will change with further customization.

15. Taksh IT Solutions

This cryptocurrency development company has years of experience developing ready-to-deploy platforms. Their services include blockchain wallet development, cryptocurrency exchange development, and ICO Marketing solutions. They are great with customer relationship management and know how to empower their clients.


  • Multi-level marketing of the developed products
  • Tech-savvy
  • Offers flawless competitive services
  • Open to suggestions and feedback
  • Swift project handling
  • Expensive charges
Hourly Rates

The company charges $100 – $149 / hr, but it depends on the features added.

16. Softtik Technologies 

This enterprise blockchain company facilitates its clients with the most reliable and ultra-modern solutions. They have a professional working methodology that sets them apart from their peers. Their team works with sheer hard work, so they will surely dominate the industry in the forthcoming years.

  • 50+ full-stack developers
  • Certified team of developers
  • 11M+ revenue sales
  • Flexible in their working approach
  • Available for all the days
  • Bit pricey
Hourly Rates

They charge around $50 – $99 / hr, but the prices differ if any exclusive features need to be added in the project.

17. Security Tokenizer

This company provides the entrepreneurs with robust launchpad development services. The company has a team of experts that provides businesses with the best quality and impactful development solutions.

  • Provides white-label launchpads compatible with all blockchains.
  • Launchpad equipped with an integrated crypto wallet to enhance user experience.
  • Secure fundraising platform integrated with anti-scam measures.
  • Helpful in ensuring security and privacy.
  • Makes the fundraising process easier and simpler.
  • Service quality can be improved
Hourly Rates

The hourly rates of the company range between $25 – $49 / hr. These rates may vary according to your business requirements.

18. Aetsoft

Aetsoft is a leading launchpad development company that was founded in 2014. The futuristic and techno-savvy launchpad designed by this company will help your business discover new and exciting opportunities in the field of crypto trading.


  • More than 8 years of industry experience.
  • Expertise in designing launchpads for businesses working in multiple domains.
  • Continuous support and maintenance solutions to enhance the launchpad functioning.
  • Visually appealing, engaging, and interactive interface design launchpad
  • Acts as an ‘all-in-one’ crypto wallet solution for the users.
  • Improper pricing policies

Hourly Rates

The hourly rates of the company are $50 – $99 / hr. These rates will change if customization is performed.

19. Nadcab Technology

Nadcab Technology is a superb cryptocurrency launchpad development company. The company holds a team of expert launchpad developers who can help your business explore new opportunities in the field of cryptocurrency and will make it reach higher heights. The launchpad designed by the company experts will also act as a marketing tool for your business.


  • Industry experience of 9 + years 
  • Provides businesses an opportunity to  better connectivity across multiple blockchain networks
  • Developed approx. 650 blockchain products.
  • Provides an exhibition platform for raising funds for your business project.
  • Offer greater visibility to your projects at a global level.
  • Closed on Saturdays.
Hourly Rates

The figure ranges between $25 – $49 / hr. There might be fluctuations in it due to personalizations.

20. Beleaf Technology

Beleaf Technology is another launchpad development company that ensures that the developed product works perfectly and renders fast results. The company offers full-fledged solutions, including token development, marketing solutions, post-IDO support and maintenance, and blockchain integration.

  • Streamlined, user-friendly and systematic IDO launchpad development process.
  • An expert development team with diversified experience and knowledge
  • 24/7 client support before and after the development process.
  • Offers interoperability
  • Launchpad with multiple wallet integration.
  • Effective platform management to avoid overcrowding.
  • Ambiguous development process.
Hourly Rates

The company charges $100 – $149 / hr. These rates are subject to variation.

FAQ For Launchpad Development Services

1. What is a launchpad?

It’s a platform that allows smooth crowdfunding for the crypto projects raised by releasing IDO tokens. This is an out-and-out decentralized platform that provides the utmost security and privacy.

2. What is the main purpose of participating in the launchpad?

The ultimate objective is to provide easy access to the latest cryptocurrency projects to investors that could end up in big returns. Moreover, it provides a convenient way to raise money and eventually reach a wider audience.

3. How much does it cost to build a launchpad platform?

The cost of building a launchpad depends upon numerous factors like the integrated features, location of the company, project complexity, tech stacks used, etc.

4. What are the advantages associated with the launchpad?

Some of the advantages of the launchpad are reduced fees, transparency, quick trading, etc.


Developing a launchpad is as strenuous as finding a relevant launchpad development company. Well, don’t get stressed. We have compiled a list of the top 20 launchpad development companies for your convenience. Go through the above list, and choose the one that meets your requirements.

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