The 10 Best Online Video Platforms for 2024 (Free & Paid)

Online video platforms are growing in popular trend day by day and its uses in the professional space are endless. In fact, more than 80% of digital marketers use video as a resource to promote their business. 

best online video hosting platform reviews
best OVP Reviews

And this drift will continue to grow in future, considering the large volume of content to be added to most popular online video platforms each day. 

Whether you’re just starting out with your content broadcasting or already have a ardent collection of library, it’s important to choose the right digital video platform for your magnanimous brand.

Broadcasters furnish their video offerings by hosting virtual gatherings or in-person live streaming events to generate potential revenue. On top of that, businesses use online videos as a prime medium for marketing, sales of their products or services. 

Some corporates use the rich media for internal training, induction or employee onboarding process, etc. Television and radio stations are rapidly moving their programs onto internet streaming, to meet the demands of the current set of demographics.

  • The market size of the global video streaming software is expected to have an uphill of USD 15,092 million by 2025 annually with 19.7%.
  • Did you know over three-fourth of internet users watch video content online every week
  • Viewers are more likely to retain a message in the video format more than anything else from articles 
  • Video content marketing assists in increasing 49% of revenue faster than compared with other types of content    

What is an Online Video Platform?

what is ott

An online video platform is a perfect video solution that allows users to upload, convert, store and play content using the technology means of the internet. Generally, users tend to upload video content via the hosting service’s website, mobile, web apps, or APIs. 

These platforms are often combined with real-time streaming software which has in-built video players that run virtually on any device using streaming technologies. 

What to Look for in an Online Video Platform 2023

Whether you’re a media publisher, professional broadcaster, or television channel provider looking into the OTT space, here are some features that you should consider looking for the online video platform. 

  • Customization: Platform customization is necessary to be included as per brand objectives, right from its user interface to adding new features. Ideally while building a website see to a provider which offers these along with the integration of 3rd party tools to deep-roted API & SDK.  
  • White-label streaming: Potentially capitalize your whitelabeled streaming platform by customizing the branding cycle throughout your video player. You can change all elements of your video player including fonts, colours, etc. This allow you to create a smooth branding experience for your viewers.
  •  Video Monetization Models: If you’re looking for launching a streaming service or are a broadcaster who wants to monetize their website, finding a video platform with suitable monetization options is utmost quintessential. If your OVP of your choice supports best of these models, it is all the better. 
  • Reliable content delivery: A content delivery network is a distribution medium which not only improves security of your platform but also scale up videos by handing million concurrent users. This inturn minimizes the buffer and packet loss and enables multimedia delivery much faster and reliable worldwide. 
  • Video Analytics: Create an OVP which offers basic video analytics that allow to have deeper insights of your videos to target audiences specifically. Some of the success metrics include number of views, bounce rates, conversions, user engagement, etc. Modify content to engage your viewers. 
  • Security features: An online video streaming platform enabled with DRMs that ensures the content’s safety and integrity are well-protected from prying eyes. It makes sure that your content isn’t illegally copied. And at the same time, preserve personal details of users in a safe way. 
  • Inbuilt Video Marketing Solution: With faster network accessibility businesses are utilizing more and more videos to engage with their customers. Like many other business spokespersons, along with your competitors may possibly use videos to help capture the real value from the targeted minds of audiences. 

Top 10 Online Video Platform Providers [USA, Canada & India]


“Online video platform for empowering streaming business”


VPlayed is an online video platform built by Contus that offers customized solutions for content owners, broadcasters, publishers,distributors in every industry.

This platform provides the ability to stream & monetize any video whether its live or ondemand content. With 150+ features from VPlayed one can empower their streams to a new level backed up by enormous streaming infrastructure. Noteworthy streaks allow video owners to stream across web, mobile & smart TV

Some of the key features include: 
  • On-demand or real-time video delivery on multiple devices
  • Deliver branded services via TV or mobile apps seamlessly
  • Cloud-based encoding & transcoding process for best playability 
  • Centralized cloud-enabled video CMS to store files organizedly 
  • Robust security with AES 256/128 encryption solution 
Upload Guidelines and Specs:
  • Minimum Dimension: Not available
  • Maximum Dimension: 1080p or 4K 
  • Aspect ratio: Not available
  • Max File Size: Unlimited
  • Max Video Length: Not available
  • Total file storage: Unlimited
  • Compatible video formats: MP$, MOV, MPEG1, PS, 3GP, etc
What is the Pricing?

VPlayed facilitates its offerings with customized plans, and so the pricing structure may differ accordingly. VPlayed is an on-demand & live video streaming service that offers varied monetization opportunities that you’ll need. 

What Are the Pros?
  • Get 100% platform customization 
  • Acquire life-time ownership support 
  • Make your platform compatible across all devices  
  • Allow auto-transcoding upon video upload
What are the Cons?
  • Pricing plans is not disclosed
  • Free trials are not available 
  • VPlayed doesn’t provide API access
  • They furnish limited marketing tools
  • Since they provide personalized streaming plans, interested businesses can contact their sales team or checkout the official webpage directly for additional information.

This platform delivers plans that are custom-priced to suit each user’s essential needs. 


“Phenomenal online video platform for small to mid-sized businesses”


The unified streaming solution offered by Dacast provides VOD hosting as well as live streaming facility. They furnish an advanced set of online video hosting features which include video monetization, best-in-class security, video API for content delivery. Although the hosting and streaming of on-demand or live broadcasting platform is loaded with limitless features, Dacast keeps its solution pretty pricey and competitive.

Here are some of its exclusive features: 
  • Best suited for professional organizations & enterprises 
  • Host hig-qulaity video broadcasts with nil interruptions
  • Easily encode videos in cloud into multiple bitrates 
  • Live stream recording for unlimited on-demand playback 
  • Video CMS with advanced categorical content management 
Upload Guidelines and Specs
  • Minimum Dimension: None( but 24p is recommended)
  • Maximum Dimension: 1080p or 4K 
  • Aspect ratio: No restrictions (but 16:9 is default)
  • Max File Size: None
  • Max Video Length: None
  • Total file storage: 10-1000GB (depending on plan)
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, MOV, M2V, MPG, AVI, FLV, WEBM, etc
What is the Pricing?

For your business needs,

Dacast provides you with many live streaming pricing options. Different plan packages are as follows:

  1. Starter: $39/month (that’s billed annually) which is ideal for newcomers with 1.2 TB of bandwidth & 50 GB of storage per year 
  2. Event: $63/month for organizations that would like to purchase bandwidth separately to live stream an event. If offers 6TB of bandwidth upfront, 50 GB of storage. 
  3. Scale: $188/month (that’s billed annually) which includes 24TB of bandwidth per year, with 1TB of storage, addition of phone support, monetization paywall, whitelabel video player & more. 
What Are the Pros?
  • Stream across mobile devices 
  • Get wide range of video monetization tools
  • Top-notch dynamic token security 
  • Low latency video streaming  
What are the Cons?
  • Having combined features incorporated may require a slight learning cure for beginners. 

If your organization has high-volume streaming needs, you can contact Dacast for customized plan to tailor your business needs. 

3.IBM Cloud Video

“Online video platform with end-to-end streaming services”


IBM cloud video is packed with advanced tech-stack features that you need to create a professional online video streaming experience. When using IBM cloud offerings it is certain that your company is bound to scaleup and adapt to quickly-changing business needs without compromising security at any level. While comparing to other streaming platforms IBM cloud preps you to define branded video casting that are backedup by high-end technologies.

Here are some of its exclusive features: 
  • Live or ondemand videos can be delivered in cloud-based platform 
  • Supportive of multi-bitrate streaming for seamless viewability
  • Custom meta-data fields make content searchability much better 
  • Video library migration is available with an additional fee 
  • Subscriber management tools are delivered with ad-integration 
Upload Guidelines and Specs
  • Minimum Dimension: 480p (480 × 270)
  • Maximum Dimension: 4k (3840 × 2160)
  • Video aspect ratio: Not available
  • Max file size: 4GB
  • Max video length: Not mentioned limits
  • Total file storage: 1TB – 5TB (depending on plan) 
  • Compatible video formats: MKV, MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, H264, etc
What is the Pricing? 

IBM pricing plans range from $99 to $999 per month and include the following: 

  1. Silver: $99/month 
  2. Gold: $499/month 
  3. Platinum: $999/month 

Custom: You can further get in touch with IBM cloud video for custom-priced plans 

What Are the Pros?
  • They provide live HD broadcasting 
  • Full support to stream on mobile, other devices
  • Provisions with Q&A modules with live chat
  • Offers scheduled playbacks at specific times 
What are the Cons? 
  • For a whitelabel video player, you might need to procure a higher-end plan 
  • To have a custom enterprise channel with access to 3rd party integration you may need a high-end plan 

IBM cloud video, being the oldest streaming platform which puts it at the top considered platform list will be an eye-opener for your business-centric needs. 


“Online cloud video platform to stream live or on-demand content”


Kaltura’s online video publishing platform comes with an option of hosting unlimited content and take an entirely customized approach to showcase them across different devices. Since it’s customizable, the platform offers enormous flexibility where it caters to unique market segments such as television operators, media companies, ed-tech orgnizations & more. All the more, Kaltura is found to be the chosen platforms by world’s top brands and organizations.

Here are some of its exclusive features: 
  • Delivers best HD quality automatically via adaptive video player
  • Multi-CDN integration in a cloud-TV streaming platform
  • Live playlists with looping option gives you flexibility
  • Provide both built-in and 3rd party analytics support 
  • Availability of platform API for on-demand & live videos  
Upload Guidelines and Specs
  • Minimum Dimension: 180p (320 × 180) 
  • Maximum Dimension: 1080p (1920 × 1080)
  • Video aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3
  • Max file size: 2GB
  • Max video length: Not available
  • Total file storage: 10GB to Unlimited (depending on plan)
  • Compatible video formats: MOV, MP4
What is the Pricing?

Kaltura doesn’t publish its pricing on its platform since each plan is mostly flexible. In case you are looking for a custom quote, please contact them directly. 

What Are the Pros?
  • Offers an open-source OVP 
  • Provides SDKs with developer tools 
  • Delivers campus portal tools 
What are the Cons?
  • Major drawback of kaltura let us know with highly complex streaming platform that may pose challenges for starter-ups to develop. 
  • Also, they don’t provide the facility of China video delivery 

If you are in the phase of looking for an educational-based video platform, then Kaltura can occupy the place at the top priority list of streaming websites. On top of video hosting, they offer unique tools of customization and elevate the process of online learning experience. 


“Single video streaming solution to reach business goals”


Brightcove that is based in Boston was found in the year 2004. It is one of the oldest online video platform that offers cloud streaming, live streaming and on-demand video hosting all under one umbrella. Brightcove enables videos to be broadcasted across any place to any screen such as mobile, desktop, PC, or tablet easily. The platform supports all kinds of revenue-generating models for online video. It offers scalable solutions in custom-priced packages.

Here are some of its exclusive features:
  • Simplified tech-stack to manage large content libraries 
  • Secure video delivery help to protect video assets online 
  • High-end video ingestion makes it simpler with video transcoding
  • SSO service for log-in credentials across multiple apps 
  • Build personalized connections with audiences via marketing suite
Upload Guidelines and Specs
  • Minimum Dimension: Determined by user 
  • Maximum Dimension: Determined by user 
  • Video aspect ratio: No restrictions (since Brightcove uses a responsive player) 
  • Max file size: No limits on file size
  • Max video length: No publishing limited 
  • Total file storage: Varied by plans 
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, MKV, 3GPP, etc 
What is the Pricing? 

Brightcove furnishes pricing plans for each level. These include the following: 

  1. Starter: Inclusive of 50 to 200 videos, upto 100,000 plays and 2-5 users 
  2. Professional: Unlimited videos, 100,000+ plays and with +10 users 
  3. Enterprise: Unlimited videos, 100,000+ plays with 10+ users, limitless uploads & analytics-only users  
What Are the Pros?
  • They offer cloud transcoding with adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Easy sharing with social media publishing tools 
  • Supports token-based REST APIs along with custom video portals 
  • Facilitates server-side ad insertion to monetize plenty of content    
What are the Cons?
  • They don’t support China video delivery 
  • Monetization tools are only available for those who have signed up for custom-priced plans

Brightcove is one of proficient online video platforms for professionals and has the power to lead with the frontiers to withhold that claim. For more details, you can check out some of its third-party review of the platform as well.  


“A video platform to engage audiences across screens” 


For a very long time in the video streaming sector, JWPlayer has been at the top of the list of online media platform players. It entered the scene more than ten years ago. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of video players that use strong and adaptable technologies to help generate profitable video views. In the online video hosting market, this platform has developed into one of the most reputable players.

Here are some of its exclusive features:
  • Standalone video player to boost the power of streaming 
  • Expand your video hosting solution  with scalable infrastructure 
  • Support it with DRM that assures copyright protection on content
  • Efflortless workflow integration with VOD & live streaming 
  • Allow users to watch videos completely in HD compatibility   
Upload Guidelines and Specs
  • Minimum Dimension: 360p (640 × 360)
  • Maximum Dimension: 1080p (1920 × 1080)
  • Video aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3, 2.39:1
  • Max file size: 25GB
  • Max video length: Not available
  • Total file storage: 25GB to 500GB (depending on plan)
  • Compatible video formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, etc  
What is the Pricing? 

With JW Player, live streaming feature begins at a free trial level. There are 3 major pricing plan tiers: 

30-day free trial susbcription inclusive of full API & SDK access, a non-commercial license, with25 GB hosting bandwidth and 75GB streaming. 

Starter pricing plan for $10 per month that includes HTML5 video player with 150 GB hosting bandwidth. 

Enterprise plans are also available with custom pricing for high-volume storage & streaming. 

What Are the Pros?

  • For custom-prised enterprise plans DRM is offered to keep your content protected 
  • Creates ‘watch next recommendations’ to keep viewers engaged
  • In $100/month plan you can access email support 

What are the Cons?

  • They do not provide assistance for China video delivery
  • Also they offer basic security features 
  • Only ad-based monetization is provided amongst the major 3 models

Publishers and media broadcasters can directly contact JW Player for tailor-made features and pricing.


Next-gen streaming solution for high-performing video stack 

Flowplayer is one of the top-recommended streaming platforms that has evolved over the years. It is not only recognized with its player technology, but delivers a full-stack solution for media companies. They work with some of the leading brands in the world and uses the medium of video to touch life of millions each day. Flowplayer is a vibrant team of unique backgrounds and work remotely across 12+ countries.

Here are some of its exclusive features:
  • Additional integrations for ad servers, DRM, paywalls, etc
  • Native HTML5 players help to stream HD clarity videos 
  • Creating huge impact by catering to all digi videos 
  • Realtime analytics for tracking viewer engagement  
  • Gain extendable architecture with powerful APIs 
What is the Pricing?

Flowplayer has two pricing plans which includes: 

Starter: $49/month, 500 GB of bandwidth, includes 50,000 monthly plays, custom player, video management, and analytics

Enterprise: Custom-pricing with tailor-made platform to cater to advanced streaming needs. 

What Are the Pros?
  • Offers mobile streaming
  • Tools for marketing 
  • Multiple video monetization options
  • Dedicated customer support 
What are the Cons?
  • No China Video delivery 
  • Very basically-structured platform 

If your business is looking for a simple and easy-to-use online video streaming platform, then Flowplayer is the apt choice. It is the basic whitelabel platform which allows you to live stream and host super-rated VODs. 


Scale your business with premium online video platform 

Brid.TV is an enterprise-grade online video platform that provides monetization solution found in the year 2018. Although the platform is relatively new on the market, the company has successfully made a name for itself across many countries globally. They dedicatedly assist publishers or streamers in growing their respective audiences & monetize streams numerously. Brid.TV’s mission is to create products that help content owners to monetize their videos limitlessly.

Here are some of its exclusive features: 
  • Versatile and secure content management solution 
  • Platform supports video formats like MPEG-DASH, HLS
  • Comes with reliable CDN to ensure smooth playback 
  • Provides an extensive video ad analytics solution 
  • Fully whitelabelled platform can be utlized with infrastructure
What is the Pricing? 

Brid.TV provides 4 different pricing plans, so broadcasters of any sizes are sure to explore something to fit their business-like needs.

  • Free: One-time opportunity to try the platform (limited features) 
  • Essentials: $25/month
  • Business: Starts from $89/month 
  • Premium: Fully customizable plan 
What Are the Pros?
  • Engagement boosting tools 
  • Variety of ad supported formats 
  • OTT appsupport (android, iOS, tvOS SDKs)
  • Video header bidding 
What are the Cons? 
  • Platform downside is with live streaming isn’t that great
  • Not very easy-to-use platform as its flooded with options

Each of these plans comes with different functionalities and features, so content publishers have plenty of flexibilities to pick the one best suited for their needs. If you’d like to try the platform with its features for free, they also offer a risk-free premium demo. Get it touch with the team to learn more. 


Market-leading video solutions for sharing in learning environments

Panopto is a video hosting platform facilitates with online courses, or training material or video streaming across the world that are mostly needed for businesses and colleges. They promote themselves to be the one-stop solution for live streaming, recording and sharing video content from anywhere at anytime. Whenever, organizations or educational institutions need a dependable answer for streaming, video recording they go for Panopto.  

Here are some of its exclusive features:

  • Ease-of-use in centrally synchronized video technology
  • Real-time video conferencing with interactive tools 
  • Live or one-to-many streaming solutions in a single platform 
  • Video training at remote locations make it convenient 
  • Video accessibility across varied screen sizes
  • Upload Guidelines and Specs
  • Compatible with video formats: AVI, MP4, MPG, 3GP, MP3, M4V, etc
  • All other upload guidelines and specifications are only available to paying customers. 
What is the Pricing?

Panopto offers 3 varied pricing packages that includes: 

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $14.99/month 
  • Enterprise: Please contact Panopto for custom pricing 

After getting into contract, you have access to unlimited streaming and storage

What Are the Pros?
  • Audio and video hosting 
  • Video organization tools 
  • Customizable video player 
  • Video delivery to China 
What are the Cons? 
  • Minimal SEO management 
  • No version control 

If you are focused to find an internal video platform, Panopto is a good option to consider.


Increase your revenue from content using best online video platforms

Vdociphers offers an ideal video hosting solution for business owners who are looking to upscale their revenue by selling premium videos on websites or apps. Content broadcasters who are looking to reap maximum profitability via their online courses, movies, web series, or tutorials at a subscription or pay-per-view price, then Vdocpiher serves to be one of the best choice. Some of the important streaks cover encryption security with dynamic watermarking to protect your assets.

Here are some of its exclusive features: 
  • Allow users to download secure videos using certified DRM
  • Discourage screen capture in websites using digital watermarks
  • Provide seamless deliveries via Amazon AWS + CDN for servers 
  • Embed player with multilingual subtitles and speed change options 
  • Enable options to securly download in mobile apps to play offline 
What is the Pricing?

Vdocipher Media solutions has not provided its pricing yet. 

What Are the Pros?
  • Piracy has always been a major issue for all video content providers, and VdoCipher seems to solve the problem. 
  • The quality of the service has been commendable along with the pricing structure.  
What are the Cons? 
  • Analytics can be further improved as it helps to comprehend audience’s behavior
  • It would be greate if there was unlimited bandwidth available per year option 

Indeed, Vdocipher makes it extra hard for hackers to steal your work, so that you can stream your content without any worries at a cheaper price. 

Final Touch: 

Many services such as Kaltura, Vdocipher, and those which are listed here have the world of online video streaming market. Each of these platforms caters to unique requirements of consumers and businesses with its one-of-a-kind features. They also provide out of the box toolsets for bettering the video creation and streaming experience. OVPs offer better security paired with piracy in this respect. 

Also while uploading to these platforms you will be able to retain complete control over your content. There’s no sign of losing creative rights over your precious work. All of these factors come along to make OVPs enticing prospects for businesses to leverage the potentiality of the video lucratively.

Top FAQ for OVP Service Providers

1. What Is An Online Video Platform?

An online video platform, also known as OVP is a software platform that allows organizations and businesses to upload, manage, and distribute video content over the internet via a private server structure. Mostly, OVPs are cloud-based, meaning that enterprises can access video content from anywhere and distribute it to audiences all across the globe. 

2. How Does An Online Video Platform Work?

An online video platform is usually provided by a video hosting service that helps businesses to upload and distribute video content to larger audiences. Here’s how it works:

  1. Businesses make use of web-based interfaces to upload content.
  2. The content is then managed using CMS where metadata, titles, tags, keywords are added.
  3. Then the video is distributed across social media platforms and other digital channels.
  4. Their growth is studies using different analytics, and for recurring revenue, various monetization models are added.
3. What Are The Features To Look For In An Online Video Platform?

Below are some of the top indispensable features to look for in any online video platform,

  1. Optimized for DIY
  2. Analytics and different monetization models
  3. Enterprise-grade security
  4. Engagement tracking and notifications
  5. No advertising
  6. Interactive and intuitive multimedia experiences
  7. Video sync capabilities
  8. Integrations with CRMs, MAPs, and LMS
  9. Live streaming functionalities.
4. How To Choose The Best OVP Platform For Business?

When you are choosing the best OVP solution for you, it comes down to the individual needs of your business. However, make sure to take into consideration the below factors before making your decision:

  1. Basic and essential OVP functionalities
  2. Unlimited flexibility and scalability of resource capacity, including transcoding, storage, and CDN.
  3. 24/7 support or customer query desk to handle requests
  4. Copyright protection and API integration features
  5. Highly cost-effective, and cloud services.
5. What are the Top Benefits Of Creating an Online Video Platforms?

Some of the top benefits of using an online video platform include:

  1. Wider audience reach and user retention
  2. Recurring revenue or monetization opportunities
  3. Enhanced user engagement and track audience insights
  4. Finally, flexibility to add or remove any video content post detailed analytics.

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