10 Best YouTube Alternatives: Top Monetization Platforms


Believe it or not there are other legitimate ways to make money off of your video creations… besides YouTube.

YouTube Monetization Platform Reviews

If you might be under the assumption that YouTube only can positively provide for the artistic livelihood you must lead. Then it definitely might be time to subscribe to better thoughts on this matter.

In this article, we are sure to see the rest of the great video monetization platforms that act as equivalent or greater alternatives to YouTube.

What Constitutes A YouTube Alternative?

There are certain prerequisites for a video platform to become the creators’ substitute for the fixed reference.

What Are The Monetization Benefits Available In YouTube Alternative?

Since we have established that YouTube needs an alternative now it is time to objectively take stock of the benefits that are available with a YouTube alternative for monetization but not YouTube itself. 

They might be,

1. Reliability

A dedicated video monetization platform under the ownership of a creator is without a doubt reliable. For its entire governance and direction lies with no one but the creator themselves. 

This could prove beneficial for the creator’s case; a creator requires full creative freedom or a limitless atmosphere to pursue creativity.

2. Full-fledged Monetization:

Can you imagine putting in your sweat, blood & tears and staking your life to find a meager monetary support which goes to the creator after it has been split with the platform. 

If unimaginable would be your answer then you deserve the backing of a self-hosted youtube alternative that not only dignifies your need of utmost freedom to ace your game but also a definitive monetization scheme that could provide for you.

When creators restrict themselves to the scope of YouTube, they have only seen a single monetization model at play which would be the avod (advertising-based video on demand). There is a double downside to it.

Attachment to a single revenue model that cuts off any chance of money-making through other models. Next, creators do not earn the entire amount of revenue they see through this model. They are stuck with whatever pittance of an amount if left off after YouTube sucks in the rich parts.

3. No Insane Revenue Sharing

This is a topic that cannot be overtalked about since the split of revenue from ads that YouTube takes for itself might even seem a bit hedonistic. But having your own alternative platform to earn money ties you up in a well-rounded financial scenario.

Even if you cannot get started with a self-hosted platform right away, you still would find a reasonable deal of a shared revenue stream to the exclusion of YouTube, of course.

Some of the premium monetization platforms only take 20-30% of the revenue.

Ranked🥇: Top 10 Video Monetization Platforms for Creators

Looking for the best YouTube alternatives? I ranked the top YouTube video alternatives are 1.GudSho 2.Patreon etc, you can use to monetize your video content.



GudSho is a video monetization platform in India for content creators wherein they can earn the revenue right by their video creations and as easily as they post videos. The platform majorly caters to four main segments, namely Entertainment OTT, Youtube Alternative, Fitness and Film Festival. 

This platform is also equipped with adequate marketing & monetization tools inevitable in taking your video enterprise higher. So you will be essentially launching your premium video website that is inclusive of your own domain name.

What are the Highlights of Video Monetization Platform?
  • Creators on this platform are treated to a privatized channel setting that pulls the entire focus onto themselves.
  • The video streaming associated with GudSho is marked by the methodology of a concept called ‘Adaptive Bitrate Streaming’ which essentially lets any video consumer stream the video without buffering.
  • The quality of video streaming also is one of a high degree as that in 4K streaming.
  • Creators may benefit from the advantageous conjecture of multiple revenue models as SVOD, TVOD… for reaching a monetary gain.
  • GudSho also presents creators with the scope of analyzing the performance of their creations on the basis of a set few key metrics that is outwardly packaged as a dashboard.
  • GudSho encourages creators all over the globe to employ their platform in their creative enterprise thereby it also makes facilities for a range of currencies to monetize anywhere.

Amongst others- Check out here!

What Is The Pricing On GudSho?

The GudSho pricing lets you take up one of the two deals: TVOD or SVOD or a mix of them both.

In the transactional way of pricing contents, you will be able to set your own price without conditions for each piece of content to your name on the platform. 

Whereas in the subscription-way of pricing contents, you will be able to charge your followers based with a set sum to be able to peruse your contents all at once. Its figure lies entirely up to your choice as well.

Standout of the Platform:

Every platform stands out in some way or by the specific nature of a certain offering it provides. For GudSho, it is.



That is a platform in sole dedication to artistic creators such as bloggers, podcasters, artists, gamers and video creators. Patreon also doesn’t put a fixation on video creators only but also opens its platform with its monetization to other formats of creators.

The platform sets up a monthly income for creators alongside making possible monetary perks that could be endowed to creators by their supporters.

Whilst the video hosting needs to happen elsewhere there is an advantage to the fact that these videos need only embedding and no need for upload to the site directly.

What are the Highlights of the Patreon OTT Platform?
  • Patreon lets its creators charge their supporters in three ways: on a pay-per-view basis, package subscription, or just an annual fee.
  • Creators opting for higher packages with Patreon will be let in on a much more sophisticated deal entailing stats on the performance of their videos as well as a way to promote to their fans. 
  • Payments concerning creators are entirely overseen by the platform for them. Cases of defaults are followed up by the platform as well.
  • Patrons may make a payment through a variety of payment pathways as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, and PayPal for accessibility amongst a higher population.
  • Payouts can be done by one direct deposit, PayPal, or Payoneer; creators can cash out whenever they want.
What Is The Pricing On Patreon?

The platform of Patreon provides its creators with three price variances of service packages. Starting off with ‘Lite’ which is the deal for business cases with the necessity for a basic setup managed with just three features offered by this package. Please note that Patreon takes 5% of the revenue generated under this package level.

Next comes ‘Pro’ which can be considered for the requirement of higher equipment to attain the status of a truly flourishing business whatsoever. Here the platform takes 8% of the monthly earnings of creators opting it. 

Finally ‘Premium’ for making use of every possible feature and polishing efforts taken at creator’s end through coaching say for which Patreon takes back the highest, 12% of creators’ monthly earnings.



Twitch is one of those platforms with an interesting backstory. Started as a platform for gamers especially, to live stream their progress during matches on here, it did develop into a platform for other forms of art as well.

As of today, you shall find artists of talk shows, cookery shows, sports clubs, and others live to stream their talents on their video channel under Twitch.

You cannot take Twitch for granted for a high-paying platform that will spoil with rich returns for your video creations. Instead, what you might expect at best is to get a nominal price for the same efforts.

The average range of returns observable for video creators on this platform constitutes a range between 3,000 Dollars and 5,000 Dollars for a minimum of 40 hours of live streaming done in under a month’s time.

What are the Highlights of the Twitch VOD Website?
  • There are two monetization programmes lent to creators: Affiliate & Partner. The features following below are the same for these two monetization schemes.
  • Fans of every creator herein can subscribe to one of the three tiers of packages valued at $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99. Their subscription may be a renewal or single purchase.
  • Subscribers are also privy to certain perks such as free viewability of vod (video on demand)/ livestream archives of the creator without ads at that.
  • “Bits” can be earned whenever a fan sends you “cheers” in a chat which will be worth a cent.
  • Twitch also lets external sponsors confer endowments on creators as a means for supplementary monetary support.
  • Payments made to creators are receivable through a variety of channels (Pay, ACH, cheque, wire transfer and local bank)
What Is The Pricing On Twitch?

The pricing mechanism on Twitch is a discreet one. They don’t disclose the revenue share percentage from ads or subscriptions. 

But it is surmised to be a 50% value for ‘Affiliate’ subscriptions and negotiable for ‘Partner’ subscriptions.

4. Ko-fi


If there can be a legitimate video content monetization website that can convert the adulation of fans into a ka-ching machine then it will be Ko-fi.

Its platform feels more like a social media platform but with a means to generate revenue right aboard the platform in exchange for offering exclusive content to fans cum subscribers.

What are the Highlights of the Ko-fi Platform?
  • On Ko-fi, creators can chalk out revenue means via either monthly subscriptions of their fans or receive individual endowments or crowdsource to reach a target.
  • The platform acts similar to a social media platform with a touch indicative of artistry such as it lets creators host a virtual gallery of their works besides interacting with their fans.
  • Creators shall also return donations to them with rewards made out to sponsors; they can take up video creations within the platform for commissions. 
  • Products and merchs can be sold off from the creator’s ko-fi channel.
  • There is an optional possibility for adding a paywall to all or select few of the creator’s contents on their channel.
  • Revenue earned by a creator shall reach them via PayPal or Stripe.
What Is The Pricing On Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is amongst the platforms that do not split creators’ revenue with themselves. Rather they encourage their creators to make a donation, that too, only if they feel like it from appreciation of their services.

If creators are looking for an extended scope of services from USA Ko-fi’s platform then they might go for “The Gold Package” which comprises much sophisticated features such as commissioning tools, provision for monthly subscriptions amongst others.

5.Buy Me A Coffee


Isn’t it an interesting name for a serious thing as something next to Boxoffice for a creator? The platform descript: fans of a creator may become paid subscribers of their video content posted exclusively for them.

Here an appreciative fan buying a coffee translates to a monetary gain for the creator in appreciation. The creator may also be one of a writer, musician, podcaster, illustrator, video creator, or an artist of other kinds.

What are the Highlights of the Buy Me A Coffee VOD Site?
  • The creator might be able to embed the video/audio file of their creation to their feed to let people purchase and download.
  • Creators can add as a button, the trademark symbol of the platform or swap it for something of their choice that could be placed on the creator’s website or Tumblr or Medium or the platform itself.
  • Live events can be hosted with a Zoom template.
  • Payment is sanctioned to PayPal, Stripe or the bank account of the creator.
  • Creators get given access to a page that updates them on performance criteria such as supporter count, viewer count, earnings and more.
  • Creators may earn the support of their fans through either conversion of fandom into subscription or receive one-off endowments.
What Is The Pricing On BuyMeACoffee?

The platform finds a return from creators by charging a fixed 5% of all one-off subsidies and cyclic donations as transaction fees.



Kickstarter is an age-old platform for fundraising so it might have to sound a bit different from the rest on our list, not because of the “age-old” part but simply because of the “fundraising” part.

Well, it can support creators in a different yet prominent way which will be to let them raise funds for a particular project as well as reward their sponsors with physical or virtual rewards.

This might not be what you expect of a perpetual basis of monetization that could also set you up with a community of your own. Rather, it works well if you might be looking to accomplish high-budget projects in your stream.

What are the Highlights of the Kickstarter UK OVP Website?
  • Creators may make their pitch in any format such as a live video, a recorded video, or any other
  • Creators may make their pitch in any format such as a live video, a recorded video, or any other format to ask for monetary aid for the project in hand.
  • Creators may seek funds on the kickstarter website as well as its app for wider reach.
  • There will be a medium for receiving comments and thoughts from your audience, sponsor or others
  • The disbursement of money happens right after 2 weeks from the close date of the campaign as long as creators hit their target amount.
  • Google analytics can be employed in the campaign to monitor traffic sources.
  • Pledges can be of any amount. In fact higher amounts will reward funders with privileged access to products.
What Is The Pricing On Kickstarter?

The American Kickstarter essentially charges creators with a 5% platform fee plu 3% transaction fee and a $0.20 for donations above $10.

In case the funding lies below ten bucks then the campaign still incurs a 5% transaction fee and a side of $0.05.

7. Memberful

This is a platform or more like the extension of a platform that lets creators sell their podcasts, newsletter, courses, and more.

Its set-up is a simple plug-in into the WordPress site with integration possible for other sites such as Mailchimp to keep track of subscribers, Discourse to maintain a paid private forum, and more such sites in support that supports subscription-based monetization.

What are the Highlights of the Memberful Canada Streaming App?
  • Creators may launch a custom site on wordpress, added with Memberful tools or take money for group access on Discord or Discourse.
  • Platform lets debit and credit card payments through stripe integration.
  • Creators have umpteen choices to fix the pricing of their digital products from a multi-tiered subscription to one-off payments.
  • With Memberful on the side there is a possibility to offer coupons, discounts and integrations with email and affiliate marketing tools.
  • Creators can also employ google analytics to track records of traffic data and other analytics related to revenue and members.
  • Memberful also lets creators place a paywall when publishing video content with stand-alone platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
What Is The Pricing On Memberful?

This platform offers three different monthly packages: Starter, Pro and Premium.

Starter can be accessed at zero cost but with a transaction fee of 10%. Creators may be eligible for literally a handful of features under this package whereas Pro lets creators access a substantial amount of features for a price of $25 a month at a 4.9% transaction fee. 

But if a creator must experience the full freedom of Memberful then they are advised to go for the biggest package of all, Premium. This package lets creators run wild with complete access to the entire list of offerings at a price of $100 a month with a transaction fee of 4.9%.

8. SubscribeStar

Subscriber Star is a dedicated subscription-oriented platform in the Canada that helps creators earn revenue through subscription ideally. Its platform claims that they can serve well creators of any stream who are continually producing content.

This platform is quite similar to Patreon with respect to its offerings but for a lower price. Here too, an atmosphere of exclusive community is created around the creator through a channel of paid membership.

What are the Highlights of the SubscribeStar Video Upload Platform?
  • The platform is capacitated to provide creators with analytics on their performance as well as auto-adjust marketing initiatives accordingly
  • Subscribe Star follows a methodology called “Trust Period” to protect contents on its platform against content skimming and content scraping.
  • Integration with the Discord platform is possible to let creators build a community.
  • Interactive polls possibility can be enabled on this platform by creators to engage their audience without much coding required of the creator.
  • External video linking can be done as well from platforms as YouTube, Vimeo amongst others by simply embedding the video link without disrupting the flow of video on the initial platform.
  • “Feature Profile” listing gives all creators of Subscribe Star a chance to be recognized by the platform and naturally increase their revenue potential at the same time.
What Is The Pricing On Subscribe Star? 

The initiatory cost to begin a channel on the platform is absolutely free of cost. But the monthly earnings are subject to change based on the number of subscribers as well as the price rate being set by the creator.

Creators must know that their monthly pay out will undergo following deductions:

  • A Processing Fee of 2.9% plus $0.3 deductible on every subscription
  • A Payout Fee depending on the transaction conditions and others. It shall never be lower than $3 though.
  • A Service Fee of 5% on every pledge

An additional International Transaction Fee of 3.5% is applicable for creators holding a card not issued in the US.

9. Vimeo

Vimeo is a well-known content monetization website usa and its provider for creators around the world. It lets creators make money off of their video creations in three ways. Creators can create video subscription packages that lets them collectively earn a periodical as a monthly fee.

They can also host live events at a special cost or launch branded apps downloadable at a cost. Vimeo empowers creators with their premium app offering.  The branded apps formed thusly are compatible with almost every major os as ios, android, roku… to name a few.

What are the Highlights of the Vimeo Canada OVP App?
  • It provides creators with performance analytical support for enhancing viewership of the videos.
  • There is round the clock tech support for creators on this platform.
  • The app creation and maintenance is fully taken care by Vimeo on behalf of creators to free up their time for creative pursuits true to their nature.
  • Revenue can be directly generated on the app through subscription, subsidy or pay-per views.
  • Vimeo enables an immersive streaming experience for anyone with high end specs 4K and HDR video quality and Dolby Vision audio, be it on-demand or live streaming.
  • Vimeo also provides scope for interactive video streaming experience such as with shoppable videos.
What Is The Pricing On Vimeo?

Vimeo provides four price packages to prospects: Starter, Standard, Advanced & Enterprise. As you can imagine Starter is a basic package to give support to 5 videos a month at the cost of $12. Standard which is the most popular as proclaimed by Vimeo comprises video support for upto 10 videos for $35 a month.

The Advanced as the name suggests goes on to justify more sophistication in video support for creators. It backs up on provisions as marketing integrations, live streaming and more at $35 a month for 20 videos.

At the top most is the Enterprise, servicing the needs of high-ticket clients with extended back up in additional security, control and support.

10. Dailymotion

This is a video sharing cum monetization platform with over 300 million active users as claimed by the platform itself. Though it could be considered as a direct competitor of YouTube yet it stands out in the respect of embedded videos. 

If as a creator you have a limited following then this platform might better suit your purpose over its aforementioned competitor. The business function of Dailymotion is to gather creators who will come aboard the platform to create a video channel for themselves and go on to monetize these videos through revenue from ads that will be split with the platform.

What are the Highlights of the Dailymotion USA Video Hosting Website?
  • Creators can upload videos without a limit to the number for free of cost.
  • The platform especially provides support for uploading HD videos upto 2GB in size or 60 minutes in duration.
  • Dailymotion also gives support to creators in uploading as well as playback of 4K videos.
  • As well stated, the prominent feature of this platform is its sleek embedded video player.
  • The revenue model followed herein is that of advertisement-based monetization model which lets creators run ads on their videos and earn money.
  • The case of every individual player configuration can now carry its own watermark
What Is The Pricing On Dailymotion?

Dailymotion clearly offers three packages: Starter, Pro & Custom. The initiatory or “Starter” pack constitutes the basics, necessities of creators’ expectations in a video monetization platform, to say sum it up no customizations done here.

The Pro package can include customizations and allows for plays upto 120,000. The third and the most designer package will be the Custom that is a full-on tailor made suit of services according to the individual needs of a creator.

Best FAQ For YouTube Video Monetization

1.What is video monetization?

Video monetization is a means of generating either recurring or one-time revenue for the videos created and posted on air on the internet. Plus, there are different ways to monetize content, like advertising, SVOD, TVOD, sponsorships, coupons, branding, merchandising, and other modes too. 

2.How do you make money on YouTube without monetization?

Though advertising stands as one of the popular ways to make money on YouTube channel, other ways include:

  1. Selling your digital products and services
  2. Delivering content through coaching programs or consulting services
  3. Affiliate programs or marketing
  4. Finally, gaining sponsorships.
3.Do you need 1,000 subscribers on YouTube to get paid?

Yes, you may at least need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of public view for your videos to get paid by YouTube.

4.How do you promote your YouTube channel?

To gain more subscribers and generate large income, it is mandatory that you promote your videos by publishing your videos and channels on radio, TV, websites, forums, newsletters, and social media platforms. Or, allowing embedding so that others can distribute your videos for you, and by directly interacting with audiences through shoutouts, comments, subscriptions, and conducting live sessions. 

5.What is the best way to monetize YouTube videos?

The best ways to monetize your YouTube videos depend largely on your audience number and the genre you are into. However, there are some of the popular ways to make money like Ad revenues, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandising, crowdfunding, and via one-time donations. 

6.What is the best alternative to YouTube?

There are multiple video-sharing platforms that are considered to be the best alternative to YouTube. Some include Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch, Facebook Twitter, IG TV, and others. 

7.How Can I Monetize My Video Content Online?

In-app ads, sponsorships, merchandising, crowd-funding, donations, pay-per-view models, and affiliate programs are some of the ways to monetize your video content online. 

8.What Are The Advantages Of A Video Monetization Platform?

By using a video monetization platform, you can earn recurring income from the video content, get high exposure to audiences, apply a different range of monetization options, gain access to tools and analytics, deliver support via resources and practices, and finally grow your business. 

9.How Long Will It Take To Build A OTT Monetization Platform?

The time required to build an OTT monetization platform depends on the features opted for, the genres selected, the expert development team, and other factors. Therefore, considering these, it may take from 7 months to several years to build a platform from the very scratch. However, if you are using third-party API solutions or pre-built features and templates, you can fastly launch an OTT monetization platform. 

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