Top 10+ Live Video Calling APIs & SDKs for iOS & Android Apps [USA, UK & India]

“Looking for options to build live video calling solutions for your business or simply in search of the best API provider for free live video calls? Then this post is the right stand for you.”

Live Video Chat API Reviews

Video calls, especially live ones, are becoming the boon of many businesses around as they are creating footholds in improving productivity and connectivity. All thanks to the WebRTC protocol that made it happen to easily launch the technology. Because, earlier when live video calling was used for gala talk amongst relatives or friends, now it’s trending for business meetups and professional talks.

Therefore, without wasting any sweat on the mud, let get into the definition of,

What is a Video Chat API?

An API, acronymed in short for Application Programming Interface is an intermediary that connects different software and helps establish connection for exchange of data. In addition to this, APIs also aid mobile and web developers to easily integrate best-in-class features to any app in minutes.

To be precise of what an API is, a live video calling API is more likely a plug-and-play component that can be easily embedded to any existing web or mobile application to create real-time visual communication experience for users to cherish. 

Next up is,

What are the Must-have Live Video Calling API Features?

When you plan to embed video chat sdk for iOS or any app, you will be delighted to find the number of video conferencing and calling API options in the market. In such a case, have a close check on the features that make a calling solution the best video chat app.

Here are some of the features that any live video calling app must have:

  • 1-to-1 or Group Calls: Connects users anytime and anywhere with face-to-face single and group chats like family, girl, business, etc.
  • Push Notifications: Notifies users on any incoming calls or messages and those of the missed on their chat app.
  • File & Image Sharing: Allows seamless transfer of media, documents, and other files easily and quickly.
  • Video Muting: Lets users to disable or mute the ongoing video call and resume when needed.
  • Robust Security: Using APIs can add multiple shields of security with encryption protocols, moderation capabilities, and industry regulations.

With these in hand, one can half-say that a live video chat SDK is truly beneficial. 

So, What are the Other Benefits of Using a Video API or Software?

There are plenty of perks and merits on using a video SDK to build live call software, starting with app developers to alleviate the hardships of finding the best resources to implement the top features that many users desire of in no time. 

Other benefits include:

  1. Quicker time to market: Did you know that video calling SDKs and APIs help developers to quickly add features into the application and stay ahead in the competition? Because, if planned to code a single feature from the scratch, it would alone would take months of time.
  2. E2E security: Understanding that video chats and calls are sensitive and security comes as a major concern. Many API providers offer top-notch and sturdy security protocols along with a strong compliance that developers need not worry about.
  3. Resource savior: As some of the best web video calling APIs come with additional benefits like end-to-end support, 100% customization, and dedicated development team, businesses can now worry less on the resource allocation part.
  4. Less maintenance cost: Whether you are opting for API provider service for building white label video chat application for android, ios, or web or just adding the video calling functionality, the providers look after the maintenance cost thus billing you a very affordable price. 

Finally, we are to the most sought-after topics of the season.

List of Top 10+ Live Video Chat APIs & SDKs of 2023 [USA, Canada, UK & India]

There are thousands of new and budding API and SDK providers in the market that makes it difficult for businesses to choose the one that would suit them. Therefore, in the upcoming section,

We curated the 10 best live video calling apis are ✔️MirrorFly ✔️GetStream ✔️Apphitect ✔️Agora ✔️Sinch ✔️Twilio ✔️Enablex ✔️CometChat ✔️Vidyo ✔️Vonage in town in terms of feature suite, highlights, pricing plans, and wide acceptance. The first one on the list is my favorite.

MirrorFly live video chat
MirrorFly free trail video

1. MirrorFly

The #1 Developer-friendly Video, Voice + Chat SDK provider

MirrorFly is known to be one of the leading and prominent providers of both SaaS SDKs and selfhosted chat solutions to developers. Their flexible APIs allow developers to build engaging video calling apps and deliver the industry-best response time of 3s across the web and mobile apps. 

Below are the highlights of MirrorFly’s cloud and self-managed solutions.

MirrorFly – SaaS/Cloud-based solution

With their SaaS SDKs, developers can get access to over 150+ call and chat features at a monthly subscription fee, and host apps on its dedicated cloud servers. 

Their notable features include

  • Lifetime free chat APIs
  • 21-day free trial for video calls
  • Dedicated cloud hosting

Use Cases Of MirrorFly
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs to build healthcare apps, elearning chat apps, enterprise chat, social, and gaming apps.

MirrorFly – SaaP/Selfhosted solution

A unique benefit that developers get upon opting for the self-hosted SDK solution is 100% customization on all features at a one-time license cost and other like

What are their prime highlights?
  • 100% Customization: This feature supports complete customization with more than 150+ call and chat features including 100+ UI components.
  • White label Solution: You can add your own branding elements like logos, themes, and fonts that reflect your brand with our home-grown white label solution.
  • On-premise/on-cloud Hosting: MirrorFly gives the flexibility to businesses to choose their hosting option either on MirrorFly servers or on their premises. 
  • Multi-platform Compatibility:Their video chat SDKs are compatible with multiple devices, platforms, browsers, and even with different programming languages.

MirrorFly Customers
true, stc, MyGate, travelsquare, cellcard and much more.

What is the cost of using MirrorFly?

MirrorFly comes with SaaS and self-hosted pricing plans for users to cherish their services. Their SaaS-based plans offer lifetime free chat APIs and a 21-day trial period for video calls. Plus, their Essential and Premium plans are affordable and support up to 25% and 50% MAU connections.

Whereas, with a self-hosted chat solution, developers can get access to 100% customizations, brand chat apps with their logos, hire a dedicated development team, and do much more at a one-time license fee.

USA & India 300+
Founded:2015 Monthly cost & One time cost 9840705435

stream random audio call

2. GetStream

An API Solution Provider That Builds Best Real Time Communication Software

Getstream is yet another API provider of chats and video calls that are known to cover all the bases starting from its flexibility to add their SDKs to any mobile applications and web to posing no limit on the concurrency or scalability levels. Whether businesses need to add live video calls for in-game chats, live audience engagement, or multi-user collaboration, their SDKs do wonders.

Additionally, their compliance is something to be admired for which provides enterprise-grade security mechanisms with the best-ever stringent regulations. And unlike other providers in the niche, they have partnered with which makes integration of video features like 3D immersive calls, content sharing, and recording possible.

What are their prime highlights?
  • Fully customizable: GetStream’s in-app chat SDKs help businesses to customize video calling, voice, and chat features as they need. 
  • Scale without any caps: Apps that use GetStream;s SDKs are built to scale as per the growing user base and use case changes. Plus, they offer no concurrency limits. 
  • Best pricing & features: Users can quickly add and remove features they desire for their chat application at any time with the lowest pricing ever. 
  • Unmatched reliability: They are known widely for their great reliability because of the use of dedicated solutions architects that helps to build reliable in-app conversations.
  • Global edge infrastructure: Because of the presence of edge servers spread globally, users can avail buffer-free and high-quality video calling experiences.

Use Cases Of GetStream
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs to build telehealth apps, e-learning chat apps, marketplace, dating and gaming apps.

What are their notable features?
  • 1-to-1 Video chats ad group calls
  • Live broadcasting
  • File & image sharing
  • Call recording
  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Security standards and
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliance
What is the cost of using GetStream?

If you are ready to kickstart with GetStream then it has different plans that differ with the size of the business and the features that they opt for. For further information on this, check out their sales team.

apphitect - best face to face messaging app
apphitect – messaging uae

3. Apphitect

A Fully Customizable & Self-managed Video Calling API Provider

If you are looking for an API solution provider of video calls and instant messaging that offers complete customizations, then Apphitect is the place for you! Said to be a global leader in offering secure and 100% customizable video chat functionality, their services are known to cater to enterprises of varied sizes, from small to medium businesses to large enterprises. 

Additionally, their in app chat SDKs help developers to build in-app communications at 99.99% SLA and take complete ownership of their call and chat features.

What are their prime highlights?
  • One-time license cost: With a single or one-time license purchase, users can download the SDKs and use it to integrate into their apps holding ownership for a lifetime.
  • On-premise deployment: Apphitect gives the flexibility to deploy apps on the business’s server.
  • 100% customizations: Allows customization of more than 150+ chat and call features along with 100+ UI components very smoothly.
  • Whitelabel solutions: Add your own branding elements like logos, fonts, colors, and themes to reflect your identity on apps with this feature.

Use Cases Of Apphitect
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs to build healthcare apps, e-learning chat apps, marketplace, social, dating, and gaming apps.

What are their notable features?
  • Low latency video calls
  • 1-to-1 or face to face video calls and group chats, conference calls
  • Load balancing and supports up to 100 interactive video call participants
  • Robust security & great flexibility
  • One-time license fee and dedicated end-to-end support
  • Highly scalable
What is the cost of using Apphitect?

To make use of their video calling APIs and SDKs, one must reach out to their sales team as details regarding its pricing is not mentioned on their website.

agora real time streaming service

4. Agora

The Best Video Call & Chat SDK Provider For Real-time Communications!

Considered a popular provider of both live video call and chat SDK services, Agora delivers over 40 B+ minutes of real-time connection every month. all with the lowest latencies. They achieve this milestone with the aid of 250+ data centers across the globe and their in-house algorithms that offer resolution between 96p to 1080p. 

Additionally, based on users’ network condition, Agora’s video call SDKs apply adaptive video resolution for jitter-free, lag-free experiences.

What are their prime highlights?

  • Noise suppressions: Agora’s AI noise suppression removes background noise and echoes from any ongoing live video streams, calls, or chats.
  • Complete customizations: Their flexible and cross-platform video chat SDKs gives full control over creating the best calling experiences.
  • Greater scalability: Scale up to 600 billion minutes of real-time video calls across any geography or region.
  • Supports add-ons: With their real-time video calling API, add powerful features like content moderation, 3D spatial audio and much more with ease.

Use Cases Of Agora
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs to build telehealth apps, e-learning chat apps, live audio streaming, retail, and gaming apps.

What are their notable features?
  • Noise cancellations powered by AI
  • Voice effects
  • Custom masks and visual filters
  • HD-quality video streaming
  • SEI (Supplemental Enhancement Information)

Agora Customers, ARUtility, Bunch app, Hallo, Loop Team, The Meet Group, Pragli, Preply, Run The World, Talkspace, TVU Networks..

What is the cost of using Agora?

The cost of using Agora’s in-app video chat SDK depends on the quality of video you wish to have for your chat app and the number of participants that it should support, and for the maximum duration.

USA 250+
Founded:2012 Pay-as-you-go 4088795885

sinch group chat

5. Sinch

The Best Mobile & Web Video Calling APIs For Personalized Experiences!

With Sinch’s video calling SDKs, you can create personalized communications at scale. From offering seamless and meaningful live video chat experiences across web and mobile apps to the very new best-in-class email delivery mechanism, Sinch makes developers delighted with easy integration and other features.

Additionally, they include verification APIs to secure your business’s brand and it includes features like SMS verification, phone call verification, flash call, and data call verifications.

Below, we will look at some of the highlights that create deeper connections with their APIs.

What are their prime highlights?
  • In-App video calls: Developers can build a seamless and customizable in-app video experience across all web and mobile apps. 
  • Number masking: Helps to keep personal numbers safe by masking numbers to anonymous calls.
  • Cloud connect for Webex calling: Their video chat SDKs offer cloud support with all the features that businesses would require.

Use Cases Of Sinch
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs  to build healthcare apps, retail chat apps, telecommunication, and financial services apps.

What are their notable features?
  • Multi-platform support
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and security
  • Video filters and masks
  • Low latency levels
  • Live broadcasting

Sinch Customers
Mobicom, Yespark, Penearol Score, FirstBank, Foyer, Nationwide, budebee, unitel, TelASK, nets, Proximus, Nissans.

What is the cost of using Sinch?

Well, Sinch does not feature their video calling API pricing on their webpage, and hence, you must reach out to their sales team to learn more. 

USA, Sweden & Singapore 5000+
Founded: 2008 Free trail/Pay as you go 46844682803

twilio random audio call app

6. Twilio

The Best Video Calling SDK for iOS, Android, and Web!

With Twilio’s video chat API and SDKs, developers can easily integrate live video call into any chat platform and create exceptional calling experiences with the features they need. Their main perk has been features like custom layouts, quality control tools to monitor network performance, and a reliable video conferencing interface.

Additionally, they also have a network bandwidth profile API that helps developers to prioritize and track the bandwidth when the participant’s number rises.

What are their prime highlights?
  • Supports customizations: Their video chat SDKs helps to customize the video chat layout as your brand requires.
  • Video insights: This feature is free of cost and assists developers to monitor video app’s health and can easily troubleshoot issues.
  • Noise cancellation: You can add AI-powered noise cancellation to video calls so that users are not distracted from background noise and sound. 
  • Video recording: They also support features to record video for future reference and offer encryption mechanisms to store it safely.

Use Cases Of Twilio
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs to build healthcare apps, retail,real estate, and financial services apps.

Twilio Clients
Airbnb, Shopify, Uber, Wix, Zendesk, Spotify, Yelp, Forsquare, Trulia

Services Provided by Twilio
Messaging, Real time in app chat, Programmable voice & video calling apis & sdks, Email API, WhatsApp API & SPI trunking, Healthcare, Financial, Marketing video solution

What is the cost of using Twilio?

Amazingly, Twilio offers a free pricing plan for apps that are built with 1-to-1 video conferencing features.  However, if you need to build your app with more participants, the pricing increases respectively.

USA 5000+
Founded: 2008 Free/Pay as you go 8772576245

enablex live talk app

7. Enablex

A Trusted Video Calling SDK Provider To-date!’s video chat APIs give developers the much-needed measure to build an interactive video experience into applications and software. Their APIs are highly customizable, flexible, and scalable. And having ideally curated KB articles and tutorials, Enablex helps developers to integrate features in a hassle-free way. 

Let us look at what other highlights they offer.

What are their prime highlights?
  • Enterprise-grade performance: Their messaging SDKs are best-in-class and easy to use as they are powered by the latest technologies and artificial intelligence. 
  • Developer-friendly platform: As their APIs are built on WebRTC, they offer leading and real-time communication capabilities into any browser and platform.
  • High security: Enablex’s APIs are designed to protect every conversation safely and securely with AES-256 encryption, GDPR and HIPAA compliances, and private VPN.
  • API Toolkits: They offer everything from API code snippets, demos, sample codes, tutorials, and communities to help developers get started with building single or group live video messaging apps.

Use Cases Of Enablex
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs to build healthcare apps, retail,real estate, and financial services apps.

What is the cost of using Enablex?’s pricing is determined by the number of participants in the live video call app and the number of minutes the call lasted.

USA 500+
Founded:2005 Custom Cost & Pay-as-you-use One time cost

cometchat dating app

8. CometChat

A Leading Provider Of Customizable Video Chat APIs!

If you are looking to meet a fully customizable chat SDKs, then Cometchat is your call. They make integration a hit with quick implementations, low latency, multi-platform compatibility, and a rich feature suite. Though they do these with a breeze, they also offer in-depth tutorials and demo apps for every platform. 

Let us look at what other features they offer.

What are their prime highlights?
  • Chat UI kits: Cometchat’s pre-built UI kits are designed to offer perfection to user interfaces. By just dragging and dropping, one can easily integrate customizable UI kits.
  • Webhooks & bots: Schedule events and send notifications to chat apps whenever set events happen. Also, assign bots to do designated tasks.
  •  Miscellaneous APIs: Besides offering Chat APIs to manage messages, users, and groups, they also provide analytics API for reports and Management API for monitoring apps on the fly.
  • Built to scale: Their chat APIs scale just with business growth. They power up to a billion connections without any lags and buffers.  

Use Cases Of CometChat
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs  to build Edu-tech apps, marketplace,live streaming, and social community apps. 

What is the cost of using CometChat?

Cometchat’s pricing is flexible and offers different plans for businesses of different sizes. Their initial plan starts from a minimum of $109 per month and extends up to $799 on a monthly basis.

vidyo live talk website

9. Vidyo

The Most Reliable Video Conferencing API Provider!

With Vidyo, you can embed real-time live video streams into your chat apps with just a few lines of code. And, presently, they have turned out to be the best video conferencing solution in the market with their video APIs completely reliable, fully customizable, and mobile SDKs completely optimizable. Additionally, they support endless integrations and services and cater their aids to several verticals like retail, judiciary, healthcare, and more.

With these attributes given to developers, they also support integration with calendar apps by syncing your calendar system in a backend window. Let us see what highlights they offer.

What are their prime highlights?

  • Complete customization’s: Vidyo helps to deliver integrated, holistic, and best-in-class solutions to users by offering customizations on various stages.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Vidyo’s live streaming video call SDKs come compatible with Android, iOS, and Web platforms, and with programming languages as well.
  • White labeling solutions: Vidyo’s SDKs let businesses include features that represent their brand identity onto the chat apps in a seamless manner. 
  • Encryption & privacy standards: As a leading live video conferencing software, Vidyo Connect offers E2E encryption, GDPR & HIPAA compliances, and other standard protocols to protect sensitive information.

Use Cases Of Vidyo
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs  to build telehealth apps, education, judiciary, and financial services apps.

Vidyo Customers

Air Force, Akamai, ASU, BCU, Bloomberg, BNP PARIBAS, CIRCLES, CONCERN, Cyberfish, DBee, DEKRA, Demand Media.

What is the cost of using Vidyo?

Vidyo gives three pricing plans to users that starts with $9.99 per host per month, then is the Enterprise plan that covers up to 250 hosts at $10.99, and the third is a custom plan that supports more than 250 hosts or licenses.

USA 200+
Founded:2013 Free & Pay-as-you-go
vonage live video meet

10. Vonage

Their Video APIs That Builds The Best Live Video Chats For Mobile & Web

Vonage’s communication APIs let developers create richer and lag-free video calling experiences into any mobile, web, or desktop applications as they are built on the webRTC industry standards. Plus, they have the industry’s best live video features that are crafted based on the needs of thousands of customers. 

They say that it takes only four minutes to add live video to the website thus making it easy for any newbie to add a video calling feature. You would not require to hire a video chat app developer. Now over to their highlights.

What are their prime highlights?
  • Low latency: Be it message transmission or video chats, users can now experience a lag-less delivery of live video calling both on website and mobile apps with 99.999% uptime reliability.
  • Adaptive layouts: Vonage’s APIs make dynamic video layouts responsive to changes happening in real time. Changes include the number of users joining and leaving, the screen being shared, and conversation increasing.
  • Strong encryption: All the voice, video, and signaling traffic come encrypted with AES-128 bit, however giving them the option to add AES-256 encryption at any point in time.
  • Expanded live audience: Their SDKs can support up to 15k+ interactive audience participants and more without disturbing the latency levels. Further, they support streaming to any social platform directly using RTMP. 

Use Cases Of Vonage
Developers can make use of their video calling SDKs  to build healthcare apps, education, retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Public Sector, Logistics, and financial services apps.

VONAGE Customers
ABInBev, Allstate, Dominos, RSPCA, DHL, glassdoor, MEDXM, THOMSON REUTERS, zipcar,, hotelbeds, RONLIGHT.

What is the cost of using Vonage?

The pricing of Vonage depends on or follows a simple usage-based model that is dependent on the number of participants in a live video call app. However, their plan starts from $9.99 per month without any limitation on bandwidth.

USA & India 5000+
Founded:2001 Pay-as-you-go 7322025221

zegocloud messaging


Build Powerful Communication App with Voice, Video & Chat API

If you are looking for a professional video calling SDKs to build iOS, Android and Web App, ZEGOCLOUD is your first option that provides video feature for developers to easily build live video experiences within minutes.

The company’s core business is the development of audio and video engines, reaching high levels in technologies like audio pre-processing, network adaptation, and cross-platform compatibility. ZEGOCLOUD has also developed its own MSDN, a ‘massive self-learning data network.’ It allows them to cover hundreds of interactive audio and video scenarios worldwide, with an average of 3 billion minutes of daily usage.

With a single and fully customizable SDK and feature-rich APIs, ZEGOCLOUD helps developers integrate high-quality, scalable video calling and live-streaming in mobile, web, and desktop applications for any device and operating system. This vendor also offers rich add-ons, including interactive avatars, AI-enhanced video effects, and whiteboards.

To get started, they offer two alternatives in only a few lines of codes designed to minimize investment risk and accelerate time-to-market:

  1. Pre-built UIKits for initial testing or to create MVPs that allow customers to go live in 30 minutes
  2. A lower-level SDK with customized user interface, tailored functionality, and sophisticated workflows to enhance customer’s application

Another added value of its services is continuous technical support, a basic one, and one-on-one VIP consultation to meet specific needs.

The adaptation to multiple industries makes ZEGOCLOUD cater to users from over 200 countries and regions in the social, gaming, live streaming, finance, education, medical, and intelligent hardware sectors.

Further Key Spe

ZEGOCLOUD Clients: Oasis, StarMaker, Yalla, Liveme, Starmaker, Chatmeet, Uplive
Support Use Cases: Social, Education, Dating, Telehealth, E-commerce, Fitness, more

Singapore 400+
Founded: 2015 10k free mins

daily audio solution

12. Daily

Real-time Video & Audio API for Developers

For some associations, Daily video call solution endeavor the executives programming is an aid and to ensure the most important resources. They deliver regard for finding live video chat for the venture application advancement administrations. It relegates well with improving on choices with definite covering the entrance. They are in every case right and spotlight on the mind boggling and bulky. The Daily video call development venture access the executives programming gives a definitive objective to associations.

Moreover, they rapidly investigate the client characters and admittance to power throughout inside a restricted time. Obviously, the video chat app has executives programming give secure episodes and proactively oversees info on video chat app for what not. They design well and guarantee to ensure in zeroing in on delicate video chat SDK for eternity. By smooth out big business choices ensure in conveying efficient to make a video call conference.

The mechanized record provisioning and SLAs are then recognized utilizing simultaneously. The live video chat and app is design well with safe designation to information proprietors and furthermore saves time with overhead and authorizing great information security. It guarantees to make the focal piece of the video chat app. Daily team is work to set aside time and cash for developing the live video chat for everyone.

USA 1000+
Founded:2016 Free & Monthly cost

sendbird audio chat

13. Sendbird

Whitelabel In-app Voice & Video SDKs

Most of us need a real time video app these days. It would accept the comfort, dependability, and reliability of monetary administrations. With the assistance of Sendbird Video chat app improvement, the interaction may rapidly occur with no problems. They convey a magnificent methodology for discovering the video messaging apps administrations for your longings. It develops with the most strong, got, and progressed Video messaging application answers for IT organizations.

Among the Top Video chat Consulting/Service Companies, this organization acquired a more upper hand for discovering computerized Video chat items. They appear to be a methodology in discovering Video chat application arrangements that permit clients. The venture ought to be high and produce solicitations, examine that fits the matter of not many snaps. It conveys a great methodology for Video chat application improvement administrations for join the accompanying functionalities into the Video chat site or portable application.

The Sendbird group is continually conveying a great way to deal with make a legitimate custom develop a video chat application improvement for your cravings. It assumes a significant part in zeroing in on imaginative Video chat answers for current difficulties for shopper account. This video chat application in the financial organization is predominantly chipping away at all perspectives to distinguish the program with video chat application advancement.

Sendbird Customers
Chegg, HEADSPACE, servicenow, magicbricks, rightway, reddit, GRAND ROUNDS, Brella, PayPay, Docplanner, Hinge

USA 200+
Founded:2013 Free & Pay-as-you-go

mesibo audio

14. Mesibo

Integrate Live Video Calling Feature into Any Mobile Devices

At the point when you require an expert and smoothing out video chat app for the board organization, make a point to favor the Mesibo video calling development firm. It guarantees to make a video call simpler as could be expected. They do as per the client prerequisites and guarantee smooth coordination with the current arrangement. It arranges well and gives preparing just as client assistance. The reliable video chat app gives the most extreme outcomes and improved productivity for the whole association.

It offers outsider incorporation applications to do potential activities. This product gives an adaptable way to deal with make simpler execution for the adaptable mix. They rapidly connect with existing applications in a restricted time. The video chat app arrangements are advanced so far for your business needs. The showcasing administrations offer specialty printing applications with voice and video calls made in each stride for your longings.

The powerful and top endeavor the executive’s stage and the broad library give moment preparing recordings and assets alongside video chat app the board framework programming. It assists us with accomplishing and commands notice on the product approach. It arranges well and sets out with accomplice assist with a broad library of preparing recordings and assets.

Singapore 50+
Founded:2017 Free & Pay-as-you-go

From the above discussion, it is very useful for us to get details about top live video SDK for your conferencing and broadcasting solution. It allows you to find with top and best video streaming service under the package.

How to Choose the Best Video Chat API, Provider?

We all love making a video call and give enough power to make personal connections to the family, colleagues, and client. Therefore, there is a tremendous demand for conferencing tools. Due to the COVID 19, remote communication is necessary to keep the social distance, so most developers wish to create a self-hosted chat app with a high-end feature for the Ios, website, and android. To develop the chat app, where the API acts as an interface that allows different software to communicate and share the data.

What Is A Video Chat API?

Chat APIs show as a set of components and support collecting the back-end server environment. At the same time, it provides a real-time chat and other additional features to run over the mobile. API is embedded with the additional documentation. Else, it can use the live chat SDK tool.

When filled with a set of instructions to download and design the app by everyone who doesn’t have any per ideas?

The API is highly recommended and commonly used to chat securely to communicate between business to business and user to user. This app really support number of staffs and let to work in all devices and it makes more easy to use it. It has often updated with number of the features and it gives more comfort at all time.

Features of SDK and Video Call API:

 Though the app develops with high tech features that let to complete every action user-friendly and provide the best comfort to use for chatting with friends and family, it allows making calls with explicit videos and no error during the call. Though the features are highly secure and fresh which let to stay using this chat app with real comfort at all time. Therefore you install direct and start using with real comfort at all time without making change over the setting.

  1. Videos conferencing: It is a type of online meeting where two or more people can get live videos to call simultaneously. With the help of the robust internet connection, the user can find, hears, and talk with each other in real-time. It does not matter where you are in, so you connect the call and gives the best support at all times. Apart from that, the business people use video conferencing to collaborate with insiders and outsiders of the company, so it required necessary hardware and software to enjoy a better experience.
  2. Screen sharing: It is one of the additional features and increases the value of the chat API app. It is nothing but sharing screen to the opponent user to views the talk as a real one. Therefore it obtains a special welcome among the people and gives the best support at all times. Sometimes, it is also called desktop sharing. It accesses the opponent screen via remote, making it more comfortable for the customer to give the best experience to talk and share information. Screen sharing is a new technology that supports many business people and gets the right solution.
  3. Voice calls and text messages: On the other hand, it is not only to make videos call; instead, it allows making the voice call and sending a text message to the respective user. I hope this app obtains exceptional support and derives more traffic from installing and using with absolute comfort. It is built user-friendly and gives the best ideas to design and develop the app without meeting any risk. These features are never required to make payment for calls and send a text that is completed free for all users. You can download and install the app according to the device without meeting any risk of it.
  4. Video Recording: During the video call between the client and another family member, you may want to record the videos, and then you can use this app which has such video recording features. It is open for everyone and never needs to pay the additional cost and much more. Therefore, you can go with the best ideas and give the best support once you record the videos. Moreover, it can play over a mobile device and another device without changing the format. It support various videos format and gives more comfort at all time and provide a best support at all time. hence you can play with no trouble.

How to Choose the Right Live Video SDK for Your Tool?

 When choosing the suitable videos to chat API tool, you need to ensure everyday things are listed below. Hence, it gives the best option to find out the right and fit app to develop without meeting any risk.

  • Browser compatibility:  On this tool, you enjoy browser compatibility, and it is considered the ability to wish the site found functional over the various browsers. Hence, it is more comfortable to browsers over this app and installs it to make a call without trouble.
  • Bandwidth management: It is the process of finding and control the communication over the network. But, on the other hand, it assures to avoid filling the link or overfilling the link, which results in network congestion and poor performance. I hope it become the great benefit of running this app to chat and make a voice call and additional features.
  • UI and UX: It is entirely user-friendly, and UX support over installing and running the app with additional comfort. Almost, there are number of the app out there but the people must choose and love to go with the UI and UX which give more comfort at all time and provide a best support at all time.
  • HIPAA compliance: It has a set of data protection that allows making a call and share the message without missing out and hacking between the networks.
  • Highly Secure Encryption: It is a complete end-to-end encryption message which gives more comfort at all times, so it is highly secured at all times. Though it is highly secure, you videos never share in social media and site so you will be free to use with no risk of it.
  • A Fully Customizable: It is pretty simple to customize at all times to use, so everyone loves it to install and use for chatting at all times. You can run at all time and meet more comfort all time and obtain special welcome among the customer to install and use.

What is Industries Mainly Using Video Chat?

 On using such an app, you assure to meet the great benefits listed below, making it more comfortable for the customer to run Chat API tools.

  1. Digital Healthcare Industry: Most of the hospitals and other clinics use such tools to counseling patients online. It is simple to instruct with the user in secure and leakage proof. Even doctor are not willing to meet the patient direct rather that they provide treatment directly via videos app and it gives more comfortable for the customer to learn and design the app with no risk and trouble of it.
  2. Online Elearning Sectors: Still, we are under the COVID- 19, and school and college commonly use videos platform to share their class and other assignments, so it becomes simple to learn by staying in the home. Especially in the government sector, here we undergo with online class with the videos chat apps and much more. Hope it gives more comfortable for the customer to provide a best solution an all time.
  3. Social & Online Communities: To make the social meeting, it is the right app to design for conducting the meeting with no trouble, and it gives more comfort at all times and provides the best support to chat and securely share data.
  4. Finance & Banking Industry :This app is commonly essential in the banking sector and allows sharing devices and conducting personal meetings between the staff. Therefore, I hope it gives more comfortable for the banking sector to use such Chat API tools.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Video Chat?

 According to the customer needs of features, the cost will vary, but everyone can access it. Depend of the customer wants, it takes time and also the cost is different so site owner have to go with right option with no risk.  The overall cost evaluation based upon the different platforms and new versions and it is commonly used to support the different app and upgrade the version. The overall cost may rely on you are working with experienced app development company and create app from scratch. When you are using the readymade SDK else API.  The cost of the video communication app based on the various common factors such

  • Server backend for message and media among the devices
  • Device calendar synchronization
  • Catalogue search
  • Upload the photos and access
  • Location and contact sharing
  • Message search
  • Social account integration
  • Offline and server and cloud storage and backup
  • End to end conversation
  • Group of videos call
  • Message

 In order to all features, you are suggested to go with help of the

  • UI/UX Design ~ Approximately 150 hours
  • Development ~ Approximately 800 hours
  • Management and Quality Analysis ~ 20 Hours

What are Chat API’s Benefits?

 Before using the API tool over the device, it is essential to check out and know its expected benefits listed below. It has lot of additional usage in the study environment and office and much more. Hence it obtains the special welcome among the people.

  1. Budget-friendly: It is the wholly budget-friendly and free trial to use for some time. to design app is not easy task and need to spend much money from the developer , but now it is reduce into the 1/3 due to this platform so it obtain the special welcome among the people.
  2. Secure: Though it is made with high encrypted which is more secure and never hack by anyone
  3. Beneficial: It is highly beneficial among all sectors in the current day, especially during this covid-19. At the same time, it let to use in safe and secure environment and have touch with people without meeting direct.

Develop your own Whitelabel chat app with you can fully change your brand colors, custom features, and logo to publish on Android & iOS store or any App Store to you can host on your cloud or self-hosted or our cloud.

There are a lot of white-label video chat solution providers have on online market of 2022. But I have referred a few for your reference.

  1. CONTUS MirrorFly
  2. Quickblox
  3. Megameeting
  5. Veeting

This app boosted with standard features such as the

  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Voice calls and text messages
  • Video Recording

Still, there are additional features that make customers use with a better experience.

With the help of the SDK and additional platform, then chat app API is created with enough added features. Even it can add additional features as per the client's want. They encrypted and design the app with secured manner. We develop the SDK which is boosted with high-tech features.

To create a video chat app for mobile and ios devices, it makes use of new and updated platforms such as API and SDK. Apart from that, it can use cloud platforms and encryption protocols. Additionally, there are number of platform out there to design the video chat app and give the best support and solution. In case, if you want to develop the videos chat app on the desktop, you area suggested using the new technology and it gives more comfort to use such a platform. There are a number of things to create video chat app such

  • Back end development
  • UI/UX design iOS app
  • Android app

To build a chat app takes up to one or two months, but if the requirement is more and needs additional features which takes additional time. Based on the developer time, you have suggested take time so it may various not for a longer time.

The rough estimation cost different from $12000 to 20000 and it can go up to any expensive side based on the functionality and other features which added in the software. It is important to stay that the video chat app uncovers and potential to increase the revenue significantly with no risk. Therefore you must find out right developer and ensure the price who offers at friendly budget and they can get video chat app with all update features.

  1. UI/UX Design ~ approximately 150 hours
  2. Development ~ approximately 800 hours
  3. Management and Quality Analysis ~ 20 Hours

There are several free videos chat API app out there to integrate into the website, so you assure to pick the best option and integrate to run without meeting any error. This video chat app design with a first-class features to use and it can tell integrated into the site.


To collect valid information about the video chat app from android and another device, they support to save overall time and money. Moreover, it allows finding out additional features from third-party tools and developing them from scratch.

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