Top 10+ Trusted Game Development Companies In USA (Best Reviews)

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Now, gaming companies are making outstanding contributions to the international gaming development markets. The huge demands for exciting games are truly on the mount and the game development companies are using this demand in their own favor.

Top game development companies now introduce an array of interactive and impressive games to increase the fan base.  Choosing the right gaming companies is not a simple task, because there are numerous options available to pick.  To simplify the finding, this post shares you the list of top 10 gaming development companies that will surely make the pick smarter.

The World’s Leading Mobile Game App Developers in USA

1. Schell Games

It is not only the largest and full-service education company but also appears as one of the top mobile gaming companies in the U.S. The team of gaming app developers works smartly to build the highly interactive experiences on multiple platforms to bring an enhanced experience to the players.

It has many projects in its award-winning portfolios. It ranges from the desktop, virtual reality and mobile games to theme park attractions and interactive installations.

US 200+
Founded: 2002 Cost: Contact 413900101

2. Sperasoft

Sperasoft is the topmost games development platform that has development centers in different parts of the world, including Russia, USA, and Poland. As one of the mobile game developer companies, it works very closely with the partners to offer superior quality titles for the world-class publishes.

The core competency of this company is game development. The game developers have broad expertise and experience in the game development process across different platforms.

US 501+
Founded: 2004 Cost: Contact 4087156615

3. BOSi USA Inc.

It is one of the video game development companies that specialize in game publishing, game development, and outsourcing project management. The highly renowned and topmost video game outsourcing company offers the finest range of quality outsourcing solutions to many studios across the world that range from the Concept Art to 3-dimensional animations.

It has great expertise and experience in video game industries. The main of this company is to develop long-term bonds with clients by offering the highest quality customer service.

USA 201+
Founded: 2006 Cost: Contact

4. Fluper

Fluper is one of the top android game developer companies that come with a team of highly skilled and experienced game developers. They have the capability to provide the best range of games at very affordable rates. This company is a perfect blend of game app developers and innovation.

The specially developed games include amazing graphics to bring you a matchless experience while playing games. The game developers also have the better expertise to make your idea into more reality.


INGIC develop the most outstanding games to perfectly satisfy the needs of players. The top android game developers list helps you to choose the right developer. The skilled developers have professional skills to develop the top-notch games with highly advanced graphics. It brings a seamless and smooth user experience to the Android users.

The best ios game developers provide iOS games equipped with responsive touch screens and robust graphics to bring you excellent gaming experience with better UI interaction.

6. HeyPayless

It is one of the best game development companies that have a team of experienced and skilled game developers. They have a better experience at creating games of various genres including educational, strategy games, racing, quiz, puzzle, and arcade.

The iOS mobile app development company develop the finest range of iOS games to bring you an excellent gaming experience while playing iOS games. They have a better experience in developing games with better technological knowledge and new-gen creativity.

7. VezTek

VezTek is the leading game development company that develops the finest range of high-quality and exciting mobile games. The best iPhone game app developers use the best and most advanced technologies to deliver an excellent range of games to the players.

The game development team develops iPhone games with exceptional technology. The best thing about these iPhone games is that they have impressive graphics and exciting gameplay. The striking features bring a wonderful playing experience to the players.

8. Webprogr

Webprogr is the best iPhone mobile game development company which is well-known for its awesome iPhone game development services.  It has a team of game developers who have better skills to develop the most attractive games that go viral due to their simple UX, sound effects, gameplay, and graphics.

The specialized features of these games allow players an exciting playing experience. The company comes with an expert team of game developers who understand the needs of gaming lovers and meet them accordingly.

9. Perception System

Endowed with fifteen years of excellent change as well as driven by encouraging teamwork, this company is currently a complete-scale integrated information technology as well as a software solution development company. 

This mobile game development company comes with a professional team of experts who have a better experience in different technologies, including Android, iOS, and much more.  The developer team has better expertise in developing the best range of solutions at very affordable rates.

10. Xicom

 As a certified app development company, Xicom offers the best range of game development solutions. The reliable company hires a professional team of game developers who have specialized skills to develop the best kind of games. They are experts in developing impressive and highly innovative android games. The uniquely developed Android games will surely enhance your playing experience. The impressive thing about this company is that it offers the cutting-edge game development solutions for different industry verticals.

11. Agile Infoways

The Agile Infoways is a famous game development company that offers high-quality gaming solutions for 3 platforms including mobile, desktop, and web. The game developers use the finest technologies to provide unity game development services according to the needs of people.

The game development team is well-equipped for developing games for PCs, gaming consoles, and mobiles. The developers have better proficiency in effective game development by using the FLASH tool.

12. MobileAPPtelligence

As an award-winning company, it develops the best range of mobile games. Mobile game development is a quickly-growing niche in this game development field over the decade. The development of Android OS and Apple iOS propel mobile game development to further orbit.

The company has an experienced team of game developers who are experts in focusing on both Android and iOS-based mobile games. The most outstanding mobile games allow players to get a matchless gaming experience by delivering mobile game development services.

13. AIS Technolabs

It is one of the top ten mobile game companies that will aid you in working on the new 3D and 2D gaming modules. The game developers understand that different individuals come with a flexible mindset. Hence, they work hard to provide the best quality assistance.

They are dedicated professionals who work hard to develop the most effective and exciting mobile games on various platforms. The main objectives of these games are to bring players an awesome and exceptional playing experience.

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