Set Up A Temporary Phone Number With Twilio

Maybe after watching “The Wire,” going on Tinder dates, or selling stuff on Craigslist, or having a burner phone with a fake number might have crossed your mind. 

While some feel it this way, the others feel testing apps to be a lot more concerning because of the constant stream of incoming SMS messages for verification or issues related to privacy.

So, the only answer for them is using a temporary phone number, which we will walk you through in this guide. 

But first and foremost, we will examine how temporary phone numbers might prove to be advantageous to us and then buy one in less than 5 minutes without the need for any coding knowledge!

Perks of a Free Temporary Phone Number

Disposable phone numbers or temp numbers are useful not just for entrepreneurs, but also for the average person who wishes to keep online or incognito communication secured. 

If you ask us, is this all? Well no, there are other benefits too which we will explore it below:

  1. Registering for a new account: To access a company’s products or services, you may be requested to create a new account with phone verification, which might lead to unsolicited SMS and spam. These problems can be easily overcome and you can have a hassle-free experience by using a false number.
  2. Handling business affairs: In today’s digital era, retaining phone accessibility is critical for resolving specific issues or concerns, even while enterprises have their online web pages with all the details. In such tricky situations, it is always beneficial to use a temporary number so that customer calls can be handled seamlessly while preserving the distinction between personal and professional engagements.
  3. Online transaction of goods: In our increasingly digital world, life becomes more convenient, especially with the added income from selling products on internet marketplaces. However, interacting with strangers can pose risks. That’s where a temporary phone number steps in to assist in navigating these difficult situations.

Therefore, having a disposable phone number not only boosts your privacy but also ensures the protection of your information that may potentially end up in the wrong hands while using your original number. 

To conclude, a temporary phone number might be the best for verifying, contacting, or selling products for personal gains and business purposes.

3 Simple Steps To Set Up A Temporary Phone Number

Below are three simple steps that will help you create a temporary phone number with ease.

1.Create a Free Twilio Account

Once you have created a free account online, go to “TwiML Bins” in the “Developer Tools” category on your console. Select to create a TwiML Bin and then name it as “Forward to my phone”.

TwiML Bin is a simple set of code for programming your Twilio Phone number by setting up a static TwiML without a server. Soon you will receive a call and you need to copy & paste this code to your number.

twilio temporary uk phone number
twilio temporary phone number app uk

2.Purchase a Programmable Phone Number with an SMS Service 

This could easily be done by going to your Phone Numbers Dashboard and selecting Buy a Number. Choose your favorite number from the list of over 200 number types and then proceed to buy. After purchasing, select Set up Number.

If you are worried that your number may not work in certain countries, then fret not for Twilio has a robust phone number solution that works in 100+ countries including UK, Canada, and China.

3.Tell Twilio what to do if somebody calls you. 

For this, go to Messaging and search for the line, “A message comes in.” Select “TwiML” in the first box and “Forward to my mobile device.” in the next box.

twilio non voip temporary number canada
twilio temporary canada phone number generator

Save your choices and voila! You just got your burner phone! Call this number from iOS or Android phones to see your mobile blinking.

There you go. With this temporary phone number, you can avoid all risks and privacy when verifying your new accounts on Tinder, Google Voice, PayPal, or sharing on the internet. 

In case this number gets compromised, you can easily throw away this number and create a new one with the steps suggested above.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve established a temporary phone number, you might wonder what’s next. 

Don’t worry, because disposable numbers and call forwarding are just the first bricks in your business foundation. You can elevate your venture into a skyscraper using TwiML Bins and programmable phone numbers.

Experience the Power of a Temporary Phone Number!

The key to success in this digital era is building strong connections. And so, are you ready to witness uncompromised business communication and engagement?

We provide an array of solutions to marketing, operations, and customer services that can help you increase productivity and experience the reach without affecting your business.

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