10 Best Chat & Video App Development Companies (Top 2024 Reviews)

Compare the best chat and video app development companies in 2023 for your business. Explore their features, technologies, location, hosting and more! 

We cannot deny that chatting has become an important part of our lifestyle these days. If I am not wrong, look at your phone, you’ll at least have one messaging app that you actively use to chat with your family or friends. This is one quick example of how messaging has become our first choice of non-verbal communication. But there’s more!

Wonder if it’s true?, the stats prove it right:

At this minute, over 41 million messages are sent and received across smartphones around the world. 

And this would be a very reason why you can think about building a chat app for your business. 

Lucky for you, this article will cover the finest app development companies that build chat and video calling capabilities.

What Is Chat App Development?

live video call random app

Chat App Development is a process of building an app with messaging functionalities like 1:1/ group chat, video calling, voice calling, media sharing and more.

So, how to build it?

Easy! You can hire a development team to build the app or set up your own team, as per your budget and requirements. 

In fact, you can consider pre-built chat SDKs that make the life cycle shorter by up to 30 minutes. They have a condensed list of features that takes almost a year or two to develop, when built from scratch. Cool, right?!

As exciting as it sounds, it’s time we look into the features that the modern generation would love to use on your instant messaging platform.

Trending Chatting App Features For The Modern Generation [2024]

Who do you think will be the majority users of your app? 

As you think, the age group of your primary users will be somewhere around 16-35. And the majority of them are younger ones who are actively leveraging technology to get things done.

And what do they expect?

Undoubtedly, “Interesting” is what teens want in any app they use. Nothing less exciting can make them choose an app. This make is super-important to add features that will impress the Gen-Z personally and professionally.

Here are the best picks of modern messaging features you’ll need to add to your chat apps

  • Group Chat: What’s more fun than catching up with all of your friends/ loved ones? Your app users can connect with multiple participants at the same time.
  • Video Calling: Gone are the days traveling miles to meet friends/ family/ colleagues. In just a few clicks, your users can connect to other users on your app.
  • Security & privacy: Remember when messaging giant Whatsapp faced allegations for evading data protection and user privacy? Stay alert and keep your app full-on protected with the best encryption protocols and industry regulations. 
  • Multimedia sharing: Say goodbyes to slow media sharing via bluetooth or other traditional methods. Your users can send/ receive images, videos, GIFs, stickers and emojis right on your app.
  • Backup & storage: No wonder your users will need a backup of their messages and calls. Make it accessible via cloud storage and backup options.
  • Contact syncing: Imagine saving contacts manually one-by-one to make it accessible on your app. No, let’s not take your users there. Avail them a contact syncing feature.
  • Location sharing: Keep your users away from getting lost. Make in-person meets seamless with a capability to share locations. Have deliveries coming in without any hassle.

There’s many other features. But the ones listed above are the most essential features that your young users will need to qualify your app under the “Interesting” category. 

Is there a shortcut to do this?

Why not? Software tools like messaging SDKs make life way easier than you can imagine!

What Are The Benefits Of Custom App Services?

Have you noticed apps that have only a basic UI and features. How long do you think you’ll use the app? 

You get that right? 

This might be your user’s response to your apps when you don’t provide the options to customize the features and themes. 

On the other hand, building a custom video chat platform can be of greater advantage for your business in different ways. 

Besides this, there are several other benefits to offering customization to your apps:

  1. Full Customization: Customization is one of the easiest ways to drive your app closer to the user’s heart. Simply provide the options to personalize the features and themes, and witness the rise in your user engagement.
  2. White-label Solution: No one likes to display the logo of a third-party tool on their apps. This is where you’ll need a white-label chat solution to build a custom messaging app.
  3. Complete Ownership: When you use a custom solution to build white-label chat apps, it gives you the fullest authority to tweak the features as you need. 
  4. One Time Cost: A custom chat app can be built in one shot with a complete package of SDK. And these tools and libraries come as one package for a one-time payment.
  5. On-premises/ On-cloud: When you use a custom app service, the choice is completely up to you to deploy the app on-premise or on your cloud servers.

Custom app service does not only get more users to your app, it makes people stay for longer. It’s simple, you give them what they want and they tend to choose your app again, without a doubt. 

So, now you know what are the benefits of building a chat app and the benefits that come with offering customization to it. 

What’s Next?

We know that your next step would be to search for a team that can build amazing chat and video call apps for you. 

Here’s a list of companies that are masters in getting your chat apps done. Let’s review each of them in detail.

Top 10 Video & Chat App Development Service Providers

1.MirrorFly: The #1 Self-hosted Solution For Chat App Development

The top of my list is MirrorFly, the world’s leading in-app communication provider for web and mobile apps. Their SDKs and APIs are the favorite choice of  most developers around the world and tech enthusiasts like me because of its highly scalable messaging, video and voice calling features. 

The highlight of MirrorFly is that it offers a twin model solution that comprises both SaaS and Self-hosted chat SDKs. So, it’s the most budget-friendliest and hosting-convenient option if you are looking to build a chat or video calling app.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Self-hosted chat solution, extensive customization options, in-app chat translation, message search, push notifications, presence indicators, chat moderation, real-time typing indicators.
  • Technologies: VueJS, Flutter, Swift, Angular, Ejabberd, Kotlin, Java, Javascript, React, XMPP, WebSockets, SSL, Apache Cassandra & Erlang database, WebRTC integration for real-time communication, MQTT protocol for instant messaging, AES-128 and SSL for end-to-end encryption for secure communication.
  • UI/UX: Chat UI kit available
  • Hosting Options: On-premise/ On-cloud (Supports both self-hosting and SaaS)
  • Industries: Healthcare, Telecom, Transportation, Fintech, and 40+ use cases.
  • Geo-location: United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, USA & more countries.
  • Supported Devices: Mobile and Web devices including Android, iOS and web platforms

On the whole, MirrorFly helps you create white-label chat apps, providing your business with a secure and customizable platform for developing your own chat apps.

2.Yellow Systems: The Most Reliable Chat App Development Company

If you are looking to craft exceptional messaging solutions, yellow systems is a user-friendly option. This company helps you build feature-rich chat apps that keep your audience connected with each other.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Advanced moderation tools, message translation, white-labeling options, real-time language transcription for video calls, screen recording during video calls, live subtitles.
  • Technologies: AI-powered chatbots with natural language processing, machine learning algorithms for sentiment analysis, WebSocket protocol for real-time messaging, WebRTC for video calling.
  • UI/UX: Available
  • Hosting Options: Cloud
  • Industries: Dating, Education Apps, Turn Based Apps, Messaging apps
  • Geo-location: India, United States, United Arab Emirates, France
  • Supported Devices: iOS & Android devices

All in all, Yellow Systems specializes in developing creative and user-friendly chat solutions that are customized to your individual requirements.

3.Krify: Your Trustworthy Messaging App Development Partner

With Krify, you can create customized chat apps with the help of an expert development team. You can build intuitive messaging platforms, drive user engagement and build strong connections with your audience.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Integration with third-party APIs and services, sentiment analysis for chat messages, message scheduling and reminders, message prioritization based on user preferences, in-app voice and video recording.
  • Technologies: Integration with chatbot frameworks like Dialogflow and IBM Watson, AI-based recommendation engines, Firebase for real-time synchronization, WebRTC for video calling.
  • UI/UX: Available
  • Hosting Options: Cloud
  • Industries: Travel Apps, Gaming Apps, Taxi Booking Apps, Fitness & Health Apps and Medical Apps.
  • Geo-location: United States, Japan, Sweden, Netherlands
  • Supported Devices: iOS, Android & Web Applications

In a nutshell, Krify combines cutting-edge technology and creative design to create feature-rich and engaging chat apps for your company.

4.Mobulous: Building Conversations That Matter

This Android app development company is well-known for creating interactive and personalized chat apps. You can hire a skilled team of developers who can build the most user-friendly interfaces for your users.

You can also incorporate advanced features and deliver exceptional experiences to your Android app users.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Chatbots for automated customer support, chat message translation, message broadcasting to multiple users or groups, chat message editing and deletion, real-time location sharing.
  • Technologies: Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications, WebSockets for real-time chat, WebRTC for video calling, Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API for voice recognition.
  • UI/UX: Yes
  • Hosting Options: Cloud
  • Industries: Community Apps, Marketplace Apps, Ecommerce App,Utility Apps and Sports Apps.
  • Geo-location: United Kingdom, India, Spain, Israel, Singapore
  • Supported Devices: Android devices

In brief, Mobulous specializes in creating high-performance, scalable chat applications with a unified experience for your users.

5.Arka Softwares: The Chat App Development Solution For Empowering Real-time Communication

Arka solutions have a specialized team of developers who can build you tailor-made chat or video apps for your business. They are experts in building secure and reliable applications for different operating platforms.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Chatbot analytics and performance tracking, AI-powered chatbot with natural language processing, sentiment analysis, intelligent routing of chat messages based on user data.
  • Technologies: Java, Mobile, PHP, Go, .NET, Node.js, Front-End, and Ruby, AI and machine learning algorithms for chatbot development, Socket.IO for real-time communication, API integration for voice and video calling, Firebase for real-time database.
  • UI/UX: Yes
  • Hosting Options: On Cloud
  • Industries: Food Apps, Lifestyle Apps, Social Apps, On Demand Apps and Video Streaming Apps.
  • Geo-location: India, Mexico, Italy, Argentina
  • Supported Devices: All Mobile Devices

In summary, Arka Softwares specializes in chat app development, providing you with sturdy and secure solutions that allow your company to build seamless communication experiences.

6.Vervelogic: The Chat App Company For the Digital Age

VerveLogic builds chat apps that are a treat to the eyes. They develop visually appealing and the most intuitive chat apps for business communication.

This chat and video app development company keeps you on the competitive-edge of the digital landscape and enables a seamless communication experience to your audience.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Customizable chat themes and UI, chat message reactions and emojis, presence and activity indicators, user status updates, in-app survey and feedback collection.
  • Technologies: WebSockets for real-time chat, Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications, API for SMS integration, OpenTok for video calling
  • UI/UX Design: Yes
  • Hosting Options: On Cloud Only
  • Industries: Trivia Apps, Cloud Based Apps, Linphone App, News & Magazine Apps, Job Search App, Conference & Events Apps
  • Geo-location: Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland
  • Supported Devices: Any Mobile platforms

Conclusively, Verve Logic offers chat application development services, producing feature-rich and intuitive chat apps that improve communication and collaboration for your company and individuals like you.

7.RST Software

An Expertise Team Of Chat App Developers

RST software is one of the most trustworthy chat app development service providers. Their team of experienced developers crafts scalable and efficient chat applications.

If you opt to build your chat app with RST’s software dev team, kudos, your customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Chat moderation and content filtering, user blocking and reporting, message translation on the fly, message synchronization across devices, message history export.
  • Technologies: Socket.IO for real-time communication, MongoDB for scalable chat applications, WebRTC for video calling, WebSocket protocol for instant messaging.
  • UI/UX Designs: Yes
  • Hosting Options: Cloud Hosting
  • Use Cases: Staff Augmentation, Cloud & DevOps, Business Processes Automation.
  • Geo-location: United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada
  • Supported Devices: All Mobile Platforms (Android and iOS devices)

Thereby, RST Software provides comprehensive chat app development services, employing their knowledge to create custom solutions that meet your specific needs.


Instant Messaging Development Company For Seamless Communication Experiences

Are you aiming to build high-quality chat apps? Intelivita is at the help to power instant messaging and video calling capabilities with the latest technologies that your users will love.

They not only offer a seamless development service but ensure that the features are effective and interactive.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Augmented reality (AR) filters and effects for video calls, virtual background options, live polls and surveys during video calls, virtual gift sharing, collaborative whiteboard during video calls.
  • Technologies: WebRTC technology for real-time communication, ARKit and ARCore for augmented reality features, Firebase for real-time synchronization, API for video calling.
  • UI/UX: Available
  • Hosting Options: On Cloud & Self-hosting
  • Industries: Taxi Booking, Food Delivery, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Travel and Tourism, Health and Fitness, Social Media, Instant Messaging, Media and Entertainment.
  • Geo-location: United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Germany
  • Supported Devices: Android and iOS devices

To sum up, Intelivita specializes in chat and instant messaging app development, providing safe and interactive communication platforms that promote engagement and connectedness for you and your business.


The Chat App Development Company for the Modern Users

With Tecocraft, there is no need to scout for different video chat software. You can simply get the most feature-rich chat apps by hiring their team of developers to build collaborative experiences on your app.

Other Key Specifications
  • Features: Chat, push notifications, Video Streaming, In-app coupons, Social networking, Security and Dashboard.
  • Technologies: Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, .NET, Node.js, AngularJS, React, WebRTC technology for real-time video communication, WebSocket protocol for instant messaging, SIP trunking for voice and video calls, AWS infrastructure for scalability.
  • UI/UX: Available


Expert Chat App Development Services

Oxagile specializes in chat app development using WebRTC technology. This means, you get the chance to build a serverless communication infrastructure to deliver hassle-free video calling and chat experiences to your users.

Which Industries Use Chat & Video Apps?

A messaging or video calling app is used in different contexts by people around the world. Here is a quick walkthrough of the major industries that run their business with chat/ video calling apps as a primary tool.

  • Dating Platform: In the dating market, chat and video calling apps allow your users to interact and engage with possible matches, promoting meaningful conversations and assisting to find prospective partners.
  • Social & Communities: Communication apps make it easy to connect with friends, family, and communities in social contexts, supporting real-time conversations, sharing experiences, and keeping connected across distances.
  • Digital Healthcare: A healthcare chat app can allow your users to interact with doctors, receive medical advice, and access telemedicine services from the comfort of their own home, assuring easy and quick healthcare support.
  • Transport & Logistics: People can improve their trip experience by offering real-time information, customer service, and seamless communication with drivers, assuring flawless coordination and resolving any issues that may emerge.
  • Online Gaming & Sports: In the realm of sports, users can stay connected with fellow fans, engage in debates, receive live updates, and even watch matches together, establishing a feeling of community and enriching your overall sports experience.

No matter which industry it is, the use of messaging apps is in a boom and building one would be a great decision for your business.

FAQ Question

1.How much does it cost to develop a chat app?

The total cost of developing a messaging app completely depends on your requirements like features, technologies and type of hosting. However, building a chat app using pre-built chat SDKs is way more budget-friendlier than building it from scratch.

2.Which are the popular chat App Companies?

MirrorFly, Yellow systems, Krify, Mobulous are some of the well-known companies that can develop video, voice and chat apps for web and mobile apps. These apps also provide the facility to host your apps on your own servers or on cloud servers.

3.Which programming language is best for a chat app?

Java or Kotlin are the best programming languages for building an Android app. To build an iOS app, Swift is a great option and for web apps, you can go with Javascript, React or Angular.

4.How long does it take to build a chat app?

When you build an app from scratch, it typically takes more than a year. But, if you use a pre-built chat SDK, it only takes only 30 minutes to build and deploy your app.

5.How do you create a chat app?

You can create a messaging application in 2 different ways. You can either build the entire code by yourself and deploy it on your premise. The other option is you can simply integrate the chat features built by third-party vendors to your source code and deploy it on their premise. The latter is cost-efficient, easy to develop and flexible to deploy within a matter of 30 minutes.

6.What platform should you target? Either Android/iOS or both?

Chat apps are commonly used on both Android and iOS by people around the world. However, I’d recommend you to build cross-platform apps that can be run on any operating system, platform or device.

7.What is the standard mobile app development process you follow?

My chat app development starts with creating a project in the IDE, integrating and installing the messaging SDK and connecting it to the server. It is fast and easy when compared to tirelessly writing every chunk of code by myself.

8.What are the security measures you take to make your app idea secure?

To keep your app secure, it is essential that you build it with an end-to-end encryption feature. This ensures that the messages your users send or receive is completely ciphered and cannot be intruded by anyone other than the sender and receiver, in fact, even by you.

Also, you need to make sure that your chat apps are built to adhere to global security and privacy standards like GDPR, HIPAA, ISO and OWASP.


Luckily, the top chat and video app development companies I’ve listed above are pushing the boundaries of innovation and are reshaping the way our world communicates. 

As we journey into the digital age, it is no doubt that chat and video apps will play a vital role in our daily lives. So, building one is an extremely fair idea, and this is the right time!

With their extensive contributions, you can expect a great future for your chat app. Get ready to connect the world and make an impact.

Wish you happy chat app development!!!!

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