10+ Best Free IPTV Apps: How to Watch Live TV on Android?

If you’re serious about providing superior-quality streaming video over the web, you must choose the correct IPTV solution.

The top IPTV systems make it simple to find and watch everything from movies and TV shows to instructive videos and how-to guides.

Internet Protocol Television, sometimes known as IPTV, is a newer method of watching television that streams shows through high-speed internet connections rather than the more conventional cable or satellite systems. 

This television programming is sent via the internet to a set-top box.

Because there is a need for more readily available information on the level of service offered, choosing a free tv app service provider may be difficult. We have taken it upon ourselves to determine which IPTV service providers have the highest ratings and deliver on their promises.

The internet’s revolutionary changes have had a profound effect on people’s private lives in addition to the workings of businesses. Everything now heavily depends on the internet, and it’s hard to imagine life without it.

The Following Graph Shows the Increase in IPTV Market Size Between 2021 and 2026:

Free IPTV Market Report 2026 Review

Market Trends: The IPTV Market had a value of USD 72.24 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit USD 194.21 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 17.89% over the predict period 2021 – 2026.ee shipping on all orders.

A Comprehensive List of the Top Free IPTV Firestick Apps—Descriptions Included!

For all your IPTV needs, consult our comprehensive collection of free applications. We’ve dissected each app to provide you with information on the following:

  • Channel
  • Services in many languages
  • Interface
  • Location restrictions

The Downloader app for Firestick is undoubtedly required to install the programs on this list. Also, getting a top-notch VPN for Firestick is a good idea.

The Worls’s Best Free IPTV Services USA, UK & Canada 2023

Now that you know what an IPTV is and why you need it for your FireStick, we can get into the recommendations.

Listed here are the finest IPTV UK for Firestick 2023. You’ll learn all there is to know, from their specs and prices to further details. Examine the many IPTV services for the Fire TV Stick, and choose the one that best fits your needs.


XUMO is a no-cost streaming service that provides access to live and on-demand television without the need for a costly membership.

By forming partnerships with several leading TV producers, XUMO is pre-installed on many smart TVs. There’s also an app for it in the app stores for both iOS and Android.

Registration is not necessary to use the service, which has over 180 channels of live-streaming video and an on-demand library of movies and television episodes.

Key Features of XUMO IPTV
  • Multiple live streams every day (and growing)
  • Free and unlimited access to hundreds of movies and TV series on demand with no monthly fees or hidden costs.
  • News networks and sports networks
  • A built-in EPG (Electronic Program Guide) (EPG)
  • Globally distributed app XUMO

High Compatibility with Other Devices
Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xfinity Flex, Android and iOS devices, and Xfinity X1 are all supported.

  • Favorite TV Shows on the Best Networks
  • Firestick/Fire TV, Android, Roku, iOS, and more are all supported.
  • Managers with special favors
  • Compatible with virtual private networks
  • Disable IP location lock in settings
  • XUMO is not the best place to go if you seek unique material.
What is the pricing model? 

This IPTV app is available at no cost. However, it would help if you only got it from a reliable source.


When it comes to Indian programming, Guru IPTV is your go-to IPTV provider since it offers more than 700 live channels. One of the most well-liked IPTV media players is Guru IPTV, which allows users to watch various TV channels online. 

You may watch several Indian TV networks. People of Indian descent living in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe are the target market for this product. 

The most watched Indian channels are included, with several other neat features. When you subscribe to Guru IPTV, you may watch shows from South Asian nations as well. The TV stations are available for streaming in high definition (HD) or even 4K (Ultra HD) resolution.

Key Features of GURU IPTV
  • IPTV service with more than 100 live Hindi channels.
  • The Live TV show may be paused and rewound easily using Guru IPTV.
  • After seven days, you will no longer be able to watch previously aired TV programmes.
  • HD and Ultra HD resolutions are both streamable.
  • Users will get access to the newest releases from Bollywood.
  • Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telugu, Punjabi, Urdu, and Bengali are just some of the languages represented on its many TV stations.

High Compatibility with Other Devices
It is compatible with Android TV boxes, smart TVs, game consoles, and more, so you may use it with your Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, or any other Android-powered device.

  • There are more than 700 active channels.
  • Proxy-tolerable Virtual Private Networks
  • Disabled IP address location locking
  • Assist from without
  • Help customers through email and a web form.
  • A few buffering difficulties have been reported.
  • Simple activation is provided.
What is the package models? 

Their essential bundle contains various foreign, entertainment, and news channels for less than twenty dollars a month. Although just one connection is included in this bundle, more links may be purchased after placing the order.


Among the several free live TV streaming apps we’ve tried, LiveNetTV was our favorite. Most of the 800 channels we attempted functioned, including the high-quality UK stations, to our delight.

With this software, you may watch movies from around the globe, including a wide variety from Asia. We were impressed by their new video-on-demand offerings. 

If you’re looking to watch an English-language film, you won’t have to do anything more complicated than click on a link and watch the movie immediately.

Key Features of Live Net TV

  • Over 800 channels cover a wide variety of topics and styles.
  • Online Video Streaming Availability
  • Works with Chromecast
  • Premium sports networks available in plenty
  • Several well-known third-party media players are supported.

High Compatibility with Other Mobile Devices:
Live Net TV is a simple and basic program that can be installed on any device running the android box IPTV operating system, whether it is a portable Android phone, Android TV box, Android tablet, or anything else.

  • Extensive channel lineup, second only to Mobdro and Red Box.
  • Long-term stability that has been maintained consistently
  • Regularly revised
  • Having a way to report broken links is quite helpful.
  • The ability to suggest additional channels indicates a flexible programming staff.
  • There have been instances of users having to restart the app and broken connections needing to be fixed. Still, it is always difficult to tell if these problems result from individuals using a VPN player.
What is the pricing model? 

This IPTV app is available at no cost. However, it would help if you only got it from a reliable source.


It’s common knowledge that downloading an IPTV app is required to see live TV content via the internet. Many IPTV apps have emerged recently, but TVTap has emerged as a leader and is rapidly expanding its user base. Here is my verdict on the TVTap app to help you decide whether it’s worth downloading.

TVTap is a fantastic program for watching videos, movies, and other media online in streaming format. TVTap is compatible with many mobile devices, including Firestick, a standalone Android box, and even a smartphone or tablet. In our TVTap App Review, we’ll review some of the highlights of this rapidly expanding IPTV app so you can see what you’re missing out on if you have yet to try it out.

Key Features of TVTAP IPTV

  • Enables uninterrupted video playback without waiting for the material to load.
  • There is no signup procedure needed.
  • The layout is straightforward, essential, and intuitive.
  • Media from all around the globe may be streamed live to your computer.
  • All Android smartphones are fully supported.

High Compatibility with Other Devices:
TVTap Apk is a fantastic live stream website that allows you to view all of your favorite news and sports channels on your Amazon Firestick, Android, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android TV Box devices.

  • TvTap Pro is an ancient program with a wide variety of new and classic movies in all languages.
  • TVTap Pro lets you install Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv.
  • Bookmark your favorite movies. Bookmarks make streaming URLs easy to find.
  • All app streaming connections work. Use the backup link for defunct streaming links.
  • Usually, people don’t like the quality of the streams.
  • The picture is a bit blurry.
What is the pricing model?

It is a free Live IPTV that provides unlimited channels you can enjoy with your friends and family. Unfortunately, it’s buggy software with questionable connections that aren’t suited to watching live sports.


In Plex, you may watch live television from 162 different channels. We can only guarantee that some of these stations are something you’ll like watching. The live TV guide was fantastic since it allowed me to locate various programs that piqued my attention quickly. That’s promising news that there are exciting things to watch here.

In addition, you may watch TV series and movies whenever you want. It’s like Netflix; ads finance that.

Many categories make it easy to find what you’re looking for, and the vast number of titles is a nice bonus. You may check out what Plex thinks you’ll like by visiting the browse page. Genres and studios/providers are also available for browsing.

Key Features of PLEX IPTV
  • Live TV app that doesn’t cost a dime
  • More than 80 different types of live channels (and growing)
  • The Plex app is available for download from all the major app stores.
  • With an integrated EPG (Electronic Program Guide) (EPG)
  • Disabled IP address location locking

High Compatibility with Other Devices:
A wide variety of devices, including browsers, Android phones, iOS devices, streaming devices, computers, tablets, and game consoles, may be linked to Plex TV.

  • Optional, but Capable, Free Version
  • Easy-to-use, cross-platform applications
  • Quickly set up
  • Variety of video streaming options, including live and recorded shows
  • Only user forums provide help for HTPCs.
  • Reduced Variety of Theme Options for User Interfaces
  • Eliminated options like gaming and podcasting.
What is the pricing model? 

If you are curious about file hosting4 or don’t have any pressing need for advanced options, you may sign up for a free Plex account. Instead, power users should consider upgrading to a premium Plex Pass membership, which can be purchased for $4.99 a month, $39.99 a year, or $119.99 for life.


The newest movies, TV series, live TV channels, sports, and (optional) pornographic material may all be accessed free with Strix. The Strix app can be sideloaded onto all Firesticks and other Fire TV devices, including most android box IPTV streaming players.

Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Adult, Watchlists, and Settings are just some of the options available in this app.

Strix can do its job by crawling the web and searching for no-cost incoming links. Still, Real Debrid is the best option for link scraping. When you pay for the Real Debrid service, you can access exclusive features, including a premium link search. This allows for many uninterrupted, high-quality connections, even at 4K resolution.

Key Features of STRIX App
  • Free of charge IPTV app
  • Hundreds of live channels
  • Access to movies and TV programs through video-on-demand
  • Fire TV sticks and Android devices are supported.
  • Accessible and straightforward APK download and installation with Downloader
  • Virtual Private Network-compatible

High Compatibility with Other Devices:
This program may be loaded on any device, e.g. Firestick, Fire Cube, Nvidia Shield, Android box, Chromecast, phones, tablets, PC and more.

  • Mainstream sports networks and certain pay-per-view events
  • Large-scale media outlets
  • Broadcasting on a global scale
  • Adjusting the dials
  • Playback in external players
  • However, the app’s Live TV and Sports coverage is spotty at best.
  • A lot of the time, streams won’t play or load.
What is the pricing model?

This IPTV service is all free, but you can add additional streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.


Next in line for app downloads after Modbro is one dubbed Oreo TV, which allows users to watch live television. This APK has been out there for a while and is compatible with any streaming device. Oreo TV provides access to over 6,000 movies and live TV stations. It may be purchased internationally from places including the United States, India, Spain, Australia, and others.

Since the Firestick is your primary TV companion, this app is ideal for your in-room streaming session.

Key Features of OREO TV APK
  • Your number of available TV channels is unrestricted.
  • Videos and TV shows may be seen online.
  • Movies and TV shows may be downloaded and watched offline.
  • The program has a simple and easy-to-use UI.
  • The rate at which data can be streamed has increased significantly.

High Compatibility with Other Devices:
Oreo TV is a top-rated live TV app that can be used on a wide variety of Android devices, including smart TVs, Android boxes, the Fire Stick, the MI Box, Roku, the NVIDIA Shield, the Fire TV 4K, and more.

  • It has a video player that is compatible with many different file types.
  • The root is unnecessary.
  • Registration and subscription are both extreme.
  • Everything here is in stunning high definition.
  • In addition, it lacks formal compatibility for a wide variety of devices.
  • Subtitling services may be unavailable.
What is the pricing model?

It’s a free IPTV service and doesn’t require a subscription.


GSE is one of the few available systems allowing extensive user interface customization. Users may alter the app’s visual style by selecting from various available themes on this platform. To begin streaming material with GSE, you must first create a content source or playlist, just as with other IPTV providers in UK.

The system supports numerous well-liked video formats. The software works with both internal and external subtitles. Switching between 31 different languages is possible with this program without adjusting any settings.

GSE Smart IPTV is a top-tier android box IPTV software for user-defined streaming. Both live and VOD streaming are supported via the platform’s API. The subtitles and automatic language change are handy features.


  • Chromecast functionality is included right in this IPTV player.
  • You may integrate the Xtream Codes API and M3U URL.
  • Dynamic language switching may be allowed.
  • Moreover, you may enable parental controls.
  • You may alter this program’s aesthetic to suit your needs.

High Compatibility with Other Devices:
GSE Smart IPTV Lite is the finest IPTV app for newcomers, compatible with Android, FireStick, Android TV Box, Windows, and iOS gadgets.

  • Acceptance of Chromecast.
  • Coding interface for XStream.
  • Strict discipline from the parents.
  • The live stream will connect to your device automatically.
  • Intermittent pausing.
What is the pricing model?

The GSE IPTV App has no hidden costs. The creators don’t charge you a dime to use it, and you may use the IPTV Player and Video player among its many features.

9.Red Bull TV

With Red Bull TV, you can watch athletic events from across the globe on your mobile device. The app allows users to watch free live sporting events such as the World Rally Championship, mountain bike races, and motorcycle championships. The software is free of charge without any hidden costs or advertisements.

Red Bull TV’s Augmented Reality function is its crowning achievement. For instance, the software provides a photorealistic, three-dimensional representation of the actual course of the mountain race, complete with zoom, rotation, and other valuable features. The app features a part where you can chat with your favorite sports stars.

Red Bull TV has a wealth of athletic programming that will appeal to those interested in extreme sports like mountain bike racing. However, the app’s cutting-edge augmented reality technology sets it apart from the competition.

Key Features of RED Bull TV

  • Grouping of accessible materials into distinct categories
  • Very simple to use and choose a particular program.
  • Flexible app interface with separate tabs for Home, Browse, Events, Account, and Search.
  • Shows that are featured or broadcast live play automatically.
  • Superior Augmented Reality Technology.
  • View events in real-time, like shows and games.
  • Video playback without an internet connection.
  • Included are previews, interviews, and recaps of the next game that are only available here.
  • The interface’s navigation could be more precise.

What is the pricing model?

Red Bull IPTV is free of cost.


Since its release in 2017, Ola TV has been the app with the most selection of channels available. With a variety of over 50,000 media from all around the globe, it is one of the most excellent live-streaming apps out today. And in particular for individuals who seek TV from less common nations like Albania but have trouble locating channels on services like Mobdro and Red Box.

The app is constantly updated; the current version is the fifth iteration. Many users have returned since the app reduced the number of advertisements that appeared in the first three editions.

Ola TV is an Android app that functions similarly to other TV streaming services. However, it focuses only on providing links to live television broadcasts rather than movies and television series. Web scrapers in the program scour the web for active TV links, which are then made available to users.

Key Features of OLA TV IPTV
  • Spotless and straightforward for the user interface based on tiles
  • Ultra-thin use
  • A selection of 50,000 channels is available.
  • Large numbers of different nations
  • Buffering delays during live TV have been minimized by updating the software.

High Compatibility with Other Devices:
The Ola TV app is compatible with any Android operating system device.

  • The sheer amount and variety of programming it provides and the wide range of nations it serves are unsurpassed.
  • IPTV Droid, a company well-known for its IPTV applications, such as Relax TV, is responsible for its creation.
  • Easily searchable and accessible programming.
  • Use the menus to get to a particular chapter, nation, genre, or city.
  • If you often watch the same shows, save them to a custom playlist in the Favorites section.
  • Aimed only towards real-time broadcasting and not at recorded content
  • The equivalent of a Reddit or a Facebook group without any members.
  • Ad fatigue on Ola TV was a problem, but recent modifications have helped reduce the number of adverts that play repeatedly.
What is the pricing model?

OlaTV relies on advertisements to make money while being ad-supported.


It will help if you are looking for an IPTV app with a simple UI. It’s best to use applications that are compatible with devices like Chromecast and Fire TV Stick. 

The app should be able to play videos from a URL or M3U playlist. Connectivity and channel diversity should be sufficient. It must be open to the local press. 

Seek for programs that provide reliable customer service, ideally with a live chat feature available around the clock. Video recording capabilities are a significant selling point for mobile apps. Choose a mobile app that includes a digital program guide.

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