Top 10 Supply Chain Consulting Services & Companies in USA & India-2023 Reviews

TrustFirms provide list of the top supply chain management company. It is always an important one for any organization. Therefore, supply chain management remains the pillar for better improvement without any disturbance when it comes to businesses. 

Supply Chain Reviews

 We supply chain-consulting companies are available for providing the best advice to start-ups and even big businesses. This will help them reach the expected target and productivity at the right time. The better advice, suggestions and others are found here. Hence, you have to go with the help of Top 10 supply chain consulting companies, firms, and agencies.

 Businesses also use the software to create a complete and better supply chain at the right time. Supply chain should be fast and gives a cost-effective solution, which will make the consumers not wait for a long time. Here in this content, you will see about the top supply chain consulting companies.

Hence, you can choose rights Trust Firms company offer list of the supply chain and consulting with firms and agencies.

Top 10+ Supply Chain Consulting Services in USA & India

1. E2 Open

This is one of the leading companies that provides supply chain management software for businesses. It is a more useful one for them to manage the supply chain from manufacturing to the delivery of the items to the consumers. 

All these things are accessible for the big businesses to finish the supply chain as quickly as possible. The online mode of managing the supply chain using the software is achieved. 

The Digital Supply Chain Management consulting company will provide supply chain monitoring, management, sourcing and procurement, order processing management, inventory management, etc. Therefore, it is always a good choice for businesses to hire this company for online Digital Supply Chain Management Consulting.

  • It provides cloud-based software, which will be effective in supply chain management.
  • It establishes end-to-end control in the supply chain.
  • It works with full collaboration, which is a risk-free one.
  • The speed of supply chain management will be high.
  • This supply chain management software has enormous efficiency.
  • Some of the notable features of SAP SCM are as follows:
  • Integration of the sales forecasts, inventory targets, planning for sales and finance.
  • It is easy to work together with partners worldwide.
  • The software comes with various features like integrated planning, warehouse management, etc. 
  • This software monitors the supply chain from maintenance to execution. 
  • Order process management is essential for keeping the customer base strong, which is achieved here.
  • The process of transporting the goods will be in the proper flow with the help of this consulting company’s system.
  • Scheduling the inventory in the warehouse, providing excellent security, keeping the goods in the proper arrangement, etc., are found.
  • The communication with the clients is increased, giving good collaboration and the perfect result. 
  • This software provides the supplier management system, which means that it will store the information about the supplier and their qualification.
  • Inventory management is also helpful for businesses to track their inventory from purchasing to productivity and end sales. 
What Is Cost?

The cost of the supply chain management consulting and the software will be known when you contact this company. Therefore, the consultation process will be more effective, and so the cost will be less compared to its value.

End Overview 

E2 open is the best supply chain consulting company that provides top quality supply chain management without spoiling the clients’ workflow. The clients will find this company service to be more effective as this is providing a demand-driven supply chain service. 

European Union 5000+
Founded: 1998 $25/hr 9133071590

2. Chetu

Chetu is one of the world-famous companies providing supply chain management consultation to clients. This is the place for businesses to hire the best experts for consultancy and manage the supply chain. 

The software it contains will have a robust and effective nature and give the complete solution for supply chain management from start to end. The software is developed with the help of experienced experts, and this will provide a good solution for managing the supply chain. 

The Inventory and warehouse management will bring enormous revenue and reputation for any of the businesses and so our software will give such kind of the service more effectively. This is the top quality consulting company that will help businesses of various ranges to get satisfied.


The highlight in the supply chain software development is the 

  • Asset tracking
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing and planning for material requirements.
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Some of the notable features of SAP SCM are as follows:
  • Custom multichannel inventory solution
  • Customer order management solution
  • Custom fleet management solution
  • Custom warehouse management solution
  • Custom shipping and logistics models are found
  • Custom fulfilment management solution
  • The application is advanced and contains the full features.

The supply chain lifecycle is now carried out using the application on mobile. This is the most comfortable one for managing the supply chain efficiently.

What Is Cost?

There is no precise specification about the cost for the preparation of the project. However, it is better to use this company when it comes to safety, security, and the best revenue. Furthermore, it is easy to get a quote for the software and management services.

End Overview 

This Chetu is an award-winning company with experienced experts, and the company has been running for the past many years. Therefore, the Order managemen solution for businesses is now the easiest one with the help of this company. Thus, this company will remain as the background for growth.

3. Blue Yonder

One of the top supply chain consulting agencies is this Blue yonder. It provides top quality services for clients who expect customer-driven supply chain management. This is otherwise called the laminate. 

The end-to-end supply chain platform is the main thing for this. The Supplier relationship management for the supply chain is available for the business clients. It will give advanced and practical solutions in supply chain management. Hire supply chain services from this famous company to improve your business workflow to a new level and reach a new standard. 

The process of managing the manufacturing, production and delivery of the items to the consumers will be controlled using the advanced software. This is easier to track, keeps the records safe and does not allow the consumers to wait for a long time. 

  • The thirty-day free trial for end-to-end visibility and supply chain management is present.
  • The platform with the AI will give the software and provide the proper consulting service for the businesses.
  • The real-time inventory updates are available for the customers. 
  • This software brings integration, scheduling, inventory management and others. 
  • Services like app development, maintenance and other supply chain consulting are present.
Some of the notable features of SAP SCM are as follows:
  • Execution of sales and operations
  • Cognitive supply planning
  • Workflow driven service
  • Network design and modelling are also ended to end process
  • Service disruption and prediction
  • Planning should be in a natural and transparent method.
  • Dynamic KPI reporting
  • Change over reduction
  • Provides the automatic feature for supply chain management.

The reporting is possible with the help of dynamic reporting. 

What Is Cost?

The cost of the service and the consultation will be known when you contact the company. Therefore, you can get the quotes for the process you want and compare them for getting the best consultation service.

End Overview 

Blue yonder is the best one for giving clients the right kind of consulting services. This has served the customers’ worldwide services, which is more effective always. This company provides excellent and responsible consulting services using the software.

4. CBX software

This company provides a potential supply chain consulting service for the customers. The business will find this solution the best end-to-end solution for controlling and monitoring the supply chain.

 The software for supply chain management will remain the bit tool for managing the supply at the right time. Combining both the technology and the retail experts is the important one. This company has been in service for the past many years.

This is an award-winning organization, and it provides the perfect solution for supply chain management: the risk-free transaction and the most effective way FO the supply chain management across the globe. The process of tracking and management is a simple process for the clients with the help of this software.


Strategic sourcing: The strategically sourcing will help reach a better solution in a more innovative method. It will give the fastest sourcing service.

Product development: The development of the product should be according to the consumer’s expectations. 

Quality assurance: Quality assurance is always an important one for any business, and this will be achieved with the help of this consulting service.

Supplier Compliance: the suppliers are essential for delivering your manufactured product to the consumers. 

High efficiency: The output is more efficient, which will help the business to reach its dream.

  • Central Hub
  • Information exchange and depository
  • Data-Driven
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Agile planning
  • Asset management
  • Production management
  • Warehouse and Yard management
  • Industrial IoT solutions
  • Track the transport

What Is Cost?

The cost of the consulting service from this company will be known only when you contact and directly consult. However, since this is one of the top companies, you will get the best service at a low price.

End Overview 

The software will be more beneficial for businesses to get a good consultation. Moreover, the management of supply chain service will be cost-effective for the cbx. Thus, this company will help the retailers and brands to increase their varieties.

5. Koerber

To beat the significant supply chain issues and other difficulties, it is always good for the users to hire the Koerber. This is world Class Company that provides supply chain benefits to the users. 

This company will obtain a seamless solution, so it is the best consulting service for businesses. This will remain with the development of your business and give the proper planning, management, monitoring and other supply chain advantages. 

The customization according to the expectation of the customers is available with the help of this service. Moreover, with the SCM, solutions supply management delivers the full range of support and gives better ideas. Thus, businesses can take this service as beneficial with complete control.


  1. High knowledge: This Company knows the supply chain logistics so that the experts will give the best solution.
  2. Future proof: This Company’s platform for developing supply chain management will be standard and efficient.
  3. Seamless SAP integration: The management, collaboration, monitoring, and other processes will provide a good solution.

Extensive experience since this company has excellent experience in logistics and SAP, and you will get perfect security and result for you the supply chain management.

Comprehensive warehouse management the extended warehouse management will give complete control over the items stored in the inventory and retrieved. It increases the visibility more comfortably. 

What Is Cost?

The service cost will be less, and it will be more valuable. The reason is that the experienced company provides it. Therefore, you can contact this company and further get the details about it.

End Overview 

This award-winning company provides the complete solution for the businesses that need it. SCM Solutions is always a useful one for managing the supply chain. Since the big companies do not have enough time to control everything, this kind of software will give complete support.                          

6. Softeon

Softeon is the top quality company as this has served more customers in the past twenty years. This company’s experience will give a chance for the businesses to hire it and get a good supply chain consultation. 

The supply chain consultation will allow the business to improve their productivity and efficiently manage the process on the digital platform. The customers are satisfied as most of the solutions for the various companies worldwide have the softeon service. 

These supply chain consulting firms will do the business to find the increased ROI and reduce the cost. The Logistics management consulting solution from this company will be more innovative and gives a deep supply chain service. The company also allows businesses to get the service through the agile development methodology.


  • Gives a hundred per cent successful solutions for supply chain management problems.
  • The complete integration of the supply chain management process is provided.
  • This software has excellent adaptability that too in multiple layers.
  • This company’s platform provides the consulting service is an integrated SOA platform.
  • The solution and the system present in this supply chain management will be unique.
  • It provides effective distributed order management, which enables the 3pls. 
  • It has WMS cloud-based flexible warehouse management systems. 
  • It has powerful billing management that accurately charge the client for distribution-related service with more flexibility. 
  • Older management ensures to meet all needs many 3PLs are experiencing to take more orders by processing the responsibility. 
  • It has robust labour and resource management capabilities with high performance. 

What Is Cost?

 As per the features, the cost of the application is slightly different. However, the company charges up to $171,000 for midsize and large business numbers. 

End Overview:

 Soften is the right platform that supports identifying the distribution while bringing a vast array of features to take care of the basic process of modern supply chain management. In addition, almost all applications are well integrated with a number of the systems and come with configuration applications to minimize the process. 

7. Manh

 The tops sport belongs to a large company product, is hyperactive focused, and provides the best SCM capabilities. This company is committed to delivering valuable new features over the frequency and basis without no enduring the standard upgrade if you are hiring dedicated supply chain companies committed to offering the full range of services at all times.

 It is boosted with a simple user interface that allows everyone to use it easily. In addition, it has compelling business logic that would enable using and saving overall cost and other data access layer support, making it more comfortable. 

 Our company looks forward to delivering the supply chain management tools that allow everyone to use a simple and easy process. In addition, it maintains the entire database that allows everyone to use without any risk of it.


  • It has effective carrier management, and this tool help to optimize the load assignment and reduce the overall fuel cost.
  • It has proper control of the driver’s service hours and meets better customer expectations.
  • Distribution overview loading with dock to customer front door 
  • Its distribution network extends far beyond the warehouse walls.
  • This company provides visibility and proper control at all times. 
  • It has better collaboration in the vital areas and supply chain which lie out of the four walls. 
  • This company has effective transportation management systems that deliver the complete solution and logistics for different business processes for all transportation needs. 
  • It gives a better customer experience on using such supply chain management software.
  • Innovation and investement:
  • It has innovation and investment drive real ROI for our customers and provides better support. 

What Is Cost?

 We charge upto the $139.16 today, and it has changed to get changes in the part of updated the standard features. 

End Overview:

Manhattan is a warehouse management system that gives high-end features and functionality. It follows the technology that needs to solve the supply chain challenges affordably. Digital Supply Chain Management Consulting let to fine-tune internal operations and makes use of the resource more efficiently and inventory and make flawless order fulfilment.

8. Infor

 Infor is a world-leading software product for the company, builds complete industry suites in the part of the cloud, and efficiently deploys the technology, which puts a better user experience and is good at integrated simple to the existing method.

 More than 65,000 companies rely upon Infor, which supports overcoming market disruption and meeting the business goal in the form o digital transformation. We are a certified supplier relationship management solution right to the customer.

 Infor seasoned leadership team which help to set the standard for more than 17,000 global employees by demonstrating transparency and accountability foster better business outcome.


  • Provides intelligence by digitalizing the end-to-end supply chain process.
  • obtain the time visibility to increase the data drive decision
  • Optimal delivery to the customer over time.
  • Cloud, enables scalability. 
  • Software for enterprise productivity. 
  • Proper visibility and better control of using the supply chain operating. 
  • Matched real-time supply and better signals. 
  • Better intelligence on the part of the contact decision support. 
  • Proper planning and demand management. 
  • Product lifecycle and gives a better idea at all times. 

What Is Cost?

 Infor is a leading company that charges the least price of $15 to $25 and provides the best support at all times. If you want to add additional features, they charge a little bit higher at all times.

Infor is good ERP software, and the customer will support different issues and resolve them by the customer support team, and it works in the infor application and gives more comfort. We design the Warehouse Management System with fully loaded features and support. Our product has more than four years, and it is easy to run over the device without any error. 

9. Anaplan

They are markets  experts and  know how enterprised across the industries see and plan. It is a world where market condition inevitable change and leader must connect and plans activities and results.

 They are expert delivers supply chain management software that runs without any additional change in the device. they boosted with all-important features that allow everyone to install and save overall cost. 

 They assure to build supply chain that moves from the model to a networked and integrated approach. The Supply Chain Visibility Software meets better support and lets to work and design with a first-class option satisfactorily.


  •  Real-time collaboration in different departments and suppliers, and customer 
  • high fidelity digital twin and unlocks all visibility and control.
  • aggregates data into the part of the single source FO truth.
  • Improve the overall forecast accuracy by applying intelligence 
  •  Betetr learning breakthroughs with rich 
  • Discover a fresh perspective on the company via the connected supply chain process 
  • Obtain the complete line of sight visibility into every asset and risk and change in the supply chain.
  • reactive to proactive while making the right moves to optimize cost and profit. 
  • View and manage supply chain costs with complete P&L modelling in supply chain networks. 

What Is Cost?

Anaplan company charges a price of $45 to $70, giving more comfort at all times. App to empower the better decision to manage supply chain management with high-end features.

 We create the centre to edge alignment that enables course within hours. Moreover, our company updated the new techniques and gave better software to install more safely.

10. Kinaxis

This organization assembles the client fabricating the right groundwork to convey them and forward over their store network the executives programming. It have some control over the pinnacle by adding start to finish perceivability and underlying driver to securely dissect the product more.

 Past the pilots and confirmations of ideas will guarantee to meet better help. They have inventory network readiness and straightforwardness with the quickest underway. It gives start to finish live available and puts resources into an alternate arrangement that end succeeds storehouses.

 They let to offer the best help and give extraordinary highlights. It gets an opportunity to grow the abilities as your inventory network develops consistently. Enlist store network benefits that are more agreeable and offer start to finish help.


  • global supply chain solution, which is expected to thrive amid constant. 
  • improves the sustainability of the supply chain 
  • removes waste at peak efficiency via end-to-end visibility 
  • compliance meet environmental regulations such as cleaner air 
  • reduces the inventory to reduce the overstock solution and more precisely predict and balance at all times. 
  • contains human intelligence with the help of AI. 

What Is Cost?

Considering the overall cost of developing the supply chain, it provides a full range of software at $35, and it works better and gives the right support and solution at all times. 

Kinaxis stands for different products and lets them provide a full range of products that make them more comfortable and provide the best service and support. It designs the full range of services and let to provide a supply chain more safely with special features.


The TrustFirms holds the full information about the top 10 supply chain consulting services. Hence, customers can gather complete details of the list of the top best companies and their valuable services at an unbeatable price. Several companies offer to provide supply chain management satisfactorily. It is filled with better experienced and of top quality.

By choosing the Logistics, management consulting, and gives the best, visit TrustFirms, which holds full details to choose the right company to obtain the best service. Here the user has to find the various lists of the top firms, so there is no need to search on any other websites.

 Trust firms provide honest reviews as the results are shown after deep research. Once the customer enters the website, the user simply finds the list of the top firms for the various services and organizations. Our business entrepreneurs will surely like this service a lot. If the customer has anything missed, the customer has to please let you drop your exact details on our comment section. 

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