Tizen OS vs Android Tv: Which is The Better Choice for Smart TV?

It seemed as if Android was like a boon to the world with its popularity that can be sensed on almost every device and platform, thus making it the inevitably larger chunk of choice. And when compared to it, Samsung’s Tizen is a newbie slowly grappling in the market attaining 30% of its share. But, still, Tizen TV app development is in demand. Why is it so?

Now as both are two different and magnanimously popular smart TV platforms, it would be quite interesting for you to find out the best one and who takes the lead in the race.

Thus, in the post below, we will be talking in detail about its comparison and some of the service providers of Tizen who are happily outsourcing employees for app development. Bet, at the end of the post, you will have a crisp-clear idea of which Smart TVs users would look for buying.

What is Tizen OS?

what is smart tizen tv os

Samsung has come up with an irreplaceable smart TV OS (Operating System) – Tizen that is now globally available to everyone and anyone. Developed in duo by both Samsung and Intel, Tizen OS is a Linux-based operating system that sits compatible well on smartphones, personal computers, tablets, and all Samsung smart TVs.

Now when you compare its functionality with other OS, Tizen is much faster and comes with a 64-bit processor that helps in elevating the picture quality of the streams. Adding points to this, Tizen is an open-source software that makes it a widely used TV OS in the market.

App developers can make use of this OS to create multiple use cases and since it is built atop the Linux framework, it is flexible and can be used on smartwatches, wearables, car infotainment systems, and among other device screens. 

What is Android TV?

What is Android TV?

Android TV is an operating system developed by Google for smart TVs, digital media players, set-top boxes, soundboards, and streaming devices. By connecting to an Android TV, you can get easy access to download applications and games from Google Play Store, and even apps like Google Assistant, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, Paramount, and HBO Max. 

However, besides catering their services to the entertainment sector, you may organize all your local media files too on an Android TV. And now, Android TV comes with Google Assistant built-in that helps users to find the latest blockbuster hits or choose their choice of games by pressing the mic button on the remote. 

Hoping that you got the meaning of what a Tizen OS and an Android TV is, let us look further into details on which is better and some of the top Tizen app software development companies. 

Differences Between Tizen OS Vs Android TV

tizen os vs android tv
comparison samsung tizen os vs android tv os

Tizen is an open-source Linux based operating system for mobiles, tablets and PCs, whereas Android TV is built on Google’s open-source core software. Though one may see that both of them provide similar enjoyable experience, they differ in ways as follows:

1. Technical architecture:

Tizen is discovered to be significantly faster at startup when compared to Android because its body is substantially less in weight as well as it supports a 64-bit processor, which Android TVs do not.

While Tizen OS is built on the Linux kernel and uses HTML5 and web technologies to construct its user interface as well as its apps, Android TV uses the same codebase as the conventional Android operating system.

2. User interface:

The layouts of Android and Tizen are pretty similar. While the Android gives a Google-centric search bar for findability, Tizen has a more organized status bar, which is where the difference is noticeable.

Tizen OS is specifically designed for usage on large screens like televisions where the home screen contains multiple rows of apps and functions. However, Android TV is also optimized for large displays but it is comparatively more user-friendly with in-built voice search as well as recommendation lists displayed on the main screen.

3. App availability:

With its built-in web browser, Android TV is a robust platform that gives users access to OTT streaming services and other online content. You can find all of your favorite apps right here as Google Play store is available. If an app isn’t offered by the Play Store, you can easily sideload it from another website. It’s that easy.

Though one may not find so many options available in Tizen due to its limited app library, it does provide access to all major OTT streaming platforms. Nonetheless, Tizen has a robust developer community that aids in maintaining an ever-growing library of apps and games.

Despite having fewer users and a smaller ecosystem than Android, the Tizen operating system is well-liked because it prioritizes security and privacy, which may be more appealing to some consumers.


With a huge selection of games available to customers, Android TV is one of the most liked platforms for gaming capability. In this case, Tizen OS is not the best platform to use if you want to play games on your TV.

In addition, Android TV offers a feature called Google Play Games that enables users to keep track of their progress and compete with friends in compatible games. Similarly, a variety of gaming choices are also available on the Tizen OS, which has a game store where users may download games.

In conclusion, Tizen is a good option for users looking for a safe and feature-rich gaming platform.

5.Voice assistant:

In comparison to the Google voice assistant, the Tizen OS voice assistant falls short. This is because with the help of Google Assistant, customers can use voice commands to operate linked TVs and other gadgets.

In addition a wide range of tasks can be completed by Google Assistant, including rapid content searches, reminder scheduling, and control of smart home devices. In the case of Tizen, its OS has an in-built speech assistant, Bixby, with which you can control your TV and other connected devices.

Nevertheless, because of its stronger voice recognition and comprehensive operating system integration, Android performs significantly better than Tizen in this area.

Tizen Vs Android TV OS – Which One is Better?

Just that we saw that Android TV has a better OS than Tizen, when it comes to technical architecture, Tizen has a better advantage. Similarly, Android performs better in verticals like gaming and app support and both have the best UI. Therefore,

  • Android is best – if you prefer gaming or intuitive voice assistance.
  • Tizen is best – if you prefer a smooth and simple-looking user interface.

Next up is the most sought-after section by businesses or development agencies or services.

Best Tizen OS Vs Android TV App Service Providers

Are you an app developer in deep search of the best Tizen mobile app development company to learn about their stunning products or for curating your own project? You will surely find help below because we have researched and listed some of the top firms based on the reviews and ratings. 

Further, to draft the list of top Tizen OS Android TV App Development companies are Meta Design solutions, Orange Mantra, Oxagile, Trivial Works, Sidelabs, FX Digital, etc. we have also considered factors like company size, revenue, experience, and core services that they offer.

Shall we binge?

1. Meta Design Solutions

MDS (Meta Design Solutions) is one of its kind that is strongly into outsourcing skilled professionals to develop top and rich products in the Tizen TV niche. Their developers are highly qualified and possess no less than 5 years of experience thus assuring businesses of best-in-class end products. 

By collaborating with MDS, businesses can interview candidates before hiring and set up their teams within a week. And right from ideation to project completion, MDS professionals strive hard to achieve success. 

An example of their effort is the verticals that MDS has catered its services into – healthcare, fintech, entertainment, education, aviation, insurance, fashion, and a lot more. Besides these, let us see what else MDS speaks greatly of in the section below:

2. Orange Mantra

Whether you want to become an inspiring tech professional or need help to transform your business solution, Orange’s mantra can wade your demerits and turn your dreams into truth. Yes! 

From e-commerce app development to developing Tizen SDKs for wearables to education apps to gaming consoles, Orange’s developers can cater to any diverse requirements for offering exceptional services. They are highly qualified with an in-depth knowledge of Tizen’s codes and their SDKs thus helping businesses to deliver result-based app development services.

And to surprise, over the last two decades, Orange has helped many clients worldwide to ship products for multiple platforms. Surprising is it not?

Let us see their other prime highlights.

3. Oxagile

Oxagile is a custom software development firm that offers innovative business solutions in a variety of industries, including VoD/IPTV/OTT, distance learning, banking, and e-commerce. Not only do they provide data-driven solutions but are also renowned for their excellent work, attention to detail, and commitment to offering the best solutions to satisfy the needs of their customers.

This is an established software provider that serves over 1 billion consumers and has in-depth expertise of more than 30 different business categories.

4. Trivial Works

Established more than a decade ago, Trivial Works has mastered in delivering a complex and best-in-class mobile and web app solution to clients in the richest way possible. In these ten years, they have been acclaimed as the industry-leading trusted global IT service firm just for using scalable and secure models across different verticals.

Alongside these, they also offer cloud solutions, AI and machine learning, and other creative solutions that best-fit business needs. The success measure of the firm is determined by the 80% customer retention rate which is the highest in the market and Trivial was able to yield this with different techniques, tools, and best service.

5. Sidelabs

Need help with your Samsung app development project? Or looking for a dedicated partner? Side Labs offers both and renders their top-notch services for building a native app on platforms like tvOS, iOS, and other operating systems.

They have also been pioneering media apps for quite a lot of years and they understand the integration to third-party apps like Adobe, Google DFP, and Brightcove video player. Additionally, they also follow the sprint planning and weekly feedback loop method to identify flaws, correct them, and deliver an exceptional end product. 

What’s surprising about Side Labs is that so far the firm has helped to deliver 25 apps with a million app downloads and has a presence in over 3 office locations.

6. FX Digital

Are you looking out for industry-leading experts for building the best software products for you? Then, it has to be FX Digital! Their team is committed to sourcing out the best professionals for developing the latest Samsung TV apps who hold the industry-best skill set and cutting-edge development techniques. All of these are top-grade and don’t seem to resemble a hole in the pie. 

Further, FX can become your reliable partner once you choose their service and see its result because of their strong 70-member development pioneers dedicated to delivering effective project solutions. Other prime highlights of this company include:

The Final Verdict!

Alas! We have come to the end of the blog post and after reviewing through all the factors, we get a clear idea that Android OS offers more beneficial choices than Tizen, though Samsung’s Tizen OS scores high in UI and technical architecture.

Having said this, it does not mean that Android TV is taking the win here and one must go ahead with this OS for their app development, because both are equally good and your choice depends on the project you work on and the developments you make. Thus the choice is completely yours!

However, if you still have doubts on choosing the best fit for your needs, give us a comment below and we will reach you with further more insights! Till then, happy reading!

FAQ for Samsung Tv vs Android Tv

1. Is Android TV Better than Tizen OS?

There is no clear answer to whether Android TV is better than Tizen OS as both operating systems have their own perks and demerits and which to choose completely depends on the project you are building. While Tizen has a strong technical architecture, Android stands tall in all other aspects.

2. Which are the Best Tizen TV & Android TV App Providers? 

Following are some of the Tizen TV & Android TV App Service

  • Meta Design Solutions
  • Orange Mantra
  • Oxagile
  • Trivial Works
  • Sidelabs
  • FX Digital

3. Does Tizen Support Voice Control?

Yes, Tizen does allow voice control, and the Voice Control API is required for Tizen Mobile, Wearable, and TV profiles.  Moreover, Tizen OS-based Samsung TVs include Bixby, a Tizen OS-based voice assistant that can be used for voice navigation.

4. Does Samsung have Android TVs?

No, they do not have Android TV as they have their own operating systems such as Tizen and Orsay OS depending on their year of manufacture. But, by attaching external hardware via an HDMI cable, a Samsung smart TV can be converted to work as an Android TV.

5. How Do I Install 3rd Party Apps on My LG WebOS?

Third-party apps cannot be installed on LG’s WebOS platform. But, by following these instructions, you may visit the LG Content Store and download and set up a number of apps:

  • Use the remote to navigate to the LG Content Store and pick the app you wish to install.
  • As an alternative, you can sideload the APK file to the TV with a USB after downloading it. In order to access them, you may need to use a media streaming device, such as a Fire TV Stick or a streaming box. 

Nevertheless, you must activate Developer Mode on your LG Smart TV in order to install applications from sources other than the LG Content Store.

6. Can you install Android apps on a Tizen TV?

No, you cannot directly install Android apps on a Tizen TV as they are two separate and incompatible operating systems. There is a specific Tizen store where you can download as well as install Tizen apps. Yet certain Android apps can be installed on Tizen TV through third-party emulators, but this is not a built-in feature of Tizen.

7. Can I Install Android Apps on Samsung’s Tizen OS?

Yes, it is possible to install select Android apps on Samsung’s Tizen OS using a special software called Smart Development Bridge. However, not all apps could be compatible with Tizen OS and neither could they perform the same as in Android devices. 

Still, it is possible to run Android apps on Tizen using Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) provided it is available in specific Tizen devices.

8. Can Tizen be Converted to Android?

Android and Tizen are two open-source operating systems with distinct hardware requirements and kernels. It is not feasible to directly convert Tizen to Android or convert Tizen.wgt files to Android APKs, yet Tizen can execute some Android programs via an ACL. 

9. What are the Disadvantages of Android TV?

There are a few drawbacks to adopting Android TV, including its slower processing speed than Smart TV, trouble connecting to WiFi, erratic power-offs, poor audio quality, and crashes when installing apps. There are also certain privacy and security concerns, in addition to the higher cost.

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