10 Best Cloud Consulting Companies & Services [2024 Reviews]

Cloud systems are one of the most crucial things in today’s company world. Small businesses and large companies use a cloud-based system to save files and documents. With the help of the cloud system, small businesses, large companies, and startups can keep all their important data safe and confidential.

Besides, it also provides Small businesses, large companies and startups, the greatest flexibility in their work.

Cloud Consulting Services helps you to design and manage various cloud systems effectively. Cloud Consulting Services are safe to use and increase efficiency in daily operations.

There are several cloud consulting companies that help to organize and manage cloud solutions. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best Cloud Consulting Services providers for Small businesses, large companies, and startups.

List of Top 10 Cloud Consulting Companies in USA & UAE

1. Scalefocus

Scale focus is a new tool for small and large businesses. It is helpful for many sectors such as FinTech, utilities, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and insurance. This company is one of the best companies in Bulgaria, with innovative technologies and an experienced engineering team. These solutions help to share the company’s files and documents.

You can manage a large amount of data using the Scalefocus app. It also stores all the important data in one place. You do not have to waste time searching for important files and documents daily. In addition to that, the app can also be integrated with numerous other business tools and apps.

In addition to that, Scalefocus offers solutions according to the needs of different businesses. It also helps businesses grow on a large scale and simplifies daily tasks. Moreover, the app gives the best results in the routine work of your organization.

USA 1000+ info@scalefocus.com
Founded: 2012 Cost: Contact 359882943730

2. Cleveroad

The next on the list is Cleveroad. It is a reputable Mobile Application Development Agency that offers many services. The services include web development, mobile app development, cloud solutions, etc. It offers services by looking at the needs of every organization.

This app is good for new startups and businesses. It brings innovation to a cloud system and makes your task more transparent. The company has some of the most experienced engineers offering top-level IT solutions and cross-platform solutions. In addition, the company also uses modern and robust technologies for managing cloud solutions.

Cleveroad works to meet the requirements of any business or company. It also helps to boost the growth of small businesses and medium-sized companies. The company also has expertise in machine learning, native mobile development, AI, data science, and microservices.

USA, Norway & Ukraine 201+ info@cleveroad.com
Founded: 2011 Cost: Contact 4152313721

3. Kanda Software

Kanda software is listed among the top Cloud Consulting Services providers. This company has developed endless software solutions for different businesses and clients. It has a good experience in different areas such as machine learning practices, Artificial Intelligence, software development, and cloud engineering.

If you want to choose a cloud migration system for your business or company, Kanda software will help you. It also develops robust cloud-native applications to meet the needs of every customer. A skilled engineering team will develop new applications for small and large companies.

Kanda software develops scalable and hybrid cloud solutions for long-term use. These solutions decrease risks in business and improve business operations. They also help to reduce the overall cost of your business. Moreover, businesses will gain more profits day by day by choosing these solutions and business tools from Kanda Software.

USA 201+ contact@kandasoft.com
Founded: 1992 Cost: Request Quoto 6173403850

4. Coastal Cloud

Next on the list is Coastal Cloud. It is one of the best companies for small companies and startups. The company has more than 20 years of experience serving various industries. It also has a skilled team with experience developing different IT solutions and cloud solutions.

An experienced group of engineers at Coastal Cloud Company helps design different models and solutions according to the needs of the business. It uses innovative techniques and advanced methods to design different solutions and models. This company has helped many companies and businesses to migrate to a cloud-based system.

The company also specializes in various other services such as integration services, ERP, Finance and Accounting, Data services, etc. The Coastal Cloud team is responsive and provides ongoing support to clients at any time. You can get every solution according to your budget and business needs.

USA 201+ info@coastalcloud.us
Founded: 2012 Cost: Contact 8002379574

5. BairesDev

BairesDev is an expert in transforming every business digitally. It helps you adopt a cloud system to protect your business’s important data. The company understands the needs of every business and designs cloud apps that suit the requirements of your business.

Each team member of the company has industry-specific experience designing different applications and solutions. The company designs customized solutions for start-ups, small businesses, and small businesses. The BairesDev Company team provides the right guidance to every client and provides cloud-agnostic apps for every business.

This company provides a wide range of cloud consulting services such as technology evaluation, cloud readiness assessment, roadmap design, and cloud migration. It also helps to transfer data from your system to a cloud-based system. Engineers can also test every cloud app before launching it for any business. Moreover, it develops apps with a proper layout and design.

USA 1001+ info@bairesdev.com
Founded: 2009 Cost: $50 4084782739

6. Future Processing

Future Processing is one of the best cloud consulting services for small and medium-sized businesses. It develops cloud apps according to the size of your business. Apart from business size, it also looks at the business’s needs and requirements. Future Processing Company designs cloud applications for various sectors such as manufacturing, finance, healthcare, IT, real estate, and others.

This company helps you grow your business by designing some of the best apps and solutions. It focuses on developing premium quality apps and solutions for business needs. Apps developed by this company are flexible and scalable according to the organization.

Your business might face various technical problems. Future Processing Company looks into these problems and fixes them quickly. It builds robust solutions that run for a long time to grow your business.

7. Kin + Carta

The next on the list is Kin + Carta. It helps transform businesses quickly. This company works for numerous sectors such as healthcare, fintech, agriculture, retail, and others. The company has a skilled team of strategists, technologies, and engineers. It tries to make every business profitable and sustainable in every sense.

It helps you face various challenges in your small business. Kin + Carta helps to build powerful voice solutions and chatbots for different companies. The company designs some of the best cloud solutions that help bring information to the commonplace.

These solutions make it easier for all companies to manage data. It becomes easy for every business to analyze the data. The company uses modern techniques such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to design solutions for different enterprises and small-scale businesses.

8. Kintech Cloud

If you are searching for the best Cloud Consulting Services, choose Kintech Cloud. It works hard to improve productivity in the company. This company decides on various mobile and cloud technologies as per the problems of various clients.

Kintech Cloud designs modern solutions that work on all mobile phones and internet browsers. It provides the best consulting services to businesses of various sizes. The most reputable clients of Kintech Cloud include Pizza Hut, AstraZeneca, Barclays, and others.

In addition, Kintech Cloud offers some other services such as strategy consulting, product strategy, low-code enablement, and custom software development. Cloud apps are designed with the help of low code techniques. They help safeguard important information and data from companies, banks, factories, industries, and real estate. Furthermore, these cloud solutions can work with various other services and apps.

9. ScienceSoft

This is an excellent software development company with a large team of engineers. It provides some of the most advanced techniques for designing cloud apps. The company builds safe cloud apps for different businesses, industries, and numerous sectors. These apps protect confidential data and information about the business.

Whether it is cloud migration or designing a cloud application for your business, ScienceSoft Company has expertise in performing the task related to the cloud. It also provides good support and technical guidance in maintaining every cloud solution.

Additionally, ScienceSoft has partnerships with many great industry leaders such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. It has a long experience in cloud migration, cloud-native development, and cloud optimization. The company helps make digital transformations in the business.

The company has many resources for performing cloud-based tasks effectively. Moreover, it helps to enhance scalability in the business.

10. Rootstrap

Rootstrap is a trustworthy company providing high-quality Cloud Consulting Services. It contains technological expertise with a wide knowledge of cloud-based apps and solutions. The company designs and develops innovative products for your business and company according to the demands and requirements.

It is an expert in many other services such as machine learning, mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design and product strategy. The company has partnerships with some of the most profitable companies. It also helps various small businesses and startups shift their data to cloud-based systems.

In addition, the company manages daily payments and receipts of your business and companies through a cloud system. It also helps reduce lead time by automating certain processes within the business. You can pick this Mobile Application Development Agency to run your startup and new businesses efficiently.

Final Words

We discussed the different companies offering the best quality Cloud Consulting Services for various businesses, Small businesses, large companies, and startups. Today, it is quite affordable and simple to migrate to cloud services to protect your files and documents. These companies also offer good maintenance and guidance to Small businesses, large companies, and startups for cloud apps.

These companies have also worked for some of the most profitable companies in the world.

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