10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives for 2024 (Top Free & Paid Reviews)

“Did you know that ChatGPT has been a trendsetter in today’s timeline, just because it can assist you with a wide range of daily tasks? But, what if it’s slow, or out of capacity? Well, then this guide of free and paid ChatGPT alternatives can be of your help”

For years or say for decades, there had been a looming threat of artificial intelligence and how it’s going to overtake the world with a swirl, but did we ever know that it would start this early, especially with the world of art and literature? 

Well, unimaginably, it is true to the context. Since OpenAI released its blockbuster bot ChatGPT, it seemed like the internet was taken by storm with more than 1 million users drawing towards that bot, thus attracting more investors to it. 

As per a recent report from Fishbowl, it is known that over 30% of professional workers have tried ChatGPT for work as it is free to use, and the numbers are still flocking.

But, let me say, just do not settle for the basics because as technology has emerged, more AI tools similar to ChatGPT have emerged in the market, confusing users as to choose which is the best. 

Do not worry and leave that hassle to us because we have scoured the web for good and brought to you the best ChatGPT alternatives that are surely going to take your seat. As usual, let us start with the basics. 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, which stands for “Chat-based Generative Pre-trained Transformer” is a powerful chatbot that is based on the GPT-3 model to understand the user query, respond to them, and generate text-based information on user input. Its parent founder is OpenAI which uses the same GPT-3 model. 

what is chatgpt
what is chatgpt

And unlike other traditional speaking chatbot AIs, ChatGPT has been trained on hundreds of billions of words from the web to handle vast accuracy. Anyone can use this chatbot, to get an answer for a code or a writeup, or can even be used to translate chats. And people feel as if they are talking to a real person.

But since it is in great demand these days, when we sign up with ChatGPT, we often get messages like, “Chat Gpt is at capacity”. But friends, do not give up, because experiencing an AI is a completely different feeling. 

Looks impressive as we speak of, ain’t it? So, next up is,

What are the Benefits of Using a ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is highly used by businesses and individuals because they reduce the waiting time to get answers to the queries they pose. As a result, many businesses are in the process to hire dedicated software development teams or mobile app developers to yield Chat GPT like services. 

This OpenAI powered chatbot is able to deliver conversational attribute with perfection because of the 175 parameters with which they are built of. 

Here are some of the other benefits that Chat GPT gives to businesses:

  • Improves workforce efficiency by allowing them to work faster and deliver quicker results.
  • Best and improved customer service because of the instant response action.
  • Comes as highly scalable as the model is designed to handle complex and vast inputs.
  • Minimizes customer support expenses as everything could be taken care of by ChatGPT.
  • Usually, customer care representatives answer queries in the form of chat or call which is time-consuming, but Chat GPT alleviates this difficulty with automated discussions.

Well, these are just a few of the perks that the AI model offers to users. Considering that there is vast merit in the industrial sector, our next section is,

How to Use ChatGPT for Your Business?

ChatGPT, launched by OpenAI, has been acclaimed as the potentially surviving dialogue AI application that has amassed over a million users in just five short days. Well, it is solely due to its uses that go virtually endless- be it writing blogs, lyrics resumes, or codes, ChatGPT is there for everyone.

Yet another benefit is the option to download the chatbot for free and its compatibility with Android, iOS, and web platforms. But, how is it that businesses can use the ChatGPT app online? Here’s how:

  • Go to the OpenAI website and sign up
  • Configure settings as you want, with preferences on tone, language, and response time.
  • Integrate the model into any application or website chat functions.
  • Post any question and get instant responses.
  • Review those and check for accuracy, and finally repeat.

Next up on our list is the much awaited section of the year which left everyone wondering, is it possible to download such a similar app? Hmm, there’s a ‘No’, only if you think it to be, but that’s not how the world works.

The Best ChatGPT AI Alternatives: Top 10 Reviews (2024)

Be it you are searching for some of the best natural language processing power (NLP) or a simple platform to streamline your business operations, ChatGPT app services comes to rescue.

But, just like pirates evading sea beds, there are much-alike alternatives that come at a fraction of a cost, top features, and better character limits. Let us look at those below:

1. Google Bard

New, revolutionary, modern, and call it with a any new word, Google’s latest research on AI-powered chatbot, Bard is making headlines too in giving the best chatting experiences to users. Developed with an existing LaMDA AI platform, Bard is known to revolutionize the existing meta NLP capabilities to offer smoother, richer user conversational experiences. 

It eliminates data rework, improves speed, boosts accuracy, and eliminates any redundancy with cutting-edge language models and technologies. Though it is still under development, we can expect some great news about their insights and how beneficial can it be from ChatGPT. 

The AI’s Prime Highlights:
  • Bard responds to human prompts using information from the internet, unlike some AI chatbots that use the data they were trained on.
  • The chatbot uses Google AI to perform a number of tasks automatically, like making a reservation and travel arrangements in addition to purchasing them.
  • This Bard AI chatbot can act as a personal assistant to their users by managing their time effectively and constantly reminding appointments.

Supporting Mobile & Web Platforms:
Google says, Bard can be integrated into any digital systems, applications, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and websites.

Its Perks
  • It provides the latest high-quality information by collecting data from real-time internet and user responses.
  • It is not limited in terms of knowledge up to any specific year.
  • Users can find information using the familiar search engine of Google by linking this chatbot to it.
  • The chatbot can also serve as a social hub, supporting group and one-on-one user chats.
Its Fallouts
  • Sometimes it may provide biased or wrong information as it collects data from the internet where info isn’t usually censored and checked.
  • It is currently available to only a few ‘trusted testers’.
  • The current version lacks a plagiarism detector.
Cost of the AI:

Since Bard is still in the development phase, Google has not yet announced its pricing details. However, their demo version will be released by the earliest March.

2. Microsoft Bing

So far, we have been talking about how powerful Chat GPT is, but did you know that there is an AI that’s more powerful than ChatGPT? Yes, Microsoft’s Bing AI is the most powerful AI than GPT 3 or GPT 3.5 and is designed to take searches to the next level with unmatched speed, accuracy, and robustness. 

And as means of promoting their product, Microsoft has added this AI on their Edge browser with capabilities like Chat and Compose.

The AI’s Prime Highlights:
  • Bing is a revamped search engine that makes use of the most important developments and learnings from its predecessors to guarantee users the best outcomes.
  • Users can ask queries of any length, no matter how big or little, and Bing provides an AI-powered answer.
  • Its ability to handle complicated queries speeds up the process of finding information.
  • If ChatGPT-powered Bing is unable to directly respond to your inquiry, it will present you with a list of relevant results instead.It is powered by the Prometheus model, an upgraded model of ChatGPT to deliver faster and accurate results.

Supporting Mobile Platforms:
Along with web browsers like Edge, Bing is compatible with Android and iOS mobile apps too.

Its Perks
  • It is designed to maximize speed, precision, and effectiveness.
  • The responses will be better the more specific the questions asked by the users are.
  • It provides reliable and up-to-date info along with citations of sources they have used.
  • Like ChatGPT, Bing also enables users to plan trips, find recipes, get advice, and do a lot more.
Its Fallouts
  • It isn’t currently available to the public yet, nevertheless one can join the wait-list to try it out.
  • It may sometimes provide non-factual and offensive content.
  • Users of the Bing chatbot are now limited to asking a maximum of five queries each session and a total of 50 per day.
Cost of the AI

There is no upfront cost and you can pay as you use. They give 1000 transactions free per month.

3. Chatsonic

Did you know that ChatSonic or WriteSonic is already ruling the hearts of many out there? Well, not to deny, WriteSonic’s Chat Sonic is one of the biggest large-scale dialogue-trained AI models that are built specifically for writing purposes. It is this big because it is integrated with Google and helps bring real-time facts and images to users.

This advanced form of chatbot, much similar to the working clature of Chinchilla AI, acts like a best friend, a great brainstorming partner, and a knowledgeable professor who could listen to your queries and suggest responses. Further, the possibilities of Write Sonic are endless, and let us see what makes them a standout below.

Note: There are other writing assistants too, like Deepl Translator, Elsa Speak, Bloom Translator that users can download and see what differences they offer. 

The AI’s Prime Highlights:

  • They support Chrome extension so that their AIs can be used on any smartphone and laptops or any devices.
  • Write Sonic gives content that is factual including real-time topics, amazing images, and remembers last responses too.
  • Write Sonic has introduced a mobile app to users that supports all web features and services.
  • Users can create personas and modify their conversations whenever they want.
  • Write Sonic API is much similar to ChatGPT API thus making it easy for integrations. 

Supporting Mobile & Web Platforms
Their site as well as web app works on all browsers and devices. However, they are getting ready to be compatible with iOS devices.

Its Perks
  • Write Sonic can be every user’s best counselor, travel partner, and entertainer too. It solves relationship problems as well.
  • Besides making a stand in the writing field, it helps accountants too in managing their profit books.
  • It is completely free to use and they do not even require a credit card.
  • And, their interface is just amazing and responses are very quick.
Its Fallouts
  • Users have found mistakes on blog writing very occasionally.
  • There exist some grammatical mistakes as well.
Cost of the AI

Write Sonic is available on both free trials and paid versions, and gives users 100 free chat sonic generations per month. For more details on their pricing info, please visit their website.

4. Jasper Chat

To all writers out there, beware of this ghostly threat! Because, Jasper Chat is considered to be the best alternative for writing. Formerly known as Jarvis, this writing AI is the best in the market for generating high-quality content in the shortest time. 

However, they are not the cheapest in the market though it has superior output tendencies, simple UI, and other features. It is because of this, many are opting out of this service. But, if you are ready to spend a hefty amount to write a great novel, this can be your go-to solution.

The AI’s Prime Highlights
  • Their chat gpt-like interface gives users the best chatting experience.
  • Fosters continuous conversations as Jasper Chat remembers your last chat and proceeds further.
  • Jasper Chat has been trained to handle queries till late summer of 2021.
  • They are great for copywriting purposes and known to create compelling copies and ad posts.

Supporting Web & Mobile Platforms:
Their site as well as web app works on all browsers and devices.

Its Perks
  • They come as an effective tool for content creation and communication.
  • Supports over 25 languages and 50 different content templates.
  • Jasper Chat has a user-friendly interface and it supports SDK integrations with various third-party tools.
Its Fallouts
  • Jasper Chat’s main drawback is the failure to give factual and latest answers.
  • Neither, they let users select personality characters or can understand voice commands.
  • They also do not provide API access.
Cost of the AI

Unlike other alternatives of chat gpt, Jasper is available only for paid subscribers with two plans, Boss Mode and Business. Their boss mode plan starts from $49 per month.

5. Character AI

Imagine you are talking to a virtual Jack Sparrow or Harry Potter from Hogwarts. How would it feel when fantasies turn into reality? Considering that likeness, web and mobile app developers have brought the concept of introducing AI characters to deliver conversational experiences. 

Character AI, much similar to ChatSonic’s personas feature, makes use of Mario and Sam Altman as personalities. Also, they are built on neural language models that have been trained from the bottom up with conversations in mind.

The AI’s Prime Highlights:
  • Users can have different styles of conversations with different personas they select.
  • Additionally, they also have a microphone input to talk back in various voices on the basis of their characters.
  • Users can create their own characters from scratch such as naming them to decide how they greet to which voice they can use.
  • Built-in image generator creates the necessary avatar of the characters designed.

Supporting Mobile Devices & Web Platforms:
Their site as well as web app works on browsers like chrome, safari, etc.

Its Perks
  • There is a huge array of character selection offered.
  • Several fun and thought-provoking conversations can be held using the various characters.
  • Character AI has good interface
Its Fallouts
  • Before utilizing the chat, one must register on their website.
  • Though they give fun replies, they may cook stuff up which cannot be linked to any existing information or may provide fake links.
  • Some of their personalities cannot be used for businesses.
  • Its processing is a bit slower than chatgpt and other alternatives.
Cost of the AI

Though they are free to use, the app development services have moved a checkmate that allows users to access their messages only after account creation.

6. YouChat

Yet another conversational AI model in the list that is released by the You.com search engine, YouChat works similarly to Chat GPT and its alternatives. It uses its natural language processing to build that human-like conversation and can respond to general queries, give instant responses, write codes or blog posts, and even create emails. 

Additionally, they give you a chance to increase productivity by finding straightforward solutions to difficult problems and getting more insights into your interested topic.

The AI’s Prime Highlights:
  • YouChat allows you to effortlessly search for any information in a simplified manner and obtain responses quickly.
  • It serves as an effective AI search engine by utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-3.
  • Using reference to the sources they have researched, they offer replies in a conversational style which makes it easy to understand.

Supporting Mobile Apps & Web Platforms:
It requires only internet access to work on any browser.

Its Perks
  • You can easily hold full human-like conversations with this app.
  • It allows you to find people and their social profiles.
  • It can also translate texts and cure queries with the latest information
Its Fallouts
  • One must register on the website before using the chat.
  • They are still at the beta stage of development thereby lacking accuracy.
  • They are not trained to refuse answering questions with malicious intents.
Cost of the AI:

It is free to use as of now.

7. OpenAI Playground

Did you know that OpenAI Playground is an interactive platform developed by OpenAI to train and experiment with natural language processing models? Yes, it is coming to users as a demo version of ChatGPT!

The OpenAI development company or services have built this AI model for everyday users by offering prime features and locking advanced ones so that they can taste the real benefits upon chat gpt integrations. And when we compare chat gpt vs open AI playground, the latter is more technical to use with functions like setting temperature, frequency penalty, token number, sequences, and a lot more.

The AI’s Prime Highlights

  • The GPT-3 can easily be accessed in simple English and without the need for any codes.
  • The platform makes it simple for users to get started and play with the model by providing a user-friendly interface and a variety of pre-built prompts and assignments.
  • The secret to Playground’s technology is its predictive behavior, since it has been trained to react to your input as conversationally as possible.
  • You can interact with the Playground AI by asking it questions, starting a discussion with it, writing short tales with it, and more.

Supporting Mobile Devices & Web Platforms
OpenAI Playground is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any web browser.

Its Perks
  • OpenAI Playground provides a sandbox environment, meaning that users can experiment with GPT-3 as they want.
  • Great accuracy and speed, and renders multiple language models.
Its Fallouts
  • It may not be as flexible or customizable as building these tools from scratch.
Cost of the AI:

OpenAI Playground is free and open to the public but has a time limit. On signing up, you will be given an initial credit of $18 which gets expired after three months. Depending on usage, the price varies and the complete list can be obtained from their pricing page.

8. DialoGPT

True to context and reality, DialoGPT is one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT folks! We suggest you try this first-hand. 

Microsoft’s Dialo is much similar to the ChatGPT software that has been trained on 147 million Reddit dialogue threads to generate conversations that are less formal, more interactive, and occasionally troll-like. Further, it is a large-scale pre-trained model for generating conversational responses.

The AI’s Prime Highlights
  • It can be used for the evaluation of interactive dialogues in an unsupervised way.
  • DialoGPT allows you to create a chatbot with just 10 lines of code.
  • Casual language modeling can be used to train or fine-tune DialoGPT.

Supporting Mobile Apps & Web Platforms
DialoGPT is available on Microsoft’s website, as well as on GitHub and Hugging Face.

Its Perks
  • Simple and easy to use with no complicated commands to enter.
  • You can have a casual, energetic or light-hearted conversation with this chatbot.
  • The results of the human evaluation are available in the ACL Anthology.
Its Fallouts
  • Users can miss earlier conversation as it is based on API and not fully trained.
  • Sometimes redundant answers are provided for the out of trained questions you ask.
Cost of the AI:

The cost to develop this chat gpt-like app was a bit complex because of its early stages and hence they are giving it as free to use.

9. Perplexity AI

Recently launched in the conversational AI domain, Perplexity AI is yet another great ChatGPT alternative that has gpt-3 like features, responses, and content generation. This similarity is because of the fact that they are powered by Chat.OpenAI SDK that collects information from amazon searches, wikipedia, and other sources. 

Though there are multiple benefits of this alternative AI, it is true that they display results that may involve plagiarism. And if you ever need the best alternative, go ahead for ChatSonic or Replika.

The AI’s Prime Highlights
  • Perplexity AI provides a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to access by both technical and non-technical users to use it as a powerful search engine.
  • The validity of the answers provided by this chatbot can be checked by the citations it quotes just as in Wikipedia.
  • It does not require registration or login and does not contain any annoying advertisements.
  • As this search interface doesn’t collect any private data about its users, it can be considered as the most secure way to search for information.

Supporting Mobile Apps & Web Platforms
It only requires a web server to operate. It also has a desktop app for Mac and PC available on WebCatalog.

Its Perks
  • Perplexity AI results are less hallucinatory.
  • It provides practical solutions to several hard-to-understand problems.
  • It holds a good conversation without confusing its users.
Its Fallouts
  • Perplexity AI may accidentally copy from sources.
  • Its accuracy is bounded by the capabilities of AI as well as search results.
  • This AI is more inclined to give answers rather than train a software or create text.

Cost of the AI:
Perplexity AI is free to access from their website since it is still in its beta phase.

10. Replika

Focused on offering the best care to medically ill patients, Replika is powered by GPT-3 autoregressive language model that understands users’ feelings with the way they communicate to the AI. So far, over 10 million users have recognised this software as the best companion to talk to.

Replika lets users converse on topics related to romance, health, life, and other genres that one would talk to their pal about. And very recently, Replika’s owner, Luka changes the AI’s backend engine by blocking some NSFW content for ensuring app safety.

The AI’s Prime Highlights:
  • Replika AI app development comes very beneficial to this era as it gives answers to every question because it works on a self-analyzed model.
  • You can place video calls to your replika AI.
  • You can add relationship status to Replika and mark it whether it is your bestie, better half, wide, mentor, or sister. 
  • Additionally, this particular AI offers the best coaching support.

Supporting Platforms:
Replika AI comes compatible with platforms like Android, iOS, and Oculus.

Its Perks:
  • Replika can be used by mental health professionals as it boosts well-being through self-reflection and conversation.
  • Helps understand users behaviors and communication patterns.
  • Offers a clean and non-judgemental space for users to explore themselves on what grounds they stand.
  • Convenient to use on any smartphone or device.
Its Fallouts:
  • Their interface can be slightly improved.
  • They lack the tools and treatments that therapeutic doctors offer.
  • May not be apt for users who are suffering critical illnesses
Cost of the AI:

They do not offer a free trial and Replika’s monthly subscription starts from $19.99 per month and they let you access their lifetime deal for $299.99 per month.

FAQ for ChatGPT Service Providers

1. Is there any other tool like ChatGPT?

Yes, the same range of services that ChatGPT provides are offered by a number of other respectable tools such as Chatsonic, LaMDa, Jasper Chat, Character AI, YouChat, Replika, DialoGPT, etc.

2. What can ChatSonic do?

ChatSonic is a powerful artificial intelligence conversational platform that allows you to have human-like conversations, produce ideas for advertising material, create digital art, share files and channels, make reminders, design marketing strategies, and convey your thoughts more effectively.

3. Is ChatSonic free?

Unfortunately, no, despite the fact that ChatSonic offers a free trial, it is restricted to 25 generations every day. For more, it is preferable to check out their long-form plan, which starts at $12.67 per month.

4. How can I access ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is incredibly simple to access. To begin, you must create an account on chat.OpenAi.com via email. Then you need to authenticate your account. Following the verification, you must read and accept their terms before you can finally begin chatting.

5. Can I use ChatGPT like Google search?

Well, theoretically, Chat GPT can be used for search, but the version of it is certainly not designed for that. Because, firstly, it does not crawl the web to find the information you need and secondly, it is knowledge-based, meaning the text is trained on. 

 6. Who owns Open AI?

The OpenAI LP, a for-profit division of its business, is managed by the OpenAI board. The members of this board include both workers, such as CEO Sam Altman, Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever, and Chairman Greg Brockman. They along with others have collectively invested $1 billion for its formation.

7. Is Chatgpt down? Why is ChatGPT at capacity?

Yes, users have reported issues for its unavailability. When ChatGPT’s server is overwhelmed with more users than its services can support, the error message “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” is displayed, making it impossible to fulfill your request.

8. What are the most popular queries by ChatGPT users?

ChatGPT users typically search for queries that are related to general knowledge, analyzing a product or service, researching a topic, solving a math problem, researching for a job opening, or finding ways to troubleshoot a device. 

Further, ChatGPT users may use Google search to obtain directions, and search for an address.

9. Who is ChatGPT’s founder?

Chat GPT was launched on 30th of November, 2022, by San Francisco-based OpenAI, which is the creator of DALL. 

10. What is the smartest AI chatbot?

So far Mitsuku, the present winner of the Loebner Prize for the most human-like, has been considered as one of the best AI chatbots. Apart from this, Engati, ProProfs, HubSpot Chatbot builder, Bold360, MobileMonkey, Aivo, Boost.ai are also considered to be the best AI-powered chatbot services.

Opt For The Best ChatGPT Alternative Right Away!

Finally, here we stand at the end of the article where we could undoubtedly speak of the merits and surprises of the AI language model, ChatGPT has given to the entire world with its instant human-like responses. But, the same open source framework  GPT-3 has opened gates for many similar-to-chat gpt solutions that are striving to provide multiple capabilities at the best prices. Therefore, it is your stand to choose which is best for you and would help transform your work.

In case you feel we missed any of the alternatives, please feel free to suggest them in our comments section below. 

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