Top 10 Scala App Developers + Companies in 2023 Reviews

Scala is a renowned and widely used programming language. Still, a lot of companies are looking for Scala development solutions to boost their business growth.

The programming language offers some key advantages that most companies believe are highly useful. It is one of the reasons why most companies hire Scala developers around the globe for their project requirements.

Nevertheless, picking the best out of many is always an uphill task. It requires a lot of groundwork and backbreaking effort to nail the best one. To simplify such an attempt and save your precious time, we are constantly compiling and publishing top trends and technologies to expedite your decision-making.

Today, we have come up with an exciting list of top 10 Scala development companies. If you are looking for one, then this post is exclusively for you.

Before getting started, it is always important to realize what Scala is and why you must use the language to develop your applications.

If you are new to this, don’t worry, we will share some exciting details about Scala, its growth, significance, benefits, and top 10 best companies offering the services.

We believe your search ends here. Let’s get started with the fundamentals.

What is Scala?

Scala, an upgraded version of Java, is a high-level programming language that leverages the power of both object-oriented programming and functional programming.

According to experts, Scala is more powerful than Python as the former is static code-based, and it is easier for developers to check and know each variable or expression quickly. Another massive advantage of using Scala for development is that the static codes help fix complex application bugs.

Besides, like other languages, Scala is not difficult to learn, and developers to quickly learn it. In fact, the programming language comprises too many features, which frustrates developers as they connect them all.

Scala is primarily used for data processing, distributed computing, and web development.

Why Scala?

The ultimate aim of companies using Scala for development is to eliminate unnecessary codes. Powered with multiple libraries and APIs, the language can help developers achieve reduce downtime. The biggest advantage of using Scala over Java is its performance.

Key advantages of using Scala
  • Concise, readable, and functional
  • Error-free
  • Highly efficient and scalable
  • Easy to write, debug, and compile
  • Smart syntax

Who’s Using Scala?

Shared below is the graphical representation of companies using Scala by industry.

(Source: Enlyft)

Still there is a lot of steam left in Scala, and we could see a lot industry is leveraging the language even today.

Now, it’s time to throw lights on the top 9 Scala development companies to help you nail the best one based on your unique requirements.

The World’s Leading Scala Development Companies [USA, India & UAE]

1. Winklix

If you’re looking for Scala development, modification, and integration service provider, then hiring Winklix should be your prime choice. The company is rated by top review portals like TrustFirms, Clutch, AppFutura, GoodFirms, UP, etc.

You can hire their complete set of services or their seasoned developers for your project. The company serves Small, Medium, and Large enterprises around the globe. Their developers also offer on-demand application support for Scala networks.

Hailing from the USA, the company is known for the development and deployment of customized solutions to customers worldwide. It has more than 90+ seasoned developers, from business analysts to testing engineers.

2. SparxIT

If you’re looking for a trusted technology partner with a global clientele to develop a solution quickly and affordably, then you should sign an agreement with SparxIT.

The company is a NASSCOM-recognized and ISO:9001 certified solution provider with more than 13 years of app development expertise. The company serves startups to Fortune 500 companies. The quality of its services is celebrated by some of the clients in the IT industry.

Intending to develop and deliver client-centric solutions, the company has some of the best-in-class developers that know the length and breadth of Scala development. Also, you can sign an NDA when signing up for the project.

3. Scalac

Is partnering with a reliable and technology-enabled company offering exceptional solutions your objective? If yes, then Scalac will fit your budget and purpose.

The company has a dedicated pool of talents that can help your business with scalable Scala applications. It is also featured in some of the great review portals like TrustFirms, Clutch, Forbes, etc. In short, the company is a combination of adept developers, a strong reputation, and impressive clientele.

The company has strong expertise in technology-enabled development, and it is known for developing and deploying complex software for clients. The leadership team believes in transparency and constantly encourages the team to upgrade their skills to develop better applications.

4. Anadea

If hiring a Scala developer or an international development company for your project is on your agenda, then you can consider Anadea.

The company is known for its digital transformation technologies, powerful automation solutions, and digitalization using advanced technologies. It offers solutions to a wide range of industries that includes Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, eCommerce, FinTech, etc.

If you plan to hire their developers or services, you’ll enjoy dedicated team support, open communication, established procedures, full-cycle development services, automated testing, etc. The company leverages the Agile methodology to develop applications.

5. QBrainx

If hiring a set of dedicated developers or an app development company that also offers application modernization services is what you want to achieve, then you can talk to QBrainx.

The company is remembered for its skilled Scala developers that can develop custom solutions to clients that will take their business to the next level. It has already created some fantastic Scala applications for customers that have helped them to grow bigger.

The company offers full stack app development and reengineering applications using Akka-clustering and Akka-persistence. The company’s experts also provide high-level architectural advice and design for clients. They also help businesses during deployments.

6. Redwork

If you’re looking for Scala applications developed using Scala Framework Play 2, inspired by Ruby on Rails and Django, then Redwork is your best partner.

The company has a lot of applications developed using Framework Play 2, and the quality of applications is top-notch, according to their clients. It has a strong expertise and technology prowess over the years, enabling its developers to create feature-rich applications.

Since its inception, the company developed its first app in 2012, and its delivery rate has skyrocketed 20% more than Java projects. The company boasts experience in developing applications for clients over the past 20 years.

7. N-iX

Want to boost your Scala development project with the help of a specialized Scala developer or development company? Try N-iX.

The company offers full-scale Scala development services to customers based on their requirements. They have dedicated resources that can assure development and deployment quality, starting from discovery to implementation.

The company caters its services to industries like Telecom, Ecommerce, Retail, etc. Their dedicated developers and expert consulting services will help your business achieve faster growth with the help of robust Scala applications. The company uses Akka, Play, and Spark for Scala development.

8. Chetu

Interested in partnering with a Scala developer that offers Scala Artificial Intelligence? Look no further. Sign up with Chetu.

The company specializes in developing Scala applications using Artificial Intelligence. It leverages Natural Language to study user behavior and data analytics. Implementing AI technology into programming offerings makes a fantastic experience with the Scala application possible.

The company also has more than 2800+ developers that can help you accelerate the Scala development process and delivery. The company serves customers worldwide and offers specialized custom Scala solutions that will boost your growth with the help of expert and passionate developers.

9. Matellio

If you’re looking for a Scala development company or dedicated developer for building complex and challenging applications, then Matellio must be your choice.

The best thing about partnering with Matellio is its experts will help your business develop and deploy applications quickly. They understand the business requirements thoroughly and develop applications that align with customer goals.

The company also has made the process of hiring their developers quickly and effectively with a 4-step program: Request for quotation, Requirement planning, Development & testing, Support, and maintenance. This makes the hiring process simple and fast.

10. Aim Pro Soft

If you’re looking for a Scala service provider that is affordable and offering scalable solutions to your unique needs, then Aim Pro Soft should top your list. 

Since its inception in 2005, the company is offering Scala development solutions to customers, irrespective of all sizes across the globe. Their experts are known for developing solutions that will eliminate the challenges and help businesses achieve the goals perfectly. 

Another great thing that speculates the company from the rest of the pack is they have the adept developers that have successfully developed and delivered Scala development solutions to customers across 27+ countries.

Wrapping up

We believe your search ended here, and you’ve nailed the best Scala development company for your unique project requirement.

Also, we hope the above discussion helped you realize the significance of Scala development programs offered by different vendors. Find the best one of your choice to boost your development and delivery. 

Our aim at TrustFirms is to guide readers to find the best services out of many. We ensure the information is thoroughly researched and depicted perfectly to help readers expedite decision-making.

We have covered the best vendors if you’re looking for different services for distinct domains, be it software, banking, insurance, manufacturing, etc.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, kindly share your queries with so we can develop a post to help like-minded readers.

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