Top 10+ Set-top Box App Development Companies in India & USA [2023 Reviews]

In this pandemic situation, everyone has entertainment only by watching TV. So, of course, many TV programs and OTT releases force people to look around the setup box. Many set-top box app development companies running their services are successful in this pandemic situation. So, it offers a good entertainment option to the customers who want relaxation at home.

In a recent report, nearly 86% of people rely on the top-notch Set-top Box Application Development Services for their needs. 

Set Top Box Software Reviews

Digitalization is increasing rapidly because of channel pack subscription, interactive videos, HD channels, and video on demand. In this post, you can check the top-notch list of set-top box app development companies in detail. You will get exclusive benefits by knowing the market value. The increasing digitization of television networks for the significant changes. So, it offers a quick solution and includes APAC, Americas, EMEA, and others.

Technological advancements in the global STB market have resulted in the development of STB equipped with multiple cutting-edge features. In addition to channels, you can choose a comprehensive study depending on the growth opportunity for top set-top box application development companies.

They consider with market research analysis about US$25 billion by 2022. With the comprehensive study of growth opportunities for experts, STB market during the forecast period.

Depending on the global Set-top box market analysis, nearly 75% of STB companies across regions such as the APAC. It ultimately takes a growth of the global STB market in 2021 and 2022. For the latest STB market report, global set-top box app development companies consider enough solutions. It makes sure to obtain a quick solution for setting about top companies. 

List of Set-top Box App Development Services in Global of 2022 Reviews [USA, UK & Canada]

1. Applandinc

Build your own set top box platform

Appland is a leading Set-top-box app development company to give 100% guarantee apps for the world. Of course, it makes sure to obtain the right platform to develop set-top box app developer mode forever. They are well known for developing playful kid’s apps for an ideal entertainment experience. A professional team will understand how to develop and generate revenue. Appland is proud to install over a million devices in more than 200 countries

The customers will find out more features when setting out partners in set-top box apps. With better ways, the company constantly helps create new, better solutions. They create delightful high-quality services and obsess over the user experience and value they deliver. So, it gives standard OTT and Hybrid set-top box software development in recent times.

Supporting a Wide Range of STB Platforms 

Appland develops set-top box apps that bring you to live experience and entertainment. It will help clients to increase the ARPU and reduce the costs. 


Of course, this company will develop end-to-end ROKU TV app development. You can subscribe and get the latest shows premiere on this app.

  • Unique UX and UI
  • Faster screening capacities
  • Powerful search and discovery
  • Hyper-targeted personalization 

Android TV

This is one of the set-top box solution providers that will develop the Android TV depending on the user requirements. Therefore, it takes a special welcome to develop apps without any hassles. So, it must be applicable to explore benefits.

  • The sleek and dynamic app interface
  • Scalable options
  • Easy integrations and third-party apps

Amazon TV

This type of app development from this team is exponential and takes part in discovering a new solution. Moreover, they carry out a smooth solution and interfere well with Amazon Fire TV.

  • Easily supports Fire TV cube, stick, etc
  • Use amazon custom development tools
  • Comprehensive app compatibility
  • Leverage multiple Amazon APIs
USA 50+
Founded: 2011 25/hr 3020673534

2. Bluewhalea

Hire Dedicated Smart TV App Developers

With the growing popularity of OTT releases, STB software development a channel to telecast the shows. Smart TV apps play an essential role in setting up the development. The Blue whale app development company decides to develop set-top box apps to keep this in mind. With new devices and concepts, this company brings you more and more options. In the steady market, TV apps are entering into the competitive area.

Like others, Blue Whale app Development Company promotes the most important things in creating apps. However, it is applicable for business requirements as well. For example, TV apps are entering into a big deal, which is a boon for them. Thus, set-top box consulting providers must gain exciting content for the customers. 

List of Interactive TV App Development Services

So, you need to consider this company’s right TV app development services. It gives a terrific solution and ensures proper guidance to develop the set-top box apps.

Smart TV App Development

Smart TV apps ensure branding customers on every platform. This set-top box consulting ServicCompany creates a perfect viewing experience to promote products and services.

Set-top Box App Development

The set-top box application developers provide solutions at many instants. It includes core OS adjustment to building third-party consumer applications. In addition, it will be built fully custom media streaming devices and apps. 

Live Streaming and VOD Apps

A video-on-demand service by this company is flexible enough to measure streaming experience. It can follow up on additional recommendations as well. 

Why Blue Whale Set-top-box App Development?

  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Elevate growth of business
  • Adding more values
  • Achieve conversions 
USA 50+
Founded: 2006 149/hr 5712946158

3. Sdi

Top-notch STB Application Developers

SDI Silicon Valley is a leading and experienced STB app developer. They have worked on complex and challenging set-top box apps development. A professional team will develop apps that are more complex and trusted. The team has developed set-top box apps on Android, Linux, and other platforms. 

The team has developed set-top box apps on Android and others. The developers watch the flexibility of set-top boxes with development criteria. It guarantees practical media solutions and notices the complex challenges on develops set-top boxes for hybrid. 

They guarantee practical media solutions by their set-top box app developments. It ensures a quick solution and has developed apps on Android and digital applications for clients worldwide. The set-top box app developers provide high-end solutions to the next level.

The Set-top box app development gives flexibility in audio and visual media. It works effectively by setting about great solutions for business needs. They come closer with staples for a home media center. It will be built-in with boxes and apps for many media streaming and audio companies. 

This Hybrid Set-Top-Box Software Development delivers set-top boxes that excel at performing at a high level. It gives enough task and personalized feature analysis and customization. They include both software OS and levels with ease. SDI will create stellar set-top devices and apps. 

Features of SDI Development Company:

  • The app development works fully built-in functionalities
  • Gives excellent streaming devices as well as apps
  • Set-top services like Google TV, Roku, Fire TV, and others.
USA & India 249+
Founded: 2008 25/hr 4086218481

4. Eastern Peak

We Develop a Smart Tv Mobile App

Do you need a TV and Roku Apps set-top box app Development? Then, Eastern Peak is the right platform for you. Of course, this company is a boon for creating a good solution and a talented TV app development team to help. Delivering Set-top-box apps to the audience is the main aim of this company. 

This company is flexible for developing the new trends in developing TV apps forever. An extensive portfolio of successfully developed apps includes fascinating outcomes forever. Extended apps to the big screen will deliver to the global audience. 

Familiar TV Apps from Eastern Peak

Apple TV app development

This company provides advanced Amazon Fire TV App Development with apps accessible for everyone. In addition, it makes sure to obtain TvOS and help get the most out of the iOS platform.


This team will develop engaging and custom-made Roku apps for smart TV. Stream top media content gives a terrific solution to deliver the best experience.

Chromecast app

This team creates a Smart TV app seamlessly connected to a Chromecast device. It allows customers to stream content from their phones or via TVs. 

Set-top box apps

You can hire a Roku developer to develop the set-top box app and build TV apps that perfectly match your needs. 

USA & Israel 249+
Founded: 2012 25/hr 2080684946

5. Norigin Media

Noriginmedia is the best company developing high-quality app development for mobile apps and TV apps. Of course, this is a professional team responsible for considering a vital role in developing Roku, Android TV, Google Chromecast Apps Development, and others. In addition, however, this company is responsible for getting into many features and developing a new solution. 

Of course, it makes sure to develop a good outcome and help you achieve a better solution forever. A set-top app development works better and will likely deliver high-quality solutions for your desires. Like others, this company provides a high-quality solution that is helpful for app development. In addition to this, it will discover a new solution to tackle set-top box app development forever. 

Familiar services explore from them:

Thus, it must be applicable to explore the benefits as well. It considers practical goal in setting about Samsung Tizen TV App Development forever. They consider a vital role in setting about set-top box app development. So, the professional team will deliver an excellent solution to get into entertainment and personal social platforms. 

  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Smart TV app development 

With the help of professionals, you will find exclusive benefits in taking high-quality set-top box apps. It will develop a good role in setting up a new app development solution. They consider a practical goal to have a user experience solution forever. It will discover a new experience with proper development criteria. On developing apps, you must achieve something unique for your entertainment purposes. 

6. Mautilus

Here, Nautilus is a leading and one among the best and top STB App Developers for your entertainment purposes. Of course, it delivers a beautiful solution to access the growing market. A professional team will develop custom set-top box apps with user experience in mind. They will give you 100% satisfaction and suit your budget as well. 

Familiar services from Nautilus:

This team will develop custom apps that work on Roku, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast. Of course, this team is responsible for developing user experience and attracting users with digital TV and devices. The set-top box solutions must develop a staple for having a home media center. It will give you unique and rich features to the users. It will develop a good move in set-top box app development forever. 


  • The set-top box apps from this company are giving 100% guarantee to the customers. 
  • So, it offers a quick solution in setting up a new entertainment zone forever. 
  • It creates set-top box apps that enable you to get the highest quality possible apps. 
  • They consider daily engagement and create great ROI by turning users into loyal fans.

We create a white label set-top box app that gives users a chance to stream audio and visual media content. It includes the highest quality possible solutions with proper apps without any lagging. It will develop a quick solution and includes user experiences in more than 40 clients. 

7. Norigin Media

Noriginmedia is the best organization growing top notch application improvement for portable applications and TV applications. Obviously, this is an expert group answerable for thinking about an imperative job in creating Roku, Android TV, Google Chromecast Apps Development, and others. Furthermore, be that as it may, this organization is answerable for getting into many highlights and fostering another arrangement.

Obviously, it makes a point to foster a decent result and assist you with accomplishing a superior arrangement until the end of time. Hybrid Set-Top-Box Software Development works better and will probably convey top notch answers for your longings. Like others, this organization gives a top notch arrangement that is useful for application advancement. Also, it will find another answer for tackle set-top box application advancement for eternity.

Natural administrations investigate from them:

In this manner, it should be material to investigate the advantages also. It considers functional objective in setting about Samsung Tizen TV App Development until the end of time. They consider an essential job in setting about set-top box application improvement. Thus, the expert group will convey a phenomenal answer for get into amusement and individual social stages.

  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Smart TV application development

With the assistance of experts, you will find elite advantages in taking great set-top box applications. It will foster a decent job in setting up a new application advancement arrangement. They consider a functional objective to have a client experience arrangement for eternity. It will find another involvement in appropriate improvement models. On creating applications, you should accomplish something one of a kind for your amusement purposes.

8. Sdi

SDI proximity is to take part in discovering set-top box hardware developers. They are developing Roku and Apple to take unique insight and access to the growing market. Custom set-top box apps developed by SDI remain professional and worth money. It will attract users to get into the device and discover user experiences. 

Familiar service from this company:

The expert from the Android Set Top Box application team helped them deliver brilliant and taking user experiences. The professional team will give you a complete solution and hold proper experience in developing set-top box apps. 

Professional developers will understand the requirement well and set out a new solution for implementing Set top and TV apps forever. It takes personalized options and allows creating unique approaches. Moreover, it includes a steady role to manage multiple levels. 


  • At the highest quality position, it encourages daily engagement and creates ROI by turning users.
  • In addition, a professional team customizes the existing core app to build new apps for group up.
  • Thus, it includes customized core by loyal fans turning users.
  • The set-top box builds staples for home media and provides rich features and functionalities to the users.
  • This company builds custom apps that use Roku, Apple TV, Android, and a few.
  • They will develop a deliver brilliant and breathtaking user experience. 

The set top box app ios must include staples and include home Media centers. They consider brilliant and considered vital for user experience. In more than 40 different countries, it will build custom apps. 

9. Smartivus

To enhance your brilliant TV experience and OTT business, Smartivus is a leading development company for you. Of course, the cutting-edge user technologies make your watching experience unique and fabulous. Thus, it will discover a new approach and includes OTT business and custom set-top box app. For vast experience, it gives salient role in setting about successful business forever. So, it will maintain a good solution and gathered during years of working. This team is ready to develop set-top box apps that suit your desires well. 

They understand the set-top box with core pieces by achieving user satisfaction. For these reasons, Smartivus is a leading platform for you. In addition, they consider practical goals to set out a new experience on STB software development and apply best practices.

  • Consulting and specifying requirements
  • UI/UX designs
  • Testing and QA
  • Unique architecture design 
  • Custom hardware integration and sourcing
  • An excellent solution for STB platforms

They will develop OTT and set-top box software development services at an affordable price. You can check and get excellent services from the professional team as well.

  • Hybrid OTT solutions
  • OTT set-top box application development
  • Android TV
  • Cubiware
  • Custom Linux SDK
  • Android AOSP

10. Oodles Technologies

Oodles Technologies is a top-notch app development company focusing on a customer-centric approach. They will develop a good solution and successfully master the skills in developing set-top box apps and STB solutions. A professional team is always helpful for developing set-top box apps that stand for a long time. In addition, they will build custom tools by enhancing the OTT and Hybrid set-top box software development efficiency and drive innovation.

You will get master skills from the skilled developers and develop a suitable value forever. It considers a practical goal to deliver a reasonable solution for user experience actions. The professional team is always helpful for discovering a new approach for set-top box apps forever. In addition, a team is always helpful for understanding the set-top box as the core piece to achieve user satisfaction. 

The set-top box consulting service is keen to understand the requirements and delivers an enjoyable, smooth, and entertaining user experience. So, it offers a quick solution in gathering telecommunications and media industries. 

Familiar services from Oodles Technologies

The professional team will develop overall OTT and STB services in a specific area. It would help if you got into many things to explore complex software solutions.

  • Architecture design
  • UI designs
  • OTT and set-top box development
  • Custom software development and performance
  • White label STB and IQ/Hybrid 

The excellent solution from Oodles Technologies

Like others, this iptv set-top box app is a boon for developing set-top box apps for entertainment purposes. It gives an excellent solution and carries out hybrid set-top box software development services.

Finally, this is the top and best 10 list of set-top box app development companies to try this year for set-top apps. 

Of course, the entire platform offers unique features and services to the primary customers. They are developing set top box apps for various services. You can review those collections and decide who is best in set-top box app development. 

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