Top 10 IT Consulting Services Companies in India & USA

Most of the small or medium scale businesses do not have more time for investing in the in-house IT department or full-time for their business. Many numbers of businesses do not have in-depth technical expertise across various domains for carrying the day-to-day activities. When you are looking for the best way to save your time then choosing the Top 10 IT Consulting Companies would be more convenient and it would definitely help for business profit. Most of the businesses look towards the high end IT consulting services for getting all kinds of IT-based work.

Required Things For Top IT Consulting Companies

1 Certified professionals
2 Proven record of works
3 Support and maintenance
4 Experience and expertise
5 Client Retention Rate
6 Length of Client Relationships
7 Payment Terms
8 Core Business Functions

List of Top 10 IT Consulting Services Firms in India & USA

1. ScienceSoft

Leading IT Services & Consulting Firms

ScienceSoft is one of the leading it consulting companies in India that offers high services especially streamlining the IT strategy. Experts are known to create, system integration, information security assurance, ensuring an effective and smooth transaction. ScienceSoft mainly focuses on the innovative strategy with the long-term goals and specially equipped with the high end reliable as well as agile technology. ScienceSoft enables the high-end business-supporting technologies and helps the clients to go beyond the automating traditional methods. Experts here are ready to explore the new ways for boosting the business as well as transform the models of business.

Services Provided by ScienceSoft

Digital Transformation, Big Data, Bi,IT Security, CRM Services & Consulting Provider.

Dallas, USA, 501-1,000
Founded: 1989 $49 /hr. +12143066837

2. IT Horizons

Professional Information Technology Solutions Company

The IT Horizons is a top Indian it consulting companies in usa and IT managed service provider that offers the best IT support for the clients all over the world. Having the international base for small and mid-sized businesses and provides the best IT consulting solutions. The primary focus of the experts is the completely industrial and commercial market. When you like to choose the experts and gain more benefit then IT Horizons enables the superior cutting-edge network solutions fully committed to enabling the complete IT management as well as support service. You could easily drive the business goals to improve the strategic planning.

Services Provided by IT Horizons

IT Support Plans, Server, Network, Computer, Mac IT, Office Moves, 365 Migration, Hardware, Project, Virtualisation & IT Consultancy Firm.

Nigeria 50-249 N/A
Founded: 2005 $49 /hr. N/A

3. Sphere IT Consulting

Best Outsourced IT Support Services

Sphere IT is the best it consulting firms in usa mainly devoted for supporting the business in much more way for increasing the productivity, profitability as well as efficiency. It mainly provides the best comprehensive array of the enterprise-grade IT services and support. Sphere IT mainly incredible proud of the reputation that mainly builds the business. Sphere IT Consulting has been working on the efficient, friendly, cost-effective as well as pro-active IT Services in London. Being the largest it consulting firms, Sphere IT brings you the personal level of service for the big competitors in a most superior manner.

Services Provided by Sphere IT Consulting

Professional Consulting Services, Video Conferencing, IP Surveillance, IT Trainings, Enterprise Software Application & Virtual Private Networking.

Nigeria 51-200
Founded: 2012 $49 /hr. 8886774373

4. Mindtree
Mindtree is the leading European telecommunications and IT service provider that mainly works on the major project in a more significant way. Mindtree is best it consulting firms that stand strong in the massive digital consumer engagement of footprint and suitable for enabling the highest standard manner. Unique digital innovation hub of Mindtree has been considered as the unique choice in the most efficient manner. Mindtree works on creating, designing as well as crafting the best business solution. Experts are also mainly suitable for transforming consumer engagement on the multi-channel digital marketing platform and much more efficient for saving the time.

5. PCM Canada
PCM Canada is the leading IT consulting service provider mainly leverages the unique solution for more than 30 years. PCM Canada is one of the leading in the list of best it consulting services in the finance, health as well as major industries. It also helps to guide the business of all sizes on the complex, expanding the IT issues and also costly. IT solutions consulting services offered by the PCM Canada mainly brings you the convenient option for easily enabling the enterprises to easily expand IT system’s capability as well as align the uniquely optimizes the industry’s compliance standards.

6. EZComputer Solutions:
EZComputer Solutions is the top consulting firms 2019 that is ready to help the business of all sizes to improve the strategic IT consulting in a much more unique manner. EZComputer Solutions uses the high-end technology that mainly runs smoothly with the best resources on the strategic technology decisions. EZComputer starts works on the conservation of the software and helps the employees about more process. Being the biggest it consulting companies, EZComputer have helped you to easily utilize the technology for saving more money as well as increasing productivity. Experts also provide more services for customers and have a unique solution for high en aspects.

7. Leverage IT
Leverage IT is well known it consulting Services Providers that focuses on the IT needs of the clients that mainly include the vCIO deliverables, expert frameworks, business technology service delivery, accountable outsourced IT management as well as security management. Leverage IT offers the high extensive Pivotal IT Best Practice Managed Services suitable for every business solution. Leverage IT consulting services enable the businesses to easily identify the needs as well as gaps of the business services and efficiently builds the strong grasp with other options. IT consultants would definitely guide you everything on growing more complex and saving time.

8. Bsquare
The bsquare firm is well known for providing the unique it consulting software development with more advanced features to the maximum. With a new millennium of the technology that evolved with the modern manner, there has been more development in the process. Bsquare mainly endeavours the ultimate services for the customers in a much more consultative approach. Bsquare has mainly employed the innovative IT software as well as consulting services. Experts have the complete in-house capability for easily providing the high end IT software solutions that mainly includes the Technology mapping, IT feasibility study, incorporating global, Users requirement mapping as well as industrial practices.

9. Mindtree
Mindtree is the best digital transformation and software consulting services that mainly includes ideation, development, execution and testing. Mindtree has worked for more than 2000 clients across the globe and outperforms the heavy competition. Mindtree it business consulting services creates the customized solutions across all kinds of the digital value chain. Mindtree experts are highly expertise in every infrastructure as well as applications management that would definitely give the absolute strategic asset. When you like to run your business more efficiently and easily accelerate more revenue growth then Mindtree is ready to help you.

10. Myriad Consulting:
One of the leading big and small business consulting services is the Myriad Consulting Company that is well versed in offering the most unique solution. As the top information technology firm, Myriad Consulting offers the complete consulting services for the best performance Information Technology integration along with computer networking. Highly trained service is mainly based on specifying, design, and deploy manage I/T infrastructure that meets the high-end infrastructure on varied needs. Experts have helped the number of medium and large corporate clients. Myriad Consulting team also have maintained the strong and healthy partnerships with the technology leaders that include HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec and more.


Every business depends on the IT system directly or indirectly. Choosing the right IT consulting service is more important in the modern world for managing every business activity. Plenty of consulting perks is available in the modern world so choosing the best network services and it technology consulting firms is a most important benefit for the business.

High Touch Communication

The main goal of the IT consulting is to answer every call and provide a proper solution for their business issue. Choosing the seasoned and professional technicians provides more opportunity to resolve any issues in business.

Committed to Quality

Serving the IT and critical network of the company is the huge responsibility so it is best to take it more seriously. Teamwork and solid commitment are more important for excellence, communication as well as industry.

Additional IT Consulting Services Companies Recommended by others

11. CrafSOL
CrafSOL is the top it projects consulting services in the modern Technology space. CrafSOL has been deriving the strength of people that mainly value professional ability. Experts mainly offer the customers quality products as well as services that would meet the mutually and stated agreed needs. The dedicated team of mobile expert is mainly helpful for defining the enterprise mobile strategy and innovatively designed the mobile app and deploys them. Professional mobility team has high extensive experience as both the SAP and non SAP mobile solutions. Expert it management consulting services have worked on various domains based on the requirement.

12. Fingent:
Fingent is the best Business Technology Consulting and IT Strategy development team that enhances the business productivity. Having more years of experience in the field, Fingent become the leading it strategy consulting firms and helps many numbers of organizations to easily adopt the latest technology as well as business practice. IT Strategy solutions mainly entrusted by any number of clients across the world. Every process enabled with risk reduction as well as improved efficiency. Fingent experts offer the best advice on easily solving the business as well as technology problem in a much more unique manner.

13. Darby consulting:
Darby consulting focuses on planning and deploying of every IT projects that would give you more convenience on easily growing the business to the high extent. Darby consulting is also the leading it technology consulting firms that focus on easily growing the business. Well established IT Consulting Company mainly brings you the complete aspects of helping the clients with easily navigating the business in a much more unique manner. Having a wide portfolio of IT projects, Darby consulting mainly succeed in enabling high giving an absolute answer. Darby consulting mainly incorporated with the cloud-based ePMO tools that ensure the stakeholder to know in the real-time strategy.

14. BKS Systems – Joliet It Consulting Company:
BKS Systems or Business Knowledge Systems mainly enables the complete aspects of serving the Joliet managed IT services clients for more than 15 years. Having more experience in the trend and technology, Business Knowledge Systems have especially worked on the small as well as medium-sized businesses. BKS Systems works on the complete standard on the IT consulting services and offers wide services such as compliance management, support and management services, Microsoft Office 365 administration and more. Joliet has the number of the small, medium as well as large corporations, BKS Systems gives the ultimate managed IT services for those who are in need.

15. Tellussol:
Tellussol is considered one of the leading and world’s largest information technology company having experience in working and resolving every business challenges. Tellus consultants would definitely understand the complete world of the business changes that are made constantly and also results in the complexities with the demand on the intelligent. Whether you are looking for the high end IT consulting solution in commercial or in government, Tellus consultants have the expertise in offering the end results in a much more unique manner. Experts have especially combined the industry, technology as well as operational skills using the relevant proprietary to easily tailor the solution.

17. Marathonus
Marathon Consulting is known for inspiring it consulting software development services and consulting firm in Virginia Beach. Marathon Consulting is highly specialized in the mid-tier businesses, local municipalities, non-profit organizations as well as the mid-Atlantic region. Marathon is the biggest it business consulting services as well as Digital Marketing services that have the proven record of the IT and management methodologies. With achieving the world-class results, Marathon Consulting feels strong to the core along with the combination of the information technology consultants.

18 Quantanezone
It is the more reliable IT consulting platform that serves as an intersection of both technology and business. The company not only has a dedicated consulting team but also enable more than two hundred clients throughout the world. The main aim of this extensive network is to develop and execute the best strategies for the overall digital transformation. The consulting team has professional experience and better expertise in this field. The increased level of knowledge helps them to bring small business consulting services with utmost care.

19. PASS Consulting Group
If you are looking for the international IT and software consulting company, you can opt for PASS Consulting Group. The core competence of this company is successful digitalization of start-ups, large corporations, and even medium-sized companies in finance, travel, IT, telecommunications, public sector, logistics, finance, industry and travel sectors. The most important thing about this company is that it has more than thirty years of professional experience in the software development process. Also, the team uses the best techniques to create the best kind of it project consulting services which are ideal for all kinds of businesses.

20. Gauss Development
If you want to increase your overall business productivity, you can hire Gauss Development. It is one of the it strategy consulting firms that will save your money and time. The good thing about this company is that it comes with an expert team of real IT experts. They are the professionals who help you to choose the best software solution to your business. When you hire the trusted team of a consulting firm, you are able to get the solution which is accurate for your business need. You can try to custom made the solution to make it a perfect fit for your business.

21. 1SEO Tech
Are you looking for one of the it technology consulting firms? 1SEO Tech is the perfect choice for your IT consultation needs. It helps you to identify as well as resolve various problems within your business network. The team is committed to eliminating the costly challenges. Also, it improves the workflow with many proven IT services and solutions. The specialized solutions help your company to use the latest technology and get more benefit from it. The IT consulting company comes with an entire range of IT solutions that includes managed and small business IT support, network design and more.

22. Pyramid Consulting Inc.
Now, almost every business wants to win in the global and local markets, so they look for the best solutions. To satisfy the needs, Pyramid Consulting Inc comes with the best range of solutions, products, and even staffing. It not only offers it management consulting services but also let you get world-class QA, mobile and enterprise solutions that are perfectly fit your business needs. The company has an array of professionals who are experts in perm positions and contract with innovative start-ups and leading companies worldwide.

23. JK Technosoft
It is an innovative company aiming for better excellence in the strategic advanced technology solutions. The core of this team is to work with the business decision makers innovatively to adopt new technology-enabled solutions. The reliable firm also aims to exceed the expectations of their customers. The main focus of this team is on the leading-edge strategic solutions. Apart from that, the team aims to develop an inspiring workplace for talented professionals. The responsible approaches of this company help it to bring better satisfaction to their IT-enabled business customers.

24. Catapult Systems
If you want to get the best IT enabled solutions for your business, you can utilize Catapult Systems. The interesting thing about this company is that it designs, sustain and build various business solutions which are ideal for every individual. As an international modern digital services and solutions firm, it offers the finest range of IT solutions to the business. The team of IT consultants specializes in the business-critical and emerging technologies. The professional skills help them to meet your business needs properly.

25. Protiviti
Almost every business owners want to have better IT practices and processes for driving excellence, so they look for the best assistance. Proviti is the international IT consulting company that helps IT leaders and CIOs to design and also implement the advanced solutions in various sectors. It includes applications, data management, compliance, security and IT governance. The main working of this team is to address privacy and IT security issues. Also, it deploys customized and advanced application to solve the problems.

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