Top 10 Video Conferencing Software & Solution Providers in USA & India – 2020 Reviews

Top Web & Mobile App Video Conferencing Software Reviews & Comparisons in USA, USA & India | 2020 List of Experts Choices
Best video conferencing solution reviewsDo you want to find the top video conferencing solution? If yes, then sure you can proceed further and get all the thorough details. Nowadays in this modern world, the video conferencing is playing a major role in all kind of businesses. There is enormous video conferencing solution for small business is available in this modern world, but you have to choose the best one. In case you have selected a wrong one, then sure you will end up in failure. Below you can check out the list of top video conferencing solution. From that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Nowadays in this modern world, the technology of video conferencing is most effectively utilized. There are lots of business people are start to use that process. It is mainly since, there are various benefits are involved in it. You can able to improve your business in a most effective manner, by using that kind of service. More number of individuals is competing for the market share that occurs in the space of the small business.

Nowadays, there are various choices are available to select from than Google Hangouts and Skype. Then this competition many improves the quality of the videos and along with that, it also introducing more number of innovative ideas. In this video conferencing process, many cloud based technology has been utilized to improve the quality in a most extraordinary manner.

List of Top 10 Web & Mobile App Services To Build Your Own Video Calling App in USA, UAE & India – 2020 Reviews

1. Lifesize

Leading Video Conferencing Software & Meeting Room Solutions

It is the highly interoperable solution which consists of enormous number of features and the high-quality streaming service. By integrating the cloud service and the meeting room, each and every individual in the room can gain the excellent video conferencing. This video conferencing services can help you to stay connected with your clients in a quality video conferencing process.

This mainly fits in the most ultimate workflow of the various existing tools to provide the high quality video experience in the meeting rooms and apps that you regularly use. The video conferencing solution can able to make your task very easy and also you can ping with your employees at the same time. By doing so, you can able to smoothly complete your meeting.

UK, Spain & Italy 500+
Founded: 2003 N/A 5123479300

2. Cisco

Best Web & Video Collaboration Provider

Cisco generally supports the process of video conferencing from the mobile, conference rooms, desktop to let consistent experiences, easier and transparent interactions. This solution is also mainly useful to enable any kind of the video via the standard technologies. The technology deployment is very much simple to use, integrate, maintain and deploy in a most advanced manner. Users can able to get a single identity, spontaneous interactions and less dependence on IT over all devices. Usually, IT can get unified call management and control platforms to simplify troubleshooting, administration and deployment.

Cisco is basically identified to be the best video conferencing software, which most of the users can able to grab the advanced benefits from it.

USA, Africa, Europe 10000+ N/A
Founded: 1984 N/A 8005536387

3. BlueJeans

Top Web, Audio & Video Call Meetings Platform

In order to overcome the issues of disparate systems, slow connection times and expensive tools, the traditional web conferencing software plays a major role. The quick evolution of communication technology has completely increased the standard. This BlueJeans video conferencing solution mainly provides the hi-fi, effective meeting which allows the attendees many concentrate on solving the most pressing challenges. Business men can able to effectively do their presentation with the help of this service.

BlueJeans can also incorporate various services directly for your business. It can effectively able to reduce space and the time barriers. The video conference can able to be easily conducted to communicate with your partners, employees and customers at anytime you want.

UK, Australia, Singapore 5000+
Founded: 2009 N/A 4085502828

4. Eyeson

Build a Live Broadcasting & Video Call API & SDK

This service mainly makes use of the best-of-breed data centers along with the top notch privacy and security certifications to make sure the reliable and service foundation required for their clients. The video conferencing services are acting as the best tools for business to make their employees to be stay connected with each other.

This video conferencing mainly make use of the intelligent network for highly reliable, secure, better user experience and more comprehensive. Through this positive user experience will be created in a most advanced manner. The major advantages you can able to gain via making use of the video conferencing solution are that, you can able to gain enough flexibility. Even though you are in long distance, but still you can able to easily connect in a top notch manner.

European Union 50+
Founded: 2010 N/A 4085502828

5. MirrorFly

All-In-One Live Streaming & Video Conferencing Solution

In case you are in need of the top video conferencing solution, then sure Mirrorfly is also the perfect choice for you. This can be possible with the increase in the remote work. You can build video chat app which supports all kind of meeting needs like video, townhalls, webinars, web, audio and rooms.

Through the video conferencing solution, people can able to connect from any part of the world. The important benefits, you can get here is that, even though you could not present on time during the video conference, but still you can join in between. Without changing your company procedures, you can able to take over your conference. Even employees can able to attend the meeting through their laptop or Smartphone or tablet from their home.

India & USA 500+
Founded: 2015 N/A 4087072982

6. Voxeet

Build a Live Broadcasting & Video Chat Application

The major aim of Voxeet video conferencing solution is to make you to connect with your team easily in a video conference. This process mainly enhances the ability to collaborate and work together. Nowadays there is lot of competition in every field, so this solution will help you during that circumstances to stay on top. They will help you to make quick decisions.

Within a less amount of time, you can easily connect with your team for conference. You can share content or whiteboard your thoughts to develop the conversation. If your connection is strong, then sure it is possible and hence it is considered as the best advantage of the video conferencing solution. You can able to easily make the video conference on any device like laptop, iPad, Smartphone or any devices.

US, Singapore & Ireland 50+
Founded: 2012 N/A 4158237299

7. Vidyo

A Real-time Web & Video Chat Platform for iOS & Android

Vidyo can build a video conference app (ios & android) which helps in reducing the travelling cost and time. Being at the same place, you can have an interaction with your team members. As you can do video conferencing in a very clear manner, so you no need to travel here and there. Your money will be saved a lot. Here they are having a group of experts, who put their full effort to give you a quality video experience.

Therefore you will have a feel of interaction with the person directly. They will make use of the most unique methods to provide you the best and satisfied service. The video conferencing solution is the best option for the distance learning, remote working and online interview. To consider its factors, you can sure try this without any hesitation.

United States 50+
Founded: 2005 N/A 2012898597

8. Batipi

Top-notch Real-time Communication Service Provider

Are you running a business and want to make your employees to stay connected with each other? Then Batipi can able to effectively create a video chat application with the help of their group experts. With the help of video conferencing, one can able to connect all your teams across the world with each other at one time. In general, audio calls are still effective, but the video conference can able to improve your conversation in a clear manner.

You can also get a clear idea of what is going on in your company. The content, video and audio sharing together can make the meeting effective for distant employees. Apart from the staff training and the business meeting, the video conferencing can able to make remote working effectively. Those processes are e-learning, telecommunication and online interview.

United States 10+
Founded: 2004 N/A 8662970829

9. VideoMost

Custom Developed Conference & Video Chat Solutions

To be frank, the facial expressions and the body language can able to increase the engagement and collaboration in any kind of the meetings. In order to make it possible, sure you can make use of this video conferencing solution in a most enhanced manner. Here you won’t face any overlap issues. Due to that, the clarity in your voice will be very clear and you can make your video conference more successful.

More effective communication is the major thing, which one can able to gain from this process very effectively. While comparing with the audio only calls, the video conferencing offers participants along with the process of the non verbal communication. You will also have a chance of keep everyone in the perfect loop to stay connected with the line.

Russia, Japan & Vietnam 100+
Founded: 2010 N/A 6785712254

10. MegaMeeting

Top-notch Video Conferencing & Webinar Services

If you hire video chat developers & designers, you can able to effectively establish and maintain the office culture in a most enhanced manner. It is a common factor that the culture is considered to be the major process in employee acquisition and retention. In general, maintaining and establishing the office culture will be difficult with the remote employees.

At that time, the video conferencing tool helps them a lot. By making use of the best solution, you can able to save lot of time and money. The major benefits of video conferencing mainly include fewer amounts of costs on staff training and business travels. Both the in-office employees and the remote employees can able to have a better connection. It can also able to strengthen the relationships with your colleagues.

US & Canada 50+
Founded: 2003 N/A 8187834311

How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing Provider?

In order to make your remote employees to stay connected with the in-office employees, then the video conferencing solution is the right choice for them. Generally, selecting the right video conferencing provider is very much important for your business. During that, you have to ask some sensible questions. If you get the right answer, then sure you can choose that particular video conferencing provider. You have to know how many people can connect in the video conference. Check whether there is any need of the other applications to share among other users. Go through whether the quality of video conference is very clear or not.

What Should I Look for in a Video Conferencing Tool?

In a video conferencing tool, you have to thoroughly check out the most important qualities. Have a look at below.

  • Affordability :The cost of the video conferencing tool must be very affordable in the competitive market. You also have to find whether there are any added maintenance costs or hidden fees.
  • Intuitive design : You have to understand the difficulty of the learning curve and then find whether the user experience is painful or pleasant.
  • Dependability: The video conferencing tool must be reliable and then the service must be transparent about their subscription charge.
  • Effective customer support : The video conferencing provider you are going to choose must be available 24/7 and have to clarify all your doubts in a most effective manner.
  • Flexibility : You have to accurately know how much participants can able to stay in the video conference at that same time. Understand the service support perfectly. This tool must be very much easy to connect with other software service too and develop video chat app. Through this tool, you can able to share media, screens and files. It is also having the most extraordinary features than the other tools have.

What Industries using Video Conference?

There are many industries are using the video conference solution. If you hire the best video conferencing service provider, then sure you can able to gain everything that you want.

  • Software : Software industries are mostly in need of the video conferencing solution. It is mainly because, there employees are spread across all part of the world. In order to gather them at one moment and have a business interaction, then sure video conferencing tool is the right option.
  • Healthcare: Healthcares are now in very much need of this technology. It is mainly since; they want to connect with the higher officials during the emergency situations. At that time, the video conference is very much useful for them to interact with each other.
  • Legal : The legal entities and the law firms mainly make use of the audio visual and video conferencing solutions to conduct remote and onsite client meetings, negotiations and depositions. Here you can able to record and capture the verbal and non verbal signal in a top notch manner.
  • Education : Suppose students could not able to connect with their teachers directly, can sure make use of the video conferencing process. Hence the process is more effective.
  • Media : Collaborating with advertisers, peers and sources and meeting the strict deadlines is very critical to business success and effective reporting. The staff meetings and the daily editorial can be done through the video conferencing process.

Cost of Video Conferencing Services:

The video conferencing services you are going to choose must be very reliable and charge less amount. Even though the charge is reasonable, their work must be in a high quality. Everyone can easily able to get benefited. Hence concentrate more on the money you spend here.

How to Choose the Right Video Conference Service?

Choosing the most suitable and top video conference providers is the challenging task for all kind of the business people. You have to keep various things in your mind at the time of choose the right video conference service for your business to gain the positive result.

  • Mobile experience : The major task of the video conferencing process is to remotely connect the people at one point. It mainly describes that the connection can takes place from the mobile devices very effectively. You can sure try the video conference service on both Smartphone and tablets to ensure that these participants are having the extraordinary positive experience which can connecting though conference room setups or desktops.
  • Room systems : Based on your requirements, you would need to develop a conference room which can be effectively utilized for the process of video conferencing. You have to be very sure to go through whether the service can incorporate with the setup of your meeting room. At some point of time, this mainly needs making use of another vendor to furnish the room with the proper video and audio tools. It is also to be noted that, the video conferencing solution can able to offer all kind of the required tools for the additional cost.
  • Screen sharing : This screen sharing process mainly keeps the participants engaged and it can make the meeting to be more interactive. Hence, the video conferencing is the most successful solution. Suppose you required explaining the best points of your presentation or else want to show how the remote employee can access the documents, then screen sharing is effectively utilized.
  • Customer service : You should never fail to notice the quality of the customer service of the company that you are going to choose. You may get doubt about the service at anytime, so you must have a support. The service support must be available for you 24/7 and hence you can contact them at anytime you want and clarify all your doubts. Also check whether the representatives are very responsible or not.
  • Application integration : More number of video conference services let you to connect with the third party applications in a most effective manner. The combination of software that you are having with the video conference system can able to help you to import various documents and presentations. Along with that, many services are having potential to enable the participants to add the notes by themselves. The video conferencing service has to offer various plugins for the required programs. This is very much helpful in scheduling the meetings very easily and quickly.
  • Number of participants : If your connection is too good, you can sure add more participants and complete the meetings without any issues. Really it is more supportive and your whole employees can be on same line.
  • Type of meetings : There are various types of meeting you can able to conduct through the video conferencing solution. Hence the process will become completely successful and you will sure get the positive result.
  • Ease of use : It is a very user-friendly solution and hence you can able to access very easily. You can easily complete your presentation with this kind of process and hence you can carry over your business into success without making any issues.

By considering the above mentioned services, sure you can able to gain everything that you want. This is mainly reported to be the most ultimate and extraordinary communication process. It also mainly includes less time for projects, meetings and training due to the enhanced communication among teammates, participants and trainees. Hence stay connected with both in-office and remote employees via choosing the right video conferencing service.

What Does the Future Hold?

The virtual reality and the augmented reality mainly open up the possibilities of combination across huge geographical distances. It is simply like the individuals were present in the same room. You can able to see a virtual image of your business associates and it can make you to feel like talking with them directly. Sure the future will be better with the technology of the video conference. Most of the countries, slowly this technology is getting improved and we are very close to the artificial intelligence.

Hence, from the above mentioned scenario, now you have clearly known the video conferencing software list and how to choose it. So, your wait is over now!!!

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