Top 10 Best VPN Services For the USA, UK, Canada & India! [2024 Reviews]

Many VPNs have aimed to create a tunnel for people of distinctive countries to access data that is not available in normal ways.”

Very true indeed but is the work of a VPN restricted to only offering services? 

Well, not as you can say because here comes both the good news and the bad one. The bad news is that from governing agencies to advertisers, everyone in the world is after finding new ways to access user data. But, the good news is that there is a fix to this massive surveillance problem through the use of a VPN. 

VPNs can act as a modicum of security in addition to forming an entry point to streaming content, gaming, and torrenting websites that do not cater to specific target audiences. Some OTTs do not allow streaming content because users may not reside within the geographic limit as positioned by the platform. 

Well, if you’re interested to learn more about what exquisites it offers, or a member of the isolated geography hoping to watch the content of your choice, this blog is for you. 

Let’s Start with, What is a Virtual Private Network?

best vpn service reviews

VPN, full form for Virtual Private Network, is a technology that allows users’ data from getting snooped by malicious attackers over the internet. It offers maximum privacy on all information transmitted across the channel by forming a secure private network on top of a public network connection. 

Here, the user’s internet protocol address will be masked making it difficult to trace others. VPN is considered to be by far the best secure connection establisher.

Is this, Why Should you opt for a VPN?

Well, maybe yes, this could be the prime reason because it provides businesses with an encrypted server and hides all IP addresses from corporations, governing agencies, and so-called hackers. 

A VPN is said to withhold security even while using public or shared Wi-Fi. Other positive reasons would include:

  • VPN’s network is fast and so many audiences are attracted to it.
  • A VPN will not hamper the site’s performance during a sudden traffic hike.
  • Users can optimize all tools and resources as they get access to the root server.
  • All the data including files and database info are secured.
  • Processing power or memory does not get affected by any type of fluctuations.
  • Upgradation of existing server resources is possible like RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth.

Now that you know how beneficial a VPN can be, let us next see,

The Top-Picked VPNs So Far By Our Experts

Coming to the list of the most sought-after VPN services are Nord, Express, and Bluff. They are the main highlights of the town when it comes to streaming capacity, security, and encryption wise. 

Thus, without any further ado, let us see why they stand at the top and the list of other VPN service providers below.

Top Premium 10 VPN Service Providers of 2024! [UK, USA & Canada]

Here, in the list below, we will see a clear understanding or a differentiation of the importance, benefits, and reasons why you should choose any of the following for your platform. Based on the highlights, some of these can come in handy for your virtual business. 

So, starting with,

In 2024, the top vpn service reviews: ✔️Nord VPN, ✔️Express VPN, ✔️Private Internet Access, ✔️Proton VPN, ✔️Cyber Ghost VPN are the best vpn companies in the online market.

1. Nord VPN

“The Prime Online VPN Service For Speed & Security”

It is not astonishing to learn that NordVPN is the best in offering great VPN services for the US, Canada, and other parts of the Western Coast because of the existence of stable servers. 

True to learn that Nord covers a vast geography of over 60 plus countries and holds over 5200 + servers for eternal stability, security, and minimal latency.

Users can make use of this VPN for accessing streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others, and their user interface is also friendly thus not creating any type of restrictions.

What makes them a standout?
  • Dark Web Monitor: NordVPN has a unique feature that immediately lets users know when their credentials are leaked onto the dark web.
  • Meshnet: Nord VPN helps in creating meshnet that allows users to connect to any remote device over secure and encrypted tunnels and route traffic likewise.
  • Fastest VPN: Users can find both security and speed in a single service because Nord has a global edge infra thus making it easy to deliver low latent streams across devices.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: For ensuring maximum security across all devices and logins, they offer multi-factor authentication to authorize the right personnel to enter the device.
  • Split Tunneling Support: Splitting traffic to different routes to deliver a seamless viewing experience is the main idea behind this feature.
  • Private DNS: We get that public DNS queries reveal a lot of your online or personal lives. Therefore, shield your activities with Nord’s private DNS.
Its Pros
  • Their servers do not hold any type of customer data thus promising best-in-class security.
  • Nord’s new feature comes with ad-free, trackers, and all types of malware.
  • Compatible across multiple devices and platforms like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and across all browsers.
  • They offer a new deal for new users providing over 63% off.
Its Cons
  • They offer money-back guarantee but its period is limited to 30 days.
  • Bit high priced compared to its peers.
  • The standard plan does not offer prime security features.
How are they priced?

NordVPN offers three types of a plan named Standard, Plus, and Complete on a monthly, per year, and 2-year basis. Users consider the Complete plan as their best choice which comes with $6.69 per month.

2. Express VPN

“The VPN That Just Works For Android And All”

Besides the fact that it is a user-friendly service provider, Express VPN also houses a privacy-friendly VPN server that makes use of its own DNS to protect data from malicious attacks.  

This private server and other end-to-end encryption technologies have made it difficult for well-versed hackers to decrypt user data. And if the VPN fails at any point in time, users can save online activities through the Kill Switch feature.

Expressvpn offers over 3000 trusted servers that include all RAM-only, and no logging policy. This policy ensures that users’ data are not monitored at any time.

What makes them a standout?
  • Vast Reach: Expressvpn has spread its services to over 94 geographies and users can select server locations from any of those. Also, this helps in reducing the buffering speed of videos.
  • Best Security: With the usage of end-to-end encryption, AES-256-bit encryption technique, and other protocols, their service is trusted by several security experts
  • Compatibility: Express is compatible across multiple devices and platforms and supports over 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Live Support: They can support users at any time to resolve queries regarding setup and troubleshooting with the help of 24-hour live chat capabilities. 
  • Fast Speed: With them, experience a lightning fast speed, smoother streaming, throttle-free browsing, and many more without compromising on the speed.
Its Pros
  • Dedicated threat manager blocks all unwanted sites and apps that are known to be malicious.
  • Supports up to 5 device connections without any hassles.
  • Users can watch content through Expressvpn from any part of the world.
  • Dedicated technical support to handle all customer queries.
Its Cons
  • Their features are so much that it makes it difficult to get a grasp all at once.
  • Pricing can be explained in detail to users.
  • Express hasn’t said their platform to be an ad-free one.

How are they priced?

Expressvpn offers three plans every three months. For the first month, they bill $12.95 per month and charge $8.32 every year. The plan’s pricing gets reduced after the first month which is an added advantage.

Also, they include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Private Internet Access

“The #1 Best All-Around VPN On The Planet”

From quick and instant access to worldwide servers to offering dedicated technical support all around the clock to being 100% open-source VPN software, Private Internet Access is surely a must-go option for those seeking the best VPN application.

If you ask us why you should choose Private then there are plenty of highlights which we will see below in addition to the fact that they are the cheapest in the market.

Additionally, one gets to enjoy advanced, privacy-focused benefits like no logging policy, world-class security protocols, options to block ads, and an email breach scanner that comes free of cost.

To use Private Internet Access, you need not be technical because you can simply purchase the plan, download the app, and turn on the PIA VPN, that’s all.

What makes them a standout?
  • Open-source Technology: PIA claims to be a hundred percent open-source and completely transparent to users. Their codes are publicly available and give a chance to verify and rectify errors if any.
  • Advanced Split Tunneling: They allow you to set custom rules for different apps and websites to automatically use or split the tunnel during traffic.
  • Kill Switch: In case of a drop in VPN connection, this feature ensures complete protection against data leakage.
  • Different Payments: PIA supports payments via cryptocurrencies and third-party gift cards to seal the payer’s identity.
  • Ad-Blocking: To help protect sites from ads, trackers, and other malware activities, PIA’s MACE is a DNS-based ad blocker that exists on the platform.
its Pros
  • PIA technical support experts are available 24/7 and offer methods like live chat, emails, and knowledge base articles.
  • Guaranteed and cheapest price compared to all other VPN providers.
  • They are completely open-source, have powerful encryption, can block ads, provide unlimited bandwidth, and possess no logging policy.
  • Supports tons of customizations.
Its Cons
  • Does not streamline well with major hosting platforms.
  • PIA does not offer their services to South Asian countries.
  • Their app interface can be improved and made attractive
How are they priced?

PIA offers three pricing plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their basic plans start from Rs. 900 per month and their advanced is billed at Rs.150 per month in which you get 3 years + 3 months free of service. 

Plus, they support up to 10 devices simultaneously.

4. Proton VPN

“High-Speed Swiss VPN Safeguarding Privacy”

Proton VPN that is known to be the world’s only community-supported and secure VPN service that caters to a larger sector of over 67 countries to date. Amazing isn’t it?

They consider their values to be complete transparency, dedicated honesty, first-grade security, excellent technical knowledge, and much more that ought to be a great benefit for users.

Additionally, their features are very unique in the market that gets to catch the eye of the beholder, which we will shortly see in the below section. 

What makes them a standout?
  • Stream From Anywhere: Proton VPN allows users to access streaming data from anywhere in the globe as it unblocks the popular streaming services as per user request. 
  • VPN Accelerator: It is one of the unique features of VPN Proton that is said to spike up its speed by 400%. It achieves this rate by overcoming CPU limitations.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Users tend to experience a stutter-free reception of streams and media because of the multiple stable servers that are designed to hold gigabytes of bandwidth.
  • Secured & Easy: Proton VPN is designed to withstand any cyber-attacks or malware activities by downsizing incorrect and unauthorized access to the system. It achieves this with the help of strong encryption protocols.
  • Limitless Freedom: This particular VPN breaks down all the barriers of internet censorship allowing everyone, even the journalist to access any website or content or Proton Mail.
Its Pros
  • They offer a 30-day money back guarantee upon not liking the service.
  • Proton helps users to break down the barriers of censorship.
  • A free version of Proton VPN is available to the public that is devoid of any caches or ads.
  • Completely secure, fast, and is compatible with multiple platforms and devices.
Its Cons
  • Limited servers catering to Asian regions and users encounter VPN blocks at times.
  • Prone to be little gimmicky
  • Absence of P2P availability and holds only email support.
How are they priced?

Proton VPN has plans for everyone and every aspect of business needs. Their pricing package starts from 9.99 Euros on a monthly basis to 4.99 Euros for two years. We see it is beneficial to opt for a longer time.

5. Cyber Ghost VPN

“Helps Keep Things Safe & Secure Eternally”

Just as the name sounds, a real ghost in securing all your browsing and streaming needs. Considered to be a one-click solution for all kinds of privacy, their servers are perfect for everyone.

Be it uninterrupted streaming or comprehensive anonymity or secure and quick downloads, Ghost is the best choice among its peers. 

Additionally, Ghost is completely compatible across multiple devices, platforms, and browsers. The best part is that they can be used on gaming consoles too. Let us quickly look at what highlights they offer par from other providers.

What makes them a standout?
  • Safeguard Digital Data: Cyber Ghost is known to keep internet activity hidden from ISP, hackers, advertisers, and even the governing agencies from strict encryption tools and protocols. Also, none will be aware of the real location of users.
  • Unmatched Compatibility: They allow connection of over 7 devices at once with a single and unique subscription. Further, they are compatible across Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Firesticks, and game consoles.
  • Large Server Fleet: With the existence of global servers across different regions like America, Europe, and Asia, users can access their favorite content from anywhere in the world.
  • Strong Encryption: With the help of strong encryption tools and protocols in-built into the VPN, Ghost allows to hide user location and scramble internet traffic from the outside world in the simplest way possible.
  • Dedicated Technical Support: Ghost offers live chat and email support to users to request their queries and get responses in multiple languages.
Its Pros
  • Cyber Ghost is not known to slow down internet speed connection of users
  • This particular VPN can be used to protect up to 7 devices at a single time
  • They are considered to be a legal VPN to be used in several parts of the world
  • Ghost is by far the most secure VPN as it uses unbreakable 256-bit encryption
Its Cons
  • They aren’t free but do offer a money-back guarantee plan to users.
  • Cyber does not have a no-logging policy and claims to offer best customer care which they don’t.
  • Have limited payment options
How are they priced?

Cyber plans are known to strengthen digital privacy with its different models. Their pricing options keep reducing as the months increase, like they bill users Rs. 965 per month and Rs. 560 for six months.

6. Surf Shark VPN

“A VPN To Secure Digital Life In The Best Way Possible”

Get a chance to secure your digital life with Surf Shark which lets you browse privately, limits internet traffic, and helps you maintain your digital freedom in the best way possible.

Coming in line with Surf Shark lets you access unlimited devices, maintains no log policy, imbibes strict security rules, delivers high-speed content, and houses a dedicated technical support team, all of which are benchmarked to be the best.

Plus, their excellent app leaves a mark in the minds of people that is lately getting embraced as the best potential in the list of VPN providers. With Surf Shark’s single package, get four tools to protect your content and presence. 

What makes them a standout?
  • Secure Identity: With Surf Shark VPN services, secure your identity and prevent tracking of your online data from governing agencies, hackers, bots, or anyone.
  • Customizable Security: This particular VPN gives users an option to schedule full scans on their devices and apps to run protection against any type of virus.
  • Block Ads: Enjoy complete privacy and buffer-free streaming of data with this VPN that doesn’t allow you to show any ads or content in the middle.
  • Unmatched Speed: With the presence of multiple servers at different locations, they promise users to deliver a smooth viewing experience seamlessly. 
Its Pros
  • It is greatly compatible with multiple platforms and delivers media at the best speed.
  • Ensures smooth streaming of even geo-blocked content.
  • Comes at great and excellent prices and possess extra features that’s not seen in many.
  • Supports multi-hop connections in safe and private mediums.
Its Cons
  • Customer service is not up to the mark and considered to be dodgy.
  • They claim their P2P behavior to be excellent but it’s erratic.
  • Surf has a very weak social media presence.
How are they priced?

Surf Shark supports multiple payment methods, starting from credit card to PayPal to many other mediums. And, they bill users Rs.1054 for a month to Rs. 202 for two years. Almost all their plans hold the same VPN services.

7. TunnelBear VPN

” Provides The More Secure Way To Browse Web”

Like they go with their slogan, Bear helps protect your browsing data from prying eyes and encrypts your internet connection from malicious hackers with their strong protocols and standards. Worth giving a try I must say!

Apart from these, TunnelBear caters its services to over 47+ countries and is engineered for the best security one can rely on and the speed one would surely admire.  Their encryption is of high standards as they make use of AES 256-bit encryption.

Maybe, because of these reasons, millions of people trust TunnelBear and respect their privacy measures. But, is it all that Bear offers? Well, a straight-forward no, because they give you a chance to get amazed with the following features:

What makes them a standout?
  • Bypass Local Censorship: If you are residing in locations that do not let you access certain media content, TunnelBear unblocks those streams by changing your location to a virtual one.
  • Prevent Password Theft: Using public Wi-Fi is always a risk to take from one’s end but TunnelBear helps users from this difficulty by giving a safe passage to browse.
  • Avoids IP Tracking: Bear blocks all ads and pop-ups on any browser and streaming content because ad services use this info to track one’s behavioral pattern.
  • Access Any Content: They believe in the concept of globalization and thus not offering their services to certain regions, anyone from anywhere can access the data.
  • Unmatched Speed: Give way to speed throttling and unlock apps that are known to run on higher speeds because Bear has almost 900 servers spread globally. 
Its Pros
  • They are free to use, easy to set up, and inject a beautiful design theme for users.
  • Bear has a wide server network of over 900 servers spread across 20 plus countries.
  • Also, they do not save any of the user’s logs at any point of time.
  • Bear has passed the average speed test on both national and international levels.
Its Cons
  • They include a lot of ads and pop-ups making it annoying and difficult.
  • Bear support team is not that helpful with their services limited to specific modes.
  • The device limit restriction to 5 also works as a spoiler.
How are they priced?

Their pricing is not mentioned explicitly on their website. Therefore, to get full details on the pricing part, please reach out to their sales team.

8. IP Vanish VPN

“A VPN To Protect Your Privacy With Advanced Security”

IPVanish is an appealing, resilient, and secure VPN provider in the town that has checked all the top features to build a bounty of use cases. From being compatible with a large number of devices to offering tight security to being a no-logging provider, its services can never be seen among any other peer.

They give users everything they need to imbibe perfect and ideal data streaming in addition to offering top-notch IP shielding, great armoring of privacy, and more. 

Here, they route all the internet traffic through a secure server that you choose, which in turn helps to protect your online data from ad agencies and malicious attackers.

What makes them a standout?
  • Huge Server Base: Covering over 2000+ servers in around 75 plus locations, their global access is unimaginable. Due to this, users get a chance to stream data without any lags, buffers, or jitters.
  • Great Technical Support: In case you need any assistance, Vanish is available to serve users 24/7 via live chats, emails, and phone calls. Additionally, they also include a FAQ and knowledge base.
  • Advanced Encryption: Vanish helps to safeguard all user data from unauthorized access with the aid of E2E techniques and strong privacy protocols.
  • No-Logging Policy: Wave off the tension of ad agencies and pop-ups amid your stream with this VPN provider that blocks with no traffic log policy.
  • Unmetered Connections: IPVanish yet another important feature is the unmetered connection that it offers on every account. This trait helps to connect multiple devices on a single VPN network concurrently. 
Its Pros
  • They have a good infrastructure and are compatible with almost every device.
  • Vanish is very strong in security aspects because of the forced 256-bit encryption and other protocols.
  • They possess enough speed to stream 8k videos.
  • Also, offer good pricing without any lock-in periods.
Its Cons
  • Customer support can be enhanced
  • Their client application portal is not up to the mark
  • Vanish has privacy issues and lacks server optimizations
How are they priced?

They offer three plans that best suit every business needs. From offering $11.99 per month to $3.99 on a quarterly basis, IPVanish’s plans are remarkable in terms of discounts and offers. Also, they offer a 30-day free risk benefit to users.

9. TailScale VPN

“A VPN That Makes Privacy And Networking Easy”

People benefit a lot with TailScale in their hands as the VPN can be rolled out in minutes and devices can be connected directly from any networking domain without creating hassles in the firewall.

Additionally, they help users connect with TailScale with any existing identity provider to easily manage groups, security, privacy, and other content. If there is a VPN that holds strong security without handling any pain, this has to be your VPN provider.

Without any ado, let us look at the prime highlights. 

What makes them a standout?
  • Automatic Key Rotation: To ensure utmost security while streaming content, this VPN provider uses the concept of automatic hourly and daily key rotation mechanisms to minimize the risk of key stealth.
  • NAT Traversal: Helps to connect devices with each other regardless of the time between them by navigating firewalls with the NAT Traversal technique.
  • Low Latency: Because of the existence of multiple servers at different locations, it makes it possible for this VPN provider to minimize lags that may occur while buffering content.
  • Audit-Logging: For creating tamper-proof traffic of network data, it is mandatory to log off from both ends of the connection that this provider offers.
Its Pros
  • Excellent DNS with no configuration and easy set up.
  • Completely secure and works remotely well and flawlessly.
  • This plan is cost-effective and holds a bunch of benefits to users.
  • Allows seamless access to their services from any device and platform at any time and anywhere.
Its Cons
  • They are not completely free to use.
  • Tailscale maintains each log to the common log server.
  • The user interface can be a bit improved from a customer point.
How are they priced?

Tailscale makes connecting people and devices easy with their pricing plan that starts from $5 per month for each user to a custom plan that is not available on the website. One must contact their sales team to find out the prices.


The Ultimate VPN Service for Speed and Security

FastestVPN stands out as a top-notch VPN service provider, offering exceptional speed and security to users in the US, Canada, and other regions. With a robust network of stable servers, FastestVPN ensures reliable and seamless connections.

Covering a wide geography of over 60 countries, FastestVPN boasts 5200+ servers, guaranteeing unparalleled stability, security, and minimal latency. Users can easily access popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and more, thanks to FastestVPN’s user-friendly interface and unrestricted access.

What makes them a standout?

  • Dark Web Monitor: FastestVPN incorporates a unique feature that promptly notifies users if their credentials are leaked on the dark web, ensuring enhanced security.
  • Speed and Security: FastestVPN lives up to its name by offering both exceptional speed and robust security, utilizing its global edge infrastructure to deliver low-latency streams across devices.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: To maximize security across all devices and logins, FastestVPN provides multi-factor authentication system, ensuring only authorized personnel can access the mobile device.
  • Split Tunneling Support: FastestVPN’s split tunneling feature allows for traffic to be divided into different routes, delivering a seamless viewing experience while maintaining privacy and security.
  • Private DNS: Protect your online activities and personal information with FastestVPN’s private DNS, shielding you from potential privacy breaches associated with public DNS queries.
  • Meshnet: With FastestVPN, users can establish meshnet connections, enabling secure and encrypted tunnels to connect with remote devices effortlessly.
Pros of FastestVPN:
  • No customer data is stored on their servers, ensuring top-notch security.
  • FastestVPN offers ad-free browsing, protection against trackers, and malware prevention.
  • Compatibility across multiple devices and platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and all major browsers.
  • New users can enjoy a special offer with over 93% off.
Cons of FastestVPN:
  • The money-back guarantee is limited to 30 days.
  • The cost may be just higher compared to other competitors.
  • The standard plan may not include all the advanced security features.

Pricing Options:

FastestVPN provides three plans: Standard, Plus, and Complete, available on a monthly, yearly, or 2-year basis. The Complete plan is often considered the best choice, priced at $7 per month.

Experience the ultimate combination of speed and security with FastestVPN. Claim your listing today and unlock a secure and seamless online browsing experience.

Additional Service Providers of VPN Referred By Comments

11. Privado VPN

“Provides A Safe Passage To Access Content Anywhere”

A Swiss-based VPN provider that is known to access content anywhere across the globe without sacrificing privacy and security. Completely protected by Swiss Laws, one feels a confidence spike while using this VPN,

Plus, this is a completely zero-log policy that does not store any type of content at any of their servers, which in turn helps in not revealing the browser activity to the outside world.

They are also free to use as long as you like thus coming as an added advantage to preferred users. And yes, the Winter Sale is on, so if you are in a hurry to book a VPN, take note of this.

What makes them a standout?
  • Instant Connection: Users can connect it to any of the fastest servers available by just downloading the Privado VPN app either on the desktop or mobile apps.
  • Faster Downloads: Maintain a constant speed throughout the VPN usage and before sending data via it, the provider protects all files and encrypts them by changing the IP.
  • Zero-Log Policy: They are a no-log policy in Switzerland that does not track any of the user’s online activity. Also, they come in full compliance with Swiss privacy laws. 
  • Completely Free: The best part of this VPN provider is that it is free to use as long as the user wishes to and they get to access the 10GB of data in any of the 12 global servers available. 
  • Great Compatibility: Privado does not restrict its usage to only a specific set of platforms or devices as they are compatible across any mediums like Windows, mac OS, iOS, and a lot more.
Its Pros
  • Their security and privacy is unmatched and offer industry-standards.
  • Because they offer a completely free plan to users, the satisfactory level of this provider is very high.
  • Small network but completely secure with its reach spread to over 45 countries.
  • Privado’s VPNs are light-weight, plentiful, compact, and easy-to-use.
Its Cons
  • They are a growing brand and so Netflix is quite a deal with this VPN.
  • Customer support can be improved as it is a bit-par.
  • One can see that the user experience is mixed with this provider.
How are they priced?

Privado comes with three plans with a free plan included in their package. The basic plan is for a month that bills users with $7.99 and an advanced plan that comes with $4.99 per month.

Find The Best VPN Solution For Your Platform!

So finally, here we are at the end of the blog post. Hoping that we have given our full cent of effort towards spreading knowledge on the right and leading VPN service providers in the market, your tiny miny step towards finding the right one is eased.

Therefore, as an ado, all that is required from your end is a little detailed analysis of the security or encryption aspects and pricing factors. If these are known, you can find the right match for your product. 

So, all the best!

Best FAQ’s on VPN Services in UK, USA & Canada

We understand that we gave you a lot of information to digest, and as a result, you might have some queries that you require an explanation of. Worry not, we will help you with those below.

1.What’s the best US VPN?

If you are more concerned about the streaming part, unblocking services, general privacy surveillance evasion, and an easy setup, we suggest you go ahead with Express VPN which is acclaimed as the best-rated VPN for the US. But, if you are concerned about the pricing, Surf Shark can be a budget option for you.

2.Can I use any VPN to torrent in the US?

Yes, you may unless and otherwise, you are torrenting confidential or copyrighted material without permission because countries like America, the UK, Canada, and most European states consider it to be an illegal activity.

3.Does the US have net neutrality?

Yes, internet usage is governed by the Federal Communications Commission which regulates both interstate and international communications in all 50 states.

4.What is the difference between a tunnel mode VPN and a split tunneling VPN?

Full tunnel mode VPN means diverting all your traffic through a single VPN, whereas split tunneling means sending part of the traffic through a VPN and the remaining half of it through your open network.

5.Which VPN is best for California users?

Undoubtedly, Express VPN is the best hands-down VPN service provider for Californians. Users love this VPN because of its stability, fast and secure connections, and streaming capacity.

6.What is the best VPN on the US West Coast?

Well, some users prefer opting for NordVPN whereas a lot more use Express VPN for its stability and ease of use. And, considering budget-wise, Surfshark has also opted highly.

7.Is it illegal to use a VPN in the USA?

Yes, it is. Most VPNs are not legal in some countries including the US, Canada, and part of Europe. 

8.Which streaming services can I use with a US VPN?

The following streaming services can be used with a VPN for the US; they are Netflix, Hulu, HBO, ESPN, Disney+, and BBC.

9.Are US VPN servers safe?

Yes, they are, all the VPNs are encrypted with strong 256-bit AES encryption keys and a killer switch.

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