The 10 Best Muvi Alternatives For Your OTT Platforms

Are you in search of an alternative video streaming platform provider to Muvi?

If you are looking for a solution that offers robust features, secure data storage, and extensive customization options, then it becomes pretty important to explore alternatives to Muvi. 

In this article,

we will explore the top 10 Muvi alternatives that excel in providing exceptional video streaming capabilities and comprehensive solutions for businesses. But before we delve into the alternatives, let’s gain a better understanding of Muvi and its limitations. 

Let’s begin our exploration!

What Is Muvi OTT?

Top 10 Alternatives to Muvi ott by trustfirms

Muvi is a renowned video streaming platform that caters to businesses entering the online video streaming industry. It offers a comprehensive suite of features and services, encompassing video hosting, management, and monetization. 

While Muvi presents an attractive option for companies of all sizes, it may have limitations in terms of customization options and data security. As we move forward, it becomes essential to explore Muvi alternatives that address these concerns and provide enhanced solutions. 

Also, considering Muvi pricing is crucial, as it allows you to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and affordability of the platform in comparison to its alternatives. By carefully assessing pricing and features, you can make a well-informed decision that aligns with your business objectives.

What are the Muvi Pricing Plans?

Basically, Muvi offers a variety of pricing options to accommodate the diverse needs and budgets of businesses. Let’s take a closer look at the different plans and the features they offer:

  1. Standard Plan (Free Trial): Muvi’s standard plan comes with a white-labeled website/app, hosting, and CDN services. As it comes with a free trial period, you can test out the platform at no cost. After the trial, the platform is accessible at $399 per month. 
  2. Professional Plan (Free Trial): The professional plan builds upon the features of the standard plan, offering even more capabilities. It includes advanced functionalities like the Alie recommendation engine, DRM, etc. The professional plan is priced at $1499 per month. 
  3. Enterprise Plan (Free Trial): Muvi’s enterprise plan is designed for large-scale enterprises. It includes all the features of the professional plan, along with a dedicated server and enterprise-level support. The enterprise plan is available at $3900 per month.
  4. Ultimate Plan (Ask Sales): This plan offers the highest level of features. It includes everything from the enterprise plan, along with additional benefits such as unlimited concurrent users, personalized setup assistance, etc. To get the exact pricing details, contact Muvi’s sales team.

The Best 6 Reasons to Explore Alternatives to Muvi

While Muvi is a popular choice for video streaming, exploring alternatives can offer unique advantages and address specific needs. Here are six reasons why considering Muvi alternatives is worth your attention:

  1. OTT Solution: Muvi alternatives provide comprehensive OTT solutions that go beyond basic video streaming. These alternatives offer a wide range of features and tools to enhance user engagement, monetization strategies, and content management, giving you a competitive edge in the market.
  2. Mobile & TV Apps: Unlike Muvi, many alternative platforms excel in providing seamless mobile and TV app experiences. These alternatives offer responsive and user-friendly apps that cater to a variety of devices, ensuring a smooth and engaging viewing experience for your audience.
  3. 500+ Features: Muvi alternatives often boast an extensive list of features that can surpass what Muvi offers. These features may include advanced analytics, AI-driven recommendations, user management systems, social sharing capabilities, live streaming, and more. In short, exploring alternatives allows you to tap into a wider range of functionalities tailored to your specific requirements.
  4. Customize Your Platform: While Muvi provides some level of customization, alternative platforms often offer greater levels of flexibility. These alternatives empower you to customize and brand your OTT platform according to your unique vision and business requirements, thereby giving rise to a more personalized and immersive user experience.
  5. Easy Migration: Switching to Muvi alternatives can be a seamless process. Many platforms offer easy migration support and tools that facilitate butter smooth transition from Muvi, ensuring minimal disruption to your streaming operations. This makes it easier to explore new opportunities without the hassle of starting from scratch.
  6. 24/7 Support: There is no denying that Muvi alternatives often prioritize customer support, providing round-the-clock assistance to address any issues or concerns that may arise. This dedicated support ensures that you have reliable guidance and assistance throughout your streaming journey, enhancing your overall experience.

Exploring Muvi alternatives opens up a number of possibilities for your video streaming business. These alternatives offer comprehensive OTT solutions, superior mobile and TV app experiences, an extensive feature set, customization options, easy migration, and reliable support. 

By considering these alternatives, you can find the perfect OTT platform that aligns with your unique needs and helps you thrive in the competitive streaming industry.

Top 10 Alternatives to Muvi in 2024 (Best Reviews & Competitors)

As the video market continues to evolve, it’s essential to explore alternative options to Muvi.

These top 10 alternatives & competitors offer unique features and capabilities that can take your streaming platform to new heights, provide enhanced user experiences & business opportunities.


VPlayed, a prominent competitor to Muvi, offers a cutting-edge solution for video streaming. With its advanced monetization options and analytics insights, VPlayed empowers businesses to optimize revenue streams and make data-driven decisions.

As a dynamic white-label OTT platform, it captivates users seeking an unparalleled streaming experience. 

Read on to discover the key features and pricing of VPlayed. 

Some Important Features Of VPlayed Live Stream
  • Powerful video CMS for seamless content management.
  • Advanced monetization options for revenue generation.
  • Live streaming capabilities for real-time audience engagement.
  • Multi-device support to reach audiences on various platforms.
  • Analytics and reporting tools for valuable insights into viewer behavior.
What are the Pricing Details Of VPlayed?

The pricing structure of VPlayed is tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. It offers flexible pricing plans based on factors such as streaming requirements, customization, and additional features. They understand that each business has its own distinct requirements and priorities when it comes to video streaming.

To get a detailed and customized pricing quote that aligns with your specific business needs, it is recommended to contact the VPlayed sales team directly.


Dacast offers a platform that seamlessly combines streaming capabilities with a simplified user interface. With a range of features, Dacast provides content owners with everything they need for secure video hosting and delivery.

With Dacast, content owners can find a robust platform that serves as a worthy alternative to Muvi, meeting their streaming needs with ease and efficiency.

Features Of Dacast:
  • Delivering thrilling live sports events to the audience.
  • Versatile video player for optimal viewing on all devices.
  • 24/7 customer support is available for reliable assistance.
  • Empowering global learners with live educational experiences.
  • Multiple revenue streams through various monetization models. 
Pricing Details Of Dacast:
  1. Starter: An affordable option designed for small audiences, starting at $39 per month and billed annually. This plan includes a generous 2.4 TB per year of bandwidth and 500 GB of storage. 
  2. Event: Perfect for one-time or occasional events, priced at $63 per month, billed annually. This plan offers upfront 6 TB of bandwidth and 250 GB of storage. 
  3. Scale: Tailored for business and organizational video needs, this plan is priced at $165 per month and billed annually. It provides a substantial 24 TB per year of bandwidth and 2000 GB of storage. 
  4. Custom: For high-volume requirements, Dacast offers custom plans tailored to your enterprise. contact them directly to discuss your specific needs and receive a pricing plan. 


Uscreen is renowned for its exceptional live video streaming and OTT services. The platform offers scalability and expansion capabilities, empowering content owners to launch their own branded websites and OTT apps for mobile devices and TVs. With robust customer retention tools, Uscreen enables companies to expand their online video streaming operations with ease. 

Features Of Uscreen:
  • Live video streaming with chat feature.
  • Automatic recording of live video streams.
  • Easy tracking of registered attendees via CSV file.
  • Live broadcasting support for any network device.
  • Utilizes powerful Content Delivery Networks (CDN).
Cost Details Of Uscreen:
  1. Basic: The Basic plan starts at $79 per month, with an additional cost of $0.99 per subscriber per month. This plan offers essential features at an affordable price point.
  2. Growth: Priced at $159 per month, this plan includes the features of the basic plan, with a reduced cost of $0.85 per subscriber per month. 
  3. Uscreen Plus: For custom pricing, you can contact Uscreen directly and get a tailored plan that suits your enterprise needs.

The Uscreen Plus plan offers additional benefits and customization options, along with a cost of $0.50 per subscriber per month.


The next one on our list is Brightcove – It is a feature-rich video platform designed to empower educators to share lessons online. With its lightning-fast server infrastructure, Brightcove ensures seamless video streaming without any delays.

All in all, experience the perfect blend of educational impact and financial rewards with Brightcove, an exceptional alternative to Muvi.

Features Of Brightcove
  • Deep analytical insights for converting viewers into paying customers.
  • High video standards for delivering exceptional live or on-demand HQ content.
  • Server-side ad insertion to bypass ad blockers and maximize advertising revenue.
  • Internal tools for enterprise-level use, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.
  • Advanced video security measures to protect content and prevent unauthorized access.
Subscription Details Of Brightcove:

The pricing details for Brightcove are not publicly available. To obtain pricing information, it is advised to reach out to the sales team directly. While precise pricing information may not be listed, the website does provide information about the structure of their streaming packages.


Basically, Kaltura is transforming the landscape of video utilization for organizations, revolutionizing the way they connect, engage, and inspire their audiences. Offering more than just basic video playback, consider Kaltura as a compelling alternative to Muvi, delivering exceptional video management and distribution capabilities.

Features Of Kaltura: 
  • Diverse monetization options for content creators or enterprises.
  • Personalized video recommendations tailored to individual tasks.
  • Comprehensive analytics and insights for optimizing performance.
  • Interactive video quizzing and assessments to enhance engagement.
  • Intuitive video creation and editing tools that ignite creativity and craftsmanship.
Pricing Details Of Kaltura: 

The pricing details of Kaltura can vary depending on factors such as the specific needs of your organization, the scale of usage, desired features, functionalities, etc. To obtain accurate and relevant pricing information, it is recommended to contact their sales team directly. 

6.IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud offers an enterprise-level cloud-based solution for creating personalized OTT services. As a robust Muvi competitor, it stands out with its exceptional customization options. From hosting corporate films to a variety of content, IBM Cloud enables firms to deliver an immersive viewing experience to their audience with unparalleled reliability and performance.

7.Vimeo OTT

When it comes to Vimeo OTT, users can access branded video content through subscriptions, allowing them to pay either monthly or yearly for unrestricted viewing. This versatile streaming service platform, popular in the B2C sector, assists content owners in uploading, embedding, and organizing their videos. All in all, explore this platform as an alternative to Muvi video platform.

Features Of Vimeo OTT: 
  • Seamless streaming of live videos with minimal latency.
  • Customizable video content management system via API.
  • Robust DRM protection ensures the security of video content.
  • Leverage internal server network for adaptive bitrate streaming.
  • Gain valuable insights with shareable demographics & engagement charts.


Kweli is a dynamic and feature-rich Muvi alternative that redefines the streaming landscape. With its advanced capabilities and comprehensive platform, Kweli empowers content creators to unlock the full potential of their video streaming business. In fact, it provides a professional and user-friendly solution for building and growing your streaming business.

9.Boothaus Live

Next on our list is Boothaus live – It emerges as a compelling alternative to Muvi, offering a robust platform for seamless live streaming experiences. Designed with content creators, event organizers, and businesses in mind, Boothaus Live provides a number of industry leading features and capabilities to elevate your live video streaming ventures.

10.JW Player

JW Player started its journey as a powerful video player and has now transformed into a comprehensive video streaming solution, incorporating various popular OTT technologies. With its extensive video hosting services, it seamlessly integrates with the majority of OTT platforms. However, what truly sets JW Player apart is its refined feature set. 

Summing Up 

By now, we can conclude that the market is teeming with powerful video streaming platforms, each offering unique combinations of features. When selecting the best Muvi alternative, it is crucial to consider your company’s specific video streaming goals and feature requirements.

VPlayed, along with other notable video streaming platforms, presents excellent choices; however, the key lies in choosing the one that aligns best with your business needs. To make an informed decision, we highly recommend taking advantage of free trials offered by various OTT platforms. 

In the end, by keeping your company’s goals at the forefront and conducting thorough comparisons, you can confidently choose the top OTT platform that will fuel your success in the ever-expanding field of online video streaming.

Top FAQ For Muvi OTT Competitors

1.What is Muvi?

Muvi is a versatile video streaming platform that offers a range of features and services for businesses entering the online video streaming industry. From hosting and managing video content to monetization options, Muvi empowers organizations to create and deliver high-quality streaming experiences. 

2.How Does it Muvi Work?

Muvi works as a video streaming platform by providing a user-friendly interface and a suite of tools to facilitate the creation, management, and monetization of video content. It allows users to upload and store their videos securely, customize their streaming platform, and deliver content to their target audience through various channels. 

3.What are the Best Alternatives to Muvi VOD Platform?

There are several alternatives to the Muvi VOD platform that offer similar features and functionalities for video streaming.

The Word’s Secure Top OTT Alternative Players of Muvi

  1. VPlayed
  2. Dacast
  3. Uscreen
  4. Brightcove
  5. Kaltura
  6. IBM Cloud
  7. Vimeo OTT
  8. Boothaus Live
  9. Boothaus Live
  10. JW Player
4. How Do OTT Channels Make Money?

In simple terms, OTT channels generate revenue through subscriptions, advertising, pay-per-view, and sponsorships. These diverse video monetization methods ensure a steady income stream for OTT platforms.

5. How Do I Record on Muvi OTT?

To record on Muvi, you can follow these are steps

  • Access the Muvi platform and navigate to the recording feature.
  • Choose the appropriate recording settings, such as resolution and audio preferences.
  • Start the recording process by clicking on the designated record button.
  • Capture your desired content, whether it’s a live event or pre-recorded video.
  • Once the recording is complete, save the file and upload it to the Muvi platform for further processing and distribution.

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