10 Best OBS Alternatives For Recording (Top Free & Paid)

“Looking for a similar OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) studio software for recording and streaming high-quality videos? Then this guide comes to your disposal.”

These days, we can see everyone with a selfie stick capturing videos to broadcast to their friends on YouTube, FB, or Instagram.

Do you agree with me on this? 

Well, as long as it remains within the circle, it is fine to use any recording and live streaming platform. But, businesses and game players cannot stick around basic software for live streaming and they need to up their game if they want to grab millions of viewers.

Well, OBS studio is a good choice, but if we consider the CPU consumption and its setup, it lags thus proving a need for alternatives.

And that’s where we come across.

Below, is a detailed guide on the 10 best alternatives to OBS studio for screen recording, video creation, and live streaming. 

Let’s cut to the chase then!

What are OBS Alternatives?

top obs software reviews

OBS alternatives are other possibilities or choices that game players or content creators can choose for recording, creating, and live-streaming videos to audiences. 

Some alternatives can be free like the open broadcaster software, while others may come with a small subscription fee.

Which is the Better Alternative to OBS?

While open broadcaster software (OBS) is an ideal option for creators and gamers to stream content without any hitch.

It is not considered to be the best pick considering its memory consumption, easiness, and usage. 

Therefore, there are several better alternatives to OBS, which we will see in the post below.

Why Should We Use an OBS Alternative?

Below are a few reasons that explain why one should go ahead with an OBS alternative:

  • As OBS Studio was created through donations and inputs from the general public, it is free to use, but you need to pay for any extra features.
  • Their interface is not responsive and is devoid of intuitiveness,
  • Does not hold video editing features.
  • It is tough for novices who do not know the video industry.
  • Its features are not streamlined.
  • Does not support mobile apps and recording from multiple input sources.

Are you now clear on why you should move on to an OBS alternative? Now, let us see,

What Features to Look for in An OBS Alternative Platform?

Just keep in mind to check out the below features in your choice of recording software.

  1. Easy and Responsive UI: Your choice of recording software must include robust features that are easily understandable even by beginners and pros.
  2. HQ Audio/Video Recordings: It is required that the software you opt for provides video and audio streaming in 4k or HD quality. Because, you can invest your pennies in purchasing a high-quality camera or microphone, but if your software does not support that resolution, it is of no use. Therefore, software that supports up to 720p HD videos and lossless WAV audio is recommended.
  3. Multiple Input Recordings: Always look out for software that allows you to record your videos from multiple input sources like your screen, external camera, webcam, capture card, and more.
  4. Two-basic Phenomena: Now, we will discuss two terminologies that you must see in a recording and streaming application;
  5. Double-ender Recording: It is a type of recording that automatically stores remote participant’s video and audio content on their device. It is applicable for conducting remote interviews.
  6. Multi-track Recording: This type of recording allows users to save audio and video tracks separately, which comes of use during the editing process.
  7. 5. Additional Attributes: Along with the above features, if your OBS studio alternative software has the following attributes, then you can turn your video footage into masterpieces.
  • Editing Capabilities
  • Guest Interviews
  • Mobile Apps
  • Live or multi-streaming
  • Transcription Tools

So what say, shall we see the alternatives and their details in the section below?

10 Best OBS Alternatives for Video Creators (2024 Reviews)

Here’s a list of the top 10 OBS alternatives in the market that are drafted based on user preferences, reviews, features, compatibility, and pricing

Let us see what they are:


“The Next-gen Premium Alternative Of The OBS Studio!”

OnTheFly is revolutionizing the digital landscape by offering best-in-class recording, creating videos, and multistreaming capabilities. Thus proving it to be the global leader in the streaming celluloid.

onthefly stream

Plus, whether you’re a rookie star or a professional creator searching for the best OBS alternative for recording and broadcasting videos, OnTheFly is the apt provider for all your webinars, virtual events, live demos, or podcast recordings.

What are its highlights?

  1. Multistreaming
  2. Podcasting
  3. Co-hosting
  4. Stream links
  5. Real-time chat interactions
  6. Vibrant chat themes
  7. Customizations
  8. Virtual backgrounds and effects

and more!

What are we best at?
  • Quick setup in 5 minutes
  • Platform and device-friendly
  • No need for installation or downloads
  • Options to save streams
What makes us lag?
  • Our mobile app is still on the roadmap.

Other Key Metrics

  • We are best for- Live streaming, podcasting, webinars, recording quality streams
  • Compatibility– Windows, mac, Linux
  • Pricing Options- Free and paid plans


The Easiest OBS Alternative For Live Streaming!

This web-based multistreaming and recording platform is accoladed as the prominent alternative to OBS for its device compatibility, rich features, and streaming options.


However, one must analyze the platform’s requirements before deciding on its usage as there are downsides to it, which most creators don’t adore.

What are its highlights?
  • Co-hosting up to 10 guests
  • Third-party integration services
  • Monetization 
  • Custom branding
  • Real-time chats
  • Multistreaming
What are they best at?
  • No software downloads
  • Several engagement tools
  • Supports uploading pre-recorded content
What makes them lag?
  • The quality of recordings is fairly optimal
  • Their URLs can be used only once.
  • Does not have a mobile app
  • Limited editing tools

Other Key Features

  • They are best for– Live streaming, podcasting, webinars, and virtual shows
  • Compatibility– Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
  • Pricing Options– $20 per month

3.Streamlabs OBS

A Cloud-based OBS Alternative!

Inspired by the OBS software, Streamlabs OBS is like a junior version of the open broadcaster software, which was created to offer a top-notch user interface.


Plus, it stands as a wise option among creators for its free nature though not flexible like other recording software. 

Yet another aspect that makes Streamlabs OBS a hit amongst users is the ability to accept tips from Livestream viewers.

What are its highlights?
  • Hotkeys & Overlays
  • Recording
  • Analytics
  • Live Chat
  • Multimedia Support
  • Editing Tools
What are they best at?
  • The platform supports multistreaming
  • Has mobile app
  • Supports local recording option
What makes them lag?
  • Only macOS support
  • Does not support multitrack recording

4.XSplit Broadcaster

Another Best OBS Alternative For Recording!

XSplit Broadcaster makes screen recording and video hosting easy with its suite of features, easy UI, and flexible streaming options.

Plus, with XSplit Broadcaster, users can get inputs from multiple sources like Zoom or Discord and can manage scene layouts on the go. Thus making it a better alternative to OBS.

What are its highlights?
  • Split screen mode
  • Scene presets
  • Noise suppression
  • Audio level adjustments
  • Custom transitions
  • Chroma key threshold


A Cool Alternative To The OBS Studio Software!

From audio mixing to multi-track recording to video feeds, Wirecast comes to live streamers as the best alternative to OBS studio at premium price tags.

As a result of which, it is not much grabbed by rookie creators. With these, the software also needs a learning curve and only a professional video editor can use it with ease.


A Lightweight OBS Alternative!

Designed or built primarily for gameplay, Bandicam is a popular game recorder that is rated as the best alternative to OBS software by gamers. 


Besides recording gameplay, it supports live video recording, real-time drawing, scheduling recordings, and chroma-keying too.

7.Lightstream Studio

“A Premium OBS Alternative for Live Streaming”

Lightstream Studio is a treat to the creator’s eyes as it amalgamates the right portion of creative features and streaming quality to yield high-resolution videos in your browsers.

You need not download any apps or plugins to use them, and enjoy its merits like cloud sync, drag-and-drop widgets for design creation, and remote controls. 

However, certain features are priced at higher fares, which can be disappointing to some users.


“Best Alternative To OBS Screen Recording”

The best part of this alternative is that ShareX is very powerful in its design and features. From offering exquisite customization options to automating tasks to recording attributes, it is a hit in the market.

With these, users just love the easy and quick process from capturing screens to uploading images to moving them to the cloud to broadcasting. Every step is a time-saver.

Plus, even this alternate recorder does not need any plugin to install. 


“The Most-similar Alternative To OBS”

A Completely free and open-source tool just like the open broadcaster software, FFsplit is a live stream creation utility that allows users to record videos from multiple sources and form them to a single video feed.

However, the main point to be considered is that it’s always under maintenance and not regularly updated. So have a check on its work clature before starting with the platform. 


“The Best Video Mixing Alternative To OBS”

vMix comes as a great option for creators who are looking to record and stream videos simultaneously. 

Plus, the platform allows content creators to record videos from multiple inputs like audio and video, cameras and then stream at the same time. 

Concluding Notes!

There you go- with the list of 10 best OBS software alternatives for different OS.

To conclude, we highlight the aspect that it does not matter which platform you are using, whether it is Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS, there are recording and streaming applications for all.

However, if you need a single live streaming platform that is platform-friendly, easy to set up, supports co-hosting, and gives flexible editing options, then look no further than OnTheFly. 

Get started with us or leave a comment below if you are interested!


1.Do professionals use OBS?

Not many use the OBS software for screen recording, video editing, or live streaming, because of its deep learning curve and not-so-responsive features.

2.Is there a better option than OBS?

Yes, OnTheFly comes as the best alternative for OBS as it is simple to use, has an intuitive UI, comes packed with editing tools, and abundant features that make them worth trying.

3.Is Obs the best streaming software?

Yes, it is considered to be one of the best streaming software in the market for it being open-sourced and powerful. 

But, many creators and businesses prefer to use a live streaming platform that’s easy to use and has exquisite features.

4.Which is better, Streamlabs or OBS?

Though both are free to use and offer good video resolutions, OBS is preferred over Streamlabs as the latter tends to slow down the user system.

5.Is OBS the best recording software?

Well, OBS is free to use and needs third-party integrations to use complex features. Meanwhile, you can use OnTheFly’s video recording platform to find the best UI/UX, podcasts, and webinar recordings, multistreaming capabilities, and budget-friendly options.

6.How to stream without OBS?

For this, you can choose platforms like OnTheFly that look after recording screens, video creation, and live streaming content across multiple social channels without any glitches.

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