Top 10 OTT App Companies for 2024 [Pricing+Reviews]

The term “over-the-top” or “OTT” refers to a technology that streams material over the internet. In the past, when a client purchased a cable subscription, their cable TV provider was in charge of the supply and accessibility of programming. Users can now join up for OTT streaming services  with the best organization of OTT Platform Development USA, and use their websites to view their content. 

For mobile advertising, this transformation has significant ramifications. But let’s clear up some misunderstandings first before moving on to OTT advertising. Mobile marketers have a fantastic opportunity thanks to free-to-use services. Similar to legacy media advertising in that it usually appears in between songs or episodes, OTT Advertising is also offered through OTT streaming services. 

It might be challenging to gauge impact when purchasing ads on legacy media. CTV was once thought of as a “brand only” channel. Marketers will be able to take advantage of the advantages of traditional media in terms of appealing content packages as viewers migrate to the OTT sector, but with a very modern capacity to quantify impact and utilise measurement thanks to the ability to display them personalised advertising and track click-through rates.

OTT Market Statics

As per the statistics, in this pandemic world, entertainment industries are growing by nearly 86%. Of course, many movies are released on the OTT platform.

However, it is a boon for us to watch movies directly on OTT platforms. Consequently, people find multiple subscription-based or free apps to watch OTT movies. Of course, nearly 75% of OTT app development companies are keen to develop their apps for customers.

Based on the recent studies, OTT app development companies gained marked revenue of $121.61 million by 2020. As per the research, 239 million hours people spend on the OTT platform and 65% of streaming apps via mobile phones. Furthermore, from 2020 to 2021, a 115% rise in OTT service is recorded. So, the OTT app development companies are keen to introduce their apps, rising 53% by 2025

What is an OTT Platform or OTT App?

Pay-to-access and free-to-access OTT streaming are the two available options. Nowadays, many OTT providers charge a monthly fee for access, but a big percentage also monetize their platforms with adverts. OTT refers to the platform that streams content over the internet to computers, tablets, smart TVs, smartphones, and other devices.

Factors Affecting this List of Top OTT App Development Companies

Any digital product development journey begins with analyzing the demands and pain points of the consumers, then brainstorming a solution to solve these needs, and eventually producing a user- and business-centric product. In this article, we’ll walk you through the two stages of building an OTT platform: (a) research and prototyping, and (b) execution and implementation.

  • Competitor analysis: Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial given the plethora of OTT platforms. This will help in describing aspects that are already present and useful as well as in avoiding the drawbacks of competing platforms. A competitive advantage can be obtained by providing something better and different from the competitor.
  • User Analysis and Prototyping: Understanding users is essential for designing experiences that are user-centric. In order for design and development teams to map out users’ motivations and pain areas, one of the most crucial phases of user research is the creation of empathy maps. In relation to OTT platforms.
  • UX of Content: The difficulty for OTT players is to provide a simple experience given the abundance of content on OTT platforms. Users are more inclined to stick around if the material they appreciate is accessible quickly and simply. Some of the elements that support this include. A distinct division between the different types of material is necessary since, on OTT platforms, content is king. This means that the process of finding and viewing content must be enjoyable and frictionless. This facet benefits from clear content type separation.
  • System of Design: OTT participants will have to think about creating meaningful design processes when designs change. Digital products that are carefully developed with the user in mind can benefit from a specified design framework. The way the interfaces are designed helps to express the full story, even though colours and font are vital. The Atomic Design system is used in this situation.

Interfaces in an Atomic Design are composed of smaller parts. This implies that the entire interface can be disassembled into basic building components and then expanded upon.

More and more media and entertainment companies will create their own OTT platforms and OTT Advertising as OTT gains popularity in order to interact with viewers. In order to attract new viewers, the diversity and calibre of the content will be crucial, but UI/UX will be crucial in keeping them engaged.

In this post, you can check the top ott app development companies who wish to introduce their apps and expect to grow in the OTT industries. 

The Top 10 OTT TV & VOD App Builders of 2024 Reviews

1. Daffodil Software

Develop a Smart TV/OTT Application

Daffodil is a software technology firm partnered with nearly 100+ organizations worldwide. Of course, this company is mainly developing ott tv apps to enjoy streaming movies online. With innovation, tech agility and time-proven results, this company developed nearly 800 technologies. This company is a boon to develop OTT apps and fulfil the expectations. 

At Daffodil software, the team lays a growth-oriented culture to develop OTT apps at a reasonable price. The team will launch OTT apps to streamline the experience in a single platform. The android tv ott app by Daffodil software are more productive and more efficient. They give us a platform to entertain ourselves. 

  1. 1000+ Technologies
  2. Transform app vision into reality
  3. Provide omnichannel experience 
  4. Deliver high-quality premium content
  5. Minimize buffering with CDN
  6. Offer in Demand UI/UX
  7. Expandable media storage
  • Secure content inventory
  • Offers diverse functionality
  • Cost is high
  • No 24 hours customer service

2. Oodles Technologies

Deliver a High End Mobile Video Streaming Experiences

To give the users a better OTT experience, Oodles Technologies are striving to give app development services. They are expertise in developing live Roku tv consulting development for the customers. Oodles Technologies has vast experience in serving the business by conceptualizing, designing, developing, and marketing video solutions. They build rich video streaming apps and OTT apps for the next-generation technologies. 

Oodles OTT application development is taking for intelligent TV and building scalable, high-performing apps. At Oodles, a professional team develops IPTV app services for various purposes. With their leading cutting edge technologies, the developers are keen to give a one-stop destination for entertainment purposes. 

  1. Advanced configuration and backend support for real-time 
  2. Multiple video classifications, playlists, and creation
  3. Customizable menu settings for OTT apps
  4. Global live video CDN
  5. Video analytics and real-time experience
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and customized payment
  • No longer support
  • The cost is a little bit high

3. RisingMax

Outstanding OTT App Consulting Service

RisingMax is a top-notch company that is developing apps for various purposes. They are vital in developing innovative web, mobile app, software, and blockchain and data solutions. Apart from this, they are always expertise in developing OTT apps. They are a top-notch OTT app development company with vast experience to fulfill the customer’s requirements. 

RisingMax is offering end to end video content management solutions to address the needs. It is supposed to watch your OTT movies released by the latest apps. OTT solutions gain potential benefits which help you to hire Apple tv developers. They give the right solutions to meet the desires completely. We have the vision to deliver high-quality OTT apps that suits you well.

  1. Abel to design OTT mobile app
  2. OTT web app
  3. OTT app UI/UX design
  4. Easier platform integration
  5. Easy support and maintenance 
  • Easy support and maintenance
  • Maintain high-quality user engagement
  • Cost is high
  • No unlimited access to users

4. Consagous

Consagous has been a top-notch app development company that has fulfilled the dream for more than a decade. Of course, we are a leading mobile app development company and are still serving. The professional team at Consagous is well known for OTT app consulting services. An expert developer will create seamless and more accessible apps. It is suitable for both iOS and Android applications.

Our professional firm is developing OTT apps that are flexible to meet the entertainment industry. With leading features, every OTT app works well and designs quickly. We give you a complete solution to create a live tv app for android and development solutions for entertainment purposes. 

  1. Seamless android and iOS apps
  2. Unique functionalities and meticulous eye on OTT
  3. Gives comprehensive apps for TV
  • Expertise OTT platforms
  • Handle successful OTT releases
  • No unlimited access
  • 24 hours customer service is not there

5. Nettechnocrats

Nettechnocrats is a top-notch firm that supports nearly 100+ mobile and iOS. The professional team is giving end-to-end video streaming app development services. At Nettechnocrats, you can get only advanced and high-quality VOD and ott app development cost like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and so on.

Being a prominent OTT video app development company must tackle new ideas and strategic experience. The developers at Netechnocrats give scalable video streaming ideas and tackle business requirements. We give you video streaming apps that ensures a proper vision to the developers. 

  1. Oriented design and development apps
  2. High-end OTT video development services
  3. Gives integrative responsible CDN integration and hosting
  • Exceptional Ui/UX design
  • App testing and management 
  • Multiple payment gateways do not support
  • No integrated GPS

6. Engro Technologies

Engro is a friendly and leading OTT platform development company. It delivers the most value-driven content for end viewers. Of course, this company is developing OTT apps that suit both iOS and Android. They lead in the OTT space and enable on-demand video creators and professionals. So, you can get a live streaming experience from this team. 

Engro is serving digital network and streaming solutions to the customers. A professional team from Engro is top-notch and offer wholesome OTT and on-demand content for a better viewing experience. So, they are delivering a fantastic streaming experience to the customers. Engro is sure to ott platform app developers that suits well for entertainment zone. 

  1. Innovative options and easy menu controls
  2. Social media buttons and conversion analytics
  3. Subscription models with robust OTT apps
  4. Increased outreach with niche viewers with intelligent choices
  • Easy and robust OTT platforms
  • New-age technologies
  • Drive performance and reduce costs
  • Cost is high
  • No proper customer service support

7. RNF Technologies

As a leading and familiar OTT app development company, RNF Technologies offers end-to-end solution OTT platforms. From OTT development and design, testing and support, this company includes the foremost solution for OTT apps for leading solutions. It gives end-to-end custom design as per the specific business needs. A professional team is giving 100% satisfaction by app development services efficiently.

The frontend technologies would deliver OTT solutions with cutting-edge and competent options. They can browse streaming experiences for the users with OTT app developers. It will give you a satisfactory solution by creating the most interactive user interface for OTT app users. 

  1. Professional OTT solutions requirements analysis
  2. Team set up for quality OTT app development
  3. NDA and Contract finalization
  4. Mockup creation and streaming platform
  • Server monitoring and technical support
  • Regular updates
  • Does not create a most interactive user experience 
  • No support

8. Coder

As we are the leading OTT video app development, customers always get a high-end solution for entertainment purposes. Of course, the Custom ott app development agency is always helpful for developing high-quality OTT apps that suits video streaming options. They will give you a complete solution to watch and experience a new level.

Dev OTT app development at an affordable price. Like others, you can get attention on the Coders. They consider well for having vast experience to explore more functionalities. They are handling many projects and have discovered a new OTT app in recent times. 

  1. Unique Smart options and easy menu controls
  2. Able to discover Social media buttons and conversion analytics
  3. Subscription models with robust OTT apps
  4. Increased outreach with niche viewers with intelligent choices
  • Easy and robust OTT platforms
  • New-age technologies
  • Drive performance and reduce costs
  • Cost is high
  • No proper customer service support

9. Appinventiv

Get tailor-made video streaming solutions

Appinventiv Technologies helps businesses overcome their multimedia challenges with their robust OTT platform development services. With over 7+ years of extensive experience in the industry, Appinventiv has delivered 1000+ digital products with a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

The company is trusted by the top global brands since it has proven expertise in building custom OTT software solutions designed to get users engaged. Appinventiv’s OTT platform development services also include professional consulting on OTT app development, enterprise-grade integrations, solution enhancement, platform monetization, and others.


  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Watchlist
  • Smart Search
  • Multiple Content Categorization
  • Audience Analytics


  • Interactive video solutions
  • Video surveillance solutions
  • Intuitive video streaming solutions
  • Glitch-free live video streaming


  • High cost
  • No 24*7 customer support

10. SoluLab

With OTT solutions, our Solulab is a leading company developing OTT apps for the seamless interface. Of course, our team is responsible for holding video streaming apps that are robust and scalable options. The professional team was developing live ott app development firm and equipped with enhanced content delivery models. So, we design and develop OTT apps that suits you well. 

We deliver omnichannel support by developing videos streamlined on multiple devices by integrating technologies. The professional team will give an interactive UI/UX experience that makes streaming immersive forever. The team adapts well by showing OTT apps with recorded 3xgreater in-app engagement. 

  1. Good omnichannel experience
  2. Immersive UX
  3. Smart TV apps and streaming contents
  • Regular OTT maintenance and migration
  • Easy customer support
  • Cost is high than others
  • No additional features included 

Additional Services for OTT App Recommended by Comments

11. Oxagile

Streaming without borders

Oxagile develops multi-screen OTT solutions for multiple OSs, platforms, and devices. This allows the company’s clients to reach new audiences worldwide.  

When video platform providers turn their software solutions into end-to-end software platforms, adding a missing frontend part, and video streaming services make every effort to astound their subscribers with custom frontend, for any of the above cases, Oxagile takes on the role of a frontend development partner.  

With over 17 years of experience in delivering high-quality video streaming solutions, the company enables multi-screen viewing across web, mobile, Android TV launchers for STBs, TV apps, and streaming devices.   

  1. Platforms and devices covered: Roku, Tizen, webOS, Android TV, Apple TV 
  2. Uncluttered UX to foster content discoverability 
  3. Second-screening experience (chats, quizzes, polls, etc.) – to drive user engagement 
  4. Video player customization: intuitive navigation and interactivity elements 
  5. Smooth integration with Bitmovin, THEO, JW Player, NexPlayer, Nagra, Brightcove, Zappware, Magine Pro, Kaltura, and Red Bee Media 
  • Manifold frontend personalization features implemented  
  • End-to-end video streaming app development services 
  • Custom D2C app creation to grant more control over content success and reduce TCO 
  • The cost is a little high 
  • 24/7 support isn’t provided

12. eBizneeds Business Solution

Custom OTT App Developer

eBizneeds is a reputable software development firm with a focus on OTT app development. With their significant expertise in developing cutting-edge OTT apps, they have established themselves as market leaders. With a team of highly skilled developers and designers, eBizneeds excels in delivering feature-rich OTT apps that offer seamless and engaging user experiences. 

The OTT landscape presents special difficulties and requirements, so they are able to offer specialized solutions. The Company offers end-to-end OTT app development services, covering every aspect of the process. From the initial conceptualization and expert UI/UX design to robust backend development and rigorous quality assurance, they ensure comprehensive solutions that align with their clients’ goals. 

eBizneeds is a great option if you’re looking for a dependable partner for your OTT app development requirements. They are a great asset in the OTT streaming industry due to their knowledge and dedication to perfection.

13. RV Technologies

RV Technologies are a boon to discover custom media and OTT platforms for OTT apps developments. This company will customize and launch a bespoke content platform. Apart from the quality content, user-friendly OTT apps provide viewers with good attention. Our vod app development platform offers easy-to-navigate interface options.

Like others, RV Technologies give you a complete solution with full-featured media library options. Whether you are a media agency, it will launch streaming platforms. It will discover a new approach and prepare to use OTT platforms. We are the leading in the media industry with an extensive customer base. 

  1. Customize and launch bespoke content platform
  2. Easy to navigate interface with full features media
  3. Establish a unique brand identity
  • Good customer base
  • Proper success rate and library
  • It no convenient to use some apps
  • No additional streaming options


From the above discussion, users must choose the best and top 10 OTT app development companies at a reasonable price. You can get a clear idea regarding the OTT app development and who is developing it perfectly. Hurry up and connect with the professional OTT app consulting services soon.

FAQ for OTT App Services

1.What Is An OTT App?

An over-the-top (OTT) application is web-based services that uses wireless internet to provide audio or video content to your dedicated users through smartphone, tablet, or smart TV as opposed to more traditional methods like cables or satellite channels. With the help of these apps, you can stream the videos and live content instantly.

2.What Are The Benefits Of OTT Apps?

OTT apps offer several benefits, including the ability to view national and international movies at a cheaper cost, instant playback, and multiplatform services. 

Additionally, the absence of language barriers allows viewers to access foreign language content with the help of subtitles. OTT also offers its users access to ad-free, high quality content anywhere and anytime.

3.How OTT Streaming App Grow VOD Business?

OTT apps can help VOD businesses grow by introducing them to new customers, boosting their revenue and growth, as well as enhancing their present customers by providing access to and control over the programs they watch.

4.Why OTT Video Apps Matter To Video Content Creators?

This is because consumers want to be able to access material anytime they want, yet laptop displays aren’t necessarily the best spot to watch it.  

In the event that you decide to enter the industry, you may scale up your priceless content as the top video producers by establishing a strong worldwide video streaming presence across platforms including OTT Web TV and gaming consoles.

5.How To Create an OTT App For Your Brand?

To create a customizable OTT Android or iOS app for your brand, the fundamental steps include identifying the correct OTT app development company, selecting an OTT monetization model, obtaining content licensing, protecting your material, and deciding which devices to construct an OTT app on. 

Also, there are some of the OTT app development services who give you the option to build white label Android and iOS OTT apps.

6.What Is The Pricing For Branded OTT Apps?

Branded OTT apps have different prices depending on the vendor, video monetization strategies, and features offered. According to your needs, the app developers also offer various functionalities. However, the cost of creating an OTT platform in India for apps similar to Netflix and Prime Video ranges from $25000 to $60000 with some vendors charging at $29 per month.

7.How To Choose The OTT App Builder For Your Business?

You can hire the best OTT app developers to create one for your company based on factors such as development cost, developer expertise, audience flexibility, accepting various forms of payments, video streaming website alongside stunning apps, tech-based solutions and post-launch support.

8. Which is the No 1 OTT App in the World?

Due to its vast library of original and on-demand video content, Netflix is the world’s most popular OTT app to this day.

9.How do OTT Apps Make Money?

OTT platforms generate revenue through a variety of revenue models, including 

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), in which users pay fees to access all content, and AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand), in which viewers can access material for free but must endure advertisements. 

There are alternative business models as well, such as Direct Advertising, where the platform makes money by selling advertising space or placements.

10.Which is the Cheapest OTT App Platform?

Here have mentioned cheapest OTT App providers in the world

  1. Daffodil Software
  2. Oodles Technologies
  3. RisingMax
  4. Consagous
  5. Nettechnocrats
  6. Engro Technologies
  7. RNF Technologies
  8. Coder
  9. Appinventiv
  10. SoluLab

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