Best Video Monetization Platforms: Top 10 Reviewed

Are you searching for a suitable videos monetization provider?

Then you go with the below words, which share the top 10 videos monetization, platform providers. In recent years, there has been massive and faster development in video monetization. With online help, people can simply ensure the reviews and find out the best provider to enjoy live streaming videos. It is clear that the audiences respond to online video streaming and get over the first-class videos solution at all times. 

There are several unique chances for organizations to monetize their different videos libraries and make a stable income stream. First, with the help of the ad support content, then subscription and pay per view and on-demand service, it can standard of profitable media delivery support at all times. 

What are the Different Types of Video Monetization?

 Apart from that, we can discuss different types of video monetization models, such 

  • SVOD
  • TVOD 

Hence, it becomes more comfortable for people to view live streaming videos with absolute comfort. Therefore, even though the broadcaster has several ways, the monetized videos content is more effective within the above three categories. Of course, there are plenty of pros and cons to each monetized video content regarding profitability. However, according to the business life cycle, it is one of the choices to take care of overtime. 

What is Important for Monetization on YouTube?

It has common trends, which are shared below, such as online videos company will be forecasted up to the worth of $124.6 billion by the year 2025, and specialists can expect the total value of the global videos to reach the next level this year.

In addition, around 76% of the US broadband home has an OTT subscription, which helps several customers pick the best streaming to watch the videos.

Top 10 Video Monetization Platforms to Host Video Contents

1. Ooyala

In general, Ooyala is one of the most advanced and effective video monetization platform providers. This is the front runner platform in offering video logistics to the next level. The video streaming platform of Ooyala can be helpful for publishers, video creators, entertainment industries, online tutors very effectively.

This can more useful for them to monetize the video content with the highly integrated paywall systems. After that, you are required to empower the process of decision making of website owners. During that time, this firm offers powerful analytic tools that give proper granular level information.

Such details will be about the audience segmentation, video reach, revenue collected and certain factors. In general, here you can be get more payment for the videos that you are publishing online.

Based on the audience view and content download, here you can earn as much as possible. Generally, broadcasters can able to generate more revenue through the videos that has been published. Here you can incorporate sponsors, insert ads, create product reviews or offer subscriptions.

Features offered by Ooyala:
  • OTT Video Monetization – You can make monetization through the OTT features provided by this firm.
  • Personalized Video Content Delivery – This feature can make you earn money through video content delivery.
  • Mobile Video Monetization – Through mobile videos, you can easily make monetization in a most effective manner.
  • Live and video on demand solutionEven going live can also give you on demand solution.
  • 100% Customizable Solution – Based on your need, you can customize the options according to your need.
What does Ooyala enterprise cost?

You can able to earn starting from $45 to a bulk amount for each month. Therefore don’t miss this chance for any cost. Get in touch with this team now and earn as much as possible.

2. Muvi

Muvi is one of the highly reputed and leading video monetization platform providers. They can be the first choice for those who want to make monetization through their published video. From small to medium enterprises, this service provider can be the best choice and let you earn a lot.

The scalable and reliable solutions of this firm can be helpful for enterprises to enter the market as quick as possible. Such a process can be possible with user-friendly and full-fledged video streaming websites.

You can easily generate more income from videos based on various distinct video streaming business models. Here you can get access to individual content, audience and your platform. The individual content can give you training courses, educational curriculum, digital downloads and much more.

The access to audience can be publishing videos based on the interest of audience. Then according to your platform, you can publish video where audience likes to watch when they want. To make such things possible, you can get help from Muvi video monetization platform providers right now.

What does Muvi startup cost?

Here also you can able to earn starting from $40 to a bulk amount for each month.

Features offered by Muvi:

  • Multi-lingual Video PlatformHere you can publish video in any language and gain better monetization.
  • Server Side Security & Paywall – The server side paywall and security can be most useful to increase securities.
  • Social Media Integration – Here you can make use of social media strategies to complete the monetization.
  • Reliable Video Hosting – The video hosting takes here can be very much reliable and this gives best option to earn more.
  • Highly Flexible Video Monetization Solution – Due to this flexible solution takes place in video monetization, you can grab more benefits.

3. GudSho

GudSho is a premium video monetization platform that is founded to help independent content creators who are all on their own in their journey as a content entrepreneur. The platform presents to them higher monetization possibilities than most commonly sought video sharing platforms.

As for the design of the platform, it is a fully developed platform that can take on almost every possible business operation alongside the creator. Imaginably these concern streaming, organization, marketing, security and monetization, of course. 

The platform is also a global platform that the creator can use to aim for a world wide reach. There is also a global payment system set in place at the center of the platform to fulfill this vision. 

With a platform as GudSho that is saas-based yet something fully equipped as a white-label solution, the creator can direct their business towards a higher margin of income, mainly, but also the other benefits that come in pair with the other features of the platform.

Features offered by GudSho:

  • Buffer-free Streaming- with the incorporation of an adaptive bitrate streaming, there shall be one smooth streaming experience.
  • High Clarity Streaming- the platform comes with capability of 4K streaming which renders the high quality to it.
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard- to have a continual feed of insights regarding the performance of your videos.
  • Higher Monetization- without the limitation of a single model of monetization, there can be a higher monetization outcome for creators.
  • Airtight Security- the video assets on the platform shall be accounted as safe under the security of AES encryption.

4. Oculu

Oculus provides first-class integrated videos to play with high quality. This videos player was built with the help of the HTMLpercentage responsive, which enables up to 360 degrees with top quality. It is one common choice by everyone globally, and it becomes a common choice of the enterprises, agencies, media houses, and other networks. 

If you want to enjoy unlimited fun, you must suggest going with the right provider who offers the right online video streaming solution. It is one of the end-to-end videos monetization and online videos advertising spaces. Moreover, it delivers a complete suite of proven video solutions through this program. Hence, most people wish to go with a trusted provider to enjoy watching live streaming with no trouble.

What does Oculu cost?

Oculu offers a different plan for the customer to go with the best choice according to their budget, such 

  • Basic
  • Professional premium 
  • Premium 

The basic plan price offers at &100, professional premium offers for $245, and premium plan offers at $945. Hence, people can choose a wish plan according to their usage.

Features offered by Oculu

 The Oculus videos monetization boosted with high-end features such as 

  • Simple to step up and use at any time with no error 
  • Support to work on significant devices
  • Highly quality and fast videos streaming videos 
  • Self-hosted and highly secured in complete control 
  • Support adaptive and high responsive video player control 

By using these features, customers can simply enjoy watching the movies. However, it was designed and developed with new ideas that support running without any risk of it. It has post-roll ads, which are self-hosted and highly secured with a complete and controlled videos stream. 

5. VPlayed

Vplayed is a high-rated video monetization platform with a high ROI. It is assured to shape the overall streaming intergral want. Then it supports media to the broadcaster, end number of the content owners, and other distribution. Therefore, most of the people assure to upscale the platform of ROI with the help of the different audio streaming and videos online with the presence of the multiple 6+ monetization models across the world. 

It is user-friendly to install and connects the videos and starts playing with real fun and pleasure at all times. It allows the premium content and media asset, which you possess to, exchanges of profitability need before videos stream via paywall features. It has cloud transcode for all bit-sized compression that lets to enjoy watching the live streaming. Hope it becomes easy and more comfortable to watch the different live streaming videos relaxed and straightforwardly.

What is a Cost?

Apart from that, the Live VOD features help several business people to enjoy great benefits with no trouble. Even you assure to obtain the content partner portal for getting ads content tha to make more comfort at all time. It starts at a low price, so everyone can access the plan and watch the live streaming with no comfort. Moreover, users can collect the watch history and rate and comment on videos. 

Features offered by VPlayed

  • 100% customization 
  • Progressive web application 
  • On cloud and on-premise 
  • White label platform 
  • Offline viewing 
  • Video thumbnail preview 

Ensure the features are always helpful for the customer to enjoy streaming the videos simply and effectively. Therefore, customers can go with Vplayed videos monetization to watch the first-class ideas in an accessible and relaxed manner.

6. Mazsystems

If you are searching for the right trusted streaming platform, you are in the right place for Mazsystems. It is filled with many years of experience, and let’s watch the videos streaming simply and effectively. It caters primary and personalized to the customer by offering a premium platform for the content provider. 

Apart from that, you must gain positive results with the help of the AVOD and SVOD business models. It has several live streaming contents backed by the automated system to stay separate with the help of the experience developed. Therefore the customer can simply try with the help of this provider and enjoy getting a lot of benefits on watching it.

What is a Cost to Build a Video Monitization Website?

This app solution lets you provide as much content as you need on different platforms or either live streaming content or on-demand videos simply and effectively. Therefore most people wish to go with this provider to watch live streaming on different businesses in an easy and relaxed manner.

Still, it didn’t provide the exact pricing information for different products and other services, but it will be reasonable for everyone. Apart from that, people can simply enjoy watching live videos streaming on different ideas with fun and pleasure. You can simply double up to meet special revenues with the help of the different device target methods and give more comfort at all times.

Features offered by Mazsystems

  • Get the best support in 
  • web and application Facilitate sponsorship 
  • to develop overall scalability Get metering added with the help of IAP to 
  • obtain fine result Make sure the support global payment up to 24/7 hours 

On reading the features, most of the customers wish to try with this product and get a first-class idea and support to meet additional comfort to watch with no risk.

7. Cleeng

Cleeng is one of the industry-leading video monetization platform providers that can be helpful to monetize video in many forms. Such forms mainly include transaction-based purchases, period-based subscriptions, advertising and much more. This service provides mainly offers a various set of in-built tools that completely reduce the complexity in measuring and processing video subscriptions to the next level.

This kind of solution making offers video solutions to the audience. That can be very much helpful for various enterprises across industries to effectively develop and then launch the on-demand video into the website. This mainly consists of ad, on demand video monetization and transactions.

Cleeng can give multiple solutions to the users who want to publish their video and get proper monetization benefits to the next level. They also turn your competitors into loyal visitors in a most advanced manner. Hence don’t miss getting help from this team and enhance your growth to the next level as quickly as possible.


Through this video monetization platform provider, you can also easily able to earn starting from $30 to a bulk amount for each month. Based on the views and recognition your video gets, then automatically the demand and monetization will be increased a lot.

Features offered by Cleeng:

  • Powerful Video Enrichment Tools – This kind of powerful video enrichment tool mainly consists of extraordinary features.
  • Multi-account Management – The multi account management feature plays a major role with the video monetization
  • Cloud Video Transcoding – You can store the video in the cloud after publish and earn money through this most effective option.
  • Strong Partner Ecosystems – When you get any issues while publishing videos, then this strong partner ecosystem can be helpful for you.
  • Cross-platform Insights – Get proper insights through cross platform and experience a lot with this feature.

8. Dacast

Dacast is one of finest video monetization platform providers that are readily available for you in this generation. You can make use of their subscription management solution for all your video requirements.

You need to know the fact that the Dacast is the most extraordinary prime leaders of various vide monetization services that mainly supports advertising monetization models pay-per-view and subscriptions. With that, you can easily able to understand all their services all at one point and ensure you can publish your video here.

Those who want to earn more can choose this firm without any hesitation. The video player of Dacast’s white label can be more helpful for you to get proper assistance via paywalls solution. This has been completely accepted in various ranges of 135 different currencies. Then you can transcribe it into more number of languages to the next level.


With the help of Dacast, you can also easily able to earn starting from $32 to a bulk amount for each month. Your target may watch your video regularly. No additional cost is required for customers while publishing their video with the help of these video monetization platform providers

Features offered by Dacast:

  • Easy to use features – Through the easy to use features, you can effectively able to get ad-free streaming.
  • Website monetizations tools – There are multiple range of website monetization tools are available for the benefits of users.
  • On demand and live video support – The on demand and live video support can get group pricing and make it unique.
  • Live streaming support with no cost – You can grab the live streaming support from this team without any additional cost.
  • Multi-user accessibility – Custom plans are provided based on multi-user accessibility. You can explore more options.

9. NexGen IOT

NexGen IOT Solutions is the highly reputed video monetization platform provider. They are best at Simulcasting on live streaming platforms that can effectively able to amplify the engagement of live streaming content.

This can be effectively possible by reaching to the target audience very effectively. You can able to reach more number of viewers with the VPlayed’s Multi Simulcast streaming.

This can be effectively made possible on various ranges of RTMP-enabled platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch and some other platforms. Webcasting, Live Linear, Live to VOD, Simulcasting, Interactive, Mobile Broadcasting and Streaming are the best option that can be provided by these video monetization platform providers.

The Versatile Video Monetization Models are having the extraordinary choice to enjoy Result-driven Video Monetization Package, AVOD, SVOD, SSAI, PPV and Third Party Ad Integrations.

Now you can get better chance to earn a lot through the monetization feature very effectively. They are having a monthly and quarterly renewal options. Through that, you can renew all kind of process-related through this services.

You can also able to facilitate all kind of active promos and global payments with control rates by making use of the most advanced built-in paywalls. This can be useful for players to gather the extra details involved at the time of video monetization.


Starting from $30, you can earn a lot. Now your brand can get proper recognition among the global market without fail.

Features offered by NexGen IOT Solutions:

  • Reach More Platforms – By reaching more platforms you can multiply your viewership
  • Buffer-free Streaming – Without any disturbance you can enjoy the buffer-free streaming
  • Protect Video Uploads – Videos uploaded here can be protected very effectively
  • Increase Revenue With Live Video – Through live video, your revenue can be increased
  • Countdown for a Buzz – Make announcement about the video that you are going to upload.

10. Vidflex

Vidflex is the best video monetization platform providers that can shape various streaming integral requirements. It is mainly required to assist the distribution networks, content owners, broadcasters, and much more.

Currently, most of the business is having the potential to upscale the return on investment platform by monetizing wide range of videos or audio streaming online. This can be effectively possible with multiple monetization models that have been powered across major comprehensive streaming capabilities.

You can get the access across various devices globally to the next level. Vidflex give you a better chance to create the premium content. Through that you can get the possibility to earn a lot and your videos can get more views as much as possible in a most enhanced manner.

The additional services you can get here are AdaptiveBitrate Streaming, Embedded Live Streaming, Video Scheduling, Content Delivery Network, Social Media Integration and Live Video Playback.


Starting from $28, you can earn a lot based on the video monetization process. Here the experts can help you better fees structure to handle your video monetization service to the next level. Hence their pricing features are simple.

Features offered by Vidflex:

  • Increase earnings with video – Your earnings can be increased through the video you are publishing here.
  • Control ads – You can get better access to control all ads that has been seen on your videos.
  • Pay-per-view for all videos – You will get payment for each video that audience watch to gain better monetization.
  • Built-in purchasing – There are lot of built-in features are involved to make everything done on time.
  • Sell and rent videos on-demand – The on-demand videos can be sold and rent for multiple process.

Final Thoughts by TrustFirms

Considering the above article, you can find out a list of 10 best video monetization to enjoy watching videos with HD quality. Obsessively each platform has its features and special plan to choose from according to your needs. Therefore, you can ensure the features and pick the best video monetization.

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11. Brightcove

Generally, Brightcove is the high-tech grounded and highly skilled video monetization platform providers. This firm can offer you cutting edge monetization and video publishing opportunities for publishers and video creators to the next level.

The monetization workflow of this firm mainly revolves around ad server integrations, metadata-driven ads and standards-compliant advertising workflow and much more. Here this professional team of Brightcove can let you earn a lot through the video monetization service very effectively.

Here there are no issues with the content and hence you can get the possible to experience more benefits through this process. Once you hire this team of experts, they will guide you all through the way and let you publish your most preferable videos. They also help you a lot to make your content very much interesting than ever. Hence you can make use of this opportunity and grab the better video monetization without any major issues.

What is Pricing in Video Advertising Software?

Through this video monetization platform provider, you can also easily able to earn starting from $35 to a bulk amount for each month. If you are good with the content, then you can earn much more and proceed with this process further.

Features offered by Brightcove

  • Absolute Video Security – The video you are going to publish here comes with more security. Therefore make use of this chance now.
  • Powerful Partner Ecosystem – This kind of features particularly helpful for you to earn a lot through monetization process.
  • Video Playback – The video playback is very much useful for audience to check out the video again and again.
  • Multi-Screen Video Monetization Platform – At a time, you want many videos through the multi-screen mode effectively.
  • Fully Responsive & Adaptive – The videos which are published can be completely responsive and adaptive to the next level.

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