Top 10 Smart TV App Development Services (Best 2024 Reviews)

TV has become a great entertainment in this part of the world, and as a result, most people wish to find a proper app to enjoy watching web series TV programs.

We realize that every living room is incomplete without a TV and has become a significant trend among the world’s people.

Due to the massive development, the Black and white into the smart TVs here. Obsessively Smart Tv rules every part of the home and waits for a commercial place hall. To choose the right Smart TV app, you need to go with the below list of top SmartTV app development companies that provide high-end features TV to use and watch with a new experience.

What is the Market for a Smart TV?

The current Smart Tv market is valued at 109540 million USD in 2020, which is expected to reach up to 124280 million by the end of 2026. On the other hand, the overall CAGR of 1.8% during 2021 between 2026.

Moreover, you also can get the custom TV application developers, which provide various other features like inbuilt video CMS, Multi-DRM support, Complete Ownerships, All device players, inbuilt video marketing, etc.

Why Do People Love to have Smart TV?

There are several reasons that people wish to have smart TV such as,

  • Search content in a simple
  • Connectivity in a minute
  • Revenue models become tempting
  • Suitable for everyone

The various features in the app developer software are paywall subscriptions, round the clock The OTT platform is the trending one among the people in recent times as this is the good one for the users to use the smart TV for booking tickets, making transactions, and even for watching more live entertainment videos.

What are the Common Feature of the Smart TV App?

Smart TV apps obtain a special welcome with their features such as

  • User-centric app
  • Preference of user should be kept in mind
  • High security
  • Integration and segregation
  • Link with social media

Hence, people can assure to start playing wish movies and web series with HD quality at all times.

The Best Smart TV App Developers (2024 Reviews)

Top CompaniesTechnologies & DevicesCountriesDomains
1.OxagileSamsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, TCL, webOS, Tizen, Android TV, tvOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TVUSA, Poland, Lithuania,
2.ZibtekAmazon Fire TV, LG TV app, Boxee, Frog, Google TV, Horizon
3.CognitiveCloudsApple TV, Roku TV, Smart
4.Fx DigitalSamsung Tizen OS, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Philips, Virgin, Freesat & Amazon fire
5.Eastern PeakAndroid, Sony, LG, Samsung, Chromecast, and others are presentIsrael,
6.MautilusApple TV, IOS, Android, Hibb TV, and others is presentCzech
7.BigstepAmazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV – Tizen OS, LG Smart TV – WebOS, Firefox OSIndia,
8.CodeniaAndroid, Roku, Amazon, fire and Apple are availableCanada ,
9.TrivialWorksAndroid, Apple, Roku, amazon fire, Tizen, Samsung native, etc.UK,
10.SisgainAmazon fire tv, android tv, Chromecast app, Vizio smart tv app, LG smart tv, etDubai,
comparison table & reviews 2024

Top Smart TV App Companies to Stream Your Favorite Channels

Are you looking for the best or good smart tv app company? In this guide,

I reviewed the top smart tv app companies are 1.Oxagile 2.Zibtek 3.CognitiveClouds 4.Fx Digital with current smart tv market research report 2024.

So that you can pick the best smart tv service one for you.

#1. Oxagile

Hire experts in Smart TV app development 

hire dedicated mobile application developer
Oxagile – best usa smart tv app company

What would people dream of after a hard-working day? They are likely to spend such an evening relaxing on a cozy sofa watching a favorite TV series or show. That’s why it’s time to captivate this enthusiastic audience with a great user experience on Smart TVs.  

Oxagile might be your technology and development companion as its team builds video solutions for all major operating systems and devices, be it native app development or cross-platform app creation with a single codebase for any platform. Their long-term experience in the online video domain enables them to create an engaging UX/UI. Simple and predictable navigation, easy-to-discover content, smart content suggestions are just a few best practices they implement to streamline user interaction with a Smart TV app. 

Still, even interactive interfaces won’t drive better viewer engagement if any performance issues occur.  Oxagile’s experts deeply care about their prevention, optimizing smart TV app’s performance from all angles, including memory consumption control and adjusting apps to the specifics of different generations of Tizen, webOS, and Android TV. They also know how to overcome native player limitations, if any, with extended custom functionality and ensure user experience that viewers would desire. Finally, the provider assists with the process of Smart TV app submission to the store until an app is published. 

Here are other key Features
  • Support Platforms, Devices & OSs:  Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, TCL, webOS, Tizen, Android TV, tvOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Set-top boxes (Android TV Operator Tier, AOSP), Cross-platform development based on React Native for Web and LightningJS/RDK 
  •  Geo-locations: USA, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia
  • Target businesses: Telcos, video streaming channels, video streaming distributors; production studios, media & entertainment companies, UGC providers, eSports companies; online video platforms
Who Should Prefer It? 

For over 18 years in the online video industry, the company has been serving media content owners, content aggregators, and software providers, offering their domain knowledge to help them deliver video solutions for video content management and distribution.   

What Are the Types of Smart TV Development? 

Oxagile’s offering includes: 

  • UX/UI development for improving user navigation 
  • Video streaming app performance optimization 
  • Custom functionality development for different video players 
  • Development of targeted advertising solutions for ad-supported streaming 
  • Creation of experience management features 

In addition, this company is adept at custom development for Roku and cross-platform development, enabling them to use a single codebase covering Smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles, set-top boxes, web and mobile devices with no quality compromised. 

What Does It Cost to Develop an App? 

The overall pricing depends on whether you need to enhance your existing application, optimize your software performance, or develop it from scratch. Creating a completely new TV app will cost from $ 100,000, depending on the complexity and the number of platforms supported. 

#2. Zibtek

Create a Next-gen TV viewing experience

top mobile app development agency
Zibtek – custom smart tv app for live tv provider

Are you searching for a custom software development company for the Smart TV app? Then you must go with the help of Zibtek. We assure to design a huge smart TV app list to collect and install over the internet device, an android device to connect and watch live streaming videos with HD quality. However, the company filled with experienced staff who assist in designing and developing the smart TV app to meet the business goals and comfort of every user.

Most people wish to spend their free hours on a fort of the TV, but at the same time, they want to enjoy updated and newly released movies and much more. To watch with real comfort, Th user is suggested to go with the help of the smart TV app from this company. It is built with high tech and runs with additional comfort without any risk and trouble.

We test each software with the right procedure, and as a result, it becomes simple to run satisfactorily. The software was boosted with many additional features that let everyone watch the movies in 4k. It is simple to integrate and provides technical support to solve significant problems satisfactorily.

Therefore, you can choose the best TV app consulting firms to obtain the Smart TV app and install it over the device to watch without any risk. Each application is boosted with unique features that make it more comfortable to run without changing any settings in the device.

Who Should Prefer It?

Businesses find these Smart TV platforms to be the most useful ones for promoting their brands quickly. It is also comfortable for any business like healthcare, finance, eCommerce, online gambling games, etc. As a result, they can gain more followers and customers for their business in a limited time.

Other Key Spe

1. Support Languages: AngularJS, React JS, React Native, Ruby on Rails, Node.Js, Mean, ASP.NET, Python
2. Web Platform: Drupal & WordPress
3. Big Data: Data Science Analytics, Natural Language
4. Geo Locations: United States of America (USA)
5. Technologies & Devices : Amazon Fire TV, LG TV app, Boxee, Frog, Google TV, Horizon TV

What are the Types of Smart TV Develop?
  • iOS TV
  • Android TV
  • Smart TV
  • Hybrid

The smart TV development consists of the various types like the back end, front end, web, big data, block chain and the others. All these app development are provided by the experienced experts.

What Does It Cost to Develop an App?

As we do not have the exact price of the  Smart TVapp development, you have to go with an average help price of $2000 to$40000.

#3. CognitiveClouds

A leading Smart Multi TV platform

tv app development
CognitiveClouds – best white label live tv app for smart tv firm

Cognitiveclouds Company provides a complete range of applications with the help of experienced staff. This company makes an intuitive user experience at the time of design and creating the Smart TVapp. However there are several applications, but users need to make sure the proper app to build the TV app meets wnt of the customer. It is built with the proper user interface and gives technical support to install and watch live streaming.

This TV app maker company provides different services like front-end development, back-end, eCommerce, mobile app, smart TV, UI/UX design, and others. The app development service of this company is of premium quality, and this remains a backbone for the improvement of the client’s business.

Smart apps target consumers to make a rich experience for consuming the media content and making the movies and images satisfactorily. There is endless business software for smart TVs, which enables professionals to communicate through video conferences and provide persuasive presentations.

We support startups and many companies to build remarkable mobile, tablet products, and much more. Our company partners with ambitious game-changing, and forward-looking designs to develop the smart TV tool to access people at all times. It provides free consultation regarding the smart TV app and assures endless support and solution during the app development.

Who should prefer it?

The business people should have to prefer the Smart TV app development service. It gives the easiest way for them to gather more clients and make them as the regular customer.

The promotion of the brands and the other details of the company is not only enough on social media, as you have to concentrate on today’s trending smart TV platform also.

Further Key Spe

1. Support Languages: Java, Python, Angular, Kotlin
2. Web Platform: Drupal
3. Geo Locations: USA (San Francisco), Singapore, India (Bangalore)
4. Use Cases: Hospitality, brand catalogue, Sport Club, Live education, Audio & video conferencing

What are the Types of Smart TV development?
  • Apple TV, LG webOS , Samsung Tizen
  • Roku TV, Sony Google TV, XClass TV
  • Vizio SmartCast, Roku TV, Fire TV, Vidaa TV

There are varieties of smart TV development present. They are IoT channel app development, Node. JS development, React JS development, cloud app, ruby on rails, python, etc. 

What Does It Cost to Develop an App?

The app’s price varies according to the platform, software, business purpose, and others. However, this company charges an average price range of $3,000 to 60,000.

#4. Fx Digital

Top-notch OTT TV application services

hire fire tv app developer
Fx Digital – Hire dedicated live stream application developer

We work in the Android TV app and development to ensure multi-faceted business operation. Our company understands the complicated and challenging processes, and our company provides smart TV app company to stream on multiple territories and other devices. We launch the software onto the devices and let to have a better user experience.

We are passionate about elevating the primary client and viewer experience and are excited about having an offer. To find out who we are and visit the US section and look at the insight to see some of our work smart TV app service is creating an application that supports smart TV platforms like Samsung/ LG/ Sony/ Panasonic/ Roku/IPTVand others. All these platforms are the best ones for business clients to improve their brand, products, and other services to the customers.

FX digital is providing high-quality service for customers, and so this is one of the top TV app development companies. It is suitable for the clients to know more about the company and its expert service. The experts of this company have considerable experience, so they deliver your project immediately.

We are experts in developing video player development and TV QA testing. Apart from that, the OTT and VOD provide excellent support at all times. Hope every user can simply collect the best support to run and get a memorable experience satisfactorily.

 Who should prefer it?

The top-quality service of this experienced and certified company called FX digital is a special one for the clients of various businesses. All the businesses find the app development in the particular OTT or the other platforms.

Further Key Spe

1. Use Cases: OTT, VOD services, Video Player, TV QA
2. Technologies & Devices: Samsung Tizen OS, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox, Playstation, Philips, Virgin, Freesat & Amazon fire tv
3. Geo Locations: United Kingdom (UK)

 What are the Types of Smart TV Develop?

The user experience of this smart tv development is more than expected one. There are different types of smart tv development, such as applications for Android and other platforms. Any brand of smart TV will get the required and the expected application, and that means that this company is the one-stop-shop for app development.

What Does It Cost to Build an App?

The cost of app development varies according to the experience of the company and the experts. For the simple app development, cost is $40,000 to $60,000 and average app development cost is $60,000 to $150,000.

#5. Eastern Peak

Custom TV app development agency 

smart television app development
Eastern Peak – top whitelabel live streaming ios app company

Most of the people wish to search for the right Smart TV app Development Company. Here, the Eastern peak company stands as the first choice and better supports developing adequate software support. This is not only developing Th Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and much more additional support.

This agency deliver each product to the customer in branded smart TV, and the set-top box is much simpler forever. There are several smart tv application consulting agencies, but we provide high-quality app development services for customers. The applications for the various smart TVs like Roku, apple, android, and others are good quality.

Eastern peak is the White label smart TV solution provider, which is comfortable for the clients to customize applications. The company is not only famous for developing smart TV applications. We are experts of this company are well known for app development, and they provide the best suggestion for the clients. You can also find various other services like set-top box apps, live streaming and VOD apps, etc.

The company’s portfolio is famous and popular among clients, as this has served many business clients in the past our experienced staff in this company first analyzes the project, and then they know what is required for the client. We started to design, implement, and code a suitable application for the project. The firm has experts who provide high-quality services like app development suitable for the particular tvOS platform.

This is a certified company that provides a full range of support and gives the best support to design the wish Smart TV application along with special features at all times.

Who should prefer it?

The app development service is a more effective one for the clients when they have the business. Even the people who need e-learning and the other apps can individually customize with the help of this company. Thus both the business and the individuals like this app development service.

Further Key Spe
  • Support Use Cases: Set-top Box, Live Streaming, VOD Apps, Education, TeleMedicine, Entertainment, Fitness, Religious, Sports, Entertainment, Filmmakers
  • Geo Locations: UK (London), Israel (Herzliya), Cyprus (Nicosia) & Eastern Europe
 What are the Types of Smart TV develop?

The type of smart TV development like Android, Sony, LG, Samsung, Chromecast, and others are present. Thus, it contains huge varieties, which are good for the clients to pick their favorite one.

What Does It Cost to Build an App?

You can also compare the quality of this company’s service with the others. The cost of the service is less than one. This company charges from $5,000 to $500,000, and it takes up to a short time to design the smart TV app.

#6. Mautilus

Hire the best digital TV apps developer 

cross-platform tv apps service
Mautilus – custom Smart tv android application developer

Current days, smart television development is increasing a lot, and each company creates its languages with these high-tech features. Nautilus is a certified company committed to delivering a wide of SDK apps, and developers must adapt JavaScript and much more.

The agency provides full consulting support on various projects, and we have completed around 120 projects and have a lot of clients in various parts of the world. This company uses the SDK technology for the online application for android, which is more effective and brings a new way for the clients to improve their business standards.

The firm commitment to implement the tools on each app for significant development. According to the current affair, you have to give extraordinary development and marketing the excellent app promotion satisfactorily. It is today’s technology, and so according to that, this famous company called the nautilus is developing an app supporting the innovative TV platform.

This company has engaged in various projects for many years, and all of them are more effective. They develop the application only with the proper discussion and analysis with the experts as a team. Therefore, only the expected online TV apps for ios are obtained, making this company unique.

Who should prefer it?

The businesses like start-ups, small scale, medium scale, and even large-scale ones prefer this kind of service. This company is happy to serve any number of clients and provide the proper application immediately.

Further Key Spe
  • Support Use Cases: Broadcast, Media, elearning, Live Events Streaming, Broadcast Live Sports, Live Fitness Classes, Production and Publishing, Creative Agencies, Live Streaming for Musicians, TV & Radio Stations.
  • Geo Locations: Brno, Jihomoravsky kraj, Czech Republic
What are the Types of Smart TV develop?

The development of types of OTT apps for smart TV like Apple TV, IOS, Android, Hibb TV, and others is present. All these types are unique, and also you will have the option for cross platform app development. 

What Is the Price to develop an App?

The app development cost for the smart TV varies according to the project’s complexity. This provider can average charge from $25,000 to $50,000.

#7. Bigstep Technologies

Build a Smart TV application agency 

The development of smart tv applications is the easiest one with the help of the expert’s service. This app development company called the Bigstep has served thousands of clients for many years. It means that it has high-quality tools and experienced staff for app development.

The app development for the smart tv is now secure, attractive and also user-friendly. Suppose if you want the development of an LG TV App for your business, then you have to approach this company. It is comfortable for getting any app that supports the branded smart tv and the platforms for the users. Before any complex app development, you can simply consult with this company experts, and they will give you the good strategy and the right application you need.

The experts of this company are good at developing any of the platform supporting apps. It will also develop cross platform applications with the help of this famous company.

The communication with the customers will be proper and also in the regular interval. It is comfortable for the customers to get the customized application and get the timely report from the start to the end with the help of this valuable service. Advanced tools and methodologies are used for the development of the application.

Whether you want the VEWD TV App or the app that is supporting other platforms like IOS Android, Samsung, etc., it is better to approach this firm. It will use the latest technologies for app development, and also our smart tv development process will be transparent and gives great quality. Once you have this company service, then you will definitely become a regular customer.

Who should prefer it?

The preference for this company’s service by the business clients like health care, film industry, food service, banking, finance, etc., will be high. It is good for individuals who want the customized application for easy access without any issues. 

  1. Support Platforms & OS:Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV – Tizen OS, LG Smart TV – WebOS, Firefox OS
  2. Geo Locations: India (Haryana), USA (California)
What are the Types of Smart TV Develop?

The types of smart TV development includes VOD, live streaming, e-commerce, e-learning, media consumption, enterprise apps, and touch-enabled display apps. 

What Does It Cost to Create an App?

When it comes to the price, this company is providing a lot of subscription offers and plans for reducing the price of the project. Therefore when you want the perfect project at good pricing, then this company will be the best one. 

#8. Codenia Technologies

Build a Smart TV application agency 

The application for the smart tv is always of good quality with a high-quality picture and display. Since then, many companies have been investing more to develop proper smart tv applications. It will always be a unique experience for them. Here in codenia, it is always the satisfying one for the customers as they will get the right application.

The complexity of the application that needs to be developed can be anything but this company experts will properly analyze and also use the advanced tools and the methodologies for the app creation. The application that is created according to the concept and the preference of the clients will be properly tested and quality assured before delivering them to the clients.

There will not be any issues like security, blockchain, speed, virus or other things. The experts of this agency will look at the various angles and prepare only the suitable application that will live your business to a new level. The lifting of the business will always be the important one for any of the business clients and hope this company will be the backbone for improving it effectively.

The Samsung Tizen application development is monitored and checked properly to make it more useful. The various other branded smart TV apps are also ready to be created, which is this company’s speciality. The smart tv platform development of the various apps is available with this company’s service. All of them are more satisfying and the quality one for the customers.

It means that this company will be their first priority. Therefore you do not need to search for other companies as this codenia will give the complete app development solution.

Who should prefer it?

When you are a business person searching for an advanced and cross-platform supportive, smart tv application, then it is good for you to use this company’s service. It will improve their business standard to a new level. 

Geo Locations: India (Noida)

What are the Types of Smart TV Develop?

The types of app development for the smart TV that supports the different platforms like Android, Roku, Amazon, fire and Apple are available. Even for the set top box, you can create the app from this company.

What Does It Cost to Create an App?

It has moderate smart app development costs from $50,000 to $100,000.

#9. TrivialWorks

A leading Whitelabel TV apps solution

Smart tv is the new technology that is becoming famous among people in recent times. It provides the internet facilities and entertainment package of the normal TV. It is the reason that most of the clients are also using this platform for business promotion. The application is always the good one for the promotion of the brand, products and other services.

It is now possible with the help of this famous company called trivial works. It takes only a few minutes for the customers to order the app and wait for the custom smart tv application development using effective tools and advanced techniques. The development of the application will support the various OTT platforms and other smart tv OS. The ott tv apps are also created with the help of expert developers and designers.

They will know how to develop the application and satisfy the clients with full engagement. The applications will give easy access, attractive design, the user-friendly ability for the users. It is what the clients will need, and also the customers of the clients will expect.

The app development is not only performed in this company as this is good in maintaining the application, testing, designing, etc. Thus from a to z, everything is available for the clients to get the branded application. Some companies may cover only the particular branded apps, but this one is convenient to create any of the branded applications.

It has years of experience, and also you can find good ratings and reviews from past clients. You can utilize Live streaming, VOD, e-learning and many other features. 

Who should prefer it?

Clients who want their business to reach the top position by getting more traffic can utilize this service. In addition, it is suitable for many business clients to improve their business features quickly.

Geo Locations: United Kingdom (Berkshire), Australia (Canberra ACT), India (Lucknow)

What are the Types of Smart TV develop?

Smart TV development comes in various types like Android, Apple, Roku, amazon fire, Tizen, Samsung native, etc. It is also easy for the development of the application in the platforms like Chromecast and airplay.

What Does It Cost to Create an App?

The service cost varies according to the size of the app and the other features that are needed. However, it charges up to $5,000 to $500 00.

#10. Sisgain

A leading Smart TV solution agency

In recent times most businesses have been in need of good quality apps for the promotion in the digital platform that too in the smart Tv. Since this is the latest and the most trending one in recent times, it is better for any of the businesses to approach this company called the Sisgain.

It is cost effective for the customers to get a good quality application that is suitable for the required business standard. The client’s business standard can be anything, and this company will remain the backbone for supporting all the new clients.

It is a world-class and effective tv app developer, and this is known for the ratings and reviews of this company. You can also confirm this with the previous customers about the quality of the service, and this will make you realize the best of this company. The various designs and innovative features are present in the apps required for the clients, making them easily attract more customers.

It is the special one for the industries like health care, lifestyle and fashion, textile, entertainment and media, etc. Therefore when the clients are from the particular industries, then this company’s service will surely give them good support.

This will give the global reach for your business that too in a short span of time. Instead of searching and hiring smart tv app developer who is worthless, it is always the best choice to prefer this company. The engagement with the clients, timely updates, maintenance, testing and the other things will be easily known, and that makes this company stand tall among others.

It uses the latest technologies and 24/7 customer care service, making the customers feel the hassle-free moment.

Who should prefer it?

The clients of this company can experience big enterprises or startups. Clients from various industries like health care, gaming, magazine, social network and others can utilize this service. 

Geo Locations: India (Noida), Dubai (U.A.E), Canada & USA

What are the Types of Smart TV develop?

Amazon fire tv, android tv, Chromecast app, Vizio smart tv app, LG smart tv, etc., are available for the clients. Thus you can expect numerous types of app development from this famous company.

What Does It Cost to Create an App?

The cost of app development always is less when compared to the quality. It charges to develop $10,000 to $60.000.

#11. Promwad

Build a Smart TV apps for multiple platform

Smart TV obtains an extraordinary welcome and getting more popular is much faster. As a result, you come across several Smart TV app development services to deliver a full range of software with high-end features. Obsessively the Promwad Company is committed to delivering a Smart TV app. We are a certified TV app builder to deliver smart TV AP at the right time at a reasonable price in the market.

Our company assures to develop an app along with the updated features like push notification w, which give intimation to the customer. Users can obtain time-shifted viewing support and content filtering support. Hope the customer can try our smart TV app and start streaming the videos with first-class support.

When you are playing web series and need to watch from where you discontinue, then you can utilize the start over the application and create the watch list to access much faster from the app. It is a lightweight app that makes it more comfortable for the customer to start running the videos with the help of parental control support. Ongoing with our Smart TVsoftware company that provides the best support and solution at all times and gives the best solution.

Promwad Company is committed to developing software with the help of the voice control / voice-activated remote control, second screen, and much more support to run along with this  Smart app. Apart from that, people can run over their internet service in a winning way.

Who Should Prefer It?

Your business grows well with the help of this company’s  Smart TVapp development feature for business clients. This is also the best one for smart TV users to customize their app for enjoying the different services.

It has push notification and time-shifted viewing support at all times. Our company designs the TV app with unique features such as a watchlist, second screen, and start over. Encryption and much more.

Further Key Spe

1. Support Languages: Kotlin, Java, Swift, Typescript, Brightscript, Plain Javascript (ES5/ES6+), Frameworks (React/Svelte), Webpack, Animation GSAP, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Stylus, Grunt, Gulp & Neural Networks.
2. Media Formats: HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming
3. Use Cases: Education, Hospitality, Sport Club
4. Geo Locations: Lithuania, Germany, Poland & Serbia
5. Technologies & Devices : Amazon Fire TV, LG TV app, VOD app

 What are the Types of Smart TV Develop?
  • Android TV, LG, Samsung, Sony
  • AI, TCL, Hisense,
  • WebOS, Tizen Os

There are different types of Smart TV development for the customers. They are firmware and middleware development, application software development, backend app development, application software development, front-end development, etc.

What Does It Cost to Develop an App?

On hiring such a company, the customer can save up to 30 to 50%, and this company charges up to $20 00- 3000 on average.

#12. Applify

Hire Dedicated App Developers for Smart Tv

Do you need a business to create unique software for your Smart TV app? You then have to travel with applify assistance. Applify has established itself as a digital boutique in major cities around the world because of its outstanding reputation for creating and delivering high-impact solutions across various industries and markets. 

For iOS, Android, and wearable devices like the Apple Watch, they also provide hands-on expertise with a variety of technologies. They take delight in each project the company undertake and strictly custom-build it to meet the demands of your organisation. Most people want to spend their free time in front of the TV.

But they also like to watch new films that have just come out and other things. It is advised that the customer use this company’s smart TV apps like lg smart tv apps list india, if they want to watch in true comfort.  They test every piece of software using the proper methodology, which makes it easy for it to function effectively. 

Many new capabilities were added to the programme, enabling everyone to see the films in 4K. It is straightforward to incorporate and offers technical support to successfully resolve critical issues.

Who might prefer it?

Businesses believe that these Smart TV platforms are the best for fast promoting their businesses. Any business, including those in the healthcare, finance, eCommerce, and gaming industries, can operate comfortably there. They can as a result quickly increase the number of followers and clients for their company.

Here are other key Features
  1. Language: React native, AngularJS, Node JS
  2. Web Platform: WordPress and Drupal
  3. Technology and Device: LG TV App, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV
  4. GeoLocation: Mohali (India)
What types of smart TV developments are there?
  • Apple TV 
  • Android TV
  • Hybrid
  • Smart TV

The development of smart TVs includes many different types, including back end, front end, web, big data, blockchain, and others. All of these app development services are offered by qualified professionals.

What Is the Price to develop an App?

The tidal cost of the  Smart TV app development service is unestimated, therefore you’ll have to assume that it will cost between $2000 and $40000 on average.

#13. Fuel4media

Innovation in Next Step

The market for developing Smart TV apps is expanding quickly to ensure seamless communication across multiple devices and platforms in an era where Smart TVs and Smart Appliances are steadily integrating into modern lifestyles. 

Undoubtedly, the majority of major companies are releasing their own proprietary applications to connect with viewers and potential consumers with great ease, but business owners who are supplying third-party services still struggle to reach their objectives.

One of the best ways to create your own smart app is to get assistance from fuel4media , which may help your company brand itself and market its goods and services to the target market. Best Apps for Smart TVs & Streaming Devices for Smart TV are being developed by content creators, broadcasters, advertisers, and even IT businesses to ensure that they can serve clients across all platforms.

By merely taking up a small amount of room on e-commerce, Smart TV, live Streaming, and video-on-demand applications, these services for developing Smart TV apps can help you promote, boost visibility, and assist in reaching out to your business’s prospective clients.


From the above, the list of the top 10 custom smart TV app provides excellent comfort for the customer to use and watch the TV without meeting any trouble. Each development company ensures to deliver the application with high-end features and support to run without charging it.

FAQs for Smart TV App Services

1. What Are Smart TV Applications?

Smart TV applications are software applications that are intricately designed to work on smart TVs with integrated internet features. These applications display an on-screen menu where users can access media content such as shows, video-games, movies and several other internet channels. Some of the examples of Smart TV apps are Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

2. Who are the Best Smart TV app Service Providers?

List of Top Smart TV App Development Companies

  1. Oxagile
  2. Zibtek
  3. CognitiveClouds
  4. Fx Digital
  5. Eastern Peak
  6. Mautilus
  7. Bigstep
  8. Codenia
  9. TrivialWorks
  10. Sisgai
3. What are the Factors to Consider While Developing Smart TV Application?

Some of the factors to consider while creating smart TV applications are ensuring it has a wider range of applications, is user-friendly, has an integrated media player, allows for quicker navigations, possesses effective voice searches, and comes in compatibility with remote controls as well as support for several devices and languages.

4. How to Make Money From Smart TV Apps?

There are quite a handful number of ways to make money from smart TV apps like monetizing apps with advertisements, offering premium content streams and charging users for every watch, sponsorships, and partnerships, selling your smart TV apps on Google Play Store or App Store or on Roku, and finally offering your apps as a white-label solution to businesses/makers.

5. How to Select the Best Platform Provider to Develop a Smart TV App?

While selecting the best platform provider for developing your smart TV app, you must ensure that the provider you opt for renders compatibility as different versions of smart TVs come compatible with different OS like Tizen, Android, Roku, and WebOS. 

Further, look out for their feature suite, monetization options, customer support, security protocols, user reviews and ratings, free trial options, friendly navigation, and maintenance services.

6. How to Expand Your Business with Smart TV App Opportunities?

Smart TV apps have paved the way for businesses in improving their revenues and customer engagement. Here’s a list of opportunities how this application can help businesses:

  • Smart TV can act as the best sales channel
  • Using a smart TV app, businesses can undertake video calling opportunities
  • Screen mirroring for quick information exchange
  • Can act as a great streaming solution provider and marketing tool
7. What is the Best Way to Generate Revenue from Smart TV Apps?

Here are some of the best ways to generate revenue from your Smart TV apps:

  1. Subscription-based revenue model:  This model lets users pay recurring monthly or yearly fees to access content.
  2. Transaction-based revenue model: This model allows users purchase a video stream or content they desire for once.
  3. In-app Ads: It is one of the most common ways to generate revenues by inserting ads within your TV apps.

Other methods include looking for sponsorship or partnership and white-labeling or licensing apps to businesses/ web or mobile app developers who wish to offer the same services but under their brand.

8. How to Create a Smart TV App?

Smart TV applications can be developed with the help of several platforms having individual software development kits (SDKs) as well as programming skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Additionally, users can build interactive smart TV applications through the top OTT service platform.

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