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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard and pushed everyone into a staycation, enterprises saw video communication and conferencing as the only option to keep their businesses running. 

And post learning that the demand graph for video calling is exponential, the market soon flooded with a plethora of video APIs, each of which is known for offering exceptional features and functionalities.

Thus in the blog below, we will embark on a journey into the marvels of leading video calling API providers that would quickly help you build an e-learning app, a healthcare platform, a fintech transformation, or a transportation service.

But before anything, time for basics,

What is a Video Calling API Solution?

best whitelabel video chat software

A video calling API (Application Programming Interface) is a premade code block that helps developers quickly integrate video calling capabilities such as live video chats, random video calls, & other features into web and mobile apps. 

Plus, with a functional video SDK that is based on WebRTC technology, businesses can save a fortune, alleviate the stress of building an app from the very scratch, and ensure jitter-free streaming of content.

What Makes a Video-calling API the Best?

The prime thing that makes a video API or a conferencing API the best choice in the market is its quality. No matter what features it holds or lags, a picture-perfect quality is way beyond everything. And along with this,

  1. Links to start, schedule, and join calls or meetings
  2. Screen sharing and chat features during video calls
  3. Whiteboarding and other collaborative features
  4. Video recording functionality
  5. Options to add participants outside an organization to video conferences

and more..

Trust me, these ain’t all. Because every other minute, a new video chat API provider comes to town with features that ought to wow us.

Importance of Using Video Calling Software in 2023

Video calling technology has evolved to become a gemstone of modern-day communication due to its pros:

  1. Ability to connect with relatives and friends anytime and anywhere.
  2. Comes as an engaging option during in-person meetings or calls rather than text or audio chats.
  3. Allows users to seamlessly record video sessions for later perusal and share the same with colleagues.
  4. Helps to maintain a professional background by letting participants choose the right image.
  5. Allows facilitators to make meetings simpler using mute, unmute, screen share, and recording options.

Thus with these benefits, you might have gotten an idea as to how a video calling app can enhance business communication in real time.

So, are you ready to elevate your in-app communication experiences? 

Without any ado, choose the right API provider and have your video-calling app built in minutes.

How to Choose the Right Group Call API Solution?

Here are a few criteria that would help you cherry-pick the right provider for your business needs.

  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Users these days engage in video chats via different platforms and so, businesses these days are in constant search of group video APIs that come compatible with hybrid platforms like Android, iOS, and the Web.
  • Robust Security: Security is one of the prime factors to consider, starting right from SSO authentication to AES/E2E encryptions to meeting industry-specific compliances like GDPR and HIPAA.
  • Easy Integrations: Quick integration in a matter of minutes is what many enterprises these days are looking for in a group video call API. 
  • Integration Support: Not adaptable to many, as quite a few of them look for integration and deployment support from the video calling API provider.
  • SaaS & Self-hosted Deployments: These methods vary concerning business size and needs. Though you may find some vendors rendering support for on-premise deployments, a few others also offer cloud-based options.

Therefore, with these factors, you might have gotten halfway through your journey toward finding the best pick for your business requirements. Our next section is curated meticulously to help those who are in dire need of a video calling solution for their enterprise. 

Top 10 Video Calling Solutions For Businesses (2024 Reviews)

The future of communication is real-time video chats. Yes, you heard it right. And as an ardent lover of innovation and invention,

we bring to you the leading 10 API providers of video calls that are rich in features, security, compliances, and latencies, and excel in deployments and customizations. 


The #1 Video SDK Provider For All Communication Apps!

If there is a video call API provider that is designed for developers by a team of techies, then it has to be MirrorFly’s. From rendering over 150+ customizable call and chat features to giving businesses complete ownership of its codes to integration support to offering the utmost security practices, it leaves no stone unturned.

mirrorfly messaging app

Plus, MirrorFly’s cloud and self-hosted solutions that can be used to flexibly build video calling apps are the talk of the town now. So below, we will see the difference between the two deployment models.

MirrorFly Cloud-based Video SDKs

This model is best known for providing features like single and group video chats, online presence indicators, file sharing, and a few others for a monthly subscription fee. And under this model, businesses can opt to host their video call apps on MirrorFly’s cloud servers. 

MirrorFly Self-Hosted Video Chat SDKs

This solution lets developers build a fully customizable white-labeled video calling solution by paying just once. Plus, businesses can take complete control of features, codes, deployment, and security. 

Special Characteristics
  • 100% customizable video SDKs
  • White-labeled solution
  • Robust security
  • Multi tenancy support
  • Quick integration
  • Pre-built UI kits
  • Complete ownership
Other Key Spe
  1. Supported platforms – Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows
  2. Programming languages  – React JS, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Swift
  3. Industries – Social, Dating, Logistics, Healthcare, Finance, Gaming, E-commerce, and more.
  4. Countries – India, the UK, and the USA
What is the Cost Details?

MirrorFly offers “One-time License cost” and “Pay-as-you-go” models making it flexible for businesses of all sizes. Each model has their own merits and you may head to their pricing page for a head-to-head comparison. 


Integrate Live Video SDKs To Web, Mobile, & Native Apps!

Agora is one such video calling SDK provider that is known to offer unique features like AR facial recognition and sound effects. Along with this, Agora uses adaptive video resolution technology on the end user’s network to embrace a stutter-free streaming experience. 

The above-said is made possible by their in-house algorithm and codes that occupy lesser bandwidth for wider visualization.


Enhance In-app Communication With Its Real-time Video SDKs!

If there is an API provider in the market that allows developers to embed exquisite video calling capabilities into their communication apps, then it has to be Enablex.io. 

Plus, they have a detailed repository of KB tutorials and best-in-class features that literally add stars to its inception. 

And to talk about their codes, it’s all lightweight with high scalability that’s designed to cater to growing business needs. 


A Leader In Offering Top-notch Video Calling SDK Solutions!

Be it their in-depth documentation, versatile demo sessions, or easy-to-integrate codes, Cometchat’s video SDKs and APIs come as a bumper hit in the API industry.

Plus, their codes are compatible with hybrid platforms like Android, Web, and iOS, and allow them to seamlessly integrate any video calling feature with ease. 

To name a few, one-to-one video calls, group video chats, or any live video calling feature. 


The Top Provider Of Self-hosted Video Chat Solutions!

Apphitect stands as one of the secure and leading in-app communication providers in the market that offers 100% customizable video, voice, and chat SDKs to easily build any Android, Web, or iOS apps.

apphitect instant messaging app

 Besides these, the platform also offers highly scalable video calling features with 99.999% uptime SLA, less than 100ms latencies, and much more for a one-time license cost. 


A Video Calling API Provider That Creates Personalized Experiences!

From buffer-free streaming of video calls because of the lowest latencies ever to multi-platform compatibility to flexible deployment options, Sinch has made a hit in the market.

Plus, it helps developers build richer video calling experiences with its customizable group video APIs. As an add-on, enterprise-grade security, best-in-class performance, and exquisite features are what it holds in its hood. 


Unveil Memorable Calling Experiences With Its Video APIs!

Twilio’s prime highlight is the option to add virtual video background images and custom layout features in a video call. 

Along with this, they also have Network Quality APIs to constantly monitor the network and bandwidth performance of the participants on a call. 


Best In-app Chat APIs For Real-time Engagements!

If you are really looking for some exciting real-time engagement features, then PubNub’s video calling API has to be your ready-to-go solution. 

From rich functionalities to complete customizations to the best pricing options to giving developers complete ownership, PubNub is every developer’s favorite.

Along with this, they also support in-class integrations and chat UIs. If you have any queries, their development team will help with the integration process. 


Elevate Real-time Conversations With Its Video APIs!

With Quickblox, developers find it easy to add instant messaging and video calling facilities to any hybrid platforms like Android, iOS, and the Web. Further, their comprehensive suite of SDKs lets mobile and web developers to integrate much-required calling features in no time.

Along with some of its basic features like push notifications and user management, Quicklox is known for its high scalability and reliability parameters.


Launch Exquisite Call Features With Their Video Chat APIs!

Known to be one of the best scalable video conferencing API providers in the market, Daily.co has made it easy to add any video calling feature to communication apps. 

Their pre-built user interface kits along with options to customize layouts are a hit amongst the developer community. And just not restricting its feature option to group video chats and screen sharing, it also renders a call recording option during conferences. 

Closing Statement!

To conclude our exploration of video calling APIs, we can agree to the fact that there are plenty of them in the market that more or less do the same thing- allow for group video chats. 

But what splits them apart is their stand-out features, platform compatibility, streaming quality, security parameters, and explicit deployment options, which we can see in very few providers from the list.

And yes, do have a check on the provider’s pricing page as well, later do not tell us we never mentioned them!! Jokes apart, happy integrating!!!

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