The 10 Best Cryptocurrency Web Development Companies: A Comparison of 2023 Reviews

What is Cryptocurrency Web Development?

In a time of worldwide high inflation and market instability, cryptocurrency and its decentralised systems may be starting to look more appealing as an option for your business. 

cryptocurrency service reviews

Cryptocurrency web development is specifically the development of solutions for your company to allow you to securely and efficiently use cryptocurrency in transactions.  For this you want to ensure you have the best people on the case.

You may have an in-house development team, but given the nature of these transactions it is worthwhile considering hiring an outside company with expertise in the area and an understanding of blockchain technology.

While the ultimate goal is to create a secure transaction process you may also find yourself building a good partnership with the company and even encouraging others to adopt this technology.

Pros And Cons Of Crypto Web Development

Like any new investment, there are going to be pros and cons to crypto web development. What should you know before you get involved?

What are the Pros?
  • The blockchain tech that underlies crypto is highly secure by nature. That’s something that you can take advantage of in crypto web development, to keep data, especially payment details. 
  • As crypto isn’t tied to any one currency, there’s evidence that it may help avoid issues that come with inflation. Crypto itself can’t inflate, as the number of coins available is capped.
  • With crypto, there’s a high risk, but that means there’s a high reward too. As there are quite observable supply-demand dynamics, you can watch the patterns and take advantage of them to get the best results. 
What are the Cons?
  • Understanding crypto will take time and effort. If you’ve never used it for web development, it’ll be a steep learning curve.
  • If anyone is a newcomer to crypto, they can be vulnerable to security risks such as hacking and phishing. 
  • There are some scalability issues currently, that does affect how quickly transactions can be processed.

Comparison of the 10 Cryptocurrency Development Companies in 2023

1. Unicsoft

About Unicsoft: Founded in 2005 by Aleksey Zavgorondniy, Unicsoft is a Ukraine-based company that provides high-quality software development services and solutions for companies all over the world whether they are an existing enterprises or a startup.  They have a core team of 150 employees experienced in blockchain technology.

Product Overview: Unicsoft have extensive experience in blockchain technologies and works with reliable partners to provide you with the right solution.  They will create systems from scratch but they also customise and work with existing systems to give you the best solution for your company’s needs.

What is the Cost?

The hourly rate fluctuates from $51-$100 which is in line with the market average

2. Cubix

About Cubix: Started by a team of 7 in 2008 Cubix has become a leader in its field and keeps growing stronger.  Their over 200 employees feature data scientists, designers, mathematicians and top-tier software developers so you know all areas will be covered.   “Having over 500 previous clients including Estée Lauder, Clinique, and Politico gives you confidence this is a company that will provide you with a high-quality solution,” lauds tech blogger Julie Sepulveda, Write My X and 1Day2Write.

Product Overview: Cubix offers their own DAPP builder wizard to clients allowing them to quickly develop solutions to fit their needs.

What is the Cost?

The hourly rate ranges from $26-$50 which is slightly below the market average but likely due to the nature of the builder app offering quick solutions 

3. Softjourn Inc.

About Softjourn Inc: Softjourn Inc. was founded in 2001 and so is the oldest company on this list.  They are experts in Fintech with a focus on cards and payments as well as media and entertainment ticketing.  They have over 300 employees working for them with a variety of skill sets.

Their aim is to meet the ever-evolving needs of their clients and help them discover new possibilities in what they do. 

Product Overview: Softjourn provides integrated solutions for their clients and looks to build a long-lasting partnership with those they work with.

What is the Cost?

The hourly rate fits in with the market average of $50-$100 an hour.

4. TechGropse

The youngest company on this list in contrast to number 3, TechGropse was founded in 2015.  “Despite how young it is in comparison to its competitors, TechGorpse is already a well-respected name in the cryptocurrency sector,” relays business writer John Hayes of Originwritings and Britstudent.  They aim to make small businesses more agile but work with any company from startups to major enterprises.  Their team includes UI/UX designers, mobile app developers, and quality analysts.

Product Overview 

Unlike the other options on this list, TechGorpse tends to focus more on mobile application development but they are well versed in blockchain technologies.


At up to $25 an hour, TechGorpse also comes in the cheapest of our list being quite below market average.  However, this is likely due to their hyper-focus on application development.

5. Agilie

Agilie is a Ukraine-based company founded in 2010 by Sergey Gladun.   They describe themselves as a European tech company offering clients high-quality digital services with their 60-employee team.

They’ve become of the best-respected companies in the business, and their focus on blockchain software has helped many businesses succeed. 

Product Overview 

Agilie offers their clients a competitive advantage in the sector and transparency in their work.  The company has a clear focus on developing technologies with interests in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Platforms.


Hourly rates of $25-$50 come in at the lower end of the market average but are still relatively in line given the smaller size of the company.  

6. Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology has been running for over 10 years, and their first product was a webcam software solution. Now, they have 6 offices across the world, and they aim to provide agile software services. 

That agile mindset is baked into the company as a whole, which has lead them to success in creating and innovative solutions.

Product Overview

This company offers multi-crypto exchange software solutions, as well as services for developing cryptocurrencies. 


Hourly rates with Bacancy Technology average out at around $23 per hour, depending on the size and scope of the project.

7. SoluLab

SoluLab is a blockchain development company located in India. They were developed on the idea of creating a knowledge-sharing marketplace. Their initial startup failed, but SoluLab was born out of the partnership. 

This new company what was what put Solulab on the map, and they’ve been working on services such as NFT games, smart contracts, and crypto development. 

Product Overview

The company have created a wide array of apps for many services and currently have over 50 million users. They’ve also won many awards for the work they’ve done too. 


Costs range between $81 – $100 per hour. 

8. Labrys

Labrys is a leading blockchain development company and has become the largest global blockchain organization in recent years. 

They’ve done extensive work in crypto and crypto development, having created many software solutions for top companies and brands around the world. 

Product Overview

Here you’ll find end-to-end services for both individuals and businesses, with a focus on blockchain tech to make it happen. 


The cost here is anywhere from $100 – $199 per hour, which is in line with their status as a top service. 

9. Sara Technologies

Sara Technologies are a US-based operation, and their focus is on providing excellence in all the products that they create. 

One of their biggest focuses is on NFTs and blockchain as a service, allowing you to take advantage of it when you’re creating your own software solutions. 

Product Overview

The company offers a range of software, web, and mobile applications. These all use blockchain tech to provide the best end-user experience. 


Costs are typically between $82 – $120 per hour, dependent on the work required.

10. Openxcell

Openxcell was established in 2009, and they quickly made a name for themselves in creating reliable digital solutions. They’re now well known for their work in crypto web development, which many companies have made use of. 

With their software, they aim to help businesses both build and scale their work to reach new audiences worldwide. 

Product Overview

The company has a specialism for custom-designed cryptocurrency exchange software, including website UIs and and crypto software. 


When you start looking into hiring developers from Openxcell, you’ll see they start from just $18 per hour. That can go up though, depending on the needs of the project. 


There are many companies out there for those looking to include blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions on their website.   Do your research to find which solution is right for you and budget accordingly with an average hourly rate of ~$50-$100.

Business development manager George J. Newton, Essay Writing Services and PhD Kingdom has spent 10 years of marriage perfecting the art of the apology.  He also takes time to write for Next Coursework.

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