7 Reasons: Why You Should Not Monetize on YouTube?

Posting content online has become quite famous these days. The number of content creators has been raised to a greater extent now. These content creators are surprisingly making wholesome money.

If you are an expert in some subject and can ideally share your knowledge with others, try teaching subjects outside the class. It’s only the reliability of YouTube that it generated about $28.8 billion in revenue in 2021, which is a nearly 46% annual increase.

If you search the marketplace, you will find billions of learning videos over it. But if we talk about the average money generated by education YouTube content owners, it lies somewhere about ¼ of the total views.

Monetization usually brings up a lot of ads, and that somewhere interrupts the students’ access in between. The guide will help you figure out why you should not monetize your educational videos on YouTube and check out the statistics.

Is it good to monetize educational videos on YouTube?

YouTube is a more effective business platform for content creators but could be better for academic subject experts, skilled teachers, trainers, or another educational format. The platform does not provide the facility of sharing entertainment and educational content to billions of users.

It features different interactive tools that make it perfect for lectures to live streaming online classrooms. A vast range of people today explore this platform for acquiring skills, which is why one should check out the logical reasons first before jumping to the query; what does it all mean?

Why not pick YouTube as a business tool for Educational Content Creators?

Educational content creators are usually advised not to use YouTube as their business tool. If you are eager to know why, here are the leading ones for you.

1. No-Ads strategy

No one likes annoying ads popping up in between the educational content. Most people today prefer skipping the annoying ads to initiate their access over the videos.

The situation worsens when we face 15 to 20 seconds of non-skippable ads. More distractions on a platform lose viewers’ interest. An ad-free platform for educational videos on YouTube serves as an excellent software to make educational videos for the audience.

2. Presence of so much or entertainment videos

Most people prefer watching music videos on YouTube only. Most people opt for it to get famous.

“I just wanted to be famous. That’s why I did reality shows, and that’s why YouTube was so perfect.”

3. Trisha Paytas

Educational content creators should develop a responding platform to provide efficient learning, training, or educational content.

4. Reaching the targeted audience late

YouTube features more than 1 billion active users globally. Despite having so much traffic on this platform, only a few will reach out on your channel. Reaching out to a target audience on YouTube is a cumbersome thing to encounter. 

The video-sharing platform works on a specific business that owes to yield more revenue than education. The only thing that can help you take your videos to be there in the video suggestion is to make it smooth, informative, and seamless.

5. Keep a single monetization model only.

The majority of the revenue on YouTube comes up from ads. Keeping a single monetization helps educational video creators pass the required criteria for YouTube monetization. 

6. Work on quality rather than branding and customization

Although branding and customization work magic for educational channels, more is needed to acquire success, especially in educational videos. Depending on the themes used, one can modify the entire educational channel for effective performance.

7. Security is the main issue

The security of educational content is almost zero on YouTube. Kids or people who have access to your YouTube account can easily download or share your content conveniently.

What is the need to pick up Enterprise Video Solution for Educational Content Owners?

Educational content owners are usually advised to pick up the enterprise video solution for their YouTube content. The same not only improves the performance of the dedicated videos but helps content creators in dragging more traffic to their videos. 

The main reasons that serve behind the success of enterprise video solutions for educational content owners are:
  1. It is a securer platform than YouTube that offers high-end security to the users. It provides high-end user authentication with password-protected logins, making it easier for content creators to keep their videos private and secure.
  2. Users here can create or integrate their video streaming under their brand name.
  3. The enterprise video solution features a straightforward and intuitive design and layout that allows users to customize their educational videos conveniently.
  4. Targeting the audience is more straightforward in the Enterprise video solution than on YouTube. One can easily use this platform for marketing educational videos more effectively.
  5. Users here are free to add additional monetization models, such as programs based on hours, subscriptions, promotions, promo codes, and more, into their platform.
  6. One can quickly implement a content engine into their account to drive regular traffic to their educational content.
  7. It integrates multiple security and privacy options such as watermarks and DRM and hence perfectly secures your entire educational content.

Things need to consider while picking up Best YouTube Alternatives

Creating a video is relatively easy but finding a perfect source for posting it is on. Educational videos usually perform poorly on YouTube. 

If you want to see a larger audience for your educational videos and are looking for the best YouTube alternatives for education, here are a few tips to ease things up.

  1. Live to stream: Live streaming has become a trend these days. It is the best way to stay updated with ongoing events. While picking up the YouTube alternative for educational videos, ensure that it provides you with smooth live streaming. 
  2. Easy video conversions: The platform you will pick up should be capable of converting your video files into different formats entirely in the cloud. It will help you create files of various sizes, pirates, and resolutions without much effort.
  3. Convenient connectivity: The platform you will pick up for your educational videos should include a content partner portal so you can easily access the different OTT platforms. It is a one-stop solution to enjoy other services throughout.
  4. Live to VOD: This tool’s presence will help you provide access to unlimited content. You can now easily record and save the different live streams as a video-on-demand option.
  5. Multiple format access: The platform you pick up should effectively support multiple file formats, including MP4, WebM, and Ogg.
  6. Check out the monetization options: YouTube monetization rules are quite strict. Opt for multiple monetization channels for your educational videos so you can easily acquire the maximum revenue from them. 

The Best Platforms to Monetize Your Educational Videos

The only thing that pushes content creators to create great content is money. Here are the leading options if you have some great YouTube educational videos to post and need to know which one to pick. 

All these are the best options in the league and will help you acquire life-changing revenue for your educational videos.

1. Gudsho.com

Gudsho is an amazing platform for monetizing premium video content conveniently. It is an excellent platform for educational content creators, independent creators, and enterprises where they only need to signup to get access to their content.

The platform offers users the freedom to connect directly with the community audience. It is an excellent option for content creators where they can stream and generate a sustainable income from the videos.

Key features:
  • Best option for premium video content
  • Features loaded option
  • Ensures direct connection with the community audience
  • 4K video streaming 
  • Features different video management tools and dashboard

Featured with privacy features and also includes AES-encrypted streams

Hosting options:

2. Helps independent creators of video businesses to build influential community and absolute monetization of content among premium audiences.


3. Features flexible creators friendly plans

2. Castr.io

Castr.io is one of the finest professional live-streaming platforms that suit the requirements of businesses and individuals well. The platform offers users the facility of streaming, hosting and scheduling, and monetizing live videos. 

It is a one-stop solution designed to be relatively easy to use. It is the best way to deliver your video content anywhere conveniently.

Castr allows users the facility of multi streaming and also provides different pricing options for spending upon one’s usage. 

Key features:
  • Seamless live streaming and on-demand video streaming
  • Easy to use
  • Embedded video player
  • Seamless multi-streaming 
  • Live to VOD option
  • Runs smoothly with OTT apps
  • Provides the pre-recorded live option

It ideally monitors the compliance of your vendors from a single location

Hosting options:

Absolute option for the independent creators 


Offers flexible and friendly pricing options for the creators

3. Streampal.io

Streampal.io is an all-in-one video monetization platform that allows users to earn significant revenue from their educational videos. The platform is an amazing support for the users, who can efficiently perform various functionalities, including zero coding and marketing and analysis.

Streampal.io allows users to create their own VOD platform without requiring any technical skills. Users here are free to upload their content and set their pricing.

The platform features different built-in tools that make it easier for users to grow their audience without making much effort. It is a fantastic platform where you can efficiently perform multiple customizations conveniently.

Key features:
  • All-in-one video monetization platform
  • Helps in creating personal VOD platform,
  • Built-in analytics and marketing tools
  • Features loaded option for scaling your video business
  • Offers freedom of uploading your content and setting pricing

Offers secure on-demand video streaming services and live streaming

Hosting options:

It is a great option to enjoy flexible monetization conveniently


The platform comes up with a free trial period of 14 days which you can easily upgrade to your private option as per requirements.

4. Flicknexs.com

Fliknexs is a SaaS-based video platform that requires customers to deliver unlimited video streaming over different devices. The platform ensures users have seamless VOD launching and offers the facility to perform live streaming. 

It is an absolute OTT app designed to suit the customer’s requirements effortlessly. It is a white-label and seamless option for all content creators willing to highlight their logo and brand the most.

Key features:
  • SaaS-based video platform
  • Seamless VOD launching
  • Absolute live streaming
  • Great customization option
  • Provides multitasking, including publishing, managing, and distributing video content

Includes inbuilt filters to ensure high-end security

Hosting options:

The perfect option for personal, freelance, startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises runs smoothly on different applications.


Offers flexible pricing options for convenient usage

5. Brid.TV

It is an online enterprise service that helps users monetize YouTube videos effortlessly. The platform allows users to enjoy improved ROI and maximize revenue to a greater extent.

It features a powerful enterprise video platform to keep you ahead of the competition. It is an excellent option for large-scale entrepreneurial publishers and mass media organizations willing to provide different educational videos to their users.

Key features:
  • Enterprise services for content monetization
  • Video carousel unit
  • Simultaneous broadcasting
  • In-stream and out-stream ads
  • Google ADX enhancing monetization strategy

An excellent platform that detects invalid traffic with protected media

Hosting plans:

A great option to host video content in different file formats


Offers excellent flexibility over the pricing, making it convenient to use on

6. Cincopa.com

Cincopa is a great photo and video hosting platform that offers educational content creators the facility to design slideshows, photo galleries, private video hosting, video players, and much more. 

It is a simple and easy-to-use platform that includes more than 100 templates with absolutely professional designs to work on.

A clean video player, responsive image galleries, multimedia albums, and much more make it a perfect option. It is a cloud-based multimedia solution where you can create videos by adding different annotations, call-to-action buttons, and other forms.

Key features:
  • Cloud-based multimedia solution
  • It helps you in promoting your educational videos on different channels
  • Multimedia albums
  • Clean and designed video player
  • Ready to use templates
  • Streamlined lead generation and audience targeting
  • Ready to use templates
  • Responsive image gallery

Features inbuilt filters to secure your data

Hosting options:

Stylish media player that offers the versatility of monetization options along with absolute file format


Cincopa comes up with a 30 days free trial period, which can be upgraded per the user’s requirements.

Be yourself and give your best

If you are an educational content creator it is an excellent option for you to raise yourself as the owner of your platform rather than just being a YouTuber. Although YouTube provides a vast range of facilities to both users and content creators, there are better platforms for educational content. 

To generate good revenue from your educational content, you must look forward to other monetization options for yourself.


So, Guys! Get indulged in the world of absolute monetization for educational videos now. The monetization world is not only limited to YouTube. There is also a vast range of options available in the marketplace that helps generate high-end revenue by making very few efforts.

To know more details on above discussion, you can drop your comments below. TrustFirms will respond as much as earlier than expected soon.

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