Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies (2024)

The worlds leading custom software development companies for medical, hospital & healthcare sectors that made the biggest impact in 2024

Healthcare App Companies

Healthcare has been undergoing a rapid and dramatic transformation. Increase in the demands of globalization along with healthcare costs, there is an excellent physician shortage and increased in competition.

Healthcare sector requires finding suitable ways for bringing better quality outcome with value based on a recent report by the Zion Market Research, mHealth, or global mobile health market size has marked as $11.47 billion during the year 2014.

But there could be a significant progress by 2022 with about $102.43 billion showing the CAGR of 32.5%.With the introduction of communication technologies, there is an excellent increase in providing high-quality medical services.

Healthcare Software Development Companies are working towards to bring the better communication between the patient and the medical center. 15% of global healthcare is enabled for Value-based Models.

Hire Best Medical App Developers in USA (Top 2024 Reviews)

Some of the top healthcare solutions that could help you build a healthcare app companies are 1.IT Craft 2.Hidden Brains 3.Synapseindia, etc. 

Let’s you take a closer look at them and their features.

1.IT Craft

Custom Healthcare Management Software Solutions

IT Craft gives re-appropriated software development services to more than 50 dynamic customers from 21 nations, 280 workers, and growing 17 effective years in business and anticipating some more.

The experience reaches out similarly as the development of custom blockchain-based EHR solutions and incorporates brilliant contracts development for organizing the trading of patient records between private blockchain.

IT Craft offers Medical Device Software Development services for healthcare, therapeutic, and biopharmaceutical processes. Information unchanging nature makes blockchain in healthcare a strong long haul venture. The experts are knowledgeable about Healthcare.

The company makes software solutions to streamline business work process through its mechanization diminishing outstanding task at hand and taking out the human mistake. Messaging Standards utilized around medicinal organizations and protection companies.

Services Provided by IT Craft
eHealth, medTech consulting, hire dedicated teams, machine learning, patient to doctor communication engagement, physician liaison program management.

USA, Ukraine & Canada 500+
Founded: 2001 $25/hr 3020673534

2.Hidden Brains

All-in-one Healthcare Ecosystems & Services

Hidden Brains is the leading enterprise IT solutions and services for improving the business process with leveraging the technology. Hidden Brains experts are well versed in handling every services right from consulting, planning, strategy improving the largest transformation for projects in all the industries. Hidden Brains offers the high advanced aspects of transformational projects in the diverse sectors.

Hidden Brains Healthcare IT Solutions aims for providing the effectiveness on quality with ultimately focusing on great innovation. More than 1000 happy clients across the world have gained a good result with the excellent end-to-end application development services. ISO Certified Industry mainly brings you the complete Hospital Mobile Apps with innovation.

ISO certified android app Development Company in India & USA is well versed in bringing the popular and user-friendly Medical Apps for Patients.

Services Provided by Hidden Brains
Healthcare it solutions, healthcare technology solutions, integration chat app sdk & api, hospital equipment.

India, USA & Abu Dhabi 900+
Founded: 2003 $49/hr 3239083492


Best Medical Software & Application Services

Healthcare and Medical Sector has greatly improved a lot with technology and more creativity. Synapseindia is the top to bring the complete healthcare app development solution.

With the superior in class design, build with innovative planning and executing enterprise level medical applications, SynapseIndia ensures to offer the best solution. Synapseindia is excellent in bringing you the best feature-rich Healthcare CRM Software for esteemed clients across the world. Even though, it is crucial healthcare complexities. There is team of innovative people working to give you the good quality of work to the extent.

SynapseIndia is the leading company to offer complete IT services with more than 19 years of experience in the Industry. 300+ Employees have been working across various units for the planning, implementing, or executing of the project.

SynapseIndia offers less than 24 hrs guaranteed Response and also Dedicated Client Advocacy offered. According to a report, SynapseIndia has achieved more than 60% Repeat Business for its highest standard Dedicated Project and Timely delivery.

SynapseIndia is the Certified Developers also the Google Partner and Microsoft Partner, so working with the experts under CMMI Level 3 Standards is an excellent opportunity. Clients across the USA, UK, Australia, and many other countries have gained a responsive project.

Services Provided by Synapseindia
healthcare website & app development, software & web solutions, video conferencing sdk & api, messaging solution for healthcare.

India 249 +
Founded: 2001 $25/hr 9415271257

4.Access Healthcare

End-to-end Chat Application Development Services

Access Healthcare is one of the professional healthcare organizations for bringing you the highest standards of care along with commitments. Based on the extensive revenue cycle management, Access Healthcare is working on projects in the most innovative way.

Access Healthcare has more than 8 years of Experience in building the business centered with delivering the best results and leveraging the extensive practice on Revenue Cycle Management.

Access Healthcare has notably developed the unique operating model offers the best Patient Engagement IT Solutions. Best-in-class business processes have been specially given for the clients. With more than ‎11,000 Employees working across the IT solution, Access Healthcare is the top in offering the most excellent class services with a Revenue of ‎$134,000,000.

Access Healthcare supports more than 300,000 physicians and made more than 300 million transactions to more than 80 specialties. With claiming $70 billion annually, the experts have been analyzing and offering the complete project win creativity.

Services Provided by Access Healthcare
Healthcare equips health systems, medical billing, data service provider, Healthcare revenue cycle, medical appointment & schedule.

India 249 +
Founded: 2001 $25/hr 9415271257


Custom mHealth App Service Provider

Appinventiv is a global leader in the healthcare development sector, known to offer a wide range of cutting-edge telehealth solutions for streamlining the entire medical operation process.

The proof of this saying is their expertise in this field. Yes, having been in this domain for over 8 years, Appinventiv has delivered over 50 healthcare projects, most of which cover time’s biggest issues.

However, their other services include building solutions for efficient patient treatment, error-free diagnosis, and enabling predictive and protective healthcare.

All thanks to the provider’s tech-savvy professionals who have so far helped in building the best healthcare apps, some for patients, some for healthcare providers, and the rest for medical professionals.

Now, let us see how they achieve the above-said:

  1. Full-Cycle Product Development: Appinventiv’s team will guide you on the entire product development life cycle, starting from concept finalization to launch.
  2. Ideation & Design: Their in-house skilled team will beautifully craft your ideas into a design that would captivate the eye of audiences.
  3. Software Development: At Appinventiv, developers are trained to keep in mind the security and compliance parameters carefully while building the best healthcare app. As they build certain features, others are integrated through APIs.
  4. Product Growth: They do the required optimizations and take up strategic initiatives to boost your product’s success growth.
  5. Research & Innovation: The firm’s developers engage in a deep learning curve and create innovative solutions that can be customized to business needs.

6.NextGen Healthcare

Best EHR/EMR Medical Consulting Services for Next Generation

NextGen Healthcare, Inc offers an extensive range of analytics, services, and software solutions to the dental group and medical practices. The Medical Device Software Development of this company provides excellent capabilities for empowering physician success, enabling the transition to the value-based healthcare and enriching patient care experience.

The good thing about this platform is that it is working roughly about 42 years in the market. Most significantly, it achieves up to 155K happy providers. There are 1M connected caregivers available in this platform.

It helps PTSO to improve both data sharing as well as interoperability. When it comes to seamless data exchanges, they are essential for every organization. They help them to thrive with fresh advances in healthcare technology solutions.

Services Provided by NextGen Healthcare
Analytics, health information exchange, care coordination, interoperability, clearinghouse mobile solutions, connect integration engine, population health.

USA & India 5000+
Founded: 1974 8775232120


We Build Custom Telehealth Software Solutions

Chetu is the leading provider of Medical Web Design & Development services. The main aim of this team is to empower the healthcare business with the best range of software development services. They are used to achieve your business technology goals easily and quickly. With an expert team of software developers, it can understand and meet your business needs smartly.

Most significantly, it combines better domain experience, passion, and technological expertise for better excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.

The best technology partner is an expert in developing web-based, mobile, and desktop apps which focus on taking your business to the next level.

The main attraction of this world-class software solution provider is that it has successfully built more than 16000 apps. With an extensive range of dedication, the platform has more than 3000 happy customers. The unique approaches have helped the team to achieve 47% of referral and repeat business. There are more than 1500 developers working on this platform. Everyone is dedicated to enhancing the number of success.

Services Provided by Chetu
Healthcare industry, telemedicine mobile app development, electronic medical records (EMR), streaming telehealth tehchnology, telemedicine technology & video & voice calling sdk & api integrations.

USA, England & UK 5000+
Founded: 2000 9543425676


Leading Healthcare Software Design & Development Consultancy

Computerized gadgets should help, not block. The software development group has sent tasks of various scales. That is the reason Macadamian Custom Software Development for Healthcare expects to make solutions that usher out what feels fake and conduct in what’s natural and easy.

It is from a practical base item to a mind-boggling software application with outsider mixes, all by the client necessities. Experience is key in any business, and they’ve been pioneers in advanced innovation for a long time.

It is a custom IoT solution for organizations and clients. Accomplish more with the propelled abilities empowered in the associated gadgets and pushed by Analytics.

The group of analysts and connection creators abandon their sense of self and a client-centered way to deal with seeing needs and planning drawing in solutions — software development based customization furnished with full-cycle development.

Services Provided by Macadamian
Medical software design, EHR systems, data integration, HIPAA compliant software workshop, hire dedicated chat app developer & messaging sdk & api (video & voice call) integration.

USA & India 200+
Founded: 2006 25/hr 5129995796

9.Cabot Technology Solutions

Top-notch Telemedicine Management System

Cabot Technology Solutions, the Healthcare Software Development Companies, is basically a worth based Product Engineering IT company conveying high worth and powerful solutions utilizing most effective technologies.

They know where the innovation has been, and that gives them knowledge into where it’s going and what it’s prepared to do. Established in the year of 2006, Cabot’s group has conveyed more than 500 tasks for a different scope of customers over various industry parts.

The worldwide group of developers is prepared to deal with any test, from utilizing the most recent advancements to managing the most perplexing administrative issues, conveying solutions that will affect the lives of those most out of luck.

With more than ten years in web development and 30+ web specialists ready, Cabot has made various effective and productive sites obliging organizations in healthcare.

Services Provided by Cabot Technology Solutions
Medical application, lab reports, personal health records, wearable integration, real time patient to doctor chat app, health center search, hospital management system, develop HIPAA-compliant & healthcare practice management.

Canada, Romania & Armenia 249+
Founded: 1997 150/hr 8777796336

10.Glorium Technologies

Leading Technology Service Provider

Glorium Technologies has been on the market of delivering top-notch software development services since 2010. During that span, the company headquartered in New Jersey has completed over a hundred complex projects for our clients across the globe/

Companies’ core clients are established startups that got funded and need the workforce to scale. Glorium Technologies is a full-cycle applications and software development company. On-demand teams and developers, PMs, QA engineers, and another tech workforce for the clients are constantly provided.

Glorium Technologies also has some new services to offer, such as growth on demand and investment strategy guidance.

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