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 The entertainment world has grown vast, and so have the associated tools and technologies. OTT platforms have become quite familiar these days. 

More than 300 OTT platforms are supposed to exist in the USA alone. As per the different resources, the revenue of the OTT is expected to surpass $476 billion by 2027. Whether it’s about sports or live TV, one can easily enjoy every type of content seamlessly here.

What is OTT Platform?

what is ott

OTT is an online content provider that offers users the facility of streaming media as a standalone product. The term OTT is often used by video-on-demand platforms and also includes platforms that promote audio streaming, messaging services, internet-based voice cabling solutions, and others.

OTT services offer a platform for different traditional media distribution channels, including one provided by cable television providers and telecommunication networks. One can quickly access their preferred OTT platform using their local or mobile network connections. 

Paid subscriptions often monetize OTT services. It means you have to pay for what you access on these platforms. 

A famous personality has perfectly quoted,

” The first major advantage of OTT platforms is that your work reaches a wide audience. Secondly, such platforms are an advantage for writers more than for actors.” – Arjun Mathur, ‘Made In Heaven’

What Does OTT Stand For?

OTT is an acronym used for Over-the-top services. It is one of the easiest and most common methods of entertainment through the internet that offers users the facility of streaming movies, TV shows, and much more over the top of the internet. The services offered here are usually provided by the content owners, such as production companies and others.

Right from movies to music albums, documentaries to reality shows, and much more, the OTT platform offers different options through the internet without any issues. The OTT platforms provide a seamless user experience over the world wide web. The platforms often include specially created shows that one can’t find anywhere else on the internet or the traditional cable networks.

The OTT world has grown quite vast in the last few years.

Let’s go with the data received through the different channels. The overall business of the over-the-top streaming platform market in the US alone is valued at around somewhere 85.16 billion, and that is something quite huge.

This market is expected to grow by over 200 billion and will emerge as one of the leading and safest industries in the world for sure.

The pandemic outbreak has shifted the world a lot towards over-the-top platforms. The growth rate of OTT has been raised by about 67% in the last two years. It is one of the most reliable entertainment options available in the market that relies mainly on the internet. The better the internet services, the more efficient the user experience here.

The best thing about the OTT platforms is their versatility. The viewers of the OTT channels are allowed to the shows aired on the TV here. OTT will enable users to access content from different media platforms, including ones with low subscription costs and premium channels. OTT offers original shows and usually airs them before being aired on television. One can easily find different unique undeleted scenes at OTT that make it even more attractive and efficient for the viewers.

What is the Meaning of OTT?

OTT means video material delivered over high-speed internet. It is a dedicated OTT platform that compiles a number of streaming services that offers users a wide range of streaming services over the internet.

The platform offers content from premium platforms like Voot, Hotstar, Netflix, and others. These media services are being configured to any devices and content and offer content broadcasters the facility of outreaching audiences with the content globally.

The platform works by pre-recording and storing the content in the content delivery network. The recorded or stored content is then further distributed all over the internet. OTT video is a delivery technology to provide access to users.

OTT usually streams the content being stored on its server. Whenever one uses the OTT, one requests a specific video to play. The OTT sends the request to the local CDN, and once done, the videos get delivered to them conveniently. OTT generates a request through the relevant digital rights management server.

As per Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Paytm, “Money matters, but in the end, what we regret the most is the time we waste.”

How is OTT Platform Delivered?

OTT is a monitization platform for accessing a wide range of video content. It is an internet-based platform that provides users with premium and exclusive content. The venue usually offers seamless access to the users. The only thing that can disrupt one’s way throughout is the internet connection.

Use a compatible device to ensure smooth aces over the OTT. If you are eager to use OTT, here are some of the most common devices that one can use for accessing OTT services. Make sure to have a perfectly working internet connection to enjoy unlimited access over the OTT platforms.

  • Mobile OTT Devices: OTT is easily accessible through a smartphone or a tablet. The platform runs efficiently on both iOS and Android operating systems. The related OTT applications can be easily installed from the official app stores, i.e., Google Play and App Store.
  • Personal Computer: One can quickly access their favorite OTT content by using their web browser or desktop-based apps on a computer system.
  • Smart TVs: Smart TVs have now become one of the essential electronic gadgets in almost every home. The majority of intelligent TVs today come up with different pre-installed OTT apps and have the ability to download additional OTT apps.
  • Gaming Consoles: One can also use different video game consoles like Xbox and play stations to enjoy additional OTT content.

What are the Benefits of OTT?

OTT platforms bring up a lot of opportunities and benefits to users. It is the perfect way to enjoy different types of content on a single platform effortlessly. If you are eager to know about the other benefits of OTT platforms, here is the leading one for you.

  • Control: OTT provides absolute control over the content. It ideally takes care of the brands and monetization and offers a seamless user experience to its audience.
  • Ad-Free Content : No one likes annoying ads flashing on their screen while accessing their favorite content. The involvement of the OTT platforms also has opened up the possibility of successfully removing ads from the range. One can easily opt for the different services, including subscription services, one time purchases, to enjoy an ads-free user experience with the other OTT platforms.
  • Direct to Consumer: OTT is the ultimate platform for directly reaching a substantial targeted audience through your content. One can quickly deliver a premium video experience and get control over the same entirely—the OTT providers use consumer feedback through direct engagement and interaction.
  • Consumer Freedom: Consumers are the main asset behind the success of any business. They are the one who works behind the success and failure of any services. Consumers today are free to search and extract their favorite videos effortlessly.

They can quickly pay for the content and services they are willing to enjoy. The OTT platforms add more flexibility to the user account and make it easier for them to adjust their models to the market with the full update. One can easily opt for niche content platforms and communities effortlessly now.

What are the Must-Have OTT Features?

Before you lead further with the White label OTT Solution Provider selection, here are the few features you need to have.

Top OTT App Features
  • White label: The OTT solution provider you will pick must come from a Whitelabel service provider. It should be safe and secure enough and include content from a vast range of platforms.
  • Live Streaming: No one wants to get an online video streaming platform only. While making the final selection, ensure the OTT platform you will pick up should live stream shows, events, and sports.
  • Cloud Trans-coding: The presence of cloud transcoding makes OTT platforms more scalable. The presence of this option increases the availability of resources, making it easier for the OTT platform to handle more videos efficiently.
  • Content Partner Portal: The presence of a content partner portal makes it easier for the OTT platforms to become a one-stop solution for different firms to do business with each other efficiently. Please make sure the platform you pick up includes tools that help build revenue, create marketing programs, and educate their teams.
  • Live to VOD : It is a unique tool that helps professional broadcasters provide unlimited content to users. It records and saves the live streams as a video-on-demand file.

How to Choose the Best Whitelabel OTT Solution Provider?

Video streaming technology has undergone an unprecedented growth explosion in the last few years. The majority of people today prefer watching live streams in their comfort. The demand for new content to stream and broadcasters has never seen such massive demand.

Here we are providing you with the best custom OTT solution providers in the marketplace.

1. Vplayed.com

It is an all-in-one white-label video streaming platform that offers a vast range of flexibility over streaming to the users. The platform provides cutting-edge features along with an end-to-end encryption.

It is a beautiful platform for ensuring digital security mechanics, delivering exceptional customer interactions, and boosting on-demand videos efficiently.


  • Flawless video streaming
  • Efficient management of video assets
  • Robus video DRM technologies
  • Increased revenue
  • Expert streaming tool


  • The premium option is a bit pricey


Vplayed.com comes up with a free trial option that can be further easily upgraded to the premium version per the user’s requirements.


The platform offers all content owners more than 150 streaming features.

2. Vodlix.com

Vodlix.com is another leading custom OTT platform that offers seamless access to a wide range of content. It is a complete OTT solution developed dedicatedly for SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD platforms. Content creators are free here to launch their OTT service with Vodlix’s ultimate white label, video encoding, monetization, streaming, and video on demand.


  • Complete OTT solution
  • Offers free launching of OTT service
  • Absolute convenient to access
  • Multiscreen live and on-demand video content streaming
  • Increased revenue


  • Found none


Vortex comes up with a free trial period which can be further upgraded to premium conveniently.


Complete OTT solution for SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD platforms

3. Ottera.TV

It is a Whitelabel video streaming platform that offers on-demand streaming to businesses of all niches. The platform delivers content using powerful AI & digital video solutions for entrepreneurs and mammoth brands. Users here are free stream content with advanced API integration and multi-device compatibility.


  • Highly customized and affordable OTT services
  • Build fast linear channels
  • Absolute business development
  • Easy monetization


  • No customizable templates


Otter has simplified its pricing packages to free and premium versions. Users are free here to pick up their preferable one.


Enable content streaming with advanced API integration and multi-device compatibility

4. Flicknexs.com

It is a video-on-demand platform that allows users to create and deliver an OTT streaming solution for different devices. The platform helps users launch their websites, manage videos, and offers subscriptions. It also provides DRM security and watermarking to protect the content.


  • Easy hosting of video streaming
  • Integrates conveniently with different payment gateways
  • Reliable user experience
  • Supports HTML5 video player
  • Generates actionable analytics
  • DRM security


  • Premium packages are a bit costly


Flicknexs has four different pricing options accessible to basic pros and businesses.


Designed to launch video streaming conveniently


So, Guys! I hope you understand now what OTT is. The integration of OTT platforms has eased up the lives of millions of users globally.

If you are currently willing to pick up a suitable OTT platform for enjoying unlimited streams, VPlayed.com, vodlix.com, ottera.tv, and flicknexs.com is a fantastic option that will provide you absolute assistance to the users.

For more queries, you can drop your comment below. We will respond as much as earlier than expected.

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