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We’re looking for in-depth articles and guest posts.

We do not sell Dofollow links. If you sponsor (subscribe to) an article, it will include a nofollow link to your service page. If you submit a free article, we will give 2 nofollow links that lead to interesting articles of your own.

To get started, follow the content guidelines below and submit your small bio, headshot, social links, and writing samples for which you are named as the author to info(at)trustfirms(dot).com or trustfirms(at)gmail(dot)com

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 Find out What the People at TrustFirms Suggest to You
  1. TrustFirms.com is approved by Google News.
  2. We have been growing steadily for over four years. In November 2018 we had 20,000+ visitors from the United States, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia and more.
  3. We only publish articles that are thought-provoking with valuable insights.
  4. We are collaborating with experts and reputable brands
  5. Articles by us appear in the Google Answer Box for top keywords
  6. Products and services can be promoted on solutionsuggest.com. To do so, you’ll need to write in-depth articles.

We Accepting Articles from SaaS Providers. What You Can Write on the Blog?
  1. How-To Articles
  2. Top 10’s and Top 20’s:
  3. Technology News & Updates.
  4. Social Media News & Tricks.
  5. App and Gadget updates.Top 10’s and Top 20’s:

Submit Articles to Help Solve a Problem. Check out Examples Below
  • How MailChimp can solve your email lead management issues
  • Am I able to use Mailchimp for my Etsy site?
  • How does one create a WordPress CMS site?
  • How to create a software listing site using free WordPress theme and plugins?

Check out the Guidelines that are Available for Writing Blog Posts
  1. Your article should not be overly promotional or self-promoting, and should be between 2500 and 5000 words.
  2. Articles created by you based on the concept or layout by our company
– Overview (15 to 20 lines & split-up 6-8 paras)– Paragraph summaries of each highlight
– Continue overview (2 to 3 lines)– What are the pros of writing for us?
– What are the Cons of writing for us?– What are the Cost?
– Scalability & Technical Specifications – More
What do you think about this article content?
  1. Article content should be 100% unique, written in American English, and published nowhere before.
  2. Don’t submit an article unless you have double-checked the grammar and spell checking.
  3. The bots we like are ones that don’t use keywords, instead they offer a readability score so humans can easily understand them.
  4. In order to verify your brand, you must link the name of the brand to the official website or app. Spam links are not allowed.
  5. Include facts, data, and quotes with citations to see content acceptably..
  6. As a way of promoting your blog, it is allowed to have up to two hyperlinks from within the article body. Affiliate links will not be approved, and all links will have a “nofollow” attribute.
  7. Write about your product and state it’s a better alternative to other popular software, websites, or apps. Include data that also supports why your product is superior. That will increase the likelihood of your article being published.
  8. The mistakes you should avoid when writing a blog
  9. Don’t send duplicate and plagiarized content. This is a waste of time.

Note: The trustfirms.com website retains the copyright of all articles published on its website. You may not republish any article without our permission.

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