10 Best Live Video Calling Apps of 2024 Reviews

Are you searching for a free live video call app?

Then you can go with the list of top 10 video call apps to use at zero cost. With massive technology development in the part of the videos chat app, most people enjoy making videos call their friends and family at any time.

Apart from that, now the colleges and schools are entirely dependent on this video chat app to teach students due to the Covid. Obsessively it obtains the special welcome among the major field and makes the call by staying in the home itself. 

 It does not doubt the free video calling app, which has become essential today. Due to the families scattered in various parts of the videos, you need to touch simply with the help of a free video call app to make a call with absolute comfort.

I hope you can go with the help of the below top 10 live video call apps to use with total comfort. 

 On using such videos call app, you are suggested to meet great benefits such as

  • Content sharing
  • Conneecting participants 
  • Convenient parent taught meeting scheduling 
  • Recording functionality 
  • Engage other 
  • Interaction and collaboration 

 Hence, it will be more comfortable to use with better comfort.

A recent report from 360 said that the digital content creation market size obtained the overall market growth in 2020 to 2025 with 9.1% of CAGD.  Here  forecast  the period  between 2020 to 2025 will reach up to ESD 16900 million  by 2025 from 11920 million in 2019.

At the same time, you come across several videos calling apps for android that can install and connect the videos from the contact list from the phone device.

The World’s Best Live Video Calling Apps in 2024 Reviews

#1. Google Meet

Apart from the Google meeting, the Google Meet is one of the essential options and its consumer’s app. It is a one-to-one mobile app for making videos call, and you need to expect google to offer a short video conferencing tool. If you come to know the videos call apps, obsessively Google due is one of the right choices, and it boosted with end number features to run with exceptional comfort at all times. 

 The duo was touted for one on one conversation, and now it makes its features broader to make the group up to 32 number, including the web app. hence it has become more comfortable to use without any risk and trouble of it. It has a new family mode option on a video call to use and surprise loved ones with many fun masks and other effects. 

Now the top live video call apps have added special features to leave a video message to pick up later. This family mode will avoid accidental hang-ups and other common issues during the video call. This application works on Android devices, computers, tablets, and more devices. It boasts quality videos of connection to create and connect from anywhere. 

 What do we like?

  • 32 participants 
  • One on one meeting with no time limit
  • No time limit for a Group meeting
  • Mobile Screen sharing 
  • Free to download 

 What don’t we like?

  • Need sign up 
  • No option to reject when calling 
  • No chance to attend calls without video 
  • Some Wi-Fi connection issues 

#2. Discord

On installation, such videos call applications, and users can enjoy using significant features such as text, voice, videos chat. . It acts as part of the school club, a gaming group. It is pretty simple to talk every day with absolute comfort at all times. Discord is suitable videos call app to communicate with family and friends. This app service is well organized into the topic-based channel where you can collaborate, share, and talk with friends; this app becomes reliable tech for staying close with feedings. This app has a low latency voice and has a video chat feel in the same room.

 The best live group video app required a basic version of OS to install directly to the device without changing any personal setting. The report shows that around 200+ companies use such apps to share messages and make the videos call relaxed and straightforward. On the other hand, you assure to enjoy great fun making the videos with high quality. 

Lightweight coding never satisfactorily taxes your computer resource. It has also become shone on the various game streaming platforms. Hence, it becomes more comfortable for the user to install and make the videos call straightforwardly. 

 What do we like?

  • Free of charge 
  • Fant interaction 
  • Screen sharing-
  • custom title 
  • different channels 

What Don’t We Like?

  • User limits 
  • Basic Videos chat 
  • Native integration 
  • A fair amount of RAM

#3. Zoom.us

Zoom has become the most effective and well-known video conferencing apps tool, and its names have it means with videos meet. It is open for everyone to install and make the videos call with family and another college student. This video called the live ios app was developed for corporate use, but bow has a free basic version for people to install with free of cost to ruin.

 It was never expected it become famous among non-business users, and it has various missteps and boosted with high security and privacy support. This company provides instituted significant changes and updates to address the common problem. It is applicable to download for iOS and Android. These video applications run without making any fundamental change in the setting option.

It is the free version, which allows up to 100 participants to make the videos call, so it becomes a special welcome among the people at all times. It is boosted with unique features such as Screen sharing and annotation and the right option for business meetings. It is not offering a great deal for those now working at the home, and it has a chance of page offering support and giving exceptional advice to new users.

What do We like?

  • 100 maximum participants 
  • One on meeting up to 40 minutes time limit 
  • Screen share 
  • Record meetings
  • Free to download 

What Don’t We Like?

  • HD videos are not standard 
  • Inconsistent cloud files 
  • Lack of comment control 
  • You need to download an application to use 
  • Inconsistent cloud file size


If you want to make videos call to your friends, and family for other purposes, you can try skype. Everyone loves many videos calling apps to install and start sharing the message. At the same time, it is considered as best video call app for everyone to use without any limitation. This player in the videos call games, which was released in the market in 2003, and it developed to more than 600 million users by the year 2010.

This app assures to run over the mobile and computer platform to make the emerging as the go-to the video call choice for different screens. Still, this application added high-end features to install and start making the mobile call without any risk.

It has special features such as group screen sharing and grip view, much more additional support. It is friendly to enjoy using and running the app to make the videos. This app needs a very less amount of features, which is an application to install and get first-class ideas without any trouble.

What do we like?

  • Applicable to make group call
  • Access the from a different location
  • Highly reliable
  • Simple to accessible
  • User friendly

What don’t we like?

  • No access to emergency service
  • No real face to face interaction
  • No language translation support
  • Background noise

#5. Apps.apple

Are you looking for a first-class mobile app, and then you must go with the help of Facetime. It introduces the legions of smartphone users to make videos cal. It has refined to interface the apple which is called for initiating and getting the call is quite simple and easy for the customer. 

On running such a mobile app over the device, users can access the hots features such as live photos and capture images with the help of the Memoji / Animoji and many more additional option. However, face time applies to Android users, which is more comfortable downloading and installing on the smartphone with absolute comfort. 

It is often updated with unique features, which makes users enjoy getting the first class of features and support at all times. It can be easy to use and an attractive choice to get an older version to connect with the video calling. The online live video call app is open for everyone to install and start using with absolute comfort at all times. It can simply access directly from the app during the iPhone call, and it has commonly synonymous with video chat communication. 

 What do we like?

  • Suitable for both videos and audio calling 
  • Optimize to run the software smoothly 
  • Boosted with different functionalities 
  • Application to free use 
  • Get HD videos quality

 What don’t we like?

  • Not suitable for work-related 
  • No text-based messaging 
  • Available between users for Apple device

#6. WhatsApp

 Almost every user have WhatsApp messenger, and applicable for the customer to make videos call and share the videos file without spending any cost. This app becomes simple to start chatting and easy to navigate to chosen chat and tap the video call with a single tap button. 

This app moves among the data connection and Wi-Fi, which ensure a strong relationship based on where you ware, and you can even check the other message when you call. It was first released, which is pretty bare bone, and it doesn’t have features and another chat app that offers the time. It is another version entry of Facebook orbit, and it has social networking during the year 2014.

 Almog is a video call app used by two billion users and more than 100 million users in India alone. This app stands over its video call platform, and it is a highly secured encrypted connection. It is pretty simple to use and has reliable video calling features to use at all times. Hence, it is a special welcome to make videos calls and another primary usage.

 What do we like?

  • User friendly 
  • Share location 
  • End to end encryption 
  • Cut down the data use of call 
  • Ads-free 
  • Free of cost 

What don’t we like?

  • No option to hide particular users 
  • Not applicable to send a message in the regular inbox
  • Addictive 
  • Profile picture visible
  • Chance of getting annoyed 

#7. Hala Video Chat

 Hala is a free video chat and messaging app to download and install directly to the device. It allows enjoying making the videos with their 3D effect and filter and sticker. It will enable making calls that matter to you anywhere globally, free with quality voice and video calls. It never needs additional software to run over the mobile phone device. It is open for everyone to download and install without any risk.

 It is applicable to connect with family and friends by using instant messages and live videos chats. You have to choose the contact from the book and enter a mobile number to link the communication on this messenger. You can make videos call anywhere without spending any cost. It allows everyone to chat and send messages without any risk of it.

Even you can simply send the text and take advantage of the fantastic feature, which delivers the free message and shares image video, add some of the emoji icons, and add the cool sticker’s record audio message with absolute comfort. The best live group video app gives complete comfort to run over the device without any risk.

 What do we like?

  • Highly secured communication 
  • Get an Emoji
  • Easy to run and install 
  • Simple to interface 
  • HD videos quality 

What don’t we like?

  • Not applicable run on a different device 
  • Not update with fresh features 
  • Limited members to join the app

#8. Justalk

It is a free high-quality voice and video call app. on installing such an app, users are suggested to get a group chats app, which is more simple and easy for the customer to make a mobile call. It is reliable, fun, and secure for the user. This application runs on both android and ios, which is perfect for family and friends. Apart from that, it lets to use up to 16 people on single videos calls. 

 You have to make one to one group call with HD, and in addition, you assure to get a clear voice during the mobile call. Users can share and get countless stickers and photos in real-time. The user can also challenge the videos to call in this application.

 Even if this app doent owned by family and friends, you can use the boomerang web call. It lets a user make the web link and make an actual call with no risk. The live call video calling boosted with the lively messaging and end-to-end encryption and installed more than 10,000,000. Apart from that, you are suggested to get a first-class experience at all times.

 Why do we like it?

  • Simple interface 
  • Applicable to run on Android, iOS 
  • High-quality video call support 
  • Get a group chat option 

Why don’t we like it?

  • Minor member to make a video call at the same time 
  • Often get hangs 
  • Required login to make videos call 
  • Not often get updated 

#9. Jiomeetpro

 Jio meets one of the first-class video call apps, and it has become more popular to run over the central android device. This video app was freshly launched in 2015 and is applicable to download directly from Google Play and another standard App store. These videos call apps are located by a number of the buzz and better deal with other video conferencing apps such as the Google meet. 

 This web live video call is available for the end number of users and the one-to-one calling function. Users have to log in with the help of the phone number or via email id. It is built using a simple interface, which resembles the help of Zoom. It works as other video conferencing apps and supports to run on multi-device and long with special permission. Users can simply connect with many devices quickly and simply. 

 It allows more than 100 participants to make videos simultaneously, and it is boosted with the help of the end-user who uses this video-conferencing application. Users can simply watch both HD audio and make a video call with the end number of the user. It never has a cap on time, which is applicable to use 24 hours a day and no limit.

 Why do we like it?

  • Access by all 
  • Simple interface 
  • 100 participants 
  • Waiting room option

 Why don’t we like it?

  • Share with Jio meet only 
  • The user must define a password.
  • Similar to zoom app 

#10. Webex

 Webex is a reliable and flexible conferencing solution designed for businesses of any suitable size. It allows everyone to conduct the meeting using the videos and voice and related data. It can get audio and video conference tools, and it is pretty simple to integrate with practical tools. 

The video chat messenger is defined as a regular meeting and gives a good work platform with an end number of productivity tools.

 An application can have various plans to choose from and work with specific work and meeting support at all times. Users must establish the team to workspace, which helps get first-class videos to call experience and install such a tool.

 This app is suitable for running the application with unique features and gives the best support at all times. It is pretty easy to invite the user to a meeting effortlessly. It is suitable for web and video conferencing and ideal for chat and brainstorming tools. It has application and file sharing with more comfort.

 What do we like?

  • Easy to use 
  • Reliability
  • Good videos chat tool 
  • Invite meeting in 2 steps 

 What don’t we like?

  • Users need to scroll through people in the room 
  • Design is atrocious 
  • It has trouble with videos 
  • Less update 


 Suppose you go with the above list of the top 10 best live video call apps to use with absolute comfort. At the same time, it gives more comfortable to collect valid information about each along with pros and cons. To consider the details, you are suggested to go with a live video chat app download free of cost.

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