10 Best OTT Platforms + Streaming Services (2024 Reviews)

In the pandemic world, entertainment is growing rapidly, and we have to prefer the best OTT platforms. For watching movies online, specific OTT platforms use high end features. Movies are released on OTT platforms, and we can watch them at home.

People find out multiple subscription-based apps to watch movies in OTT. So, the OTT platforms are growing highly to satisfy the users. Instead, it prefers to upscale the brand and another service quickly and seamlessly. 

Based on the recent studies, OTT app development takes a pledge to introduce quality OTT platforms. It is flexible for users to submit their apps with streaming solutions. 

OTT platform supports several people to overcome boredom from this pandemic. Considering last year’s usage of the OTTP platform increased to 204 billion minutes, it was 181 billion minutes before the pandemic.

MICAs center witness will develop in the number of OTT viewers by 2023 when compared with 350 million of the consumer at the same time it experts to reach near 500 million of consumers within 2023. 

What is an OTT Platform?

 The over-the-top platform enables the full range of videos, and live stream feeds to internet devices. Apart from that, it allows to delivery of videos directly to the customer without linking with any third-party platform. 

 What Does the OTT Platform Enable?

 On using the OTT platform, people can simply enable significant things such as 

  • Manage videos 
  • Option to record with HD 
  • Distribute the content via CDNs 
  • Option to subscription 
  • Leverage end user 
  • Customize online players and much more 

 How will you Choose the OTT Platform?

 If you are new and don’t have any pre ideas to choose the best OTT platform to use, then you can go with the below tips that assist to go with the best option 

  • Dedicated support 
  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • In hours experts

Considering the last few years, the end number of people wish to stream videos via the OTT platform, and it shares around the top 1 trillion dollars. As a result, it gives a special thanks to the growth of OTT and OTT platform than any other.

At the same time, the OTT became popular and used more than ten times what was in 2010, and the OTT subscription service doubled from 2017 to 2018. Hence, people can simply try with the top 10 list of OTT platforms. 

10 Best OTT Platforms + OTT Services in 2024 Reviews

Are you looking for the best or cheap OTT platform provider?

In this guide, I reviewed the 10 best OTT Platforms 1.Wowza 2.Uscreen 3.Brightcove 4.IBM, etc. So that you choose the best service for your video business.

The #1 Live Video Streaming Technology

Wowza media systemTM was founded in 2007 by David stubenvol and Charlie. We are experts in offering complete and dedicated OTT features and plan to choose. We assure to deliver high secure streaming services and provide full security practices governing our infrastructure. Our company is committed to delivering OTT software with high-end features and support. 

 Wowza OTT Features Break Down:

  • Live stream DVR- This OTT platform delivers high quality live streaming DVR Options to watch the movies anytime. 
  • Text to speech- This feature includes various things to capture in a text to speech options while watching OTT movies. 
  • Adaptive streaming support– You can get adaptive streaming support in the required platform in multiple modes. 
  • Real-time video consumption– Real-time video consumption takes special note and thus explores unique functionalities.

We utilize updated and advanced stream analytics to optimize the tremendous end-user experience to the user’s viewership.

Our company has quality broadcast to large global with the Wowza proven to VOD solution.

We assure to reach the cutting audience on each device at the time of the easily syndicating stream to have the end number of the destinations.

What are the Pros?

  • Customizable HTML5 video player
  • Videos transcode from cloud 
  • White label branding 

What are the Cons?

  • Complex setup for user 
  • Fees for customer support

What are Languages Integrate?

  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Fastly 

What is the Price or Cost?

  • Basic pricing plan began from & 85 per month
USA & UAE 30+ usoffice@nsktglobal.com
Founded: 2017 25/mon 8887016758

2. Uscreen

Top-notch Video Monetization Solution

Even though you come across several online video providers, most people wish to choose the Uscreen platform, which supports streaming over smartphones and TV. 

Uscreen delivers transcode videos and is applicable to stream 4k technology videos with a unique experience. As a result, we have become an excellent choice for everyone to enjoy watching movies and other live streaming. 

Uscreen Video Streaming Features Break Down:

  • Multi-screen video streaming- In this OTT platform, you can explore the multi-screen video streaming options with ease.
  • Videos monetization: This platform brings you a fantastic experience to watch high-quality videos perfectly. 
  • HTML5 video player-With HTML 5 video player, it considers practical goals in setting the salient role. 
  • Community building tools– The tools must optimize well with a salient role for building videos. 

We allow uploading meaningful content and organising the content in different categories. 

We offer the subscription and determine what the audience likes and how the content is doing. Our company ensures making the five-star streaming experience for the customer on a different device. 


  • Push notification 
  • View videos offline 
  • Quick onboarding 


  • Never deploy over desktop 
  • Restricted interface 


  • Drip
  • Zapier 
  • Google analytics 
  • Facebook


  • Basic plans to choose at $79 per

US 200+ sales@uscreen.tv
Founded: 2014 Free Trail: Yes 8777909757

 3. Brightcove

Best Video Streaming & Communication Agency


When you are trying to search for the OTT solution, you can assure to go with the help of Brightcove. Our platform is an application for the medium level to a larger business scale, so it derives many customers from using such a trending and best platform. 

Brightcove digital platforms for ott apps are boosted with the inbuilt templates, applicable to capture the overall business lead acceptably with optimized videos.

Brightcove Video Features Break Down:

  • Advanced content management– Advanced content management delivers what to stream well on the video platform.
  • Secured storage– It is fully offering secure storage solutions to the users. 
  • Customized package-The packages are customized one and ensure a deep solution for your desires. 
  • Videos monetization– video monetization depends on the user requirements by focusing on high-end solutions. 

Brightcove provides fresh new OTT flow features and provides Premium OTT services. As a result, it gives a hand to content owners’ addresses of subscriber retention and churns.

Our company is committed to supporting media companies of significant size in the OTT market, developing revenues, and reducing operational costs. We are leading global cloud solutions providers for delivering video across different devices.


  • Simple to access the API 
  • Inbuilt transcoding 
  • Boosted with Monetization 


  • Customization of user permission and proper setting 
  • Never track analytic report 
  • Not boosted with the naming convention 


  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • Uberflip
  • Rev


  • It is not transparent, so you need to hire a personalized plan to know the price.

4. IBM

Over The Top Streaming Service Provider


IBM Cloud videos are specially designed for the business, which provides a reliable OTT platform to stream high-quality videos and derives more videos to the subscriber. 

Apart from that, IBM has considered the best streaming site for monetization boosted with an end number of the platform that allows everyone to start using special features and support. IBM cut down the plagiarism and other copyright violation by choosing the plagiarized content.

IBM Video Features Break Down:

  • OTT streaming with white label option -You can watch the live streaming services on this platform. 
  • Ad integration for videos monetization -Ad integration offers an attractive solution to exploring the monetization process. 
  • Live streaming service -You can watch the live streaming services on this platform. 
  • Built-in multi CDN delivery for low videos delivery – delivery for low videos offers a quick solution to explore the quality of the videos. 

Suppose you want to develop OTT services to provide live streaming content to subscribers from a pay per view model. IBM assures to increase the potential audience via offering live caption for multiple audio. 

 IBM maintains the library of high-quality OTT content, including TV shows and other videos assets.


  • Applicable to run on the significant device 
  • Faster streaming support 
  • Branding support to match logos and other styles


  • Lag of using the data transfer 
  • Analytics report exported only excel and CSV files
  • IBM need some training to use


  • Brandlive 
  • Datum 
  • Workspace
  • Kissflow


  • IBM has a silver pricing plan which starts at $99 per month

5. Kaltura

Create Real-time & Live Video Experiences”


Kaltura is an excellent choice for the college and another school to conduct the webinars. Apart from that, Kaltura provides a complete ott solution platform and is commonly used in virtual classrooms, meetings and town halls. 

We concentrate on the business stream compelling videos and use them for educational purposes. Kaltura is an open-source tool, and you can effectively stream the data.

Kaltura OTT Features Break Down:

  • Allows to make interactive and customizable– It will enable users to get attention on the high-quality interactive features to watch videos. 
  • Integration with third-party app– An integration with third-party app delivers wonderful solution for video embedded 
  • Multi DRM support– The multi DRM support gives amazing with salient for finding out without any hassles. 
  • Integration with real-time support– integration with real-time support delivers an amazing experience. 


  • Simply to customizable 
  • API access
  • Tagging 
  • Metadata 


  • Never support closed caption 
  • No brand tools 
  • Lack of social sharing 


  • Blackboard 
  • Canvas
  • Moodle 
  • Sakai 


 According to the needs, people can find out the price and choose the wished plan without any trouble.



Ventuno is a great choice for businesses that are looking for a white-label OTT platform provider that offers a complete solution to launch, manage and scale their streaming service. This SaaS OTT platform is scalable, secure, and feature-rich, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Ventuno’s user management features enable streaming services to create a secure, user-friendly, and personalized OTT platform

Another unique aspect of this service provider is they allow you to integrate with your own CDN like Akamai or Amazon AWS. This gives you the flexibility to choose the CDN that best meets your needs and budget. By integrating with your own CDN, you can improve the performance and scalability of your OTT platform.

Top-notch service is one of Ventuno’s perks.


  • Ventuno’s OTT platform provides businesses with tools to create, manage, and monetize video content.
  • The platform includes a CMS, a video player, and an analytics dashboard.
  • Streaming businesses can use these tools to add, manage, and publish content.
  • They can also embed the video player on any website or mobile app.
  • The analytics dashboard provides insights into how content is being used.
  • Ventuno offers a variety of monetization options.

7. Accedo

A Leading Video Solution Provider

Access is a safer cloud platform and provides the best provider in OTT service. We boosted with a white label solution filled with the third party app to integrate into the access one-cloud platform. 

 We are top ott apps filled with a vast range of case studies, which prove its effectiveness in delivering the right TV shows and other video content OTT platforms. 

Our company is committed to delivering several services and products, facilitating the video’s business journey. 

 Accedo OTT Features Breakdown:

  • Customized liver streaming support -A customized feature delivers a beautiful experience on showing live streaming. 
  • Distribution to a massive range of VOD platform – will distribute the VOD platform with actual performance. 
  • Different business models -will distribute the VOD platform with actual performance. 
  • Create and control the dynamic -They create a control and active options without hassles. 

Our company expert’s service covers the complete video service lifecycle from the ideation and strategy via design engineering quality and other assurance.

 We have a complete design and managed the branded video business among the consumer platform. Users assure to get their videos to promote in must faster with a product which reduces the complexities of execution.


  • Simple to use videos editor 
  • Show real-time service 
  • Rollout the 5G technology 


  • Customer support is not just better 
  • Little but hard of fresh user 


  • Apple TV 4k
  • Apple TV app 
  • Cable operator 
  • Telcos


  • Still, now, there is no pricing plan out on the accedo site. 

8. Muvi

World’s Best OTT Streaming Company

If you search for the right set-top platforms system, you must target a different business solution like Netflix or Hulu. We are one of the essential, expensive tools on the list, and it is a full-stack OTT platform solution. 

Our company shows the audio and videos content will show overall mobile, TV ecosystem and Web. Muvi is the province of business with different IT infrastructure to launch and boosted with unique features. 

Muvi OTT Video Features Break Down:

  • Use own domain name– It will use its domain name and develop a good solution for tracking benefits. 
  • Ability to make native iOS– It will draw the native iOS development with its powers. 
  • Support multiple videos monetization– The user will support multiple videos options while watching the platform. 

Muvi one is the number one world in one OTT platform company. We are updated with new concepts and launched the white-label device OTT . with the help of our company; users can launch the audio streaming platform offering music streaming and live audio. We go-to partner for providing complete online video streaming services.


  • White label and URL
  • Create native Android and iOS
  • Payment gateway support content monetization 


  • No tutorial out to use 
  • Lack of marketing 
  • High cost 


  • Stripe 
  • Paypal
  • Zapier 


 When you come to pricing, which is slightly higher than other OTT platforms, it delivers quality service. It has an essential plan that starts from $399 per month

9. Yondo

Real-time Video Consultation Agency

Yondo is one of the OTT solutions that offer a vast range of complete over top ott service providers for video streaming and online sessions. Suppose you are looking to use it for small, medium and large brands. 

 Our company gives more comfortable for the customer. We wish to work with professionals and companies from different platforms such as teaching, medical, fitness and much more. 

 Yondo OTT Streaming Features Break Down:

  • Videos on demand with free and play to view– Video on demand takes average role for free and play to view options. 
  • Live session and super pro for webinar and group-It holds a salient position and consider live sessions and webinar group.
  • Email automation- Email automation takes a pledge to share the content with other users. 

 We allow every user to sell the videos online simply and straightforwardly. Yonodo provides exceptional support for the online group classes and lives 1- 1 video consultation.

 We offer free pay to view and also obtain the online streaming service. And our company provide group classes up to 1000 attendees


  • offer the full customizable 
  • Simple to connect 
  • Applicable to use by anyone with a single click


  • Dropbox
  • Hubspot


 By April 2021, our company offer the three-paid plan such started to choose from $69 and professional $ 139 and premium start from $349

10. JW Player

A Complete Video Platform & Service Provider

Even you come across several OTT platforms, and the JW player is a long way. We established in the year 2005. It is one of the digital video players boosted with high-end features and supports so people can enjoy streaming videos effectively. 

We are the best streaming site for monetization and suitable for everyone, and startups to large media companies and other brands. Our company is assured to concentrate on scaling and monetizing content via ads, so it becomes more comfortable to use with absolute comfort. 

 JW Player Live OTT Features Breakdown:

  • High responsive and customizable– the platform is highly responsive and customized to watch and explore videos. 
  • Broadcast quality lives streams- The broadcast quality gives live streams with proper notifications. 
  • Custom videos streams– Custom videos streams must consider a high-quality experience. 
  • Video monetization- Video monetisation takes a pledge to discover a new approach for content highlight. 

 JW player ott company provides a complete and dedicated solution for OTT. It lets users deliver rich videos to the mobile device and application to connect the TV apps.

 Our company provide app and player configurations and analytics, and recommendation. And advertising and subscription options at all times.


  • Robust 
  • Better API
  • Watch movies online 
  • Simple setting option 


  • Chance to get mislead 
  • Poor design 


  • Amazon Fire TV 
  • Roku
  • Apple TV 
  • Ios 
  • Android smartphone 


JW Player offer user allow choosing the starter paid plan, which costs as little as a start from $10/ and enterprise paid plan.

11. Dacast

End to End Live OTT Streaming Provider

When you steam high-quality videos, you must pick an OTT platform and give complete support to obtain the Chinese market and check out the Diecast features that provide first-class ideas with no trouble.

It is one of the effective live streaming platforms which provide completed and high-end support and solutions at all times to get business china playback and market access. Therefore it comes under the best OTT platform to choose and enjoy satisfactorily streaming the live videos.

Dacast OTT Live OTT App Feature Breakdown

  • Provide CDNs- It provides CDNs options and discovers a new approach for setting about ease. 
  • Security support– The security options works well and set out a new solution for the experience. 
  • Monetization models– The platforms work with monetization models by focusing on unique video streaming options. 
  • Lives stream– You can get live streaming options and explore unique content while watching more. 

 The diecast streaming platform offers enterprise-grade features at a low price. We deliver a complete hosting service on live and video streaming on-demand for broadcasters worldwide.

 Our company has a dozen five-star reviews, and the OTT platform ranked as one of the best.


  • Allow the number of users on live streams
  • Multiple points on Pops 
  • White label and customized branding 


  • Lack of video editing features 
  • Lack of integration 
  • Never support multi-screen 


  • Developer API


 It starts for $39/month, and it is out with 1,000 GB bandwidth. 

12. Setplex

Setplex is a complete OTT platform, and this platform is inbuilt with the encoding and transcoding and billing for businesses looking to monetize their content. 

 We have many boxes and make content created to subscription plans and distribute the different platforms. 

Setplex provides support on cloud and on-premise content management. We developed toward the tech-heavy industries such as cable, sports companies and much more.

Septlex OTT Mobile App Feature Breakdown

  • OTT distribution- This OTT platform gives live distribution support with salient approaches. 
  • Content management gives a risk-free solution and is suitable for developing more content. 
  • Multiple monetization options– Multiple monetization options must pledge to give features to explore a unique functionality. 

 We leverage existing networks with an on-prem or cloud-based solution to provide complete OTT solutions to clients. Setplex provides multi-screen capabilities and is interactive to built for satellite providers.

 Our OTT provides all want to control the channel customer and billing. 


  • highly customize the interface for TV 
  • Multi CDN
  • Real-time analytics track 


  • No option to use editing tools 
  • Charge additional fee for training 
  • No SDK provide


  • API access


  • Pricing based on the inquiry form, and the user will collect the quote according to needs 


Build Your Own OTT Streaming Experiences

If you are a sports lover and need to stream live videos on any sport, the Cleeng OTT platform has become the right choice. Our company functions with well-known sports brands such as the FIFA world cup and other HBO boxing. 

Cleeng is boosted with a unique feature and lets viewers enjoy HD videos.Cleeng OTT platform suite to make and super and easy for the business to plan and launch live pay per views in concise minutes.

In addition, Cleeng makes businesses simply get high-security features and users need to log in using the social media channels. 

 Cleeng OTT Features Break Down:

  • Subscriber management- subscriber management holds a salient role in establishing the current methods. 
  • Live pay per view– It considers live pay per view for exploring more functionalities. 
  • Payment and check out optimization– It will track the amount and check out optimization. 

Cleeng Company ensures to retain the subscribers and enhance your platform with the proper integrated solution.

We provide end-to-end subscriber management and create an ideal platform with open API infrastructure for scale.


  • Paywall and authentication based 
  • Analytics report 
  • Accepts different currencies to boost


  • No videos for new customer 
  • Not compatible to run Linux and Chromebook 


  • Google 
  • Facebook 
  • Stripe 
  • Braintree


  • The basic pay of the plan starts from $0.79$ per month, and the enterprise plans out with a different price range.


You have a list of the best OTT platform to try the best video streaming service from the above. Almost every platform is boosted with its unique features that provide essential capabilities. It is a suitable option such as the VODs and has live events. Therefore, you can simply try with the help of the right OTT platform satisfactorily. 

Best FAQ for OTT Service Providers

1.What is an OTT Platform?

An OTT (Over-the-top) video platform is a means of delivering on-demand content or live streams to users by using the internet as a primary resource besides relying on conventional cables. These days, OTT content providers can make use of industry-best streaming solutions like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney to deliver at an affordable pricing, rather than the usual stereotypes.

2.How does OTT Platform Work?

The working type of an OTT platform is an easy task as you can simply opt for the right OTT platform provider who specializes in rendering the best OTT services. Plus, it may require integral work like building a broadcast network, white-labeling your content even if you choose a provider, video CMS tools, monetization models, video streaming players, and setting up on-premise or cloud infrastructure.

3.How To Find The Best OTT Service Providers?

There are 4 prime ways to choose the right OTT service provider and they include the best streaming reliability, 100% customizations, great privacy, and cost-effective plans. Therefore, it is mandated to do a little research on OTT providers’ services before going for one.

4.Difference between Traditional Media & OTT Platform?

Both the traditional media and OTT platforms are two different media channels that coexisted together and complemented well in their ways. However, their difference lies in the usage of services and the cost, when people started their desire towards online mode rather than the cable types. As a result of which, many TV networks like Start, HBO, and Sony started to launch their online services when consumers drifted towards subscription models. 

5.How Is OTT Replacing Traditional Media Streaming?

Presently, with huge advancements in the technical field, entertainment saw a shift from cable stereotypes to the network when there was a lack of choices. Due to this, many OTT companies saw this aspect as their growth and started to launch online streaming services with affordable subscription models for users to enjoy their favorite streams. Above these, users can get the flexibility to watch their shows on smart TVs, mobile devices, game consoles, or any connected devices. 

6.How to Create an OTT Platform For Your Brand?

As on-demand content and live streaming are growing popular, many businesses are edging towards revenue and success by creating OTT platforms using advanced software capabilities. They are choosing to add customizations, premium hosting options, lifetime ownerships, and more to make their platform a standout.

7.What are the Business Benefits of the OTT Platform?

By choosing to launch an OTT service, there are different business benefits for companies, and they include:

  1. Wider audience reach
  2. Great revenue that is recurring by using different models
  3. Driving customer engagement and retention
  4. Different subscription or monetization options
  5. High flexibility and scalability for expanding audiences
  6. Wider usage in Smart TVs, mobile phones, and other connected devices.

8.How to generate revenue from the OTT video platform?

The ways to generate revenue from the OTT platform depend largely on the type of solutions furnished to them. However, some of the best ways to create revenue are to include monetization methods like SVOD, AVOD, Transactional VOD, Coupons, Promotions, SSAI, Catch-up TV, and more. 

9.How To Start A Successful OTT Streaming Service?

There are some know-hows before starting a successful streaming service, like, taking a look at the top content providers and checking what niche genres they offer to audiences. Mostly, it is advisable to go ahead with a provider who specializes in fields like Entertainment, eLearning, Esports, Fitness, and more. Finally, create an OTT platform with great content and add flexible OTT prices. 

10.What Are The Ways To Generate Revenue From The OTT Streaming Service?

When you decide to include revenue models for your OTT streaming services, it depends largely on whether you are delivering on-demand or live-streaming content, and the scope of your niche business. Therefore, considering these aspects, you may include various models like AVOD, TVOD, and SVOD to ensure recurring revenue. Or choose to monetize content via coupons, promotions, and paywall video delivery. 

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