Top 10 Best Roku TV App Development Companies (2024)

Roku is one of the famous media streaming platforms people are using today. Approximately 87% of users use Roku because of its unique streaming functionalities.

best roku tv app companies
Roku TV Company Reviews

The popularity of Roku is at the top with some top Roku tv app developers. In a recent report, Roku TVs had a 38% market share in the U.S. And a 31% market share in Canada. Due to its unique features, streaming makes it more accessible.

Nearly 79% of app developments agencies are developing Roku streaming services globally. So, it lets you choose the best and top-notch Roku Tv app development companies.

The investment might be 51.2 million active accounts to expect by 12 months. The best Roku developer apps have betterment and growth of the organizations and business easier.

So, the development companies assure to develop nearly 87%

10 Best Roku TV App Developers + Services (USA & Canada)

We created a list of the top-performing Roku TV App Companies are 1.Float Left 2.Fusioni 3.Way 4.Gizmeon, etc, across the global market report 2024.

1. Float Left

The #1 Roku TV Mobile App Developer

float left
Float Left-top 10 apps for roku app technology in USA

Float Left is a top-notch app development company that provides 100% satisfaction to clients. Of course, they specialize in developing streaming channel services and are committed to giving channel stores. Float Left is sure to give hundreds of channels and influential media brands.

This company gives breathtaking Roku tv development applications with proven and deployed streaming channels. Float Left can experience a channel with enhanced branded and reach Roku’s growing audience forever. With the professionalism level, our company gives bespoke app development services. 

Features of Float Left
  • User interface designs: You can check that Float Left Roku TV applications give user interface designs forever. It gives a suitable solution to stream content professionally. 
  • Agnostic integrations: The Roku TV apps deliver worth integrations with salient features. It gives an incredible solution to stream video content professionally. 
  • Advisory solutions: The professional team will give advisory solutions to grab the best one for your desires. Roku development must take down a satisfactory experience. 
  • Customizable streaming channels: Within a limited budget, you can get customizable streaming channels forever. 
What to Consider?
  • One time delivery
  • Proper maintenance
  • Maximum availability
What Do Not Consider?
  • Cost is significantly high
  • No proper customer support
What is the Price Range?

The average development cost of Float Left takes between $876 to $1000

USA 50+
Founded: 2010 1000 5613201558

2. Fusioni Technologies

A Leading OTT/Roku Development Agency

fusionitechnologies – leading India Roku tv channel player

Fusioni Technologies gives you the best quality solution for Roku development. The team develops the optimum Roku tv solution that suit streaming video content. Fusioni Technologies strive to give you full backend support and maintenance. We provide end-to-end solutions for the Roku app to foster your needs.

Like others, Fusioni Technologies is delivering the best service for Roku apps for streaming channels. The Roku tv app service provider will give proficiency and affordable solution with video streaming platforms. Roku templates are fully assured with ease of usability for the Roku application. 

Features of Fusioni Technologies
  • Usability: Fusioni Technologies delivers usability Roku TV apps that suit your budget well. 
  • Efficiency: The team gives only an efficient solution to stream content without lagging, buffering, and freezing for your Roku applications. 
  • Rich design: Design is almost capable of discovering Roku TV apps. It will deliver a wonderful thing to explore the benefits. 
  • Affordability: Fusioni Technologies delivers affordable Roku TV apps that suit well under the budget. 
What to Consider?
  • Ease of use
  • Streaming HD, HDR, and 4K
  • Variety of video streaming platforms
What Do Not Consider?
  • Cost is high
  • No customer support
  • Limited discounts
What is Cost details?

The average development cost of Float Left takes between $872 to $900

India 50+
Founded: 2012 900 1204307596

3. 4 Way Technologies

Hire Dedicated OTT/Roku Developers

4 way technologies
4waytechnologies-custom ott application in canada

4 Way Technologies are highly experienced to build and developing Roku apps for live-streaming content. The Roku tv app consultant always gives you first-class Roku and video content apps for your entertainment purposes. We build engaging and robust apps that fix the solutions quickly. 

The Roku application development from 4 Way Technologies is affordable, portable, and speed. It offers end-to-end Roku solutions to establish a video streaming business in your organization. So, customers get the latest Roku apps from this team. 

Features of 4 Way Technologies
  • In-house coding: The developers at 4Way Technologies are giving in-house coding to the customers. They can use Roku apps with powerful functionalities. 
  • Real-time maintenance: Like others, Roku apps are regularly maintained by professional firms. 
  • Unique design and pleasing storyboards: At 4 Way Technologies, Roku apps are robust and have excellent designs.
  • Real-time maintenance: Like others, Roku apps are regularly maintained by professional firms. 
What to Consider?
  • One time delivery
  • Proper maintenance
  • Maximum availability
What Do Not Consider?
  • Cost is significantly high
  • No proper customer support
What is the pricing plans?

As per the latest updates of Roku applications, the cost is an average of $ 590

USA, Australia & India 200+
Founded: 2012 590 5104582948

4. Gizmeon

All-in-One Roku Tv App Services

gizmeon-whitelabel uk ott streaming player

Gizmeon is a leading firm developing Roku TV apps under your budget. Our designs are user-friendly and made with custom design and high performance. The professional team is always applicable to develop flexible and affordable apps.

With Gizmeon, the Roku Player app development Service develops Roku apps that build very low risks. It enables you to get market within a short time. The professionals are always giving you publishing video content as well. The team is giving the best quality Roku apps for live streaming results. 

Features of Gizmeon

  • Niche and elegant UI design: The Roku app development has Niche and elegant UI designs. It must be flexible and adapts well to budget. 
  • Cost efficiency: This application are cost-effective and durable to consider well for business purposes.
  • Subscription management: The Roku Player app development Service can implement SVOD and TVOD for premium content. With massive updates, you will get Roku app development at an affordable price.
  • Regular updates: Professional developers are always giving regular updates regarding the Roku apps. 
What to Consider?
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to manage
  • CMS integration
What Do Not Consider?
  • No proper customer support
  • Limited ad monetization
What is the subscription Cost?

The average cost for developing Roku TV apps is $350

USA, Canada & India 50+
Founded: 2012 350 8189257500

5. FX Digital

A Leading Smart Roku Tv Service Provider

fx digital
fxdigital-best uk app for roku channel

We provide a first-class and high-quality Roku app. Most people are interested in developing an app for Roku. Then you must consult with the team to improve and design and quality assurance test. This company supports navigating the connected TV and makes sure your ROKI app meets all the audience’s expectations. 

 It is free for charge, and customers can pay for a subscription to other paid channels and other content rentals and enjoy live streaming support at all times. Hence you assure to stay connected and choose the right plan to watch the live videos.

Features of Fxdigital
  • Access from anywhere and any time:  Even if you are far away and need to get the best support and solution, then you are suggested to check to connect and share the significant things.
  • Compatible smartphone and tablet:  It is simple to run on major devices and need not change over the setting and other options in the device.
  • Simple to share the photos:  When you come to share the photos, music, and other information, then you will assure to obtain the end to end support
What to Consider?
  • Different plans to choose
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple to install
What to Consider?
  • Low discount
  • Not applicable for larger to connect
Price Range
  • As per the latest updates of Roku apps, the cost is an average of $590
USA, Canada & India 200+
Founded: 2011 590 4314078969

6. Lightcast

The Next-gen Roku Developers & Channels

lightcast-white label ott streaming player in usa

when you’re looking for an experienced app developer, the search ends with this company. This company provides reliability and the fastest turnaround time. At the same time, it can finely track the whole thing. lightcast website is the premier choice in the market. 

 It offers a wide range of features that make it more comfortable to enjoy using such products with unlimited fun and pleasure. Hope it obtains a better developer to design the Roku app for the smart device at all times. We are committed to adequately delivering such software.

Features of Lightcas
  • Industry-leading management system: This software delivers a full range of industry-leading management systems that make more comfortable and provide the best support and solution at all times.
  • Real-time control on social media: This agency gives exceptional support and solution to provide the best support to the podcast simply and effectively. 
  • Real-time application developer: on getting support from this company, then customer committed to getting a real-time app on a significant platform such as an OTT TV app, mobile APP, and much more. 
What to Consider?
  • Ad funded
  • Simple reach more viewers on the website
  • Enjoy demand on the live stream
What Do Not Consider?
  • Deny publishing
  • Social networks are not obligated
  • Videos ads and banner ads
Price Range
  • As per the latest updates of Roku apps, the cost is an average of $ 880
USA 50+
Founded: 2010 880 02037738253

7. Oodles Technologies

Best Roku Tv Streaming Application Services

Most people wish to find out the right ROKU app development company. Still, this company assures to deliver a wide range of apps with special added features according to the customer needs and support. 

 Oodles is highly skilled in making such apps for the videos and live streaming service needs. On the other hand, this company delivers end-to-end OTT video delivery solutions which establish the videos for the business satisfactorily.

Features of Oodles
  • Readability:  With the help of this company, the customer can get high readability support.
  • Cross browsers:  It has less and runs on different cross-browser support at all times.
  • High programming languages: It provides different program languages such as Javascript and needs Node JS support.
What to Consider?
  • Cross browsers
  • Importing and external files
  • Readability code isles
What Do Not Consider?
  • New pre-processor
  • Fewer providers
Price Range

As per the latest updates of Roku apps, the cost is an average of $ 5623.

USA, Singapore & Australia 500+
Founded: 2009 5623 7076910744

8. Promwad

Build a Custom Smart TV Apps

Most people wish to spend their time watching videos online, and it is highly increasing in the current day. Promwad is a certified company that ensures developing the top ROKU app for android and another platform to use.

 This solution provider boosted with special features on each app that assure to meet all customer needs to stream the videos on their device without making any change over the setting in the device. With the help of the experienced staff, we assure to deliver and develop each app satisfactorily.

Features of Promwad
  • Push notification: Almost every app has a push notification that makes it more comfortable to enjoy running it with absolute comfort.
  • Parental Control:  Almost every app delivers parental control to use at all times that delivers support to watch. 
  • VOD support: This software is committed to providing several features and making it easier and more relaxing to watch live stream videos and web series.
What to Consider?
  • Multi bitrate
  • Encryption
  • Content filtering
  • Watermarking
What Do Not Consider?
  • Not easy to install
  • Payment is high
Price Range

As per the latest updates of Roku apps, the cost is an average of $330

USA & Germany 250+
Founded: 2004 330 37052141244

9. dotstudioPRO

Develop Your Own Streaming TV App on Roku

To download the ROKU app, you must go online and get a first-class idea without any risk. Apart from that dotstudiopro company is the right choice, and it delivers the complete arrangement of the Roku app with unique features. 

 This agency assures to deliver apps on various smart devices such as Apple TV, ROKU, WordPress, Mobile, and Facebook. Simultaneously, you are assured to provide the best support and solution to enjoy watching first-class videos with no risk and trouble.

Features of dotstudiopro
  • Launch direct published feed – on the register and uploading the content is always helpful & it can feed with programmatic ads. 
  • Scene graph app: With the help of the team and developer, to launch the customized scene graph tools in ROKU. hence it becomes more comfortable at all time
  • Real-time stats reporting: Users can simply track the monetization and other videos and channels to view finely. Hence the customer can try with additional support and solution.
What to Consider?
  • Simple to install and view online videos
  • Monetize through videos ads
  • Easy to interface at all time
What Do Not Consider?
  • Hard to handle by fresh
  • Cost is little but highe
Price Range

As per the latest updates of Roku apps, the cost is an average of $590

Canada 50+
Founded: 2010 330 4242420595

10. VlogBox

A Leading Roku App Development Platform

VlogBox is one of the leading Roku app development platforms, offering video content distribution and monetization, as well as advertising solutions. As of today, the company has developed over 750 apps on Roku in top-performing verticals, and is featured in the Top-3 publisher’s list.

With VlogBox, customers can get template-based channels or request custom designs for their channels.

Apart from channel development, the company offers monetization solutions and programmatic advertising to get the best performance out of your CTV channel. 

Features of VlogBox

  • Flexible pricing packages, ranging from pure channel development to customized solutions and channel management.
  • Regular reports & analytics of your audience activation and conversion
  • One-stop shop platform that includes development services, video content distribution, monetization solutions, as well as PR and marketing support.
  • Dedicated support.  
What is Provided?
  • Cost efficiency
  • Personal manager’s assistance
  • Easy integration processes
What is Not Provided?
  • 24/7 customer support isn’t currently available
Price Range

The average development cost of the Roku app is $1,000.

USA 50+
Founded: 2019 1000

11. Oxagile

Boosting viewer engagement with Roku TV app development 

Oxagile develops custom Roku apps to let its clients better engage and monetize their audiences. 

When video platform providers turn their software solutions into end-to-end software platforms, adding a missing frontend part, and video streaming services make every effort to astound their subscribers with custom frontend, for any of the above cases, Oxagile takes on the role of a frontend development partner.  

With over 17 years of experience in delivering high-quality video streaming solutions, the company enables multi-screen viewing across web, mobile, Android TV launchers for STBs, TV apps, and streaming devices.   

Features of Oxagile 
  1. Platforms and devices covered: Roku, Tizen, webOS, Android TV, Apple TV 
  2. Uncluttered UX to foster content discoverability 
  3. Second-screening experience (chats, quizzes, polls, etc.) – to drive user engagement 
  4. Video player customization: intuitive navigation and interactivity elements 
  5. Smooth integration with Bitmovin, THEO, JW Player, NexPlayer, Nagra, Brightcove, Zappware, Magine Pro, Kaltura, and Red Bee Media 
What to consider? 
  • Client-side and server-side ad insertion to open new commercial opportunities  
  • Manifold frontend personalization features implemented  
  • End-to-end video streaming app development services 
What do not consider? 
  • The cost is a little high 
  • 24/7 support isn’t provided 
Price Range 

The Roku app development cost takes between $60K-$180K

USA 500+
Founded: 2005 60k 8554669244

To consider the above things, you are suggested to go with the help of the right product and collect the ROKU that makes it more comfortable to watch the live streaming videos finely. At the same time, you can come across the top 10 list of the ROKU company and these features, so it becomes easy to choose satisfactorily. 

FAQ for RokuTV App Developers

1. Which are the Best Roku TV App Service Providers?

Following are some of the best Roku TV App Services:

  1. Float Left
  2. Fusioni Technologies
  3. 4 Way Technologies
  4. Gizmeon
  5. FX Digital
  6. Lightcast
  7. Oodles Technologies
  8. Promwad
  9. dotstudioPRO
  10. VlogBox

2. What Work Does Roku Platform?

Roku is a streaming media device that lets you watch hundreds of free and popular subscription-based TV series, movies, music, and other forms of entertainment on your television at reasonable pricing.

3. Why Roku?

Several people choose Roku as their streaming device because it has several advantages, including a large selection of channels at the best pricing, a user-friendly interface that is simple to use, speedier performance, and excellent advertising chances.

4. What is the deal with Roku OS?

For the purpose of delivering a seamless and tailored streaming experience on a variety of media players as well as smart TVs, Roku Inc. developed a specialized operating system called Roku OS. It has an easy-to-use design, and the current version includes features such as a live TV tile, voice control, and numerous performance improvements.

5. Is the Roku application only available on the Roku store?

Not really, considering that it’s available in the Google Play store for Android devices and the App store for Apple devices. It can also be used as a companion app to operate Roku devices purchased straight from the Roku store or from any other merchant.    

6. What is Your Expertise in Roku Development?

A highly motivated software programmer with a strong technical expertise in Roku app development who can easily build, scale, and reuse codes is the major expertise of any Roku app developer. 

7. What is Roku Developer Mode?

By turning on the Developer Mode, it enables developers to sideload, build, and test apps that they are developing on the Roku Channel App Store. Plus, it gives them all the required tools to build a customizable app from the very scratch.

8. How do I start a Roku channel?

There are three prime ways to start a Roku channel.

  1. Lease a Roku channel
  2. Hire a developer and build one (best for customisation)
  3. Or, direct publishing, which is a free method. 

However, if you are going with the direct publishing method, you need to first create a Roku customer, billing, and developer accounts. Then, create a new channel in the Developer Dashboard, complete a few requirements in the following tab, set up a CDN, and finally choose a hosting service.

9. How much can you make with a Roku channel?

Depending on the type of channel, publishers can create and monetize content using in-app ads, purchases, subscription models, and others. However, with a Roku channel, you get to hold 80% of net revenue including refunds, credits, and more. And Roku gets your 20% share. 

10. How much RAM does Roku have?

While Roku is an excellent streaming media player, it also stands apart in the memory storage part. The latest Roku Ultra model has a boasting data storage capacity of 4GB and RAM of 2GB memory. However, the older versions of Roku have expandable memory and storage.

11. What are the best Roku app companies?

Roku is one of the leading media streaming platforms that many users prefer mainly because of its unique streaming capabilities. Considering this aspect, many companies are intro Roku app development, and some of the best top performing Roku TV App Companies are Float Left, Fusioni, 4 Way, Gizmeon, FX Digital, Lightcast, Oodles, Promwad, dotstudioPRO, VlogBox, Oxagile, and many more across the globe.

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