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Both the mobile application and software is the spirit of great digital evolution. Unfortunately, if your app is slow and not user-friendly, the users simply go for another app. Many companies offer software testing, so you can choose the best one from the list of software testing companies in usa. The smart pick helps you to get your software tested completely by professional service providers. The list of software testing companies in India will ensure that your application and software brings awesome user experience.

Required Facilities for Best Software Application Testing Companies

1. Team of Essential Experts
2. Test Labs
3. Quick Delivery Time
4. Automation Tools for Testing
5. Cost-saving Offerings

List of Top 10 Software Testing Companies & Developers in USA & India

1. Bitbar Testing

Bitbar Testing, the qa testing companies present a mobile gadget cloud with 1000s of genuine iOS and Android gadgets for mobile groups with special flavors to accomplish constant testing and lift testing proficiency, helped by Artificial Intelligence Testbot. They have seen that there has been a move of consideration in the Mobile Testing Solution from Traditional practical testing to Security testing pursued by Performance Testing [54%] pursued by Compatibility [45%] and useful [48%].

Considerable Facts

It is the spotlight on consistent advancements, quality, and improvement in a synergistic mobile developing and test condition.
They convey these best app testing services through the MCoE — Mobile Center of Excellence and the vital association with the world’s driving mobile testing devices suppliers.

2. Testlio

We Deliver Qualify Software & QA Services

If you want to pick one of the top companies in the list of software testing companies, you can simply opt for Testlio. It has a dedicated team of software testers who accept less than three percentages of applications. The software testing company evaluates every job personally to bring you matchless experience. The team of dedicated testers and project managers create only end-to-end solutions that work rapidly and consistently.

Considerable Facts

Industry-leading model
Unmatched experts
Quick release of world-class apps
Experienced, passionate and vetted testers

USA 51-100
Founded: 2012 4153519576


End-to-end Mobile Application Testing Solutions

Do you want to hire one of the independent and best qa companies? Indium software is the right choice for your needs. The team specializes in regression testing, mobile application testing, security testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, test automation, and other services. The main goal of this core team is to serve the global customers with the finest testing solutions.

Considerable Facts

240+ customers that range from the start-ups to fortune 100 to five thousand companies
17+ years of professional experience
Six worldwide locations
Four test accelerators
450 + career testers

USA 250-999
Founded: 1999 $25/hr 8882075969

4. Cigniti

Global Leader in Software Testing Services & Quality Engineering

Software plays a vital role in the life of almost everyone. The main of Cigniti is to aid companies in improving their software quality. With an utmost focus on software, one of these qa testing companies in india makes its mark in this IT field. The main aim of the software testing company is to reduce the post-release inconveniences and defects. To reach their goal, the team use its excellent combination of offshore testing, onsite consulting and proper application of frameworks and tools.

Considerable Facts

10+ years of experience in this business
49 of fortune five hundred companies
2,100 + experienced professionals
92% of clients rate the testing service providers

USA 1001-5000
Founded: 1998 9727560644

5. Qualitest

Top Quality Assurance Service & Software Testing Firm

If you look for the best team in the above list of software testing companies, you can choose Qualitest. The good thing about this company is that it leverages its deep technology, industry-specific, and business understanding to release the solutions according to the business context of clients. The team only offers a creative and comprehensive software solution while offering you the greatest value. The specialized features make it an ideal business assurance and software testing partner.

Considerable Facts

Balance testing rates with quality results
Drive improvement continuously in time to quality
Quickly scale testing and QA resources

India, USA, UK & Europe 1001-5000
Founded: 1997 8458696070

6. Codoid

A Leading QA & Mobile Application Testing Agency

Codiod has the best position in the software testing company list. It is because the company follows a unique approach and method towards both test automation and QA process. The vision of this company is to become an ideal software testing firm a few years ago. The strong determination and greater level of dedication help them to appear as the topmost QA Company for mobile app testing, automation testing, performance testing and much more.

Considerable Facts

+325 web applications tested
+42 clients globally
+75 amazing and expert testers
86 mobile applications tested

India, & USA 51-200
Founded: 2012 8046872693

7. Xelium

The devops and QA teams at Xelium are experts in automating many test suits by using custom scripting and industry standard tools. The company not only provides software testing services but also perform regular regression testing for uncovering he bugs from new fixes. It ensures that previous functionalism is completely unaffected after this new defect correction or further improvement is included in your existing application.

Considerable Facts

Robotium, Selenium and Appium test automation tools
Performance and load testing
Security testing
Usability and user interface testing
Test automation

8. Rapidvalue

It is the most reliable and outstanding testing company that offers software qa services at very affordable rates. The important thing about these service providers is that they are having better expertise in topmost proprietary and open sources tools for better functional automation. The company has a dedicated team of experts who follow an only meticulous process to enhance user experience and usability.

Considerable Facts

Precise automation solution
Cloud testing
Automation testing
Penetration and security testing
Field and network testing
Compatibility and conformance

9. Capgemini Group

Capgemini Group provides end-to-end mobile testing services in software testing which guarantee that the coveted client encounter and arranged business esteem are conveyed by the appropriate mobile arrangement. Say farewell to storehouses and unite all your mobile groups around a solitary DevOps arrangement that is compatible with prevalent CI software, compartments, and test robotization structures.

Considerable Facts

This company is extraordinarily prepared to deal with the app issues and degree required with testing for and with mobile testing capabilities.
Dispose of the multifaceted nature of discharge following with expanded straightforwardness into the whole pipeline execution and scale consistent conveyance for associations of any size.

10. Testrig Technologies

Top QA and Software Testing Company

Testrig Technologies is the leading QA testing services providers in India with multipal offices all over the world including the USA and UK. As an Independent Software Testing service provider, Team Testrig Technologies have a track record of serving customers Fortune 50+ organizations. The company’s Quality assurance testers experienced in handling the most complex projects of web and mobile app testing including desktop application testing, iOs, and android application testing by balancing the process and techniques of automation and manual application testing.Team Testrig has a wide range of experience to work on multiple domains including education, healthcare, Real Estate, Retail Application, Travel. They have a clear target of making the quality application with maintaining the level of standards.

Considerable Facts

• Domain Expertise
• 5+ Industry experience
• 20+Experience Testing Experts
• Served more the 3+ Countries

McKinney, TX, USA 50+
Founded: 2015 $25 3474641241

11. Nexsoftsys

High-quality Software Testing Services & Quality Analysis

NEX Softsys is a global Software Testing Services providing Company founded in the year 2008 with offices at Rajkot & Ahmedabad in India. It has development centers in the USA also. It offers IT services like Design, Development, and Testing of website and software components for Product-based Businesses, Web or Software Solutions for Retails businesses, e-Governance, and other Industries. It offers full end-to-end services & solutions for extremely customized web, mobile applications or software products.

USA & India 51-200
Founded: 2007 6469710799

12. Mobile App Testing Company

You have at last figured out how to make an app for your necessities. The accomplished testers utilize progressed testing approaches and devices to offer dependable mobile app testing outcomes for the customers around the world. Anyway, before you get it distributed in the appropriate application advertise, you ought to get it tested.

Considerable Facts

• An untested app may have unanticipated issues.
• The testing processes guarantee the execution, consistency, convenience, flawless quality, and usefulness of mobile apps crosswise over different gadgets.
• An automation testing services can check your app for blunders and guarantee that there are no bugs in it.

13. Cigniti

Cigniti provides a top-notch mobile app testing services for both practical and non-utilitarian testing of mobile applications. Cigniti gives end-to-end testing processes for mobiles, including utilitarian, security, execution, compatibility, ease of use and test mechanization crosswise over various gadgets, models, systems, working frameworks, programs, and areas.

Considerable Facts

• Cigniti has more than 6 years of involvement in mobile testing for different spaces, for example, Banking, Insurance, Travel and Retail utilizing driving industry apparatuses and best practices.
• The MCoE – Mobile Center of Excellence comprises of more than 300 test designers with over 60% of them holding affirmations in mobile test processes.

14. TestingXperts

TestingXperts, with its Advanced Mobile Test Lab, broad mastery in mobile testing commitment and a broadness of involvement in the correct apparatuses, guarantees that the mobile testing is intensive and financially savvy. TestingXperts mobile testing companies in india specialists have solid mastery in testing different mobile apps and keep themselves side by side with the latest techniques, mind maps, and agendas dependent on process refreshes.

Considerable Facts

• The Mobile Test Lab consists of around 350+ cloud-based and physical gadgets from driving brands and the capacity to test with different system bearers.
• The testing is either not comprehensive or exorbitant because of the imperfect approach utilized for testing.

15. Trigent

The demand of commercial and open source of software is increasing more and more, so many vendors launch lots of new functionalities and products to satisfy the current market requirements. These kinds of new solutions are vulnerable to many security threats. If you want to avoid the inconvenience, you can hire Trigent. It is one of the qa testing companies that will surely benefit you more. With the team of certified and skilled test engineers and support and partnership from topmost vendors, the company delivers more excellence to their clients.

Considerable Facts

14+ years of experience in this field
Testing-Center of Excellence
Test labs with advanced tools
Certified ISO 9001 auditors

16. Ranosys

With an affair of about 10 years in mobile app testing, Ranosys has built up a business-driven test execution approach to improve client encounter and guarantee most minimal conceivable time-to-showcase. Clients who download the app may discover issues and bugs inside it. From execution and quality testing to consistency testing, they give an extensive variety of mobile application testing processes.

Considerable Facts

• Keep running in mobile programs, web apps take into account a more extensive client group of onlookers paying little respect to a mobile process a negative picture of your app can develop and influence downloads.
• Since the list of software testing companies is having a terrible involvement with the app, they won’t rate your app exceptionally.

17. ScienceSsoft

Leading Software & Mobile App Testing Consulting Firm

ScienceSoft provides full-cycle software testing and QA services to help businesses ensure their software is defect-free and user-friendly. The company’s test engineers perform unbiased functional, usability, performance, compatibility, and security testing of web and mobile applications, as well as use modern test automation tools to increase test coverage. ScienceSoft has established a methodical and well-documented testing process and powered 40% of Fortune 500 companies with software that is reliable, stable, and convenient to use.

Considerable Facts

• 30 years in software testing and QA
• 14 years in mobile testing
• ISTQB-certified testing professionals experienced in complex projects
• The testing process in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and IEC 62304

McKinney, TX, USA 550+
Founded: 1989 +1 214 306 68 37

18. Testhouse

Software Testing, Quality Assurance & Devops

Established in 2000, Testhouse provides Total Quality Management (software testing and quality assurance) for businesses that rely on information technology.

Testhouse’s highly customisable software testing and quality assurance solutions ensure the shortest turnaround time to improve business efficiencies and return on investment. Testhouse has over 275 customers and completed over 2100 projects across 20 countries.

The company is one of the fast-growing independent verification and validation firm with a strong presence in the UK, US, Middle East, Africa, India and Australia.

Testhouse is the winner of the prestigious Queens Award for Business, UK, the Best Digital Transformation QA company, Dubai and the Best Software Testing and Quality Assurance Company, India.

Considerable Facts

• Managed Testing Services
• Microsoft Solutions
• DevOps
• Digital Assurance

UK, USA & Australia 2000+
Founded: 2000 442085555577

Hire The Professionally Experienced Software Testing Service Providers Now

Are you searching for the professional software testing services? Do you want to know the major process involved in software testing? Then proceed with this article to find the clear detail about software testing.

Impact of Software Testing

Software testing is considered to be the process of ensuring that the software product is error-free and checking whether it matches expected needs. It mainly involves the execution of system or software components that make use of automated or manual tools for evaluating one or multiple interesting properties.

The major reason for executing software testing is to identify defects, gaps, missing requirements, or errors. Certain researchers prefer software testing as black box testing and white box testing. Basically, software testing is said to be the verification of the application under test. Therefore if you find any errors or bugs in your software product, then sure it requires software testing.

About Software Testing

In general, software testing is considered to be the process of ensuring that the software product is error-free and checking whether it matches expected needs. It mainly involves the execution of system or software components that make use of automated or manual tools for evaluating one or multiple interesting properties. The major reason for executing software testing is to identify defects, gaps, missing requirements, or errors. Certain researchers prefer software testing as black box testing and white box testing. Basically, software testing is said to be the verification of the application under test. Therefore if you find any errors or bugs in your software product, then sure it requires software testing.

Exclusive Advantages of Software Testing for Business:

By implementing this process through the best software testing service provider companies, sure your business can experience a lot of advantages most extraordinarily. Have a look at below to check out its advantages:

  • Prevent Malware Attacks

    Software testing is having the potential of preventing targeted malware attacks at the right point in time. Nowadays many malware attacks are taking place in businesses to stop their software and website temporarily. When it occurs regularly, sure your business reputation will be affected. At that time, continuous software testing can maintain software security and remove the weaker part of code instantly.

  • Launch Error-free Software Application

    Generally, launching error free software can enhance the value of your business among your clients and they get attracted to your firm. Bug-free and high quality software is responsible for increasing the credibility and reputation of your business most ultimately. You can experience both growth and profit with such error-free software by hiring an automation testing company.

  • Increases Sales with Less Promotion

    At present, everyone is having the option to select the best from various software that has similar functionality and features. Therefore business owners usually try all possible factors to promote or market their software to overcome their competitors. When your software becomes error-free, then sure you can promote your software in the market very confidently. Marketers will highlight user experience and the quality of the software to easily sell your software.

  • Enhance the User Experience

    Whatever the software you have, it must have the potential to enhance your user experience very effectively. Based on the user’s point of view, the software will be designed and during the software, it will be confirmed whether it is having a great user experience or not. By eradicating the performance issues and bugs, it can enhance the user experience in a most advanced manner. It will lead to popularity, profitability, and general sales of your software after getting automation testing service offerings.

  • Fewer Maintenance Costs

    You have to know the fact that, the business can able to save more money by making the software as flawless with the process of software testing. When the fault detection takes place at the early stage, then the flawless solution will be launched. It will reduce the maintenance costs since the testers will regularly test the software for any defects or bugs.

  • Software Testing Methodologies

    The software testing methodology is a testing type and strategy which is used to certify the AUT (Application Under Test) for meeting client expectations.

    • Waterfall Model

      In this methodology, the software development will progress via many phases such as requirements, analysis, design, and much more. Here, the qa automation testing services start the next phase when the previous phase is completed.

    • Iterative Development

      Here, a particular project will be divided into various parts and those parts will be subjected to many iterations of the waterfall model. Finally, an existing module will be improved or a new module will be developed. Then the entire system will be tested at the same time.

    • Agile Methodology

      Here the software will be developed in rapid and incremental cycles. Interactions among developers, customers can be highlighted rather than tools and processes. This methodology mainly concentrates on responding to various changes apart from extensive planning in a most enhanced manner.

    • Important Phases of STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)

      STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) defines a series of activities that are conducted to execute the software testing process. Check out below to find out the important phases of the software testing life cycle.
      • Requirement Analysis

        This is the first phase or stage which is mainly involved in the software testing life cycle. Here, the QA – Quality Assurance team understand the major needs in terms of what they are testing and check out the testable requirements effectively. The team will interact with many stakeholders such as business analysts, clients, system architects, technical leads and much more.

      • Test Strategy

        The test strategy is considered to be the most important phase of the software testing life cycle. Here all kinds of testing strategies will be defined. This kind of phase is also known as the test planning phase. The test manager will get involved to find out the cost estimates and effort for the whole project. This defines the scope and objective of the project very effectively.

      • Test Case Development

        When the test strategy phase is completed, then this test case development stage begins. In this phase, the team of software testing will note the test case in a detailed manner. This team of experts from software testing services will also prepare the test data for the process of testing. When the test cases are prepared then it will be reviewed by the QA lead or peer members.

      • Test Environment Setup

        The test environment setup is considered to be the major part of the STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle). The testing environment is the effective setup of hardware and software for the team to execute various test cases. This supports the execution of software testing with software, hardware and network configured.

      • Test Execution

        It is considered to be the major process of comparing the actual and expected results by executing the code most effectively. When this phase begins by automation testing companies, the test analysts proceed to execute the test scripts based on various test strategies that have been allowed in the project.

      • Test Cycle Closure

        This test cycle closure is the last phase of the STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle). This phase mainly involves calling out the team of software to meet and evaluate the criteria of cycle competition. It must be based on quality, test coverage, time, cost, software, and critical business objectives.

      • What are Different Types of Software Testing?

        Various types of software testing will be carried over by software testing companies. Among that there are two most important software testing are functional and non-functional testing.

        Functional Testing

        This testing mainly involves the testing of the software application functional aspects. At the time of performing functional tests then you are required to test all kinds of functionalities. You are required to check out in case you have been getting the required result or not. The major categories of functional testing are:

        • Unit Testing

          Testing each module or component of the software project is considered to be the unit testing. To execute this process of testing, programming knowledge is very much important. Apart from testers, this kind of test can only be executed by programmers. You are required to do an extraordinary deal with this unit testing since you have to test the unit of code through your project.

        • Integration Testing

          You are required to check out in case the combined modules work closely together after integrating such modules. This kind of testing is considered to be integration testing. You are required to perform certain integration tests apart from unit testing. Various tools are available for the unit and integration testing effectively.

        • System Testing

          Under this technique, the complete system will be tested by the best software testing companies based on the needs. It is a type of black-box type testing which is completely based on all required specifications. Then it will cover the combined part of the system.

        • Acceptance Testing

          The acceptance test has been performed by the client and it verifies whether the system flow will be completely based on business needs or not. It is also based on the requirement of the end-user. The software will be accepted by the client when the functionalities and features work perfectly as expected. It is also known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

        • Non-functional Testing

          It is considered to be the testing of various non-function aspects of the application like reliability, performance, security, usability, and much more in a most advanced manner. These tests will be performed after the most ultimate functional tests. The types of non-functional testing are:
          • Security testing
          • Performance testing
          • Failover testing
          • Load testing
          • Usability testing
          • Compatibility testing
          • Volume testing
          • Scalability testing
          • Maintainability testing
          • Internationalization testing
          • Stress testing
          • Efficiency testing
          • Compliance testing
          • Endurance testing
          • Reliability
          • Localization testing
          • Disaster recovery testing

          Procedure to Outsource the Best Software Testing Providers for QA

          In general, outsourcing the best Top Automation Testing Service Providers Companies for quality assurance will let companies mainly focus on driving innovation and major functions. During that time, these experts efficiently and effectively work well. This will make sure positive business results and better product quality. To get 100% successful results, it is better to outsource the experienced, specialized and dedicated quality assurance experts. At the time of hiring an independent team of quality assurance professionals or software testing to perform the testing task. It will save a lot of time and money for businesses focusing on the testing needs and project scope.

          Things to consider before outsourcing software testing services for QA:

          There are various things you are required to consider before outsourcing software testing companies in usa for quality assurance.

          • Team Location
          • The Engagement Models
          • Mobilization
          • Service Level Agreement (SLAs)
          • Quality Improvement
          • Flexibility & Scalability
          • Intellectual Property Protection
          • Change Management
          • People
          • Communication
          • Security

          If you consider all the above mentioned factors, then sure you can able to get the most effective result. Finally, the software testing process will be in safe hands. You can concentrate on your other works and enhance your business growth to the next level.

          Find the Best Offshore Software Testing Company to Outsource QA Services
          • The experience of the best companies for manual testing is very much important. When the experience is more, then sure they will have the more technical knowledge to execute the quality assurance process
          • Providing best service at the affordable cost
          • The quality service providers must properly follow the best practices and testing framework in a most extraordinary manner.
          • The company must have the capability of effectively integrating the testing process into the agile development methods.
          • Have to select the perfect engagement from the testing or quality assurance company

          What Questions Do We Ask Before Hiring a Software Testing Developer?

          1. When Software Testing is Required?

          Software testing is required when your software is having a lot of bugs or defects. The experts are having the potential to eradicate those bugs very effectively. After testing has been completed, they will go for the quality assurance process. During that process, if they find any issues, then again they will proceed with the software testing process for quality assurance.

          2. How to Choose the Best Software Testing Company?

          In case you want to choose the best software testing company, first, you have to check the reputation and experience of that particular company. Check out online reviews about such companies and finally go with that company. Such company will have a team of responsible staffs to handle clients work with care and provide better result.

          3. Who Can Provide the Best Software Testing?

          A team of qualified software testers in a company is having the potential to provide the best software testing for your applications. These staffs are well trained and having a great expertise to handle the testing process. Company will only hire the testers those who have the exact potential to find the defects in the software and solve it completely.

          4. What are the Latest Trends in Software Testing?

          The implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence has been considered to be the latest trends in software testing. Artificial intelligence is having the ability to make the testing process very smart. Both machine learning and artificial intelligence are the advanced trends which are mainly useful in doing the software testing process. There will be no issues can be happen while handling the testing process with such trends.

          Final Verdict
          From the above mentioned scenario, now you have identified the major process involved in software testing. Now it is time for you to consider the major factors outsourcing the best software testing services company in india for quality assurance. So without making any delay, you can get into the outsourcing process!!!!

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