How Build a Music Streaming App or Platform?

Music Streaming App - What is the Current Market?

In 2019, the music streaming market size was valued at 20.9 billion and is expected to continue to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 17.8%. 

What is the Most Popular Music Streaming App?

1. Spotify 2. Apple Music 3. Amazon Music 4. Pandora 5. Deezer 6. Qobuz 7. YouTube Music 8. Tidal

How to Create a Music Streaming Platform?

1. Types of Music streaming services 2. License 3. Data Storage 4. Platform

Features to Build a Music Streaming App

1. Registration 2. Search 3. Music Player 4. My Music 5. Setting 6. Admin Panel 7. UI/UX Design

Features to Build a Music Streaming App

Technologies to Develop a Music Streaming Platform

1. Languages: Python, Java 2. Frameworks: Hadoop, Apache Storm, Hub Framework 3. Server: Nginx 4. Cloud Storage: Amazon S3, 

Build a Music Streaming Platform with Third party Solution

1. VPlayed 2. Builder 3. Shoutem

How to Monetize Your Music Streaming App?

1. Subscription 2. Advertisements

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